HELLO FRIENDS. Hey, remember how I needed a nice, relaxing vacation because of how non-stop stressful my life has been? Ha. HA HA HA, said the universe. If it weren't for an AMAZING show and an even more AMAZING friend, I would have curled into a ball and rolled into traffic.

Here's the short version, which has no pep or zazz. Massive ice storm, Dallas was shut down, and I was trapped in the airport. Eventually got out to LA, had no luggage, had only the things on my back, and had a red carpet event to attend. Had a great time at said red carpet event, was with the best friend ever who didn't mind our vacation turning into a shopping for toiletries and underwear trip, came home and my eventually found luggage fell apart in my driveway and some of my brand new skin care products exploded. But I honestly enjoyed myself, when I wasn't curled into a ball, contemplating rolling into traffic. I really love [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse a lot, and I'm incredibly grateful for the RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS tickets for Trevor Live that she was able to secure. Like, I was sitting IN FRONT OF celebrities, my seats were so much better than most. <3


Awesome: when I got out of the car at my house late yesterday, the whole top half of my suitcase fell off. AT LEAST IT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS HOME. (And hey, I ended up with new clothes and makeup, so...) I would like to state that I know I am very fortunate to be in a position in life where I CAN replace things from lost luggage. If I couldn't... I would have just flat out given up, walked into the ocean and taken a deep breath. Well, that would be the case if I also hadn't had my very own Miss Muse and her strong hand to hold onto. :)

And now I'm home, there's laundry and cleaning piled up, and I have story ideas to write. NOT TOO SHABBY. HEY GUYS HEY.
...where people can be selfish, where people can get easily distracted, where people can flake on you, it's amazing to find that one person who will never does, and will never be.

I'm the type of person that lets very few people into the "inner circle." I subscribe to the Anne Shirley method of friending: only the Tribe of Joseph are allowed in, but still be friendly to all. I like to have a small group of close girlfriends, people I know that I can absolutely trust. (I'm actually quite shy and nervous around lots of people.) Over the many years of my life I've had few "bosom friends" (again, I'm living an Anne Shirley appreciation life) and they've all been amazing women and men.

But sometimes there's that one person that you click with, that one person who not only gets it, who understands your references and jokes (wow, is that huge for me), but is someone who you could stay up for hours talking with and not run out of things to gab about. More amazing is when that person inspires you to be a better person. When that person - just by who they are and how they carry themselves through life - inspires you to be your best in order to be worthy of that friendship.

That, my online friends, is something rare and wonderful. [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse is that person for me, and after we spent a few years dancing around the edges of fandom, barely knowing one another, we finally started talking in comments. Which quickly moved to email, which quickly moved to going on trips together, sharing our triumphs and sorrows as mothers and wives and women who want to create and be happy. Not a day goes by that we don't speak, and not a heartache or triumph in my life happens without her holding my hand through it.

I'm a better person for having her in my life. I'm a better writer, a better mother, and a better friend. I'm so grateful for her friendship, I can barely put it to words. And today, on her birthday, I want to gush and throw a metric ton of love her way, because she deserves it. She's an amazing mother, as you all know, and an amazing person. She's talented, beautiful, thoughtful, unbelievably intelligent, kind, and giving. It seems unfair for her to be giving me all of that gift of friendship on her birthday, but that's the kind of person she is. :)

First things first, I had my weekend-long party with some of my real life friends (who just happen to be people I've met on LJ) and no one pointed out the mud stains from dirty paws on carpet by the back door, so I consider that a win. :D

While I would love to have everyone over to my home (omg, I'm an introvert and that was a LIE but I don't want to sound like a jerk but seriously, let's get real here) I was very grateful to the small group of girlfriends who visited. (And those of you invitees who weren't able to come, you were missed and loved on!) You never realize how bad things have been until you feel their burden lifted. By which I mean to say how wonderful it felt to have girls I've known for years -- women I've traveled with, shared fandoms, sorrows, heartbreaks and joy with -- sit and drink margaritas with me and really let ourselves relax for a solid weekend.

