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soooooooo I continue to be unavailable for most things because here’s a little story how my life got turned, flipped upside down. Within the past 5 days* I:

  • have flown TO chicago
  • have flown FROM chicago
  • got surprise tickets to the NHL Draft
  • walked past some very well dressed young men as they bit their nails over said draft (I had primo seats near their “chill” area w/ family
  • (no I did not take pictures)
  • attended an AMAZING convention for the ALA (American Library Association) and met some awesome freaking warriors, let me just tell you.
  • No, let me tell you.
  • witnessed some friends win awards for their books
  • talked to some immensely cool people about my book
  • drove 4 hours to a Buddhist temple MINUTES after landing from Chicago
  • because I’m working to beautify a temple for
  • which is, without question, amazing
  • spent the night listening to tree frogs sing
  • ate pancreas, Cameron
  • (please get that reference.)
  • (I did not eat pancreas. I did, however, eat tripe)
  • the Master (what they call the Head Monk) heard I’d eaten it and enjoyed it, and made sure I had hot soup with tripe waiting for me at 10pm
  • …and durian cakes :D
  • the Master greeted me this morning with the most perfect damn cup of coffee I’ve ever drank in my life
  • various acolytes (con) of this temple brought me food and would. not. stop. feeding me.
  • they’re very grateful I’m going to “beautify” the temple
  • I was allowed into a memorial for the former Master (personal friend of HRH Dalai Lama) and my hostess was water- eyed as she showed me all of his things and told me about him
  • and then…
  • THEN.
  • gente, I saw the former Master’s GARDENING EQUIPMENT encased in glass and couldn’t swallow past the lump in my throat
  • she told me about how he loved to garden until he couldn’t, and none of them know enough to keep his personal garden up
  • she showed me a weed-strewn former plot, most plants overcome with die-back or weeds
  • two of the con told me their refugee story from Vietnam as it fell in 1975 and how the old Master brought them in, fed them, housed them, and helped them become who they are today and I MUST MAKE IT PERFECT.
  • have just gotten home from driving back four hours in a rainstorm with no A/C
  • must hit all 3 maintenance garden clients tomorrow
  • pack for two + a cat tomorrow
  • leave Thursday am for Nashville for the Game of Thrones convention where I’m a panelist
  • oh crap, get my notes together for the 6 panels I’m on
  • so I’m a little worn out, but it’s a cool worn out?
  • Anyway. Please don’t expect an immediate reply? Cuz ya ain’t getting one. :)
* prior to this I moved 14 tons of compost/soil in one day, 3.5 tons of rock in one day, and spent 4 days digging a two foot deep trench that was 60+ feet long and repaired a sprinkler system. It's been 100F+ So.
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Date: 2017-07-04 03:18 pm (UTC)
cappsized_cappy: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cappsized_cappy

And here I am being a pansy about just having to MOVE from Ozona to San Angelo in this stupid freaking heat wave.

Date: 2017-07-05 02:24 pm (UTC)
zyrya: (nature - iris)
From: [personal profile] zyrya
This is dead impressive.

Restoring/reviving the temple garden is ... I have no words. Are you allowed to take pics?

Date: 2017-07-10 11:34 pm (UTC)
kseenaa: (Cupcakes chocolate)
From: [personal profile] kseenaa
This is so impressive I don't even know what to say... o.O

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