First, Southland last night was EPIC. Good lord. Recap is here, and I'm telling you, if you're not watching that show and you love the craft of writing? You are doing a huge disservice to yourself. (FM, you're excused because of the blood. :D)

Second, GLEE was epic. And this is where I'm going to go off on a rant about fandom entitlement, and how it's bled into the media, etc. Pre-emptive SHH for anyone that wants to challenge me on my feels. ALSO: SPOILERS FOR LAST NIGHT. )

Vitriolic, I know. I just cannot take any more of how bratty this fandom can be. I feel like there are two fandoms for Glee: people who love to hate it, and me and about four other people. Whatever, they're quality folks, and smaller parties are more fun to me, anyway. One of those quality people has made an amazing and heartfelt post about why the LGBT stories mean so much to her.

If you have anything negative to say, don't you dare drop it there. Her LJ is not the place.
It's been a while since I've had to do one of these, clearly it's time again.*

As an older fandom dinosaur (note to you kids in high school: I've been dabbling in fandoms for literally decades) I've had my own share of bumps in the road, hard lessons to learn, etc. It happens. Usually, you find that people are cool and understand social rules, even on the internet. Why, I remember my first week on LJ where I took someone's icon and didn't credit the maker, a BNF, too. The maker emailed me and said, "Looks like you're new. Here's how it works to credit." Thank you, person! I didn't know, and now I did. They weren't shitty about it, they were just making sure I knew what was what. (I'm...going to be shitty about it, fair warning.)

No one likes to come to a new school and not know where to sit, after all, right?

So let me explain the very basics of fanfic and fandom and how we're a community. And you don't fuck over your community (in case you didn't know that already.)

Disclaimers, permissions and blatant theft. )

I will own that I might be a little grumpy [hurr] given that my smoke detectors all went off last night at 2am for about 15 minutes in a cacophony of evil. Oh, and also because I'm bothered. =/

PLAY NICELY WITH OTHERS. We're a community here. This is meant to be FOOD FOR THOUGHT, not gas on the fire.

*I think my mean girl rants are why someone called me an ego-maniacal shit-heel. *shrug* I've never censored myself, not going to start doing it now.
Hoarders last night. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, if you watch the show. I emailed Wilma's therapist this morning and already heard back from him (I like that one, he was a good egg.) Recap is live, and I go off a little.

RHoBH will be up later (after lunch) and now I do my yoga to find an OM.
So I really need to talk to people about last night's Glee. COME HERE AND TALK TO ME. I have feeeeeeelings, whoa whoa whoa, feeeeeeeeeelings.

And don't be jealous, but I get to mop and clean bathrooms today. Did I mention boys live in my house? Because that makes bathroom duty all the more exciting. Boys are gross, y'all. Also, I just do not enjoy scrubbing tile any more. I know, that's crazy talk. I'm officially spending the next week or two interviewing maids, I think it's just time to admit that I hate cleaning up after people. MY NAME IS STONEY AND I HATE SOAP SCUM. [/first world problems]

ION, I would like to remind anyone reading that a) I'm some chick with an LJ, I'm not the Gallup poll or other Official Polling Person. It never fails, every time I do a poll, I get people that take it way too seriously or make hem hem corrections to what I failed to add. Seriously, check the poll! tag and you'll see. I always put something stupid in them, too, as a reminder, AND YET.

Look, we all make mistakes, we all do goofy things on the internet, I'm clearly no exception. (Um, Jolly Green Giant/Hulk porn anyone? Except for how that was a beautiful love story.) But instead of deleting comments and making yourself look wanky, just move on. Or join the discussion, that's always preferred.

Sigh. I guess I'm back to my "mean girl" status again, whee? Sorry, this is a journal for adults that like to be goofy, not childish, there's a difference. If this is awful of me, then so be it. It's been 7+ years of people not getting that I'm a SILLY SILLY PERSON. If you are not a silly person, or a funny person, or someone that likes silly and funny, honestly: what are you doing here? I'm an idiot, you're wasting your time with me, truly.

now back to our regularly scheduled uni-glitter-corns as I shun the non-believers. (Oh! and those of you with delicious accounts, here's a HELPFUL GUIDE to the craptasticness-fixing needed.)

[ETA] Breaking Bad's recap is up! (our recapper is on vacation, and posting from her hotel. She's a trooper!) And Ringer 1.2 is going up as well, it's in final edits right now.
Glee Season Premiere last night! I've made additions and changes to the drinking game, those that follow along. Also: THE COCKTAILS THEMSELVES COULD BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS. But then, it's a RECAP, so the whole post is a spoiler, those in other countries. I'll just put links, no details, because I'm good like that. I hate being spoiled, too.