And apparently Casa de Stoney is getting a good review on Yelp. :D

(Oooh, we made blackberry and Key lime margaritas that were TASTY. They needed tiny crushed ice to be tip-top, though. And [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse? The Mr. told me that he bought me crushed ice and had it in the outside freezer - and I had no idea. Bah! Next time!) I actually lip wobbled and had tears running down my face after I dropped everyone off at the airport because it had been such a wonderfully supportive and fun weekend. I highly recommend doing something really nice for yourself. WHO KNEW?

Because I was so involved with enjoying everyone (and talking fandom, making dick jokes, drinking margaritas, refreshing sunscreen, praising the casting choices on Teen Wolf) I missed huge news for Dallas. Kidd Kraddick, a local DJ that became nationally syndicated, suddenly died. Why I even care about a Top 40s DJ. )

I'm spending the day figuring out how to move forward on projects that mean something to me, because my lovely friends gave me the will to do so. I'm definitely looking up. <3
I've heard from [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue on her FB page, so if any of y'all don't follow her there, she's fine, her home/family are all safe. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's about the two mile wide tornado that touched down in OKC about an hour ago. Winds of 200 MPH, which is something like forty squillion in metric, I can't remember the conversion.

We've been fortunate over the years to live in Tornado Alley and not be touched by any [knocks on wood] but I remember tornadoes on the street outside our front door, another one in the playground of my elementary school.

But those were Wizard of Oz tiny twisters ["It's a twistah! It's a twistah!" Never did understand that Bronx boy farming in Kansas...] and this one from today is like the CGI affair at the end of that stupid movie, "Twister." And these aren't CGI.

Is this what it's going to take to get the hardliners in the Flyover States to accept that the bunk they've been fed about global warming has been wrong? Gah.

Blah blah game of thrones on HDJM blah. I'm going to make sure our tornado shelter has what we need, just in case. Man, the one that hit DFW a few days ago gave the locals something like one minute to hear the siren before it hit, it formed so fast.
Many of you probably know [livejournal.com profile] ruthless1 for her sense of humor, unending support in times of need, and her support of her friends' fannish endeavors.

Many of you may not know that for the past year she has quietly been dying of stomach cancer. She is now at her end, surrounded by friends and hospice care-givers who are making sure that she leaves this earth in as much comfort as possible. When she realized her chemo/radiation wasn't working, she said "fuck it" and decided to do the things in life that she's always wanted to do. She went on a whale watching trip, she traveled to see friends one last time, she sat on a warm beach and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the earth, she surrounded herself with love and support.

She's been a lovely friend to me over the years, and this past year, while both of our lives were falling apart for different reasons, she still would go out of her way to send me a funny story, pictures of her baby goats (I dare you to be unhappy in the face of a herd of mini-goats), or just words of love.

I wish I could have traveled to Colorado before this...end. Mostly I'm grateful to have had the friendship that we do, and I'm happy to see how many people are showering her with love and stories in these last hours. If you would like to contribute to the wall of love being delivered to her, please go here and do so. She's having messages read to her, and I can only imagine how much it means to her to have so many people pour out love to her. (There is also a way to donate to that organization and help other people connect to support.)

While I'm incredibly sad to know she's leaving, I'm so grateful to be counted as one of friends. Ruth, you are loved.
JOHNSON! NAVIN! R! (If you have no idea what that means, you need to educate yourself with one of the best classic comedies ever.)

I am freaking GIDDY WITH DELIGHT because my vacation is here, my vacation is here! It has been a hard slog this year, and boy, do I need a break. My lovely lovely [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and I are off to LA for a writing retreat, delicious food nomming (such as ink - Michael Voltaggio's place! And I might leave my family for him, should the opportunity arise, just be aware.) and other joyful activities.

Be good, don't break things, watch out for your sister, put the toilet seat down, and wash your hands. Mom will be back on Tues-

I AM SORRY - IT'S HARD TO TURN OFF. First Class cabin, here I come. <3 (And the next book in The Passage series is out and I cannot wait for the plane to take off, giving me 3 glorious hours of reading time! WHAT IS HAPPEN.)

