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Hey! So. This is different, eh? I don't know how likely I am to post here, but I'm trying to add all of my LJ friends-list back so I can keep up with you. I think we all moved to a state of lurking, eh?

I'm most active on Twitter and Tumblr these days. (Twitter - politics, hockey. Tumblr - pretty pics). Oh! I have a podcast where I talk about all the Mormon stuff from the past, etc. and you can find that on Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, etc. "Oh My Heck!" and there are direct downloads at my author page, too. 

Hmm, I started ghostwriting a few years ago and (usually) enjoy it. My third novel is coming out on May 18th. It's based off that short story I shared with my flist 10 years ago, about the Mormon missionaries. That was about 20K and this novel is 75K, so a lot more story. We even go into the families, and I'm not gonna lie: I like the novel version so much I can't stand it. (You can check it out here on Amazon. Note: any book you buy from my publisher up to the date of publication comes with a free eBook, for those who like free things.)

Older two kids in college, youngest graduates in 2 years, life marches on? HI GUYS. I MISS THE HALCYON DAYS OF LJ.
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