Hey gang. How you doing? Hanging in there? Making it work? Hiding? I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to kill time, waiting for word back on a Big Project, and I'm basically wandering around aimlessly. I SHOULD be cleaning, but eff that noise! :D

SO LET'S DO A POLL! Clickity for the Tickity )

So there's all that. :D
Flist? I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on 6 bottles of wine (AFTER a discount for buying 6 and AFTER a discount for using a debit card) and I ain't even sorry. Life's too short for shitty shoes or shitty wine. Buy the best you can. And with the way the Mr's business is growing, I did just that. :D

Speaking of, he's pretty much going to be gone for the month of April, so there will be much sleeping on the diagonal that month. I anticipate getting a LOT of rest. \o/

My children no longer need me. I mean, they DO because I'm the magic fairy who buys food and clothes and blah blah, but they are happily engaged in their own lives for the most part, and they rarely want my attention. *Unless it's for money, clothes, food, blah blah. I am surprisingly not sad about this. I am not one of those mothers who cannot imagine life without their wee ones. ALL I DO IS IMAGINE IT. Ahahahaha. I kid. Kind of. Those of you with teenagers/college age kids know JUST what I'm talking about.

HEY GUYS IT IS SUNNY AND WARM AND I HAVE THINGS POPPING UP IN MY GARDEN! It's making me happy. Oh! And I'm going to film little shorts on my new MacBook Pro for Mastering the Garden and put them on YouTube. I can't count on my local film crew, and I'm getting upset at seeing all the gardening mistakes popping up all over once again (ahaha). So if you have a question for me, post it in comments and I'll see if I can't make a video for you. :D


Mar. 14th, 2014 02:36 pm
Back from a quick and mostly unplanned trip to DC for the girls' Spring Break. The Mr. threw it all together and sprung it on us last minute. It was a really good time, but wow, did we pack in the days. Walked miles and miles all over the city, the museums, back at National Harbor where we stayed. I love that my teens still enjoy museums.

It was focused on the girls and filling their noggins with information/history and eating where the Mr. made reservations. Allow me to highly recommend Bond 45, if only for the lamb ragout with freshly made gnocchi, pillowy soft and flavorful. That sauce was the type to lick the bowl clean, let me tell you. Their lasagne was ridiculously good, as were the scallops. (Uh, skip the Red Velvet cake. Disappointing.)

The weather took a turn for the worse (as y'all on the east coast well know) and we had delay after delay trying to get out of DC, took a side trip to Alabama just to get home, and finally made it back late last night, where I kissed the animals and fell into bed. And I'm the genius who scheduled a mammogram this morning, almost forgot, got there two minutes late, and had the pleasure of a mammogram. (Ha. They suck. They're important, but they suck.)

Refilled the house with food, laundry sorted and started, and now I'm ready to fall asleep and nap for nine days. HOW ARE YOU?
I can't let this go. Help me, Flist. it's about my son )

In happier news, I was cleaning up an odd pile of mish-mash and found a letter from the BFF from our college days. Inside was a newspaper clipping that I will repeat verbatim here (extra commas and all). I would like to state that this was from a small town Utah paper and NOT FROM THE ONION. NOR IS IT A DEEP THOUGHT BY JACK HANDY.

"When I am really depressed, I don't cry- I get a fudge brownie. I don't care if something really bad happens in my life, as long as I have a nice, thick fudge brownie to eat. Sometimes, when I eat brownies, I think of my old house before it burned down, and the kitchen where my sister and I used to fight over who would get to use the phone first, and eat brownies with whipped cream and spray each other with whipped cream." -Kandra [last name redacted], 14

O_O Bless.
  • I have a horrid head cold (I'll be fine, it's just the start of school yucks) and the hinge of my jaw feels like someone has cracked it with a hammer. I have a delightful chipmunk look.