OH PEE ESS: I'll still be recapping The Walking Dead and Hoarders, but they will most likely be abbreviated. Thank you for understanding! <3
I have been mostly sans-internet for the week while entertaining a guest, a guest who weirdly enough doesn't feel compelled to check their multiple blogs several times a day? Le gasp! So I had to do stuff like talk out loud and be outside (omg, it was 100F + all week, cry cry). Oh, right, and spend the week with my oldest friend, Chrissy. Well, oldest friendship. She's only a year older than me, it's not like she's old.

I'm out of practice with writing words, derp.


1. When I have something delicious to eat, I want to eat it a lot. Example: (my friend is vegetarian, so I wanted to make meals that were inclusive) whole wheat ciabatta bun, toasted with a brush of olive oil and sea salt. On this: sun-dried tomato pesto, grilled portobello mushroom (brushed with balsamic vinaigrette and sea salt), a little Feta cheese, roasted red bell peppers, baby spinach leaves and pepperocinis. SO GUESS WHAT I ATE FOR LUNCH ALL WEEK. Nom nom!

2. I took her to Sephora (because you can order stuff online, hooray! - and she lives in the sticks) and played with makeup for a few hours. I convinced her to sign up for their rewards card, and as they filled out her information, the girl asked my friend, "Email?" which Chrissy heard as "Female?" She did a tiny double take, and in a very friendly voice said, "Yes, female?" I don't know who felt more derpy, the cashier or my friend. I just cackled and laughed, because I'm awesome and supportive. (ha) WHY WOULD SHE ASK YOU IF YOU WERE FEMALE. Lol.

3. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. I am going to be heading out to LA at the end of October for a fun media-fest/weekend plus a few days' getaway, and as I have never been, am looking for your suggestions on the following:

* neighborhoods that are wonderful to stay in
* Must See sights (beyond the typical tourist attractions like Grauman's, etc.)
* Must Eat restaurants.

Remember that I am a grown-ass lady and I have money, so I don't have to rough it. :D (And I'm renting a car.) Anyone? *chinfists*

4. And not having a fannish Tumblr anymore has really made me happy. HUH. PRETTY PICTURES, YAY!
In a life where I have an embarrassment of riches in the friend department, where I have met some of the most special people in my life right here in this very journal, there comes along a person that just changes everything. A person that makes you want to be better, to reach further, to put a smile on their face that becomes permanent. [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse is such a friend. It took us years of politely smiling at one another in mutual friends' journals before we finally figured out how to talk to each other. And from that point, it's become a need in my life to talk to her daily. And when I say daily, I mean that it's not uncommon for us to have email threads that exceed 75 in one day. (Not to mention texts, and actual writing work/communication.)

There's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for her friendship, or that I'm not grateful for the light and support and love she gives me daily. I highly recommend getting a friend like that in your life (but you're not taking mine. :D) Happiest of birthdays, the Kurt to my Blaine! (In a platonic sense, of course. :D)

Author: Stoney
Title: I Will Always Feel The Same
Word count: 1150
Summary: Sometimes it's best to not ask ourselves “what if's.” FLUFF!! I promise.
A/N: Written as a birthday gift for my lovely RL and fandom friend, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. Unbeta'd, because she's my beta! Poor treatment to make her work on her birthday... All mistakes are mine, but taking her hand on the stairs (in a metaphoric way) wasn't one of them. Quite the opposite, actually. <3 (Title is taken from “I Will,” by The Beatles.)

What if I'd hesitated? )

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I am 100% AGAINST spoilers and speculation. Do not mention anything that even hints at anything to come in S4. Please. Please please please. :) And you should go here to send her birthday greetings, should you be so inclined!
Hey! I'm old, WHEE!!

I have some pretty amazing friends, I must say. My old boss from my improv comedy clubs day made a video of him lip-synching "Happy Birthday" to some crazy-ass song, I've had lovely messages sent, the ever delightful [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse wrote me a STORY and it is SO SO SWEET and I LOVE IT, and I will share it with you: Forever.

