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My next book comes out on Thursday. I'm a little nervous because a lot of balls got dropped along the way (it happens), but this is a SUPER IMPORTANT story to me. (The missionary comes out/falls in love story.) It's so much better than it was before. ANYWAY, the point of this post.

I'm going all in, submitting articles to major papers, etc., and reaching out to authors who could possibly add a blurb to bolster support. One of those authors is a woman named Carol Lynn Pearson. If you're not LDS, that means nothing. If you are...  She wrote a children's book (that became a musical) called My Time on Earth. I loved that book as a kid. I still have my copy from when I was four. It explains everything about what it was to grow up female and Mormon.

Her husband came out in the early 80s, she let him have a "rumspringa" to find love like she had for him (cue my tears), he contracted AIDS, and she nursed him until he passed and wrote about the experience of him being a believing Mormon but gay, called, "Goodbye. I love you." She's stayed Mormon because she wants to make it better for women and LGBT members. She's in her late 80s now. I love her.

I sent her my book and asked if she'd be willing to read it, and if so, if she'd be willing to submit a blurb.

Today (too late for first printing, but not too late for PR work!) I got this:
"And It Came To Pass is a raw and powerful story revealing two things: gay people fall in love just like everybody else, and we as Mormons have a way to go in understanding this."
She then sent me best wishes and commented on how this story enhances people's understanding of love, and that's when I had to put my head down and have a happy little cry.

My dad told me today that a woman for whom he tunes her piano, asked if I wrote "The Bones of You" because it was really good, and when he told her about AICTP, she ordered it on Amazon right then and there. I just really want this book to find its audience, omg.

(And btw, due to reasonable requests, I made an ULTIMATE GUIDE to my podcast Oh My Heck! where I talk about Mormonism, etc., and also will be featuring interviews with former members who FELL IN LOVE ON THEIR MISSIONS omg, and that's RIGHT HERE. And please, if you listen and enjoy, would you consider leaving a starred review on iTunes or a review? Or on SM? It helps me quite a lot, actually. <3)

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Wow, that is SO EXCITING. Congratulations, honey. I hope this book is a huge success and gets turned into a movie and makes you a millionaire. You deserve it. <3

Date: 2017-05-14 09:16 am (UTC)
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I had a sniffle over Pearson's blurb. What a perfect summary, too, right to the heart of it. And your father is a star.

Thanks heaps for making the guide and download links. I am super enjoying the OMH podcast.

THURSDAY! Come on, Thursday!

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I don't use iTunes, but I do listen to it and I do pimp it as soon as I see it. :-D It's an AMAZING podcast, just saying!

I'm so happy you got such an amazing feedback! That is so awesome! I read it when you first posted it online, and it was glorious then. I can just imagine how earth chattering amazing it must be now!

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