  • Note to self: don't mini-head bang when "One" by Metallica comes on your play list because your head is 703% heavier when ill and ouch

  • I have a super bad ass therapist and I think she's awesome (our couple's therapist on the other hand...)

  • My daughter - who has been under a lot of stress with everything that's been going on lately - has pulled away physically from me (everyone, really) and while it's hard to not get hugs like I used to, when she DOES ask for me to hug her or play with her hair or something, it's like the best thing ever. <3

  • I made the first loaves with my starter - proper, 30 hours from start to finish loaves - and they taste SO FLIPPING GOOD. The crust is amazing. I modified my "daily bread" recipe to accommodate the starter, and wow, delish. Is anyone interested in the recipe?

  • I did make some pizza dough with the starter cast offs, and oh man. It was so thin and crispy and chewy. <3

SEE?! (this was the size of my two hands. Wee tiny personal pizza. :)

Prosciutto, Humbolt Fog cheese (almost too salty, honestly. Regular goat cheese would have been better), and arugula with a drizzle of balsamic. Crust flash-baked at 450F for 5 minutes with a brushing of olive oil and rubbed garlic before toppings added.

Wow, I'm hungry now. Bread Recipes Under the Cut - Daily Bread and Pizza Crust w/ Starter Cast offs )
So I ran out of contact lenses recently and haven't made an appointment with the eye doctor. As a result, I've been exercising without my glasses on, because that's not comfortable to me to be out in the sunshine with light blasting through my lenses. So I go on my morning jogs with sunglasses and hope I don't run into anyone I know.

I'm typically a smiling sort, so I usually have a relaxed, almost smile on my face that I turn up the wattage on when I pass a fellow jogger/dog walker. Looking ahead, I see someone turned towards me just a house or two ahead, so I crank up the smile and wave a friendly hello...

AT A YARD FLAG. Awesome. I'm offering "How to be super cool" lessons, if you're interested.

ION, here's a picture of my starter after a week, seeing as so many of you are taking the plunge/are planning on it.

#1. My crumpet dumpings (mm, sounds good!), basically the extra I scoop out of #2-3 every morning, instead of dumping it or adding it to a quick bread. This goes right into the fridge and stays there until crumpet time.
#2 I started a second batch from the first batch instead of dumping the extra (or making quick bread). I keep it tightly sealed, to see how that affects the smell. It's actually noticeably more intense than
#3 Ze original. This smells so good and yeasty, but #2 almost has an alcohol whiff to it. Hell yeah. That's just extra fermentation from being sealed up. Choose your poison. :)

Thanks again for the generous response yesterday re: Oh My Heck. I've been all fired up since then, and am diving back into my doc now. <3
Hey - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the comments y'all have been leaving me. I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment (no, you don't say!) but I WILL respond to everyone. Thank you, thank you.

I leave you with a story that made me happy yesterday. I'm at Target getting sundries for the kids (because school starts on Monday oh my gosh HOORAY school school schoooooooool!) and as I'm leaving and putting my cart up, I hear a mom down on her knees talking quietly to her son, probably kindergarten age. Essentially he was misbehaving and she was quietly explaining why he shouldn't do that in a store, and if he continued to choose that behavior, they would leave and he wouldn't get whatever they were in the store for. So would he behave? I saw him rub his eyes, sniffle, and nod and say, "Yes, mama."

I whispered to her as I walked past, "Stellar mom-work right there."

She looked at me sadly and said, "Really? Because I don't feel like it was."

I didn't want to be more intrusive, so I just said, "No, you are doing an amazing job seeing that your small child listened to you. Couldn't ask for more, especially not at that age." I bid her a good day and saw her smile as I went through the big doors.

I WANTED to hug her and buy her a coffee/whatever she liked because she was clearly frazzled, but you'd never know it from how calmly she spoke and how firm yet loving she was to her kid. WHOEVER YOU ARE, MOM AT TARGET, I SALUTE YOU.



