Back online, thanks to an awesome friend and his awesome geek skills. And having 5x the space of my other person. OH, WHAT A WEEKEND, YOU GUYS. Headache inducing to the extreme.

If you need something to read today, man, do we have it. Captain America? YES. Breaking Bad 4.2? You betcha. Glee and Lady Gaga? Done. Spartacus: Blood and Sand? IT IS ON ITS WAY.

Oh, and tomorrow there will be True Blood, RHoNJ, the Bachelorette, and maybe, oh... some Project Runway? BOOM. We're blowing up. (In my mind.) OH And JERSEY SHORE IN ITALY IS THURSDAY. Can.Not.Wait.

I'm going to be working on some swag and other fun things, so keep your eyes peeled. And everything should be lightning fast, to boot.

(And thanks to all of you who sent me emails and messages, you're SO SWEET. I appreciate it.) Now I have to dive into some brisket tacos that are so delicious it's almost criminal. And then I need to drink all the margaritas ever.
a twitter near you! (As long as you add us, Stoney and Dovil's twitter feeds)

I'm heading out in a bit to pick [ profile] dovil from the airport, then it's margarita/patio time! We're leaving early in the morning on Mon. to head out West, and will be tweeting our adventure AS. IT. HAPPENS.

WILL They kill each other [or drifters] before they hit Amarillo?

WILL They be able to gain legal access to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks?

WILL They resort to jumping fences and riding burros off the cliff edge into The Great Beyond?

and most importantly, WILL they get arrested for prostitution of clown dogs in Las Vegas? (And does what happen in Vegas truly stay in Vegas? Barring herpes?)

Stay tuned to find out!
IT ISN'T A HARDSHIP, OMG. (Where did everyone go? Quit having lives, gente.)

So I just made a fanpage on Facebook for Hey, Don't Judge Me, for those that enjoy that sort of thing. :) Also, we have a Twitter account for it, but we're the opposite of spammy. It'll get more active as more shows go into hiatus.


If you want to add the website to one of your readers, here's that URL:

And again, I thank you for your support!
So say I have a website with a page that updates with every post I make. Yay! Now say that I want to make a secondary page that ALSO has posts that update just like the main page, but a different topic. there a certain plugin for this? (I use Wordpress, if you need to know.) Am I trying to divide by zero?

Also, I am super happy that my town has buried power/phone/cable lines. 3 inches of ice on my front porch and on all the trees.

Also, here is an epicly awesome picture of Russia's Greatest Leader to make you want to help me.
AND I AM NOT ASHAMED. Okay, I'm totally ashamed, but it's too late to turn back now. Of course I'm talking about SouthLAnd. Some spoilery discussion under the cut. I think we all knew C. Thomas Howell was a jackass when he was in blackface. )

ION, I would very much like to run away and live in this wooden ball that has a steampunk feel to it. Here is what the inside looks like. (I'd redecorate, personally.)

Leave it to the Pioneer Woman's tasty kitchen blog to turn up something I spend too much money on and will spend money no longer! Liquid concentrated Chai, OKAY YES PLEASE.

Lastly, I am getting really excited for a couple of trips on my horizon. First up is my get away with the Mr. to celebrate out 10th anniversary. Wine country! (Alexander Valley, to be specific. I'm a fan. They're the less pretentious Napa.) That's in March. Then in April is my epic road trip with [ profile] dovil across the southwest where we'll leave all of the grandeur of the desert to languish in Vegas until we feel our souls are too dirty to clean. All of the big stopping points along the way, Santa Fe,, Gallup (Route 66, basically) and then the Painted Desert, The Grand Canyon (where we're staying a few yards from the edge of the South Rim) up to Vermilion Cliffs, plyg country (lol), Zion Nat'l Park (staying right at the base of Angel's Landing, score!) and then on into Vegas. I really really really need a vacation from being a mom for a bit, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm in the throes of testosterone-fuelled growing spurts, which translates into hair trigger of upset. The Boy has grown half a foot since Thanksgiving. That's not hyperbole, he's literally shot up 6 inches. He quit growing just before New Years, and now seems to be hitting yet another spurt as I can't keep him fed, and he's having two lunches, a snack, two dinners, and a bed time snack. This is what I get for getting impregnated by a giant. #2 seems to have stopped at 5'9", but I think she might make it to 6'. She's 13, btw. And she's built like a 22 year old. She also has no idea how to seal the deal with boys, so I am able to get some sleep at night. Gah.