Note: there is a part to the new season that is really upsetting to me, I give fair warning (bet you can guess what it is.)

Also, Project Runway is all caught up, and tomorrow: X-FACTOR COMES TO HDJM.

NOW, ABOUT THAT FANFIC THING. This is addressed to people who I do NOT leave feedback for. It's because I want to red pen your fic, and hey, you don't want that from me, Miss Internet Stranger, I get it. old fandom dinosaur ranting about crappy and lazy writing here )

Brought to you by someone that almost took a Sharpie to her Kindle to correct a story I shouldn't have wasted my time on. OH HEY, WANT SOMETHING GOOD TO READ? Here you go.
Whatever, like, three people posted today on LJ. So you get three posts from me today. /UNPRECEDENTED.

So I log trackbacks on Hey, Don't Judge Me, and saw that I'm getting a fair amount of traffic from an LJ comm I didn't know about. And I'm being trolled for being a dickhead about Hoarders! I FEEL LIKE I HAVE ARRIVED, YOU GUYS. LOL at people mad at me for having an opinion they don't like. Sorry? Sorry my life and experiences made me think not just like you?


"Don't ask someone if they're Texan. If they are, they'll tell you. If they aren't, there's no need to embarrass them."

Yep, I've seen a bunch of disparaging commentary on my home state from assholes that have probably never even been here. Just because there are some vocal nitwits in my state, doesn't mean we're all dumb asses. Just like how every state in the union (EVERY. STATE.) has something stupid in its history, we do, too. But we also have a shit-ton of awesome, and it's a lot.

Partial list of Awesome Native Texans: Carol Burnett. Cyd Charisse. Joan Crawford. Sissy Spacek. Buddy Holly. Steve Martin. Molly Ivins. Ann Richards. Willie Nelson. Gene Roddenberry. Tommy Tune. ME. We had a Jewish Empressario (in the late 1700s) we had a Mexican VP. One of the Iwo Jima flag raisers was a Texan, Harlon Block. Oh, hey, and the Admiral of Team Six? As in, just took out Osama Bin Laden? TEXAN. Tom Ford is a Texan. Amy Acker. Jensen Ackles. Debbie Allen. Wes Anderson. Don Bluth. Tex Avery. Shelley Duvall. Bill Hicks. Eryka Badu. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Berkley Breathed. Horton Foote. Most of the astronauts.

You know, just to name a teeny fraction of people my state has birthed.

We have prairie, desert, mountains, thick pine forests, and ocean. We have better food in this state than you'll find anywhere (because we have it all. I've NEVER found pit BBQ, burgers, or Tex-Mex worth a damn outside this state. But I've had outstanding French, Japanese, Ethiopian, Italian, Thai, etc. etc. here. NYC: y'all get steak as good as I can get here and we'll talk, because that's what's keeping me from wanting to live there. Well, that and the crazy real estate prices. But you sure can get a lot of good food easy there, that's one of the good things among many good things about NYC.)

You don't hear me saying this state is shit, or that state is awful. Know why? Because people LIVE THERE. It's their HOME. And I'm too busy loving where I live. I'm not going to dump all over someone's home state or nation because that's not cool. We had a super collider before CERN. But the Feds stopped funding because science wasn't important in the 80s under Regan. We're the home of NASA. Yes, we have idiots and we've borrowed some, too (looking at you, Dubya.) But so has everyone else.

My mother's family was here long before the god damn pilgrims were in the Americas. In Texas (Choctaw Indians.) The other side of my family moved here from England and defended this nation-state at the Alamo. I'm a red-blooded honest-to-god Texan, and I kinda love my home. Please stop shitting on it. I'm a good person, and hey, this place is filled with lots of people that feel like I do. Quit being a dick. In case you haven't noticed, I really really REALLY hate stupid comments about Texas just because it became a habit for some people. It's not clever, and it's not funny. And it makes me think you look like a dumb ass.

Now go bookmark "Hey, Don't Judge Me" and read it later when Glee goes up at 3CST. Lol.
Translation: loads to do, not loads of time, need to shake my tail feathers and get things did. I have three recaps to write/edit (Two Jersey Shores and a Big Love, which I haven't watched yet so NO SPOILERS, PLEASE.) as well as make forty-seven million appointments for the family, laundry, make bread, cook 2 whole chickens, and of course, play an hour and a half of solitaire and ignore everything. I mean, get everything done in a timely order. At least I've already gotten my work out in? Gah.

