Hello - we had a hell of a storm move through last night, so my morning was spent pulling patio furniture out of the pool. Fun! (We are in such a drought, though, so the rain is very welcome.)

1. It's Mormon Monday on my pro-site, and today's story is of me horribly misunderstanding what George Michaels' song "Father Figure" was about. I had tears down my face, laughing, as I wrote this.

2. Game of Thrones - I'll just leave the link. OH MY GOODNESS, THE VISUALS.

3. We're recapping Orange Is The New Black on HDJM, now, and Hillary is awesome. Come support our newest writer writing about a AMAZING LGBTQ show.

4. I bit the bullet and paid for us to move to our own private server to keep up with the load/crashes/etc. MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IT WAS WORTH IT by spreading the love for the shows you're into! CLick those links! Like, +1, tweet, Tumble, etc. Every time you do, a lizard gets its wings. YOU ARE MAKING DRAGONS, IS WHAT I AM SAYING.

5. I cannot deal with all of the pictorial goodies coming out of ALphaCon in Austria. IT IS TOO MUCH. (hence my icon)
Remember that group? *cough* HEY WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THE WALKING DEAD FINALE WITH ME? Because you should click that and chat away. The comments have been really lively with good discussion lately.

[livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms is back with the Buffy Rewatch, and Prophecy Girl is up. Holy smokes, it's been a LONG TIME since that aired. Wow, I feel old.

I haven't had lunch. I'm super hungry I have leftover curry hidden away that is calling to me.

ION, I stayed up way too late last night, unable to shut my brain off, which is sometimes a good thing because I have stories I want to write (yay!), but MAYBE NOT AT 2 AM.

There is no Teen Wolf tonight. Huh. Looks like I'm rewatching Pride & Prejudice for reasons. /cryptic LOL

Of course people have to be ugly when they can't get something for free any longer. =/ The amount of hate Sam is getting through Tumblr and now HDJM (I'm blocking things from getting through after making an example) is ridiculous.

I take my job at HDJM very seriously. It WILL REMAIN a safe place for fannishness.

For more, click here.

For those of you who are always fun and happy and excited to talk about things you love, YOU ARE WHY WE DO THIS.
If you're on my flist and you read Sam's (hilarious, awesome) Hannibal recaps on HDJM, you might have to wait a while for new ones. I fully support her decision to take a step back and rethink things after this recent episode. SPOILER FOR LATEST EPISODE )

We'll post to the site's Tumblr when new recaps arrive, should that happen. <3

However, you don't have to wait for this week's Walking Dead recap, as it's up and filled with helpful protips and my theorizing about the season finale next week. CLEEK HERE!

ION, it's so lovely and warm and sunny outside. Ahhhh! Perfect weather to rip out the garden and burn it to the ground. (There's a pernicious weed that has taken over the shade bed all winter - underground runners like crazy. Fun! *cries*)

I am not prepared for the season finale of TW tonight. Wait, I can find solace in the AMAZINGLY TALENTED FANDOM WHEN IT ENDS. /Happy sigh

Last night we made buffalo burgers with bacon-onion jam, chipotle Tabasco sauce and goat cheese on top, and if you heard a pleased wail last night and couldn't figure out what that was, IT WAS ME. :D
Hello! I'm coming out of my self-imposed blackout because I'm just about finished with my deadlines and feel like I can breathe again. WHEW.

1. WALKING DEAD. Holy darkness. I know a lot of people have stopped watching, which is baffling to me. To each his own, I know, but the character arcs are finally paying off in a huge way. This is a long con type show, not simple action/adventure. (But yeah, filled with some unlikeable people, etc.)

2. I wrote "The End" on that massive AoGG/TW fic this weekend. OMG, apparently I only write novel-length fiction now? It's good practice, that's for sure. I still have edits/tweaks to do before I post. I wanted to start posting today, but it's a school holiday and I think I might need to murder my children. But I'll begin posting right after, promise! :D

3. I'm coming to terms with the way people are consuming media/behaving fannishly, and it is slowly elbowing me out. That's just the way it is, and I'm learning to accept that the way I view/want to talk about shows isn't the way most people do, so I may stop recapping. It's just a lot of work not to have interaction. (And thank you to the three of you who continue to talk to me! I know you do it out of loyalty, and I appreciate it.) I'm not shutting down HDJM or anything drastic like that, our Supernatural posts get almost 2,000 likes (WOW, way to go, Vinnie!) and Hannibal is a juggernaut. Sleepy Hollow picked up steam the more people realized we were recapping them, and I'm very happy for their dedicated followers. Just...I have such a crazy life and it's a lot to put into something that goes nowhere. I'm going to see Game of Thrones through this season, and won't make any decisions until after that, but basically I'm saying that I get that I'm not that interesting to read anymore.