Children. They're not for the faint-hearted.

Alrighty, I have to workout so I don't feel like a slug.

[ETA for music sharing] Three songs helping me move my butt this morning:

Bass Down Low (original)
Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix) I love this
Genius of Love Tom Tom Club remixed by Pinker Tones)

Bop around the house if you can't get outside. (These were all dl'd by promo blogs, so I'm assuming they're meant to be shared, Mr/s. FBI wo/man.)
In case you've not seen this, "Jane Austen's Fight Club."

I was on set all day Saturday and here's the worst thing about making Indie movies: they use people's houses that have no central A/C. SWAMP COOLERS MAKE NOISE. Audio picks up that noise and can't use the take. Solution? TURN OFF THE NOISEMAKERS. Which means that you have all of the lights blasting their heat on you, you have all of that make up on, and NO AIR. For as many takes as it takes. And in between each take, the makeup girl comes over, blots you, then puts on MOAR POWDER. I looked like Snookie when all was said and done. (But come on, I wouldn't trade it for anything, it's seriously fun to do.) The movie is really, really good, I'll say. "WUSS," and you can follow them on Twitter at @WussMovie. Today is BUSTER BLUTH DAY. (Well, Tony Hale day, but he'll always be Buster to me. LOOSE SEAL! LOOSE SEAL!! Word on set is that he is absolutely charming, sweet, and quite shy. <3)

I'm up to my eyeballs in work, so I'm behind on replying to comments, etc., and probably won't be able to catch up. Also, I bought a cat tower for the kittens, so that's taking up most of my time. LOL. Happy Monday! (And for my g33ks, this cracked me up to no end: Re-Dubbed Dune. "Man, he hit him so hard he look like a homemade tattoo!" The voices are priceless.)

I think pretzel rolls are in order today.
By which I mean me, by which I mean my sister, by which I mean her husband. Come on, you want to help funny people make it in Hollywood, right? Sure you do!

Just watch this short film (I linked last week, but now they're in the Big Leagues) and vote FUNNY.

And you know why you'll do it? Because it's hilarious. That's why. Also? Because you're good inside and those pants make your ass look fantastic. *beams*
Okay, I'm going to have to call commenting amnesty, because I just don't know when I'll be able to sit and reply to 100+ comments, I'm so sorry. Don't take it as an insult, or anything like that, I'm not "privileging comments" over yours. I'm just, you know, a mother etc. etc. and don't have time. I appreciate every comment, every person that spoke up about themselves on Those Posts. So please let this be my "thank you for commenting!" comment. :)

I'm feeling reeeeeaaaaaaally stretched thin, like I've got way too much I'm doing and I'm not doing any of it well. Mostly that's because I'm doing too much and because it's the end of the school year, blah blah. Vacations are coming up, and that should go a long way to letting me feel like I can drop my shoulders. Oh, and I got a bee in my bonnet over finishing up some garden tasks, and y'all should know by now that I'm insane when it comes to my landscaping. Big pics under the cut!

variations on [Stoney, Stoney not real boney, how does your garden grow?] here )

In other news, I wore a racer back sports bra and a spaghetti strap tank while working out there, and evidently didn't get sunscreen in the middle of my back where my shoulder blades are. So now I have a sunburn that looks like a butterfly. PRETTY. Um, when I go shopping later for a sun dress for a wedding this weekend (the one where my MiL informed the groom's mother that I just might be late, because I'm an idiot that can't find my butt with both hands? GAH.) I'll look for one with a higher back, I suppose. NOT PRETTY.

In other, other news, I don't know how I felt about last night's House. I know that I love me some Hugh Laurie, though, and his dirty scruffy sad face does things to me. Also continually hot from season to season: Chuck's Zachary Levi and good lord, I want to wear him like man pants. Tall, lithe and nerdy? YES PLEASE. That is my kryptonite. And the conclusion of The Pacific had me realize just what is wrong with the Baby Boomers: they were raised by dads with PTSD. NO WONDER, GUYS. NO WONDER. (Yes, evidently I missed the whole point of The Wonder Years, shut up, I was only there for Olivia D'Abo and her adorable over bite.)