BUT. GUYS. I have to tell you about an ABOMINABLE PARTY I got roped into attending (on a LIE. I was lied to, zomg!!) and it's just... Wow. I have a poll at the end because I want to know how you would deal with some of these things. I pride myself on my social manners. PRIDE. I have cotillion in my blood. My hemoglobin is the FANCIEST. )

Guys, I am still traumatized. TRAUMA. LOL, I like made up white people/First World problems. Wah, wah, my Birkin bag doesn't go with these Louboutins, whatever shall I do? Hahaha, I'm kidding. There's no such thing as a Birkin bag that doesn't match any of the Louboutins, that's crazy talk.

Side note, I took my teens to dinner on Friday night and my son held my chair for me, and the hostess stopped, clutched her chest, claimed it was the most adorable thing ever, and made the manager give us an appetizer for free. SEE? MANNERS ARE AWESOME. ;) (And seriously, my boy is pretty great.)
This really is the last I'll post about all of this hot mess.

I want to say how proud of us I am. How proud of the women that know that a large part of what makes us strong women is our sense of nurturing, our ability to love and to care for others. I'm not saying men can't feel this, but guys, y'all have had the reins for a few millennium, this is our time, our time! Down here! [/random Goonies reference, lol.]

The one thing to come out of the original talks about what happened 2 years ago at a fan convention that has now escalated into a more universal discussion on what women face every day is that we are finally talking about the shit that has been done to us WITHOUT GUILT OR SHAME. Because we have nothing to feel guilty about. Please reread that. If you had something DONE to you, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Would you feel guilty if a bird pooped on you? You'd feel gross, but guilty? Of course not, that's absurd. So why should you feel guilty that someone has done something to you? I'm here to tell you YOU SHOULDN'T. That those lessons you were taught that made you feel that way were WRONG.

And that was the whole point of my original post, that people who make another person feel "uncomfortable" [more on that word in a minute] or afraid or scared have done something wrong. THEY have. Not you. We all haven't been taught to stand tall. To roll our heads on our shoulders and toss out a sassy "Oh no you di'int!" Why the hell do you think Queen Latifah had to write a song called UNITY? Because "you gotta let 'em know you ain't a bitch or a ho." If you don't know that song, guuuuurl, you need to LISTEN. (Video could be triggering. Lyrics, then? "You put your hands on me I'll put your ass in handcuff, who you callin' a bitch?" I fucking love her.)

I've been public about things in my life. I married an abuser. I left that abuser, the current (and only) Mr. is quite a lovely man. When I left my first husband, my father told me to not tell anyone that I'd been hit, because then.... Well. People wouldn't think well of me. (Please forgive the man, he LITERALLY grew up in a barn. He knows better now.) We all have stories like that. I've been raped and kidnapped. Please tell me how I can take responsibility for my personal choices in not having swords for hands to cut rope. True, I could have been more diligent in seeking out a nuclear power plant in hopes of gaining radioactive spidey powers, but... Gosh, I've learned my lesson. I now drink straight Malathion shakes, wish me luck!

We as women use the word "uncomfortable" to mean A LOT of things, don't we? It can mean that friggin' tag on our bra strap all the way to some jackass rubbing your butt on the subway and there's nowhere to go. That's pretty goddamn uncomfortable. We have been raised to use nice words, to be polite, to not complain, and yes, even those of us that are motorcycle hard asses with "Mama Didn't Love Me" tattoos on our arms. We all have that ingrained in us from media, society, etc. But we're learning. We aren't "bitchy" if we ask for better service or to be treated fairly. We're just asking to be treated fairly. But not all of us have come to that point in our lives where we CAN ask for those things. To not be touched. To not be talked to in some way. To not let someone JUDGE US because we didn't have the strength (or sword hands) to fight back.

If you try to derail the REAL TOPIC AT HAND by trying to rephrase the discussion to terms that suit your agenda, you are doing something horribly wrong and you need to quit, think, and maybe apologize.

My name is Laura. I've been molested by more than one person, I've been raped, and I've been beaten. And I didn't do shit to deserve any of it. And I will fucking cut you with my (hopefully regenerating) sword hands if you ever try and paint me as a victim, or as someone that should feel shame for not taking "personal responsibility" to get out of those situations when I didn't know HOW. Rhonda, Jerry, Carlos and Zach deserve that shame, not me. Not EVER me. And not ever you, please believe it. Anyone that sides with abusers (or hey, that doesn't side with someone that's been hurt) is a Class A jerkwad, imo.