Jul. 30th, 2013 04:50 pm
1. I really need an agent to take a chance on my sense of humor. I say this after putting the final tweaks on a Tu-Pac/California Love joke about the Book of Mormon's "people." (It makes sense in context.)

2. I really need a nanny. Or a live in bartender.

3. I really need a giant plate of salty French fries.

4. I really need a big ol' glass of wine. (I get to have that, though! Happy Hour in 15 minutes.)

5. I really need to stop beating myself up all the time. For example: I actually did accomplish things today, even if I did laze about for a portion of it. Also, I'm looking super cute today, and I NEVER compliment my looks, because that makes me feel weird and uncomfortable.

6. I really need to get over that last one because I'm okay and you're okay. *head desk*

7. I really need to know you are having a good day! And if not, watch this and then you really need to let yourself smile. :D

My day so far:

  • woke up at 6:30

  • coffee

  • fed animals

  • cleaned up mess of teens up late (and mess of husband who is a mess-maker)

  • checked email

  • Breakfast smoothie (omg, it's so good: egg-based protein powder, 1/2 C OJ, 1 C water, handful of spinach, small banana. It takes like a Dreamsicle! Esp. without the banana, but why ignore a banana?)

  • made bed/straightened bathroom and bedroom

  • went on 5 mile jog with turned into the last as a power walk because it's HOT

  • came home, stripped, slipped on bathing suit and flopped into pool

  • realized I was aimlessly swimming laps for 20 min and chilled the hell out

  • dried off

  • got in my day's push up count

  • put on gardening togs

  • finished the last weeding in the big side bed (45 minutes of me, a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow. And the sun, oy.)

  • realized I smelled like a horse's taint

  • showered for a million hours (no, I didn't)

  • got kids on their chores/school work (the Boy is in summer school to make up for lost days)

and now I'm looking at my pantry and wondering if I can just shove it all in, boxes, wrapping and all?

TODAY'S FANCY SANDWICH: 10 grain bread, a layer of this amazing English-Style aged cheddar, slices of tomato, spinach leaves, a touch of garlic salt and fresh thyme. GOOEY. CHEESY. IN MY MOUTH. Mmmmmmm. I think I should have two...

Thank you to everyone that responded to my poll yesterday, btw. It's a relief to see that the vast majority felt that gifts are no longer a "free for all." :) Personal property is just that, imo, and my children are moving towards adulthood and should be treated with the same respect I would another adult. <3
-that I haven't posted to LJ in a bit. Whoops! It's uh, been a little hard at this end to get chatty here. I'm trying to be better. Starting with sharing some links! (I'm an ass, I know.)

Currently at HDJM:

As for me, I have been a crazy person trying to get projects online, such as the gardening show. We're hammering out a shoot schedule tomorrow, and I'm very excited. (Also dusting off my MS for Oh My Heck and trying again to make it publishable. We'll see.) AND EATING ALL THE CHEESE. Okay, not all the cheese, but a lot of it. Because it's delicious. I have goat cheese and strawberries planned for lunch, in fact. WHAT'S THAT? IT'S LUNCH TIME? *noms*
Dear common brown grasshopper that I am calling Bill...

I'm just a Bill, just a lonely ol' Bill. And I'm sittin' here on your rose bush with A MILLION OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS. )

I am seriously proud of myself here, not gonna pretend otherwise. THAT WAS SOME BRUCE LEE BID-NESS I DID. I need a macro of the kid in karate clothes that says, "Snatch a pebble, they said. I snatched their lives."
I stupidly went to the mall yesterday (while sick, dumb, dumb, dumb) but instantly left after pulling on the first pair of jeans in the dressing room caused me to break a sweat. DEAR FASHION WORLD: I know young girls (which I am not) love stretchy, soft, almost jersey-knit like jeans. I am not one of them. I like denim for my denim. 1) I live in Texas, and tight knit makes me sweat in places I'd rather stay fresh. 2) I have muscles in my legs and a round booty and would like for the material to skim those instead of looking like I'm wearing late night sad pants (you know, those pajama jeans. WHAT.)