Here, have some tacky weddings. (Clowns? REALLY? Clowns. You are going to regret that when you're older, trust me. Even the waltzing screaming clown of Cirque du Soleil is looking askance, chica. EVEN THAT GUY.)

[ETA GOOD LORD] Holy shit, you guys it is WHY APOSTROPHE ALL. Y'ALL. Not YA'LL. What the hell is that?! YOU + ALL - OU = Y'ALL. Quit screwing up the words of my people. (Would you spell it do'nt? Then you're an idiot.) Also: tump, cattywhompus, and kitty-cornered. Also acceptable: catty-cornered. Y'ALL!!!!!!!! Jesus. And again, there is definitely no "a" in definitely. Two i's bookended by two e's. NO A.
1. Remember how I was complaining about Firefox being a douche hole? Still is. There's an incompatibility with Java - it keeps me from uploading pics to FB, and other pesky things. Not to mention the hanging, shutting down, memory leaks, etc. I installed Google Chrome last night. HELLO, LOVER. I don't use a ton of add-ons, so it's perfect for me. It has the Delicious bookmarking tool, the tab-mix built in, I'm fine with that. Plus it uses way less memory/resources and has some nice features on its own. If you're not sold on FF 3.6, I recommend Chrome. On a scale of 1 to 10 Floppy Disks I give it 73 Glavins.

2. If you're new around here (and man, those Twilight posts of mine have been making the rounds again, it seems) you might need to know that I'm a really darkly humorous person. I'm nice and love kittens, but also think this is one of the funnier Onion articles I've read since their whole "Special Olympics? Pfft!" article of days long past. (Note: I've worked with the Special Olympics for over 20 years. I also have a sense of humor.)

3. Found on The Rejectionist this morning, 'Werner Herzog' reads Madeline. OH MY GOD, that is some funny, clever shit. Right off the bat: "In an old house covered with vines, the forest trying to reclaim its ancestral lands..." LOL. The "Western Masculinity" of the doctor, the appendectomy = menstruation... WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING YET? Lord, it's funny.

4. Remember how awesome 70s-style porn was? No? I guess I'm saying that what made 70s style porn (See: The Green Door) awesome was that the bodies were natural, the lighting was natural, the mustaches were full and glorious. Modern porn is kinda gross and oily and hyper-tanned and plucked, etc. So check out Jacques Magazine and their natural bodies of vintage beauty. Holy crap, the chick playing racquetball (and I totally want her pink tennis outfit with the rainbow belt) is redonk. Good lord. *fans self* Quit being uptight and watch some bouncing boobs, for crying out loud.

5. I spent yesterday laughing my head off at the Ricky Gervais podcasts. I have much more to say on those, but it will have to wait. (And hey, iTunes! If you have them advertising that one can buy the full-length podcast, YOU SHOULD MAKE THEM AVAILABLE. I think the plan is to release all of the "Guide To..." podcasts into one mega-audiobook, but still. Being a tease is asshole-ish.)

Okay, it's windy and horrible outside and I have loads to get done today. And then drinking time, YAY. My mojitos await the homemade mint syrup I made earlier this week.
Boy, what a busy weekend. Everyone's at school and work, so I can finally breathe deep, pick my nose, and not have to be in charge for a few hours, WHEW. Here's some stuff making me happy.

1. The Mr. built me a Strawberry Tree this weekend. )

2. The Pugilistic Teacher that was giving us so much grief last week did not reply to me, but there was a board meeting and she is no longer allowed to humiliate students. (I mean, it took a BOARD MEETING? Sheesh.) She also is "out" this week, I'm guessing someone needed a breather? IDK. I also DC. (Don't care.) :) To her credit, she hasn't treated my son worse as our communications deteriorated, as I half expected, so. Four more weeks, four more weeks...

3. In case you ever caught a unicorn and wanted to butcher it for wintertime eatings (who wouldn't, am I right?) here's is a handy butcher chart for your unicorms locations of hopes, dreams, giggles, and superglue. It tastes like chicken, if chicken tasted like CANDY RAINBOWS. )

4. Through the joys of twitter I have discovered a website that cracks me up to no end. TO NO END. It is endless, like a line. (Unlike a segment, which has two ends. Like your mom.) Where did that double-butt mom insult come from? So go here and laugh your head off. Rosa DeLauro is a F*Cking Hipster. LOL. Also, if you followed me on twitter, you would have heard about me watching ladybugs have sex yesterday. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE MISSING.