I am so proud of us. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER, GUYS. I'm totally bawling now, but it's because this is so raw (I know it is for so many of you, but let's pull that diseased thorn OUT.) GOONIES NEVER DIE. :)

[ETA] And see? Good things can come out of reasonable discourse. [NO REALLY!! SHE GETS IT! Kinda! Uh, sorta! YAAAAAAY!!!!] D'Oh! just saw her comment at apocalypsos's lj. I'm done trying. 100%.
If you ever. EVER. think that it's okay to argue why sexual bullying [I'm trying to avoid certain words - insert your own there] is the victim's fault with me, I will ask you to stop. If you don't, I will explain why you should stop. If you continue, I will ban you after telling you off.

I am a survivor of abuse, as are many of my friends, family, and internet readers. I will not allow us to be put in a position to feel GUILTY for what was done to us. Pack up and get out, or I'll help you.

As always, I know that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Fair enough, no one said you have to like everyone, right? If you need to take me off your reading list, I certainly won't think ill of you. If you, however, think that a person is justified in accosting another simply because they didn't specifically say "do not accost me in a, b, or c manner, please and thank you," then GTFO we have NOTHING to say to one another.

And now I'm going to eat some chocolates that my lovely daughter bought me and add a little sweetness back to the evening. Comments disabled because the discussion is happening elsewhere. (The fight, however, is finished.)

[ETA] A very serious post about why some people don't call the police when they feel threatened. Because they have already and nothing was done about it. If you've disagreed with how I've handled this topic, you might read this, and see if it changes any of your previously held thoughts on the subject.
Here's the thing: I read a good four or five newspapers every morning. (Online) In addition to the Dallas Morning News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the BBC and the Salt Lake Tribune, I also check up on AP, NPR and Huffington Post throughout the day. I like to think I'm moderately informed on stuff happening in the world. Please notice that I said I read the SL Tribune. Shame, shame, SHAME ON YOU!!! )

SHAME ON YOU, UTAH. "The Handmaid's Tale" was not a How To book.

HERE IS A LETTER THE ACLU OF UTAH HAS WRITTEN TO THE GOVERNOR. The address to write your own letter is at the top. I highly recommend all of you who lean towards upholding the Constitution of the United States of America write in. I highly recommend that all of you that believe we are actually a Free Society to write in. I highly recommend that all of you that believe that a woman has a Lawful Right to be in control of her body to write in. Be respectful, be concise, and be up front: this is a travesty. This is unrighteous dominion. Use the language of their religion to shame them, because that's what they deserve for this hateful piece of backwards legislature.

And I hate to say "I told you so" about that state - in this respect, at least. I am cross-posting this to my book journal, [ profile] 0hmyheck, and please feel free to link to this, to email this, to repost this. The more people stand up to these bullies, the better off the poor women of Utah will be. (And to [ profile] ivyfree who didn't buy my sympathy for the forced choices of the female characters on Big Love? THIS IS WHY. Women don't REALLY have choice in that state. It's a choice between a rock and a hard place.)

And please note that the new bill that will make Utah-made guns EXEMPT FROM FEDERAL LAW is getting more discussion from male leadership. A pox on all your houses, Utah.
Yes, this post is bi-polar. I just deleted about four paragraphs of a tirade. You're welcome. This is the nicer version, lol. Subject: people who feel like - I dunno - their brains will melt and polar bears will die if they don't IMMEDIATELY CORRECT ME on my word use (which, hello regions use different words for similar things, that's what makes language FUN) or tell me how my opinion on something isn't their opinion, insinuating that mine is wrong. And maybe you don't think this applies to you, who knows. That's probably the very person this does apply to, lol. (Note: I get many of these EVERY WEEK. It wears me down, folks.)

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE "RIGHT" ON THE INTERNET. Let me clarify. If someone posts something that you disagree with, you do NOT have to tell them they are wrong. No, you don't. NO. YOU DON'T. You want to do that, but you do not need to do that. Now, I'm not talking about someone saying [specific race] is inferior to [other race] or something serious like that. I'm talking about "I like [insert personal like such as a food, type of book or show, perhaps a public figure]" and you feel it is SO IMPORTANT to tell them that they shouldn't, that it's wrong that they do, why they are incorrect, or how you hate that very thing, etc. [ETA] How about a[n] hilarious pictorial summation? Hahaha.

Here's the thing: I really don't care if you hate the bread I'm making. Know why? Because you're not in my house eating it. Lucky you, since you hate that, right? And I really don't care if you are grossed out by that character that I just wrote fourteen paragraphs about my love for them. Know why? Because I love that character and you're not me, yay, lucky you! You know what you should do in any of these situations? SCROLL PAST. Please. If you feel the need to correct me, to correct my opinion, argue my opinion on something so ridiculous, I'm just going to make fun of you from this point on, okay?

