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 March 31, after working 8 hours outside in 2 landscapes (one is an actual-fact estate and it's going to be so gorgeous when I'm finished, I can't even, and the second one is Champagne Sandy's and it's already is gorgeous, I thank you very much) and only 75 yards from my apartment, a kid turned into me and punctured my wee-almost-a-junker Honda's radiator and hood. 

Because I "hit him" from behind (he was in an F-350, ffs. He just didn't SEE me) it seemed like the car was a loss. I had the cheapest insurance possible--no collision, because the car wouldn't be worth more than $1500 in a trade-in, and that's generous. Why spend that or more in insurance premiums for who knows how long?

April 1, I bite the bullet and dip into my savings and buy a car outright. It was new-to-me, but not brand new, my cute little Subaru Crosstrek. I got a good deal on it, basically paying what the dealership paid to acquire it AND got them to throw in custom leather inside, because cloth seats + a landscaping job = gross. I was feeling pretty proud of myself! That was a big chunk of change outright, but I literally never spend anything on myself, and I knew I needed a better car for hauling plants than my Honda, haha.

Kate, the Little Beep-Beep (as my youngest and I have christened her) is awesome. In one run, I managed to fix something like 7 flats of perennials (that's the tray with all the wee plants in it, usually 18 - 21 plants per tray), 4 shrubs, 140 pounds of soil, my tools, and a TREE. Subarus = they're awesome.

April Fool's came late, a week and a day, because on Monday the 10th, a kid plowed into me and shoved me into another car.  I had 8 shrubs in the car at the time, and they all joined me in the front. Well, one got wedged underneath the driver's seat (that's how hard this kid hit me. A WOODY FULL-SIZED SHRUB disappeared under my seat). Totaled.  And they won't give me what I paid. (I'm negotiating. I'm also asking for lost wages for the day and the cost of those shrubs, which are $50 apiece for crying out loud!). And let's just take a moment to say how great it was that I didn't have my damn shovels and shears in the car with me at the time (they were at the job site).

Then Smidgen (my little tortie) went into decline and it turns out she was in ketoacidosis and has diabetes and (of course) is atypical presenting, so she's been in and out of the Pet ER for the past few days, and BOY AM I GLAD I DON'T SPEND MONEY ON MYSELF. (And I didn't go to the hospital after the accident because I don't have insurance and knowing my luck, they wouldn't cover it, so I'm very grateful for Ace Bandages and acetaminophen.)

She's not a dog, but it fits the country/western narrative.


(I'm fine. I have a roof over my head. I have a rental car for now. When everything shakes out, I just might not be able to get a newish car like I had and I'll remember not to reach for the sun. Signed, Icarus. Oh, and my author copies of my third book came this week right after I got back from dropping Smidgen off at the vet and I couldn't enjoy it because my little friend is so sick. :( Spare a nice thought for her, if you would.)
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