Other Twitters that make me very happy: Joel McHale (seriously, I would wreck my marriage for him. Lol.) MacGruber! (He's stuck inside a power shed, and gonna blow up, he's MacGruber!) Mindy Kaling, and Aziz Ansari. Will Arnet has a twitter now, but he - like MacGruber - doesn't post too often. You know what would be great? If Keith Olbermann didn't retweet every asshole that attacks him, because he's about to go off my read list, because GOOD HELL. [I can't help it, guys, I think he's sexy. It's the grey hair and glasses combined with smart-assed confidence, I'm a sucker for it.]

5. We have a new ladybug house in the garden as the aphids have been ROTTEN this year, so we also bought ladybugs. Friday night at dusk (so they won't fly away) we released about 200 of them into the garden. Whee! I had a shirt sleeve of ladybugs for a bit - v v tickly. We already have ladybug larvae nomming up the nasties, which is great. (They look like aligators with red jackets. They apparently are the valets of the bug world.)

Here's this hilarious picture of an inter-species slow dance. Didn't we have Shhhhossssshial Ssshtudiesh Together? I sssshat behind you. Shhhhhhk. )

Last, The Pacific. SIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Who's with me? I am just... at this point I'm just seeing it through, I have to say. (Put spoilers in your subject header if you talk about this, my Kiwi buddies are a little behind the US air dates.) OH AND KASSIE YOU WON. I stumbled on ep 3 of Treme and didn't hate Steve Zahn or John Goodman. So now I have another gee dee show to watch. *head desk*
Okay, this has gone beyond my meager capabilities. I have a video clip, it's a .vob file. I have VLC player. I want to take a portion of the .vob file and rip a song in that time stamp, so I have an .mp3 of it. Follow me?

I have searched high and low and have used all sorts of tips I've found, but I just get an "access" file that is almost a gig, the size of the original .vob file.

I have the time stamps and the chapter info (chpt 9, time 0:57:02 to 0:58:29) but I can't get the song to rip. Can anyone help a sistah out? Should I just not use VLC then? Help me flist, you're my only hope.

GOT IT! MPEG_Streamclip was the all in one solution. YAY!! Thanks to [ profile] soundingsea for the solution.

And in keeping with the theme: dammit, mom, I've got my headgear on!
First, the nerd bidness. I FINALLY figured out a way to get .mkv files to work on my DVD player, which only matters when I burn copies for my sister, as I tend to watch them on the Xbox 360. I found a tutorial online that was missing some steps o_0 but I got it to work. (For those not following, .mkv files are pretty much bluray. Not officially, but as high quality as you can get.) The program that works is GOTsent, but there are four other programs you have to dl and unzip inside GOTsent to unpackage the language, audio, subtitles, etc. Once you convert the files to .mp4, then ou can use something like ConvertXtoDVD to burn the disc, and Bob's your uncle!

Note: if you don't care about watching files on your computer (or if you have an S video out cable and can hook your 'puter to your HD tv) VLC Media player continues to be the best freeware/do everything program out there. No issues with the Matroska file types at my end.

Now for the food! some vegetarian, Asian, and a tomato tart )

I need more food icons...
I am stealing this video from [ profile] crevette but dammit, it is SO FUNNY. I have tears running down my face. (The 80s clothes! The bright colors! The incoherent lyrics! And it's strangely endearing with the hand holding and good dancing... Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!)

Dude, we all need laughs this weekend, yes? Yes. (Don't miss the Indian Thriller Video, translated. AHAHAHAHA.) Also, for those not afraid of slasher/torture movies, here's Hostel In 15 Minutes. And finally, I had a dream about Ron and Hermione, but set in Victorian times and they made out in a stagecoach - third base, even. ??? Ron (Rupert) was all breathy bedroom-voiced and telling her that he just "needed it." Works for me! *bites lip*

Okay, so I have nothing spoilery to say about Heroes, but I do have this. WHY THE MADAGASCAR HISSING COCKROACH? Why? 1) that was MEXICO, not a small island off the coast of Africa and 2) even though they have that song (don't make me say it) there aren't actually cockroaches ALL OVER THE DESERT. That's in the tropical portions of Mexico. Which apparently every writer/director/cinematographer has forgotten exist. Miles and miles and miles of coast! Jungles! Mountains! MEXICO ISN'T ALL CHIHUAHUA DESERT. (Although I would welcome a job for Gringo El Burro, por he es muy triste...)