It's pedantic, petty, and redonk. Quit making me not like this space, this is the only space I have that is mine all mine because I'm a very busy woman with three kids and a house to run, and this place is my Special Place, okay? Just... sometimes you need to shut up and scroll. (And remember, this isn't a public board - it's MY JOURNAL. You know, like how I don't go to yours and correct you on stupid things or tell you how I think your not loving the Catholic Church - or whatever - is wrong because I feel differently? It's like that.)

Think of it like this: when you just have to get things off your chest (in my space) you've just put it on my chest, and I'm sporting 32DDs, I don't need anything else on it, mm'kay? *sweet smile* (And teasing is one thing - I like that. But, like pornography, you know it when you see it? You're not always trying to tease and play with me, you're just wanting to be "right.")

Now that that's out of the way... AWESOME FUN TIMES WITH COIN PROJECT AND THE AWESOME PEOPLE THAT MADE IT HAPPEN, YAY GOODNESS THAT CAN COME FROM THIS SPACE!! Ahahaha. Fortunately the good here MASSIVELY outweighs the bad, huzzah! There are 6 pics under the cut, for those that need that sort of info before clicking. :) Coin from Antarctica!! Coin from Antarctica!! [say that like Marge from Fargo 'Tan Sierra! Tan Sierra!'] Lol. )

So just when I get exasperated with humanity, something absolutely mind blowingly wonderful like this happens and I remember all of you, your generosity, your thoughtfulness, and how really GOOD people are when given the chance to be. So much love for you sweet people!

OT, but I need to get/make an icon that reads: There are 10 people who get binary: those who do, and those who don't. :D
While I obviously love getting audition calls (this morning) the one bad thing is driving to them. I live waaaaaay out of town, so I get to travel long distances on highways to get to the audition site, typically. Oh, I don't mind being in my car, what I do mind is all of the idiots on the road. If I may...

Dear Drivers Who Think This Isn't About Them: )

There, I feel much better. Good lord, half of the morons I saw had kids in their cars, too. Won't someone think of the children? Or at least me? Ahaha.
PEOPLE DON'T LIKE TO BE SPOILED FOR THINGS. Not TV shows, surprise birthday parties, movies, how the book ends, marriage. (lol) But seriously. From this point on I will ban people from comments if you put a spoiler for something in my journal., without due warning in a header (or if the post doesn't warn about spoilers FOR THAT PARTICULAR TOPIC.)

I even SAID in my post linked up top that I haven't seen a particular something, and that's just how the comment led off, "Oh you haven't? Here's what you'll see!" WTF. If I've made a cut for spoilers, that is your clue to go crazy nuts ON THAT ONE TOPIC. Don't come in and reveal the identity of Kaiser Soze when we're talking about the latest Wiggles episode.

All I'm saying is that there are a few people that I do not know from Adam that need to dial it down a bit and think before they post. I don't care that it was a silly reality show. I don't care if it was the newest Nike commercial that I'm wanting to see: DON'T SPOIL PEOPLE. In case it's not obvious, that really pissed me off. Not to mention that my inbox was filled with random comments from four or five other posts, too, some posts going back a year or more. (That happens ALL THE TIME. Guys, I just don't have the energy to go back, re-read old comments and posts in order to remember the context, any random off-shoots that post caused, etc. just to give YOU a satisfactory answer, Internet Stranger.)

ONE COMMENT ON ONE POST. ONE. Say your piece there. Make sure it's spoiler free. Make sure you're not breaking any of THESE IMPORTANT RULES THAT ARE ALWAYS LINKED AT THE TOP OF MY JOURNAL. I'm not going to try and gently help people figure out the internet/LJ any more. I get too many comments/random folks in here to help them figure things out. We should all know how to use Google at this point. Sorry. I'm not your mama.

But tell ya mama I axed how she durrin. And act like you know. (And I'm now going to research the option to close commentary on old posts. That seems like a simple solution to me.)

Yes I did just wake up. This isn't how I prefer to start my mornings, either.

[ETA] And it should go without saying that my LJ isn't for everyone, and there are no hard feelings for bugging out. Which a handful of you have already done. I applaud your sensibilities, even if I don't share them. Sail on into this good night, Cap'n! *salutes*
I don't know what the hell is in the air this week, but it seems that every single day has brought interactions with people that I just don't care for. Personality types, that is, because of course, they are strangers to me, just random people popping up on my blog who feel ZOMG LIEK THEY HAFF TO HELP ME. It's enough to make me want to lock it down and just interact with the handful of folks I know and like.

