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Jul. 26th, 2017 10:15 am
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First I managed 10,000 steps 6/7 days a week. And now I've been spinning! I'm up to 30 minutes, 3 days a week and this week I started to add some strength training \o/ Yesterday I started logging my food/water and all that jazz. I think the reason I've been stuck so long is I'm not drinking enough water. And I'm not getting enough protein. I appear to be the carb and fat lady according to my macro-nutrient thingy from my fitbit.

Recommendations: I need a non-gut-upsetting lean protein I can eat. No dairy, nothing fried, no avocado or nuts. Surely there's something besides eggs? Surely?

Pro-tip: carrying water around all the time doesn't do a thing if you don't DRINK it.

I've visited Nanny twice in her Rehab place AND I bought food from a grocery store yesterday. Now, I haven't gotten so much better that I've *cooked* but I did make sure I fruit and non-gut aggravating side dishes to go with my BLTs for dinner this week.

I've been watching what all Sue is cooking up on Facebook and I've saved a couple of her recipes and one from clean eating I saw last week. Mayhaps [sorry, I've been reading GoT fanfic something got me away from Harry Potter!] I'll soon be in a place where cooking isn't over-whelming and is merely a thing one does in this world.

I feel like by the time school starts -- I paid my tuition yesterday -- that I may be a fully functioning adult again.

::crosses fingers::

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Jul. 18th, 2017 12:38 pm
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*Everyone's all GoT OMGGGGGGGGG but I no longer have HBO so I'm reading spoilers on eveyrone's posts.

* Began binge-watching THE NIGHT WATCH on Netflix and LOVE IT. While I don't think it has the depth of ER, my standard bearer for fantastic medical dramas, I like the energy of the writing.It's set in San Antonio, someone has actually put in some time to get cultural and geographical references correct, and the staff is wonderfully representational. ALL the pretty people! There's a CANON GAY COUPLE WOOOOOOOOOO! Jennifer Beals played a medic!! I am enjoying it thoroughly.

* SHADOWHUNTERS is back as is my jam, Izzie Lightwood (see icon pic). Emeraude Toubia, the actor, is SO STUNNING and she's A TEXAN and she SINGS and just yes. Magnus and Alex are still my favorite TV couple. While I eschewed everything Cassandra Claire for years, and with good reason, this is removed enough from the books that I began watching. You can't just give me Mike Chang from GLEE as a bisexual, kickass warlock and expect me to pass that up. I am not made of stone.

* Rachel Maddow- always and forever. Her ratings are now apparently higher than her competitors? SO PROUD OF HER. Most trustworthy lesbian in news. Everyone says, now officially. :-)

* We also binge-watched ZOO, which ended up being really great, but the current season is leaving me kind of meh. They did away with my favorite het OTP, and now Bella Swan's Dad Billy Burke can't call them hilarious things like 'Danny and Sandy' or 'Ken and Barbie', which they really looked like, and that makes me sad.


* BUTTER/Netflix- Jennifer Garner's turn as a shallow, driven Repub wife of a butter sculptor is SUPERIOR and FANTASTICALLY FUNNY. The cast on this is perfect, including a surprise cameo by Hugh Jackman as a Stetson wearing hapless car salesman.

*THEY CALL ME JEEG/Netflix- Italian Foreign film that will twist your heart all inside out in the best way. Just watch it.

* AFTERNOON DELIGHT/Crackle- I didn't know I had a Juno Temple thing until this film. Funny, true, sad and angry look at a Thirtysomething Crisis and what Kathryn Hahn's Rachel does to find meaning in her measured, suburbia paradise world. Jane Lynch as a self-absorbed therapist is worth the price of admission.




* Despite the start of fiscal year rollover clusterfuck, I still love what I'm doing a real lot. :-)

* Went to San Antonio for the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Conference which was great,except we got a crack in our new car windshield before the vehicle even had it's first oil change. *sigh* D got it 'glazed' for about $40 which was preferable to the $400 to replace the whole thing. You can still totally see it, but maybe it will act as an urban theft deterrent. Poor Pearl, already banged up!


*Ugh it just won't stop being embarrassing and awful and cringe-worthy. I don't think I've ever, ever, in all my 50 years, been as horrified to be an American, let alone a Texan. As much as I love my job, and I really love my job, y'all, I would leave for up North if I had any way to make a living. At least we'd be in a more progressive state where I would not be worried about putting a rainbow flag on my door or a Democratic Party sign on my lawn for fear of being liberal-bashed.

So these are turning out to be mostly what TV I'm watching but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I leave you with a song I heard on NIGHT SHIFT, which, apart from being wonderful, has a music department that has some serious chops. I have had this on repeat for days because it is just that fantastic. The Van Morrison original is luminous, but I just love Otto's voice on this. The horns are EVERYTHING.

Have a great week, gente.

Talk at you soon.

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Jul. 17th, 2017 02:03 pm
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Yesterday, I *knew* that today would be an awesome, amazing, kick-ass day that would start with me jumping out of bed and going at it for all I am worth.

I woke up with an IBS attack. So I start my day at 9 instead of 6, but I did spin after all the explosions stop, half-way prettied myself up, and arrived at work at 10:30 instead of 7:45.

So I want credit for doing the things even though things didn't go as planned. I want like, ALL THE CREDIT.

Tomorrow I want to get up at 6, NOT have an IBS attack, go at it for all I'm worth and have the day I wanted to have today.

Meanwhile, I have a hair appointment this afternoon

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