(This is NOT a plea for you to tell me otherwise. This is navel gazing and acceptance. It's healthy!)

4. Speaking of healthy, I need lunch. I need a big ol' sandwich hot from the Panini maker. MMMM, GOAT CHEESE HERE I COME. :D
How the hell is it Friday already? And halfway through December? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO TIME I WANT ANSWERS.

Okay, there's a resurgence of posting on LJ, which makes me happy, so I want in on things. Questions for me? LEAVE THEM HERE and I'll do that post/question answer a day thing. Maybe multiple questions a day, who knows?

ION, there are some goodies on HDJM for you of the Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer variety. Orphan Black is coming back soon, as is Hannibal. HOORAY! And a new show Black Sails will be added, and I am VERY EXCITED about that. (I wish I could nab Heathicorn from Tumblr to do Teen Wolf recaps, because she's ridiculously hilarious.)

SPEAKING OF DONATIONS (we were in my head), did you know that it takes the average HDJM writer fourteen million hours plus three human sacrifices to write up a recap for our site? I also require that they show me proof of broken legs before they're allowed to post. That's a lot of work to do something for free. (Okay, it usually takes a minimum of 6 hours from start to finish, not to mention the time spent replying to comments, marketing, crying when you don't get any feedback...) Should you find yourself with a few extra pennies on your hands, would you possibly consider making a donation to our site?

Now, I pay for all costs to run the site and will happily continue to do so as long as there is interest in HDJM (although it would be lovely to get income to push towards the hundreds of dollars I spend on yearly server fees, etc. But I'm not even asking for that.) I'm asking for you to support our writers, some of whom are attempting to get a career writing and are using HDJM as a battleground/resume thickener. I love sending them money when we get donations (and I send them ALL the money. I keep nothing, unless it's mentioned that they would like the money to go towards the site's operating costs.)

My girls work hard to provide a fun, safe place to be geeky and love on your favorite things without worry of trolls, hate, or wank.

If that's something that is important to you, maybe consider dropping a bill into the tip jar? (On the right side of our site is a DONATE button. I'm not even going to lie and say that the $2 donations we were given last year didn't choke me up. That tells me that money is tight for you and yet you STILL made it a priority to thank your writers. So freaking amazing. <3

I try not to harass my flist much. We keep on keeping on over there and enjoy what we do. But hearing that YOU enjoy what we do is the icing on the cupcake. (And feel free to link, repost, point this out to people you know who like our site as well.)

Imma bake some cookies today. Whatchu doon, Boo?
If you don't get that reference, you're probably white. Hahaha.

OH MY GOD, FLIST I AM SO WORN OUT HOLY SMOKES. I am going on a vacation on Saturday, and I NEEDS IT, PRECIOUS, I need it so badly.

But while my head is up, allow me to put some links in your face for current things on HDJM like
Walking Dead - Too Far Gone
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Puppet Show (ahahaha)
Supernatural - Rock and a Hard Place (check out that 1200+ likes!! DAMN, VINNIE!)

You know, every time you click on a FB Like, you're helping spread our little site around the globe. We really appreciate that. Or Tumblr! Or Twitter! That's super nice and we like you when you do that. :)

ION, my awesome sister, [livejournal.com profile] dampersnspoons has developed an organic skin care line that is AMAZING. No, really. I know she's my sister, but you don't hear about my other sister's business, do you? This shizz is AWESOME, is organic, is reasonably priced, and lasts. And smells GREAT. And did I mention it works? And she ships, like, the same day? HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

HEY GUYS. Here's to hoping this week flies the hell by.
So...Walking Dead. SAY NOTHING HERE. DO NOT SPOIL PEOPLE. But you can go here to my recap and tell me if you agree or disagree with my theory on the big turning point OF WHICH WILL NOT SPEAK HERE TO SPARE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED YET.

Hey, have you heard of Black Sails? Because Liz has, and she's going to be recapping it. HOORAY. Golden Age of Sail? Check. Lady pirates? Check. Lady pirates in love with other lady pirates? DOUBLE CHECK.

I had the weekend to myself for the most part, as the Mr. went to the deer lease with Emily and Sally Derg. Sally is very much a city dog and was terrified of the friendly cows out there, which makes me laugh. She likes little things like cats and Yorkies. And her "baby," a stuffed otter. Ha. (But I have a freezer full of meat, which means I won't have to buy any for some time, hooray!)

And I booked a flight for an upcoming (and very much needed) trip and I have been BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS with excitement over it.