1. I guess it bears repeating: this is a PERSONAL JOURNAL. This is not an academic journal, a professional journalist journal, a community journal that welcomes your two cents (unless asked for,) this is not YOUR journal. It's mine where I say what I want, when I want, how I want, and incorrectly at times because here's the thing: almost everything I write in here is done while drinking my coffee and getting #3 off to school. I rarely plan ahead what I'm going to say, I don't have a beta for my posts (how ridiculous) and I might go back later in the day and find something that I misspelled, etc. and fix it. Or leave it, I have shit to do in RL, you know? You just sound pissy when you act like a pedant, by the way. No one likes that kind of thing. Except other tedious pedants, of which I am not one.

2. I don't care if I have a misspelled word, if I transposed a noun, or if you don't agree with my opinions. I reserve the right to care or not care, to fix it or to leave it because again: this isn't a professional blog, it's a freaking LJ that belongs to a spazz. [me]

3. Get your own journal, write your own thoughts, or be prepared to feel my ire if you decide my journal is somehow the home for YOUR pedantic thoughts/rants. [hint: it's not] This is not to say that if I am ASKING for people to share their thoughts they can't. This is for the person that just has a crumb in their craw and decides to unleash some random bullshit in my LJ. I don't have a problem with CONVERSATION. If you are unsure of the distinction, I'd be happy to explain further in comments. It should be fairly obvious, however.

4. Just because you feel super compelled to say something, doesn't mean you NEED to. Not here, anyway. EXAMPLE: I do not need to know your personal history if we've never met in real life/are not established friends. I don't want to know about your detailed medical history, your abuse, your secret pig fetish, or why I need to follow along with you into weirdsville. Would you say those things out loud in the post office? If not, don't say it to me. :) I am not your doctor, your therapist, your sponsor, your mother, your child. I'm some random chick on the internet who now knows the intimate details of your pilonidal cysts. Um, thanks?

I don't know what it is about me that attracts people with no sense of humor, people who worry about everything, people who scream and go to the red over every little thing. I am none of those things, and more importantly: I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE LIKE THAT. If you have no sense of humor, really, what the hell are you doing around here? Do us both a favor, okay? I DO NOT CARE if you need to defriend me, I won't be hurt, I won't cry, I won't make a locked post and be emo. Because it's the INTERNET, capice? Do what you gotta do to have a good time on your own, with my blessing. Just, you know, not here. [if you're that type of person to which I'm referring.]

Remember how I said in a locked post a few days back that I was about to start getting snippy? Yeah. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get drunk, have an intervention, screw up the world order, die of neglect, destroy true love, and break someone's soul by laughing.

Or you know, hit the grocery store to feed the family. [scale hands] Have a good weekend? I know I will.

~Love, Me.

P.S. A few of you could do with reminding yourselves of The Rules Of Internet Interaction.
Sure they do. Or at least complete strangers feel the need to tell me a) what's wrong with me b) where I can go [to hell] or c) what I can do to myself.

For the past, oh, three or four years on my LJ I've had a phenomenon that I've not really seen happen on other people's journals. It started off with me making a post about something I loved, and I'd get multiple comments from people I'm not really close to (not even internet close) telling me how gross that something is, etc. And it's not that people can't have opinions that differ from mine, it's this: why do you think I give a shit about your differing opinion? and why do you feel compelled to make a stranger aware of your position on said topic, especially when that stranger is clearly happy about said topic?

I'm not talking about a post on race where it's possible that I would want to hear someone's thoughts on yaoi. I'm talking about me posting about a TV character. Or food that I like. Or something I didn't like because it's my JOURNAL. That's where you record your thoughts, yes? Now, I want you to imagine a post you've made in the past where you're really excited about something and you note it on your LJ. Now, picture a group of strangers coming over and pissing on that, calling you names, or generally trying to put you down. I get that a lot. Every month, for sure, sometimes more often. (12 times this past week, incidentally. RUDE comments, not "Eh, that wasn't my cup of tea.")

I've tried to figure out why there's such a breach in manners in my LJ, and I think I've figured it out: because we're really loosey goosey over here (we = me and my dudes) and it's a very chatty blog (people strike up convos in the comments, which I'm totally cool with, by the way) I think there's an idea that this is a community LJ. Guess what? It's not. It's my personal journal. Shocking, I know. I also think there's a lot of folks that pop up that don't really have a lot of understanding of the nuances of human interaction. As the mother of a child with a social disorder, allow me to put some more bullet points out there for your (not you, you, but for you. you know who you are*) edification. [Previous posts of Dos and Don't s]

How to Win Friends And Influence People On The Innertubes )

I think my all time fave was from this weekend, where someone linked me to a drug and alcohol rehab clinic on a post where I thanked a friend for sending me a gift. Bless. Final thought: if you are an asshat in my journal, you have given me the right to say what I think about YOU. Do you really want to give me that power?