And why not go further? Where was the "oh so sleeeeeeepy" hombre in a balled/tasseled sombrero taking a siesta against a building? Where was Juan Valdez with his burro carrying Real Columbian Coffee? (Hey, they had a bug indigenous to an island in the Indian Ocean, why not coffee from Central America?) I'm very much looking forward to the Alaskan "Hero" eventually showing up and being some Inuit in a seal-fur coat spearing a narwahl (never mind they're not found in that region) and being able to cauterize the blubber off the animal with his eyes. Or the Italian Hero that wears a pin-striped suit and carries a violin case and is shifty-eyed. And it turns out the violin case is actually HIS ALTERNATE EGO, not until Kuato in Total Recall. (Okay, that would be awesome.) I'm losing interest fast...

I was tagged by [ profile] dancetomato to do the icon meme, yay! I never EVER do memes, but when I do? I cut. Like a bitter mother's tongue. ) Now I get to go to the plant store with my friend and gossip about people we know doing dumb things. \o/
Because who wants to go off half-cocked? So yesterday, it came to light in the US that a Russian LJ blogger posted a live execution video on his LJ a few days ago. NPR reported this yesterday afternoon, even though it happened a few days ago. Last night, I saw many people's posts of outrage: How could LJ let that be shown, but the Snarry pic was removed? How can you stay on this service? And so on and so on.

Here's the important words:" LJ LET THAT BE SHOWN." Well... yes. And no. Do you honestly think that LJ has a filtering program reading journals and all their posts - ALL 13 million journals? *cough* Why would they add a tattle-tell button on LJs, then? Someone got pissed off here in the US/Europe (probably the US) about the Snarry pic (MsScribe?) and reported it, and several other posts/images. The Russian blog system, while under the umbrella of LJ isn't really RUN by LJ. It's run by SUP. SUP is extremely controversial in Russia for a multiplicity of reasons: 1) the internet is heavily monitored by the state in Russia as are MOST news sources like TV, radio, papers, and SUP isn't a part of the state controlled internet, 2) LJ pretty much = internet in Russia, which is under US laws, right? and 3) SUP is headed by Anton Nosik, a Jew and Israeli. And a large portion of Russians don't like Jews. Or Israelis. There has been a tremendous upsurge of Neo-Nazism in the former USSR. The Kremlin is anti-freedom of speech. The Russian LJers were TERRIFIED (and rightly so) that LJ would be selling their personal info to the Kremlin/KGB. LJ assured them that would never happen. (They have stuck to that promise. Because they're not really doing ANYTHING with the Russian LJs)

Anton Nosik (his livejournal for those that speak Russian is [ profile] dolboeb which actually translates into dick head!) is anti-Kremlin, anti-censorship. Again, he's also a very controversial guy - he built up underground newspapers advocating freedom of speech, access to the internet, etc, from scratch. He's very Russian. He's not some MIT nerd that created something "cool." He's not a highly educated, smooth operator. As evidenced by his crappy statement to the press about the video: "People post what they feel must be posted, and write what they feel must be written. There is a list of things that LiveJournal users agree not to do, but posting pictures of an execution is not on the list. There is a clause forbidding comments that incite ethnic hatred, but whether it applies to this particular video is an open question."

Clearly a video that shows a live execution-style murder, a live HATE CRIME murder should be understood that it's WRONG. Disgusting. Unacceptable. I think we can all agree to that. Please also know that the world's journalists are pushing for all videos/information to be allowed to be posted as a way to show what is happening in the world (multiple orgs on line - that is just one example.) Can we sit in our safe houses and say one is fine and the other is not? Sure we can. And we can crank the AC up and go to the supermarket and etc. etc. But how many of you knew that Neo-Nazism is on the upsurge in Russia? How many of you knew that 7 of these types of killings A DAY are happening in Russia? You (and I) do now. Just like how we found out about the Taliban's public executions - by leaked videos online that hit the news media.