(And now I'm a sobbing mess because the door just rang and she sent me TULIPS because she remembered that they are my favorite, and HOW DID I EARN SUCH GREAT FRIENDS?) I love you guys. <3

And I am not going to lift one damn finger today to do anything! Well, I'll brush my hair and stuff, but no dishes or laundry or anything else. GO ME! I'm going to play Skyrim and eat fruit, no: cheese, and I'm going to drink some wine tonight and I made an apple pie for Emily's birthday yesterday, and I'm going to have some of that, too and I'm going to have it with ice cream. (make sure you say that all like Judge Smalls' grandson. And if you get that, then you are my special love for the day.)


I had plans to write up a navel-gazing post about what all I've accomplished in 40 years, but my air conditioning died and I've had workmen all morning long. FUN! (One of them is from Jordan and we talked about his beautiful children and coming from large families, and he was DELIGHTFUL. And then he showed me the estimate for replacing the system and he stopped being my friend. Lol.)

I still want to do that, because I've been down in the dumps for several days now, and it's good for me to remember that while I've had a tough row to hoe (despite how I present myself) there are a lot of great things that have happened over the (many many) years that I've kicked around on this pebble.

But for now: I GO EAT THAI NOODLES. Like a boss.


Apr. 30th, 2012 10:33 am
Oh, such a glorious week in NYC I had. But let me get some business out of the way, first.

Hey, Don't Judge Me, back, perfect, and stronger than ever. We're like Ben Kenobi, but without the random ghostly appearances.
Game of Thrones! Just... Gendry. Shirtless. Sooty. FIST BITE. ETA GUYS. I am not a book reader. Please stop telling me book things if they're not specifically mentioned on the show. I PROMISE I write down every freaking line of dialog as I watch. It takes me all night, but I want to catch the show's names, etc. NON-READER. I feel like I am constantly being nitpicked and I HATE THAT. It's just the internet, and I don't get paid. Thank you! Teeny spoiler for the episode, but a reason why you should be reading my recaps for Game of Thrones: )

Supernatural with Felicia Day! Oh, geeky girls are my favorite.
Touch! And seriously, these recaps are hilarious. You need to be reading.

More coming later today like Mad Men and the Borgias! Please help us out by "Liking" and tumbling and +1 ing - it helps spread us to new places on the internet. The more exposure we get, the better. :)

I spent the weekend lounging around and recouping from my trip (which involved theater, fabulous food - Lupa was maybe my favorite, CraftBar was pretty spectacular, too and I had THIS WINE, which was outstanding for its price point - museums, Botanical gardens and mastering the subway like a boss.) and came home to a clean house. BLISS.

Oh, and my husband informed me sheepishly that he actually left for a trip Monday night and came home Tuesday night. "What's this?" you might be asking. "What of Stoney's children?!" I asked, too. Oh, no worries. My mother in law just slept in my bed and was in my private space without me knowing, that's all. GAH. I KNOW SHE OPENED DRAWERS AND JUDGED THE STATE OF MY BATHROOM AND CARPETS AND I JUST HATE IT, AHHHH.

*head desk* I'm still D: about it. Good thing I didn't know while [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and I were in NYC. I would have been a basket case. Also, I learned that I would literally watch Jeff Goldblum read the paper. (Saw Seminar. He was entertaining, the other actors were as well, for the most part, but the story fell apart in the final third.) Book of Mormon was as wonderful as you'd expect, and I completed my group of signatures on my actual BoM. <3 that cast. It's so outstanding, I can't even.

I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN. Okay, I need to buckle down and get to work. How's tricks, gang? What's the 411?


Mar. 27th, 2012 03:06 pm
Awesome, awesome day, and it's only half-way gone. Got all sorts of tasks accomplished here at the house, had snuggles and reading with Smidgen (seriously. I love my cat to a point of ridiculousness. I've had cats my whole life. She has me. <3) and got a good 3000 words in, and there are more to come.

Today is a writing day with my best writing partner ever ([livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse, duh) and we were both so productive it's redonk. I'm jazzed like I've had too much coffee. PLUS, the bearded irises are blooming, I have roses starting to open, and the sun is bright blue outside.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're having a good one. And if not, here are some pictures from last year that are of my garden - who doesn't love flowers?