And for those of you who pop up and have commentary, this doesn't apply to you lovelies. I always welcome lurkers, commenters, conversations. I'm talking about capslocked "UR SUCH A BITCA THEY ARE IN LUUUURVE ZOMG I WILL KILL YER BABY" comments. Or "Gross, how can you like Connor on Angel: The Series? He's gross." F you, and take that crap to your own place, thank you.

~The Management
Yo! [ profile] libbymarie! Aka IJ's marieantoinette! I see you've disabled non-friend comments on your latest "They're attacking the Mormons, see?? We're soooo oppressed, you guys! We need to explore our feelings with a Jewish suffering-based porn RPG, zomg." I find it VERY INTERESTING that I'm the ONLY PERSON you refuse to reply to. VERY interesting. Probably because you know that I have your number. I know all the bullshit you're saying because most people DON'T know anything about Mormons or their history. And I'm not "someone with Mormons in their family" as if I know nothing. Honey, when you learn anything about your own "faith" then we can have a discussion. For now? You get the Clue-By-Four. So here's the comment I'm unable to post to you. Oh, I'll track you down. You are the second type of Mormon I can't stand: the one that wants all the privileges and protection of belonging to a group without CONTRIBUTING to said group. (The first is the die-hard controlling, woman hating, power hungry, priesthood is the key type, if anyone wanted to know.)

...and I should mention this was my first comment about this, this was my booyahkasha moment deaux, first paragraph only. Her reply to any? Silence.

Reading Comprehension: Not Your Strong Suite, also: I got my ranting pants ON, y'all )
Open. A. Book. Didn't you claim to be "intellectual?" Where? In your shoe choice? The type of eggs you purchase? Where is there ANY THOUGHT backed up by reason and logic anywhere? It doesn't exist, you are a fool. You really should feel shame for being such a fool. Good fucking hell.

Give me a fucking break. Side note to the heavens/Yahweh/PTB: Thank you. I've needed this. Best. Present. Ever. (Oh, and the new name - see subject heading - could possibly be the LibbyMarieAntoinette Syndrome.)

Palate cleanser to make sure we have a good day:

The chick that's all "Kristallnacht" is a great name for an HP RPG, and it will have humor! And sex! But be frowny face serious, too, zomg. [ETA] BAHLEETED! Anyone get screencaps? I'm getting them on the comm page.

She's a Mormon and threw out the religion card. The "My people were persecuted, too!" card. OH MY GOD. It's like the heavens opened and gave me a special treat. Here, allow me to hand you your ass, "Marie Antoinette:"

1. The Mormon suffered some persecution. SOME. For, say, 10? 12 years? Max. MAX. They had a handful of guys drug out of their beds and tarred and feathered, for example. Guess why Joseph was? Because he was doinking the guy's sister and she was a 14 year old girl. Yep, just like the entire Cohen family of Eastern Poland being wiped out, among many, many others. Like... hmm. A few million? The Mormon Experience is just like that, except for all the ways it ISN'T. Also, try going back to 2000 years of persecution, or did you drop out of high school (see her user info) before you learned math? 2000 =/= 12.

2. Disagreeing with you isn't being an "extremist." That's your way to sublimate your own racism. I see you're from a tiny, Mormon suburb of Phoenix. Oh, got it. You're an idiot who lives in a state where they don't honor Martin Luther King, Jr., either, and thrive on the cheap and illegal labor you want, but don't want to see. In other words: I got your number.

3. Since YOU pulled out the religion card (I'm Mormon, I know persecution) I'm going to hammer you until you see sense, or fix this problem. Can. Not. Wait. Also? How in the FUCKING HELL does she know persecution in an all white, middle class WHITE AND MORMON community? You don't. You know nothing. Probably shouldn't have dropped out of school.

Classic Mormon counter argument. I should write a book. Oh, wait. *G*

[ETA] They do not know how to argue. And clearly have shit for brains.

[ETA 2] So, here's Marie"Let them eat cake" Antoinette on her LJ calling me out because at least she's not making fun of the Jews. (I would have replied differently if I knew first off who it was LIKE THIS. My immediate reaction is: I've upset someone, I fix it fast.) Also, I would like to apologize publicly to [ profile] amireal for starting potential wank in her journal as a) I don't know her personally and b) she doesn't need extra drama over in her house. Very sorry.
Let me start off with I'm exhausted from all the physical labor I've done today. Worn out. May not be able to reply tonight. Probably not. BUT. Apparently some things need to be said to the General Public, as the General Public keeps proving it's full of assholes.