LJ has handed the reins of the internet over to SUP - they announced to Russian users back in October that this would happen. Russian bloggers were very upset by it; they want the services/protection of LJ. But... it was a done deal. SUP has its own support and abuse team. You can imagine how efficient they are.

My stance is this (and I will NEVER tell anyone through guilt or other bullying how they should spend their fucking blogging time or dollars. You're a grown up. Do what you want.) execution videos are bad, mm'kay? I do not support hate crimes, mm'kay? If I stick around on LJ, that does not mean the terrorists win. I am not going to call the other blogging sites Safe Zones. *cough* The video was ORIGINALLY hosted by a service like YouTube and embedded in the dude's LJ. Where's the outcry that YouTube/etc. is implicit with hate crimes and murder? LJ didn't (and maybe STILL doesn't) KNOW about the video. Hell, most of YOU didn't know about it. And we bloggers know events faster than the admins at LJ, you can bet your sweet patootie on that one. Also, 6A just launched their largest/most important (to them) software the day the video came out, MoveableType 4. They're probably all on red alert for that rollout/potential bugs/etc. You know: paying attention to where the money is coming in, because that's how they think.

LJ is trying in their corporate way to allow fandom some level of what we've been doing. Just because ponderosa's pics were pulled, her journal banned doesn't mean that LJ hates teh ghey and LOVES the hate and murder. That is beyond a jump to conclusions, that is a freaking Evil Knievel leap across the Grand Canyon, imo. Because three years ago, when that blogger from Alaska allegedly had her mother killed and took part in some of it - then came home and blogged about having killed her, that didn't make LJ complicit with murder THEN either. In fact, her blog was used in court as evidence. She was acquitted, actually.

Here are some links for reading so you can draw your own conclusions (just make sure your conclusions are of age, ahaha.)
There will be NO angry yelling/finger pointing allowed in this post. If you want to have a calm, rational discussion about any of this, yes please! (And much love to [ profile] romanyg for originally bringing this to light.)
crossposted to IJ, GJ

[ETA: Sat. night]

[ETA Sun. AM]:
By me, so as to not cause confusion. I figured that I could take my most offensive/obscene offering on LJ and by using LJ's vague and ever changing ToS (and a little help from Mr. Mackey) I could clean it up! *enormous grin* For those who don't know what Lubed: The Musical is, it's based on Grease and involves Wee!Spike, my satirization of really bad Spike/Angel fic where Spike is ladyfied and always crawling in Angel's lap. o_0

All Cleaned Up And Nowhere To Go. Except for here. Former NC-17 fic (for language) modified and prepared for LJ's ToS scrutiny, yay! )

Muuuuuuch better now, right? All cleaned up and tidy and unoffensive and PC. Yay! If you need to do this to your fics/artwork, perhaps this icon will help you remember the rules? (credit is lovely, but not necessary. hahaha.) I'm COMPLETELY SURPRISED that no one brought up South Park to the LJ execs. That's on basic cable, and syndicated even!

xposted to InsaneJournal.
Last on the Exodus. (let my people goooooooo!) _insert wandering for 40 year joke here_

I found this post incredibly helpful. It's a How To move EVERYTHING (user pics, tags, memories, galleries) from LJ to the blog of your choice. Very precise and well put. (Thank you [ profile] cherusha for posting the link! <3

I'm now over at Insane Journal (I can be just Stoney there! Whoo!), which will be my fic journal. I'll post links to the other places for those that move off LJ completely. (Um, that sounds like I'm full of myself. Zomg, you all want to read my fic. Um, I don't mean it that way.) I'm also at Greatest Journal as stoney321. Let me know where you are, peeps!

Dude, I hate this crap. *loathes change* FTR: I'm still posting here. Fic is going offsite with links. So, it's the same. But different? Bah. Off to workout and hopefully not pass out.
I hate seeing all of these posts about people leaving LJ. For the record, I'm not leaving. I have a frickin' permanent account, and I'm going to use every penny of it, you know? What I am going to do is double post here and at Greatest Journal (GJ) where I am stoney321. Let me know if you're over there and I don't have you friended.