Also: people are figuring out how freaking hilarious and wonderful Melody is on our website (she did Breaking Bad, Sherlock, does Merlin and Mad Men. *sobs on her shoulder for being so, so amazing*) and here's the first Mad Men recap of the season - she posts every Monday, so be sure to check her out. The more you like, tweet and tumblr her, the better her chances to gain entry into the TCA, so help a fellow writer out! (Comments are GOLD, btw)

Our rewatch of Dexter, written by the wonderful (and new!) Samantha has also been a sneak hit. Every Monday she posts a recap and discussion about three consecutive eps, so hop in on that.

(Hunger Games? Please. Sam's recap and discussion is tearing it up. I AM SO PROUD OF THESE GIRLS!!)

Back to work for me! WHEE!

[ETA: and Smash's newest recap is up as well!]
Man, do I love to travel. Like, if that was a job, professional trip taker, I would be the mo-fo Director of Hell Yes. (I would insist on funky cool titles in said company.)

Before I say anything, though, I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to two people for helping me take a vacation: [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon and "lj user="moosesal"> for pinch hitting for me at Hey, Don't Judge Me with recaps for Hoarders and Top Chef, respectively. Please check out the wonderful job they each did. I had not one worry while away, knowing the two of them would do a wonderful job. And hey, lookee there! I WAS RIGHT. :D

And now for something completely different. New York is always wonderful. I mean, duh. New York and San Francisco are my go-to towns where I never have a bad time. Met up with [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and had the confirmation that she is in the Tribe of Joseph (where are my Anne Shirley girls? Holler!) I only travel with people that I know I'm going to enjoy in multiple situations, and yep, I was right with her. Not one bad moment, not one awkward pause, and I really could have used another three days with her, I'm just saying.

Day One: The first night/show was Sleep No More. Keep in mind that I'm writing up full reviews for HDJM, so I'm not going into detail here. But I will say.... )

Day Two was the Met, specifically the Egyptian Exhibit with my personal docent, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. I know rudimentary things about Egypt, so it was so fun to have her point out tiny details in carvings, in the type of writing used, etc. So, so fun. Not to mention we talked non-stop about everything under the sun, and were eating delicious foods and in beautiful surroundings. LOVELY.

And then we headed to the Al Hirschfeld Theater for the Darren Criss Experience. Lol. And...well, it was enjoyable to a good degree? But. )

Day Three, or: When Stoney Lost Her Damn Mind At Book of Mormon, The Musical. But first, the Cloisters! )

My flight was delayed by an hour and a half, so I spent a long time at the airport reading and people watching, then had a neighbor on my flight back. RANDOM? BUT NOW: I am getting the shakes from lack of breakfast and racing to type this up, so here I'll stop and divert the rest of my energies into the HDJM reviews of the shows.

IN SUMMATION: GREAT TRIP WAS GREAT. I love my friends. The End.
And so begins my mad preparation to fly out to NYC next Monday to spend an entire week seeing amazing plays (Sleep No More, How to Succeed, Book of Mormon, in that order) going to museums with my own personal docent, drinking way too much coffee, eating plenty of delicious foods that I will not have to prepare myself, talking non-stop with my awesome travel partner [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and basically enjoying myself. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME.

I need to finish shopping this week so I have a new wardrobe - I spent the past three months kicking my fitness into over-drive, because I was NOT going to buy new clothes only to have to buy new clothes again, if I dropped more inches. So. I'm pretty much physically/health-wise where I want to be (baring the last of that wretched sinus infection of December kicking the crap out of me) and I am going to spend an entire day trying on some jeans until I find the ones that don't make me want to stab things. (And I'm good on suggestions, now. Thanks!)

Hey NYC peeps: there hasn't been any snow, right? I'm thinking what footwear will be best for tramping all over the city during the day.