Hello, guys! It's Monday and we got to sleep in yesterday! Or you were up extra early and are still angry about it, IDK your life.
Hey, are you into Sleepy Hollow? GUESS WHAT IS ON HDJM.
Maybe you're looking for people to talk to about Breaking Bad? The Bridge? Yep. Got that, too.

And remember: we are a HAPPY FANDOM PLACE. Never will there be wank, never will there be shipping wars, never will there be general douchebaggery, and never will there be spoilers.


Guys? It's an amazing time to be alive. (And remember, all of our writers do this out of the love they have for their shows - they want to share it, talk about it, roll around in the joy of loving what they love. Share the links, remind people it's a SAFE PLACE, and chat up the writers!)

HDJM IS DOWN. I know. It's been >36 hours of everyone (webhost, DNS folks, etc) pointing fingers at everyone else and I KNOW.

And the people who have messaged "WTF?" in a pissy way like I owe you shit can GTFO. I run this thing on my own dime, my writers provide you free entertainment on their own time, and it's high quality entertainment, let me just tell you.

Those of you who kindly and patiently asked if things were okay are the best. (And fortunately you're in the majority. <3)

FINGERS CROSSED IT WILL GET FIXED ASAP. (We have become a high traffic site since Sam started recapping Vikings and Hannibal, and the Pacific Rim recap is off the charts meaning we have an incredibly high number of new readers. Which is awesome. But we're not on a NatGeo size server, so PLEASE BE PATIENT.)

[insert picture of squirrel in coveralls and a ball cap while holding wrench as it stands in front of a bunch of electrocuted wires]
So, I love doing polls, because I actually learn a lot about my flist and the world around me. *cue flutes and scampering bunnies* But really, I do. And I love when people realize that I'm just a wonk with a keyboard and don't get all bowed up about accuracy, etc., as if I am being scientific or academic in any way. HINT: I'm not. I'm just a curious journaler with a thirst for knowledge.

There's a problem I've been faced with recently, and I'm interested in the general/median opinion on this particular subject. Hang in there with me.

Parent A gives Child C a vehicle for their birthday, a vehicle that is fairly new, energy efficient, and well maintained. Child C cannot drive car without an adult for several more weeks due to a quirky state law, but Child C often wants to practice their driving throughout the week. Parent A has their own vehicle, albeit an inefficient car, gas-wise.

The problem: Parent A continually takes Child C's car to work, to run errands, etc. because "it's energy efficient and it's just sitting there," often not asking permission because they "bought it." This leaves Child C without the opportunity to practice their driving with Parent B.[Poll #1918724]

I want to stress that Child C is INCREDIBLE grateful and gracious about their gift, so ixnay that from the discussion.

IN OTHER NEWS: I want to remind the public at large that at Hey, Don't Judge Me, we exist to be a place where fans can happily and safely talk about things we love. Not that people can't be critical, just don't be a dick about it. HAVING SAID THAT, my writers work very hard and for NO MONEY at what they do. And if someone leaves them a jerky or hateful comment (especially when it's clear that person is just furthering their agenda without even bothering to understand my writer's POV) they will be called out publicly, and then they will be banned.

I want people to feel safe when they get into discussions. I want people to have ONE PLACE on the internet where they can love things without fear of being made fun of or attacked for loving something in a fannish way. More than that? I want my writers to feel safe expressing their fannish love. That's the whole point.

So for all of you that respect that (either by joining in or staying away) THANK YOU.
After a stressful and sad weekend (see previous post), today began with a perfectly blue sky, warm weather, and the smell of flowers. Guys? I have pretty flowers in my garden. One of my rose bushes (my Texas State Yellow Rose, to be exact) is so flipping gorgeous, I can't even.

See? )

So Game of Thrones was awesome last night, as per ushe. Recap (and non-spoilery discussion for squeeful types) is here.

Also up: Orphan Black, Hannibal (which is tearing it UP as the most popular show on the site!), Dr. Who, and Supernatural.

We have officially blown out our bandwidth twice in one month. (As in, we shot past our normal setting, I had it upped, and we've shot past that.) The traffic is fantastic, and I'm very grateful to everyone that has linked to us, pimped us out, and especially those of you who comment and engage in thoughtful, fun discussions. We like that most of all. :)

OT, I had someone leave me a comment on a fic (an angsty fic that turns out well in the end) calling it "sappy." Now, I've been delivered criticism for my writing, harsh criticism at times, even. I've learned from some criticisms (especially when it comes from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, instead of someone that is an idiot with a keyboard.) But sappy? That's a new one for me. Also: fuck you. Lol. (This person then proceeded to argue with me when I tried to joke around with them, you know, defuse the tension with humor. Nope! They just want to be a dick. Okay, then! OH THE JOY OF DELETING COMMENTS FROM YOUR INBOX.) <-- highly recommended. Life's too short to argue with people who just like to be contrary - and aren't even clever about it.