Also, I'm not going to move to loads of sites, like I see people doing. Guys, I'm getting too old for this shit. [/every buddy cop movie made] I have Semagic and I've heard that you can do double posting, so I'm looking into that. I found the LJ backup tool, ljArchive, incredibly simple to use - plus, it has a search device that rocks. (You can find anything from a random comment with ___ topic, etc. etc.)

As for the banhammer controversy, look. I personally do not find those images hot, a turn on, whatever. But you know what? I find Will Ferrell hot, and people look at me like I'm a freak, so... :D I've written Anna Nicole Smith/Daniel fic - I have no room to talk, I believe. My glass house is lovely, and there will be no rocks thrown. I do feel, however, that 6A has the right to run their business as they see fit. That's just the name of the game. (And considering that MySpace found tens of THOUSANDS of pedophiles on their servers... I can see why 6A is acting as they are, whether we like it or not. And whether there is an actual threat there, which, statistically, there isn't: .02% of the profiles were offenders, isn't something 6A/LJ is concerned with.) They just need to be UPFRONT about their WANTS.

I'm not going to talk about what has merit, etc. I think the REAL issue (and one the 6A/LJ is doing a crap job of saying) is that this is about what a COMPANY wants on their equipment, period. If they're going public (and I bet you diamonds to donuts they are and I am jumping on that IPO like it's 1999 - ahahaha, um, anyone get that? Stock/IPO boom?) they want to cater to the potential stock holders. Like it or hate it, that's the situation (from their standpoint) as I see it.

And you know, if you have something that you think might be questionable? Put it behind a lock. That's such a simple solution, imo (Thank you, Maren for saying it so succinctly.) I've locked my fic that could fall under "questionable" and it will remain that way. If someone isn't 18, they aren't going to be on my flist, period. [ETA] Evidently that may not matter? *head desk*

And those are my thoughts on yaoi the sitch.

[ETA 2] This was getting too long. Some clarifications and help tips I've been directed to under the cut. )
Dude, seriously. It's PERFECT that the wank hit fan_wank today. Hellmouth open? Check. I made some icons that I'll share if you want one - one is the icon I'm using today, and I hope the joke is clear. Ahahaha. It makes me laugh, at least. And for any future wank you may find yourself involved in:

Heee! (there's an icon I've made of it, too, hit my userpics page if you want it.) Credit is lovely, but not necessary. Just yoink away. I've forgotten several things I was supposed to do, got a date wrong on another thing, and need lunch. I think getting food, a book, and plopping in a rocker on my porch is in order. Hello to new folks around here: feel free to come and go as you like. It's always commenting/defriending/friending day around here. I should make a pinata...

And finally, I bring you some SERIOUS WTF. As in, WHAT. THE. FU-HUUUUUUCK. (Hentai yaoi beheading school for the HAT TRICK!) Happy Tuesday! (And Feliz Cumpleanos to [ profile] dusty273!! Mucha gusta, mi amor! Trish? Did you hide your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, TOO, [ profile] violethamster! you make my flist shine!)
You're all witnesses. Okay, I got nothing in my house done yesterday because I wrote fic based on the latest wank.

And really, isn't it all one big soap opera? *intense look into the camera during my close-up*

Title: The Edge of Neight, aka Stallioncrest 1/8
Author: Stoney
Rating: PG/All Audiences/No goats, they're assholes.
Summary: Things are peaceful at the ranch until a good-for-nothing show horse joins the herd and destroys the plans already laid in place. Or is he there to free an untamed heart? *whinny*
Feedback: Yes, please! It's like a nosebag full of delicious oats, or a Not-A-Carrot.
Warnings: DID I MENTION THIS WAS A (clean) SOAP OPERA ABOUT HORSES? There will be: comas! Deserted Islands! Evil twins! Cold,cruel stares as the camera fades to black! Intense looks! Burros! Tears. Tears coursing down my face as I laughed myself sick writing this. Here's to hoping you laugh, too. And note: I'm making fun of tropes that exist in soap operas, including, er, racial stereotypes to put it bluntly. The short bus version: I'm making fun of their blatant racism/stupidity, capice?

Click here for the banner and theme song, or click below to dive right in )

The Edge Of Neight - NOT DIRTY. Check the rating: PG )

(If you don't know what Dressage is, here's a video. I swear, one of the announcers is Alan Rickman...)

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