I do not like flares. I do not like skinny. (I also have calves, you see, and when I bend down, I black out when I wear skinny jeans.) STRAIGHT LEGS. The Gap made them, the Gap is all out of dark wash straight legs. High-end brands used to make them, now they sell $200 pajama jeans. WHAT MAGICAL STORE SELLS STRAIGHT-LEG, DARK WASH JEANS THAT ARE ACTUAL JEANS? I have tried: Citizens of Humanity, 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, and Eldon? I'm not remembering that last one right, but I was DISTRAUGHT. [/Moaning Myrtle.]

I'm going into Dallas to the proper shopping mall and looking more thoroughly when I'm not ill. BOO. (Hudson looks promising, as does Burberry's Brit line.) I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. Except the first person to suggest "Not Your Mother's Jeans" gets a fist in the gut from me. :) Why yes, I am only 2 weeks from a NYC vacation where I would like to look schnazzy.

ION, I watched 8 Mile last night and was reminded of how freaking hot Eminem is when he bangs Brittany Murphy in that dirty shop and she licks her hand and his FACE omg, and you can see how gorgeous his body is under those stupid hip hop clothes and ungh. I have a secret love for stupid boys made stupid by life but wish they were smarter/strive to be better. Mmmm.

IOON, the Mr. is apparently playing a gig at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in a few months? So I'm now married to a rock star. I sat with him while he worked on his setlist last night and before the drums gave me a headache, was all shades of proud and happy. He's really good. And then I took some aspirin and went to bed. :)

TELL ME I SHOULDN'T GO WORK IN THE YARD DOING WINTER CLEAN UP, GUYS, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I'M THINKING I SHOULD BE DOING. Because I am an idiot. (Oooh, maybe I'll work on making a masterlist and cleaning up links, because I know how to PAR-TAY.)
This is a man. He is a fabulous, androgynous male model. And he is more beautiful than Natassja Kinski in her famous Richard Avedon (my all time favorite photographer) photo shoot.

I mean, damn.

Recaps/Review Link Round-Up for your Friday Time-Killing Pleasure:
American Horror Story 1.5
X Factor Top 12 + Results
Top Chef: Texas
Ringer 1.07
Glee 3.04
Real Housewives 2.8
Boardwalk Empire 2.06
Hoarders John, Vivian
The Walking Dead 2.3

Coming later today and tomorrow: Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

...and I'm going to recap the Breaking Dawn movies. My daughter convinced me. I guess that means I'll have to see #3? BAH. I'm going to break my rule of only recapping things I love. BUT I LOVE TO MOCK TWILIGHT, so I can't help it. Also, my soul needs closure. [insert image of Ariel with her hands pleading/clenched in agony]

The kids and The Mr. are going camping at the deer lease this weekend (while The Mr. and The Boy clear out the feral pigs) so I have the house to myself to write, write write. YAY. Oooh, and to fill up my new Kindle with all my fave fanfics. \o/

I had Plyo yesterday and weights/Abs today and now I can't leave my chair. So you're gonna get posts from me, suckers.

This is inspired by the song that just played on my iPod and my inability to sing them properly.
[Poll #1786114]

And so I don't get in trouble, a poll for Newer Folks.
[Poll #1786115]

[ETA] For those of you who have been around since the mid 2000s, I AM DISAPPOINT.
Note: I didn't. I've had sick children all weekend. #2 had the stomach bug, The Boy and Em had little colds, and today I had to pick up The Boy who now has the stomach bug. I am using a lot of Lysol. No me gusta tummy troubles. I helped my sister start moving into her new place on Saturday and I am so excited for her! I also have some pretty sweet bruises on my biceps from moving a sofa, so I feel tough. (Ha.) Which reminds me that I've yet to do P90X today.