If you're "sick and tired" of the Jews "complaining" and "constantly harping on" about the Holocaust, let me say this to you:

WHAT A LUXURY. How lucky for you to not have that ache in your heart. How lucky for you to not have to look into your uncle/aunt/grandparent's eyes and see Auschwitz or Dachau. How lucky for you to not hear your uncle/aunt/grandparent cry, remembering. How lucky for you to not have a family tree that just stops. How lucky for you to not know discrimination, to know hate, to hear whispers every day about the evilness inherent, simply because of the way you respect your god (a god usurped by the Christians, let's not forget)/the country you were born in.

Also, you could do a search/replace for "Blacks" and "slavery." Or Native Americans and the loss of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY AND LIFE. Etc. Etc.

If you get to complain about how you're tired of hearing of a minority group "bitching," please know that you are one of the lucky ones. Oh, and you need to grow up. And remember that we tell our stories so we don't repeat the dumb mistakes made over the centuries. We remind our children and grandchildren of past horrors so they will know why their Grandma walks with her head high and doesn't mind wearing sleeves that show her numbers. So our children and grandchildren will remember peace can come from the Great Spirit. So our children and grandchildren will know why it's important that they get a degree, because blacks weren't allowed into the white schools or able to have white collar jobs.

Finally, I remember in 1977 that outside my first grade classroom was a "whites only" water fountain. And Native Americans needed permission to leave the reservation to see movies. And Native Americans STILL TO THIS DAY have governors on their vehicles. That is why I keep talking - the problem hasn't been solved yet.

How about you quit your bitching and help stop the problem? I hear there's a few million in Darfur you may have been ignoring. Much love to those on my flist being maligned. You're better than the hate.
[ETA] I log ALL IPs that hit my journal, be it the user info page, or individual posts. It's for a benign reason (tracking actual hit counts, tracking spam), but let me state clearly: THE PEOPLE WHO ACCUSE ME OF BULLYING (and who constantly wave the flag of "don't like it? Don't read it.") read my journal. I have the IP proof. Let that serve as a "warning" for those who don't want to be associated with me. :)

I am not a bully. [shakes jowls like Nixon] I am getting really sick and tired of whiny people claiming that women with opinions are bullies. IT IS NOT BULLYING TO STATE AN OPINION ON THINGS, and shame on you who would try and get people to think that way.

Shame on you. For being weak enough to cower behind others and go with the flow. Shame on you for turning something horrible (say, oh, let me just pull something out of the air.... RAPE.) into something as casual as a comment about a hobby you enjoy. I think I'll turn the word rape into something meaningless: when I get into my car, I rape it. I'm going to rape the milk into the fridge. I raped my knee when I conked it on the table leg. Or maybe NOT. As a person that was actually raped, FUCK YOU. Oh, but first I was kidnapped, bound, almost taken out of the country, then raped. But because I am a strong woman (or is that a bully? I can't remember which) I beat the ever-loving shit out of my attacker when he was finished. I then took his wallet and got me a ticket home. Then I got to face my female boss who looked disapprovingly at me and said WITH NO IRONY: "You seem to have a lot of drama in your life. This needs to change if you're going to continue working here."

*sucks teeth*

I've been slowly defriended over the past few days by people who obviously feel that I'm a bully. Go right on ahead and get with your getting. Hell, anyone on the fence about me? Move along, you won't hurt my feelings, and maybe we'll both heave a sigh of relief. Jesus fucking Christ, we are talking about stories of Angel being made out of moss and bark and growing a dick for Spike. Because my eyes pop out of my head and I boggle at that being LAUDED, I'm a fucking bully? Ahahahahahaha!

Here's my final thought: you're embarrassed about being caught on the side of the Angel rape Willow with soap/Angel is a bark man and maybe has tentacles/a mildly retarded boxer Angel wants to fuck a crippled Spike/(seahorses? Were there seahorses, or was that a crack!fic I wrote? Huh)/fic and you have to defend it, so you call out the people who don't happen to like something (and again: OPINIONS. Stated in their own journals) as being mean and horrible. <-- actual word used. I could be wrong. Feel free to (continue) to mention in your own world how wrong I am. I really couldn't care less, my life isn't changed by people not liking me on the fucking INTERNET.

But people who continue to demean women for HAVING OPINIONS and the STRENGTH TO STATE THEM are in the wrong. Period. And if you think it's not a big deal to devalue those who have been raped? YOU ARE WRONG. Shame on you. Joss says so. And I love Lynne.

THE END. (from me. Never again will I address this foolishness.)

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