Is this the most exciting post ever? YES. If you're a shut in without internet, it is. OH, FUN TIMES HERE: so someone left me a comment over the weekend wanting to know what all the "Twilight" stuff and me was about. Got forty hours? And I realized that when I switched over my journal's layout last week (all the LJ changes made me grumpy and not like my layout - there are a few Easter Eggs hidden in the new design, because I'm a nerd like that) that my sticky post disappeared that had the LDS Sparkledammerung linked. So that's back. And I clicked the link to make sure it worked (as you do) and found myself reading the comments.

I FORGOT HOW MANY AWESOME TROLLS THAT SERIES OF POSTS GOT. Good lord, the best was the "how dare you insult this story, 10,000 fangirls are now going to eff your ess up!" *spittle* Wow. Or the ones that were just so, so sad for me and all of my rage directed at the Great and Benevolent LDS church, and just...how pathetic that I have time to write my feelings out on the internet. Because that anonymous comment you wrote out? Where you had to answer a captcha to get approved? And how you read the whole post? That wasn't a waste of time. LOL.

I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY LAST WEEK!! Buffy fen: remember Xander's wowed/shocked/awed "Spdoinkle!" HEY GUESS WHAT THAT IS FROM and I feel ashamed for not remembering. Because it's a SONG. In a MUSICAL. Cannibal: The Musical, to be exact. (Matt and Trey's first effort back in the early 90s. It's alright. Orgazmo is better.) So that made me happy thinking Joss is a Matt-n-Trey fan. <3

Okay, these recaps aren't going to write themselves, back to work! (Top Chef coming later today!)

I might have to bring my old Book of Mormon to have the cast autograph it I JUST MIGHT.

ALSO, EVEN SWEETER: I'm going with [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse IT JUST GETS BETTER. So Jan 9th, any NYC peeps, wanna grab a drink and have fun? BECAUSE OH HEY I'LL BE IN MANHATTAN.
On Saturday, I got a call I've been dreading for a good 14 years. (That was when the greatest cattle dog in the history of Blue Heelers died, in the service of saving her human.) Doc, good ol' Doc, the horse companion of my BFF was going to be put down on Tuesday. She was 1100 miles away and I couldn't get to her, so I spent as much time as I could on the phone with her.

tribute to the best horse I've ever known. He was practically sentient. )

Doc, January 14, 1983--June 6, 2011

ETA Because it's too funny and great to not share. I was just reminded by Chrissy about the time her little brother thought he'd play cowboy. He stood on a hay bale behind Doc, took a leap (to land on his back, very "Hi-ho, Silver, awaaaaaay!") and face planted right into Doc's butt. Doc was such a great horse that he just looked back at the kid and laughed, as horses do. Not any danger of being kicked, like you might worry with another horse. Really, he was the best.
First and foremost, it is one of my oldest LJ friends and RL friend to boot, [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue. I know you're buried to your neck in babies and toddlers and good mommy behavior, but I love you, and hope you're having a wonderful day.

Second, we have a new reviewer at Hey, Don't Judge Me and she wrote up a Scream 4 review that is hilarious and fangirly, what's not to love? Support your local fangirls trying to cast a wider net. :)

Third, I continue my love affair with Game of Thrones (yes it has some race fail, etc., but if I wait to watch shows without problems I'd never watch tv, and then what do I do? Interact with other humans? PSHHT.) and have my newest recap up at Hey Don't Judge Me as well.

REMINDER: no spoilers for future eps either here nor there, pls. We're going ep by ep as it happens, so don't leak intel, mm'kay?

It is raining for the fortieth day and I am waiting for my hot, dry weather, please. Mama needs a tan.
MASSIVE PICSPAM. MASSIVE PICS. OF A MASSIVE HOLE IN THE EARTH. (And more!) It all starts with a drive to the airport with a sign that read Captain Sparklepants, complete with glitter effects... ~~~wavy lines of flashback!~~~ )

Aside from making her move here so we can do it all again, that is. :)
First, I had a fabulous trip with [livejournal.com profile] dovil, who is still traveling the wilds of the US and Canada. I'll have a detailed post tomorrow with pictures.