I think HDJM might be the only place for people to enjoy themselves when talking about Hannibal, given the HUGE NUMBERS of new visitors we're getting. (Which is awesome!) I checked a few places that were linking to Sam's recaps, and wow, people are wanky out there. (Duh, it's tv, it's a new show, people be cray.) But it seemed like a lot of people were just showing up to yell at people for watching the show? WEIRD.

Game of Thrones continues to rock my freaking socks. And I am SO SO GLAD that I didn't read the books, because I can enjoy a powerhouse of a television show without wank, without trying to sort through the differences, and YAY. Smartest decision I've made.

(And there are recaps for Vikings, Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Bomb Girls...loads of stuff for you to read/talk about - and as always: WE ARE JERK-FREE.)

I had some intensive dental work done yesterday (it's elective, so I'm not asking for pity. YOU DON'T PITY PEOPLE WHO ASK FOR PAIN, lol) and I think I've mentioned that my dentist is Mormon? Like, small town Utah Valley Mormon? All of her dental hygienists/assistants are Mormon, too. So I get in the chair and hear them talking in that Utah cadence (if any of y'all are from there or spent time in there, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) and it all comes rushing back. I seriously love these guys, though. They are the epitome of sweet Mormon woman. Everyone's a cutie or doing their best, everything gets summed up with hope or positivity, and nothing but smiles.

And my dentist found out that I used to be a camp director for my ward (parish) when I was in my early 20s. She's the Young Women's President (which means she's in charge of organizing the yearly camping trip) and spent most of my appointment trying to convince me to become Mormon again. Or at least help her. HAHAHA. So funny. And the thing is, I would LOOOOOOVE to do the camping stuff again. Oh man, that was the best part of being a teenage girl in the church.

But become Mormon again? Ha! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Heh. No, thank you. And now, with that in mind, I dust off my manuscript about growing up Mormon and peck at it some more.

QUESTION Is there anyone out there that is familiar with wed design (back end stuff) enough to help me with my bandwidth getting eaten up? I'm sure there's a tweak I could make or a plugin to use, but I don't know what it is. Anyone? (HDJM is on Wordpress.) I would like to stop paying for increases, you see. =/ (But I want the increase in traffic, yes I do!)
We are bursting at the seams at HDJM, first off. (Secondly, but only important to me, I'm off to get my mouth operated on so I have sparkly Guy Smileys.)

We have a new writer, one I am very excited about: [livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms! She's recapping Orphan Black, an awesome SF show in Canada (I think we're getting it in the States, too) and the first two episodes are up - go show her some love.

Hannibal is now on HDJM, recapped by our Vikings writer, Sam.

Spartacus, Bomb Girls, Supernatural and the return of Dr. Who - all await you.

I just posted the Game of Thrones recap, am racing out the door, then will be back to talk shop with you. Come chat and keep us company! (And thank you for tweeting, liking, linking and commenting!)
I can curl into a very small ball, promise.

NOTE: There are no April Fool's Jokes here, because I am not a fan.

OKAY, TV FRIENDS. Okay. Last night. Game of Thrones. O_O Walking Dead. Come talk me off the ledge, omg.

Oh, and did someone say the return of Dr. Who? What about Supernatural?

And seriously, if you're not watching Vikings, then you're probably not into hot Nord boning and being on ships. Which is a pity, because those are both great things.

I am so damn hungry, I can't even. Two shows in one night, when they're both SMART and VERY DETAILED shows is about impossible to get out without feeling like a frazzled chicken at the end. *flops*

ETA Can I just say how TIRED I am of reading in fanfiction about men being "emasculated" by showing emotion or doing something domestic (like laundry)? I have read so many damn stories lately from young women writers that say a guy is being "girly" or throws like a girl, or is being emasculated by having been shot in the knee and their guy friend carries them (how the hell is he supposed to walk? His friend has supernatural strength, FFS, that's being smart).

Stop insulting your gender. IT IS NOT AN INSULT TO BE A GIRL OR TO DO THINGS GIRLS DO. JFC grow up.