Got the recap to the season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey up, and man, this was a long-ass season. I thought they would have the normal 8 eps, but they stretched it to NINETEEN. Burned the hell out on that cray cray, ngl.

Because I was on sick watch, I actually got a lot of reading in, which I haven't been able to do in a long time. My current obsession (Glee, Klaine specifically) is a tough fandom, because there's not a lot of consideration for composition and grammar, one, and everyone wants porn. And... well. I've been in fandom a long time, and I have longtime friends that are PROFESSIONAL PORN WRITERS. So I'm a little spoiled. It's hard to find quality, is what I'm getting at (R/NC-17 or not.) I back out of the crying woobie-fied, fics that are everywhere, the repetitive borrowed phrases (holy crap, enough with "blown pupils" and "lay there wrecked." It's in EVERYTHING. Stop. Find a new way to say it, folks)

I did find two stories last night that I thought were nice, both by the same author. Not a lot of comments on them, which is sad, so if you do read, give her some attention. :) [livejournal.com profile] desirousof wrote a nice tie in to Merlin (even though I don't watch that show and would have like more about their reaction to it, than them talking about Merlin, because again: I don't watch it) and how someone that loves you can help you love something more when its shared. Take All The Courage You Have Left, PG. If you're looking for something naughtier, her Hard R As Soon As You Go is an easily- digested, first-love, sneaking off to have sexy times story. (Same author, name change, I believe.)

Wine Recs! Both Napa Cabs, the first is Oberon 2008. Oooh, this one was lovely. Not overly okay (which I don't care for) and a clean finish. Had it with a cheese board and salamis, would be awesome with any red meat. (Or nutty, spicy cheeses and veggies.)

#2 Atlas Peak, 2005 and this one was OUTSTANDING. Open it up, give it 15 minutes, then start drinking. Spicy, almost like a quality Spanish wine, but not overpowering. Had this with some blue cheese and bacon on crostinis, and it was a most delicious dinner for me. :) This one doesn't have a sweet finish, so I really enjoyed it. (No me gusta "vanilla" in wine.)

So what's up, chicken butts? Link me to fabulous things as it appears I'm going to be on continued sick duty for a bit. *chinfists*
1. Everything coming up on my playlist has been perfect, at at the right moment, too. iTunes, how can you know my mood? If I weren't too busy singing along, I'd be weirded out. (I'm up to 600 songs of 3000 restored! =| )
2. Top Chef: Just Desserts had AD ROCK on it. AD ROCK. Beasties > everything
3. The latest Ringer recap is up, too. I plan on catching up on the show this weekend. It shows promise.
4. X-Factor recap is also up, and I caught a little of the show, and Melody nails it. I have to read the recaps, I can't watch the auditions. I feel the shame some of them should be feeling.
5. Jersey Shore - I love seeing how some of them have grown. And how one in particular has not. And his name rhymes with SNITCH-uation. He seriously is the worst.
6. Good conversation with my sister, and I wish she was my neighbor.
7. Fic beta for something I am loving AND IT'S POSTED. Just Thursday KLAINE, NC-17, so mind the rating, kids.
8. Nice weather and lunch outside is on my horizon. Well, once the cat is off my lap.
9. Wine Friday with my buddy Kristi who love zombie apocalypse preparation as much as I do, plus Halloween, plus win, plus cheese, so I expect to be thoroughly happy this eve.

I mean, I'm not going anywhere or anything, but my CHILDREN ARE. I love them dearly. And having space for three days will help me remember that. :D

Yesterday my sister and BiL came up to hang for the day, and they brought me maybe one of the most awesome gifts I've ever been given, a massive chunk of mineral/crystal that she found at that fantastic shop I mentioned a while back (with the crazy taxidermy and corals and old medical models, etc.) Also with it was a Dr. Dre sticker pack (various quotes from songs in Old Timey print) and a helpful guide from our friends at The Christian Life Commission:

What Liquor Is Doing To The Home! Hahahaha. Did you know that "the invasion of the American home by beverage alcohol is not a natural outgrowth of our American culture?" The most powerful weapon against alcohol is a belief in Christ (there's my problem!) and I guess the council wants people to forget about Jesus making wine so parties were more awesome? So funny.