Second, GAME OF THRONES, WHO IS IN? IMPORTANT! I have not read the books. I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS. That means that if you spoil me for ANYTHING, I will be very very angry about it. Be a dude, not a dick. Also, I'm sure someone is having the "but in the book they blah blah." You have to let that go. You have to. Movies are never going to be the same as the books, guys, it's impossible. Really. Airplanes are not submarines, but they both provide transportation, you feel me?

I'm recapping GoT over at Hey, Don't Judge Me as if it's the most awesome Dungeons and Dragons campaign ever, so there's that fun. Catch my recap of last night's episode here. And the President of GeekGirlCon.com has a great rebuttal (short and sweet) to the controversy about the NYT article regarding GoT here.

Also, Kassie is recapping Robin Year 1 & 2 for my comic book buds, and just started rewatching/talking about Smallville over there, too, so you have loads of reading material, my friends.

I am SO GLAD TO BE HOME. Also, I have all of the horses for Stallioncrest. OH. MY. GOD. This is going to be epic I tell you. EPIC HORSE SOAP OPERA, you heard it here first, lol.

a twitter near you! (As long as you add us, Stoney and Dovil's twitter feeds)

I'm heading out in a bit to pick [livejournal.com profile] dovil from the airport, then it's margarita/patio time! We're leaving early in the morning on Mon. to head out West, and will be tweeting our adventure AS. IT. HAPPENS.

WILL They kill each other [or drifters] before they hit Amarillo?

WILL They be able to gain legal access to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks?

WILL They resort to jumping fences and riding burros off the cliff edge into The Great Beyond?

and most importantly, WILL they get arrested for prostitution of clown dogs in Las Vegas? (And does what happen in Vegas truly stay in Vegas? Barring herpes?)

Stay tuned to find out!

Grab Bag.

Apr. 4th, 2011 10:47 am
Got my first mini-sun burn this weekend while putting in the garden. YAY WARMTH. Except for how my shoulders are a little ouchie. I always forget to hit my shoulder blades with the sun screen. One day that skin will turn into a pair of leathery angel wings and my dream of becoming the embodiment of an Affliction t-shirt will come true.

Had a film showing at the Dallas International Film Festival on Saturday night, it was sold out, there was a line around the block, and the audience really seemed to love it. Great! Keep your eyes peeled for Wuss at a festival near you, it's Fest season and it's picking up steam. A short film I'm really proud of has it's world premiere on Wednesday, written by and starring my brother in law and featuring yours truly, Narcissism & Me (only one person has gotten the joke so far, which is disappointing) and you can check out the trailer here. It's dark and hilarious, and I can't wait to see it with an audience. I'll post festival dates for that, and the shorts that have been showing so far have all been stellar. If you've never been to a Shorts Festival, you're missing out.

Tried to watch Mildred Pierce on HBO, and without going into any real spoilers, I'll just say that it was the most tedious hour and change of television I've had to endure in a long time. Didn't finish, didn't care to. Dreary, petulant characters with trumped up drama that just doesn't stand the test of time. Oh, noes, poor divorced woman has to (gasp!) wait tables!? It's hard and we should feel bad for her not being able to carry more than one plate on her body and her job is embarrassing to her bratty shit of a daughter? Wah. Good hell, how pathetic. If you're into the show, alrighty, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, overly dramatic, scenes were too long, the acting was over the top in places. I expect more from Kate Winslet and HBO, I'm just saying.

I need to get some trail shoes this week because on Friday (here's the antidote to the ear worm that may or may not have popped up in your head at that word, also, creepy video of Friday is CREEPY) [livejournal.com profile] dovil gets in town all the way from New Zealand! WOO and a HOO. She'll be shown the delights of North Texas (read: shopping, eating, drinking) and then we head out on Monday to hit the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and then a weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas with [livejournal.com profile] marenfic. We've been planning this trip for a year now, and I swear to god, if she screws this up for me, I am going to straight up murder her ass and leave her in the desert. Ahahaha. It's funny because it's inevitable.

HI GUYS IT IS MONDAY AND WINDY OUT AND I HATE THE WIND. Which means I will be goofing around indoors. How are you? *chin fists*

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