Mar. 25th, 2013 12:50 pm
Walking Dead. GUYS. One ep left and then what?! THEN WHAT? Oh, right, GAME OF THRONES, MUH FUHS. (Catch up on S 1 & 2)

Speaking of, that starts next Sunday. And Walking Dead ends that Sunday. And I recap both. And a recap takes several hours from start to posted. So...it's going to be a rough day and a long one. But they'll both be there, and I really hope I don't write into a vacuum (aka, come chatter! Link, share, theorize, etc.) I get burned out on writing these when it doesn't seem like there's a point, if that makes sense. I can just think this stuff, but it's more fun to share fannish love, right? Right.

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE WHO NEED LOVE because they continue to be awesome, my writers Sam, Liz and Vinnie with Vikings, Spartacus, and Supernatural, respectively.

I have a delicious salad awaiting me. Then I have a script to finish, then memorize, then tomorrow we start filming! And then I have THREE root canals scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. HEY FREE TIME WHAT IS THAT.

Also, that damn soul mate BODY SWAP I MEAN DERP fic is ALMOST DONE. I will start posting that this week. It's 135K and almost done. JFC what is wrong with me?
-that I haven't posted to LJ in a bit. Whoops! It's uh, been a little hard at this end to get chatty here. I'm trying to be better. Starting with sharing some links! (I'm an ass, I know.)

Currently at HDJM:

As for me, I have been a crazy person trying to get projects online, such as the gardening show. We're hammering out a shoot schedule tomorrow, and I'm very excited. (Also dusting off my MS for Oh My Heck and trying again to make it publishable. We'll see.) AND EATING ALL THE CHEESE. Okay, not all the cheese, but a lot of it. Because it's delicious. I have goat cheese and strawberries planned for lunch, in fact. WHAT'S THAT? IT'S LUNCH TIME? *noms*
I hope you said "Monday" like 'Newman." I hope you get what I'm talking about. I hope you are not irritated. I hope you have cookies. (I could just really go for a cookie.) I AM OUT OF COOKIES. HELP ME, OBI WAN. YOU'RE MY ONLY POPE. <-- hey, current events joke, what?

I have lost my mind, clearly. A few things! In list format!

1. The Walking Dead was brilliant last night. That's an ep I will watch over and over to pick up all of the layers.
2. I realized that I still have a giggly girl-crush on Jason Street. (The Talking Dead last night?)
3. Aisha Tyler is one of us, and she is wonderful.
4. Vinnie is recapping Cult, and Sam is going to start Viking, and it's all terribly exciting. Speaking of exciting, SPARTACUS.
5. I am really worn the hell out. I would like to get away from it all. Including myself.
6. Dear Science: I would like to be cloned so I can dump that schmuck here and run away and be awesome and have silence whenever I want it.
7. I seriously could go for a cookie.
8. I am about to round the 100K mark on this fic of mine (the Sterek body-swap) AND EVIDENTLY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE BRIEFLY ANYMORE. Stupid feelings and having to make it make sense and shenanigans with Peter that make me laugh and there is a TRUST FALL that Derek hates and I just...
9. What is happen. I just want to paw at handsome men and have them paw me back, HOW ABOUT IT SCIENCE?
10. I need to finish this dumb story. OKAY, LAST CHAPTER HERE I GO. *sobs*

TV Talk

Feb. 25th, 2013 01:51 pm
I did not watch the Oscars because I loathe Seth MacFarlane. I am happy to see he made a complete ass of himself, even if I'm not happy that some people were mortified by his words. (Ugh.) I watched The Walking Dead, instead! Here's the recap and discussion post, and I would love your opinions on a theory I postulated over there. :)

Also up at HDJM, Liz's thorough and very funny recaps of Spartacus. Vinnie's extremely popular SPN recaps and she's also picking up Cult, for those of you that are watching that?

I am so close to finishing this huge fic I started last month I can taste it. (Tastes like chicken.) 79K and growing, wtf??

Holy smokes, it's almost 2 and I haven't eaten yet, WHOOPS.
I have been RI-STUPIDLY busy lately (ridiculous and stupidly) but hopefully things will slow the hell down after tomorrow.
Popping in to link you to the recap to last week's Hoarders (yeesh) and reminding you that tonight is the last of the season, and to TUNE IN AND WATCH so they'll get renewed for season 7. :)

[ETA]: Real Housewives is now up, and if you don't laugh at this, you might be broken.

Also, if you didn't realize that Liz was back recapping Spartacus, now you do. OH, AND STEVEN DEKNIGHT, THE WRITER AND CREATOR OF THE SHOW, LOVES HER RECAPS. And tweets about them. I'M JUST SAYING.

Also up: The Bachelor, Bomb Girls, Supernatural, and more. (And SouthLAnd starts next week!!!!)

Okay, finishing up more work, then parenting and dinner and more work. Whee?

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