Also, today is when the Glee recaps come back! The episode today is FUNK, and that wasn't the best. By far. In fact, it was pretty head-scratching in some places. But now I have a whole litany of awesome 70s music playing, so that's a good thing. Also a good thing? The Chaka Khan martini I made up. DAMN, it is tasty. (I did have a lot of fun with my recap, though. I wish Quinn Fabray did have a Mother Popcorn tat.)

And as soon as the kids are gone (T-minus 1:48 and counting) I am going to jump in the pool, make a margarita, and have BLISSFUL SILENCE. Ahhh!
Today is my Father in Law's birthday, he's 75. Still running marathons, still awesome. We're heading over to their house for dinner (please, oh, please no carrot dimes) after a nightmare of frustrating calls between my mother in law and everyone. She kept asking us what we wanted to do for his birthday, and we kept saying, "Well, what does Dad want to do?" Then she'd go through a list of options she came up with. And we said that all sounded great, what of those things did DAD WANT? Finally my husband made her put the phone down and ask him. Jesus please us. This went on for two weeks, I'm not joking. The man is a saint, I'm telling you.

Especially if there are carrot dimes on the menu.

In other news, I totally killed some vampires on Oblivion yesterday, and I'm only just at Level 2 (I've not had a lot of play time with the Mr. in the house) so I felt pretty boss. LOL. Oh, and I ignored some laundry, which I'm pretty proud of.

EXCEPT HOARDERS WAS ON LAST NIGHT. [Hey Don't Judge Me: RECAP] So I'm doing loads of cleaning today. (IT wasn't the typical filthy episode last night, well, one of them was, but the other was this eccentric guy who collected arcade memorabilia. He had a ZOLTAN! Apparently this guy is very controversial on the boards as maybe a faker. I talk about it in my recap.)

Other recaps that are live: True Blood, last week and this week's recaps (Sue had some extenuating circumstances that kept her from her computer, trust me, she makes the Hotshot craziness bearable, such is her gift.) And Liz has more Spartacus: Blood and Sand recaps. Mel's Bachelorette recap is now up as well.

And tomorrow brings you more Glee with cocktails, and if anything, you should be clicking for the booze. :D

Speaking of Glee, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse has posted the second chapter to her awesome story, right here. I'm telling you, it's fantastic. And this fandom needs more talented writers that can spell and conjugate and have an actual plot and a large vocabulary and. Wait, no, I meant that last part. :)

Now I must clean all the things and mentally prepare to hear my mother in law mutter to herself as she cooks dinner. I think I'll bring a book. (Too rude? UGH, they all just sit there in silence, it's maddening. Silence? What is that?!)
And it's a short week, too. Maybe I'm just going stir crazy in this house. I could use a vacation from being a mom, I think.

Speaking of being a mom, we had Library/Popcorn Shop day and now everyone's mouth is sealed shut with gummy something and they're in their rooms reading. AHH BLISSFUL SILENCE. [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse asked me earlier about the popcorn shop, and it's really a cute story. The woman who owns it was a corporate shill, working for the man. Successful, but harried. She was in a horrible car accident and almost died, had months of intensive therapy, etc., then walked away from her high-tone life and job to open up this little shop. Candies from all eras of the 20th century, vintage sodas, handmade fudge (um, I almost bought a huge block of maple nut fudge. WANT.) and 50 kinds of popcorn.

One variety they just added this year: Texas Bumpy Road: chocolate and caramel covered popcorn with pecans, marshmallows, and toffee mixed in, white chocolate drizzled over all of that. UM. Dude. That is insane. And sounds crazy good. I just got my usual, jalapeƱo flavored and a caramel corn. Mmm. Spicy and a sweet. Oh, and a wee bag of pecans dipped in toffee dipped in milk chocolate. I MEAN CAN YOU BLAME ME. No, no you cannot.

Speaking of jalapeƱos, today's cocktail is the Suzy Pepper for today's Glee Recap, episode 10: Ballads. This was a good one, just the right mix of heartfelt moments (Kurt wanting Finn, Finn and Quinn's parents finding out about the pregnancy) and the right amount of crazy, Rachel stalking Mr. Shuester, a la his previous crush... Suzy Pepper. The drink is pretty boss, too, trust me. It might seem weird, but it's DELISH. (Y'all know I road test all of these drinks, right?)

Thanks to those of you that have been supporting Hey, Don't Judge Me by clicking and commenting, it's very much appreciated by us. We almost doubled viewer ship last month, and are on track for another big jump in readers this month, thanks to people like you. Linking, sharing, emailing to friends is AWESOME.

#2 and I have plans to watch Clueless later today (ooh, that might make a fun movie recap! Thoughts?) because that is one of my fave teen comedies/Jane Austen modern interps. Oh, and Stacy Dash, who plays Cher's BFF Dionne is now FORTY FIVE. She was THIRTY when she played that part. Girlfriend is hot is what I'm saying. Also, aw, Brittany Murphy. "You're a virgin who can't drive." ...that was way harsh, Tai. <3 <3 <3 PAUL RUDD. He is forever dreamy to me.

I have a bottle of Italian red, some fresh Buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes and basil from the garden and delicious aged balsamic. IT IS A FINE DAY.

[ETA] hey, if any of y'all follow [livejournal.com profile] ontd_glee and know where the hell their "want to ask permission to pimp your site" post is, help a sister out. I spent two hours looking for it. UGH.
People should use the word "sundries" more often. And the word "dreadful." I love that word. Oooh, and "mephitic." "The pile of sundries for sale at the retirement home truly were dreadful, and they carried the mephitic odor of mothballs."

The crappy/bizarre lady from swim class yesterday was NOT there with her children today, so I didn't have to go into Full Control mode, which is good.

I wrote just over 12,000 words yesterday, which is a new record for me. Stretching out on my bed last night felt like a DREAM. I'm not used to sitting for that long, and my tush felt deflated. A lot (as opposed to alot) of that was for Hey, Don't Judge Me - we've added new writers, and shows, and there's something for just about everyone. (Everyone that likes the same stuff we do, I should clarify. Lol.)

New things: Hoarders, Glee
Updated topics: The Bachelorette, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Game of Thrones
Coming soon: Dr. Who (maybe this weekend?), True Blood (in just DAYS), Leverage, Camelot, The Hunger Games, Guys, JERSEY SHORE: ITALY is coming. IT IS COMING. I've been working on my Italian (see: Housewives) so I can express-ah my feelings. Can. Not. Wait.

The Eagle is out on DVD, wanna read the best Eagle recap on the internet? Sam's movie recaps are stellar. Just check out the Thor recap or her X-Men recap as proof.

1. Add us to your reader's feed! then you don't have to worry about missing anything. (hurr)
2. Add the feed to your LJ's flist! Do you come here more often? That's the best way to get updated, then.
3. Follow HDJM on Twitter! You'll get notified in hilarious ways. (hurr)
4. Facebook lover? Here's the Facebook page, share, like, communicate with other awesome people.

I should have a tumblr up soon (it won't be redundant, it'll be macros and random craziness related to the site.)

Dude, this was a lot of links. Sorry, but when I believe in something... *sniff* OMG would it hurt you to click? No, it would not. NO IT WOULDN'T, LIZ. Well, maybe if you got a horrible static shock by clicking, then it would. So touch something wooden or rubber and click. PROBLEM SOLVED. B-)

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