(for the lazy non-clickers: one of the 5 films you have to watch this Halloween? BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY. Oh, and EFF YOU to them for the little "amatuerish acting" dig. Even though I agree with that for a few people. I was flawless, however. LOL.)

New peeps: I'm in it. My brother in law is in it and wrote it. And a little actor named Nicholas Brendon is, too. And I got to play with his hair off set. <3

This just turned my mood around. YAY INAPPROPRIATE HUMOR MOVIES! (No, really.)
Last night was Narcissism & Me's big premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival, and it got loads of laughs, which is FANTASTIC. My brother in law, husband to [livejournal.com profile] dampersnspoons was on in interviews, the Q&A, and it looked fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased. talk about the red carpet, the other films that played, etc. )

I posted an official review of the (second) funniest short of the night, Bad Dads over at Hey, Don't Judge Me. OMG, you have to see that. It's not completed online, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for local festivals in your area. Not to mention that shorts festivals are a great way to see diverse films from all over the world. Big fan, me.

ION, today is my day to finish up all the deep cleaning for my guest, [livejournal.com profile] dovil and make sure that we have smooth sailing from here on out. A big hitch in the plans: the potential government shut down. Wanna know why that affects us? BECAUSE THE GRAND CANYON WILL BE CLOSED, DITTO ZION NATIONAL PARK. Oh my laws, if that happens... We're staying IN the parks! I've paid for the hotels already! Hopefully I'll get a refund, but you know that we'd be screwed. Eff it, we'll veer north to St. George and stay with family and hike around the local plateaus and go to the polygamous communes and gawp. FUN? Waaah, please, US Gov't, stop being a bunch of tools and quit letting the Tea Party scream you down into pussydom.

IOON, I'm going to start rewatching the old He-Man cartoons from the 80s and recap them for Hey, Don't Judge Me. EXPECT HILARITY. I'm not saying I'll deliver, I'm just saying to expect it. Also, we've got some new writers coming on board, we're adding The Borgias and Game of Thrones to the mix, so if you haven't added it to your reader, why on earth not? Do you hate joy, kittens, sunshine and happiness? Guess so. :)

Grab Bag.

Apr. 4th, 2011 10:47 am
Got my first mini-sun burn this weekend while putting in the garden. YAY WARMTH. Except for how my shoulders are a little ouchie. I always forget to hit my shoulder blades with the sun screen. One day that skin will turn into a pair of leathery angel wings and my dream of becoming the embodiment of an Affliction t-shirt will come true.

Had a film showing at the Dallas International Film Festival on Saturday night, it was sold out, there was a line around the block, and the audience really seemed to love it. Great! Keep your eyes peeled for Wuss at a festival near you, it's Fest season and it's picking up steam. A short film I'm really proud of has it's world premiere on Wednesday, written by and starring my brother in law and featuring yours truly, Narcissism & Me (only one person has gotten the joke so far, which is disappointing) and you can check out the trailer here. It's dark and hilarious, and I can't wait to see it with an audience. I'll post festival dates for that, and the shorts that have been showing so far have all been stellar. If you've never been to a Shorts Festival, you're missing out.

Tried to watch Mildred Pierce on HBO, and without going into any real spoilers, I'll just say that it was the most tedious hour and change of television I've had to endure in a long time. Didn't finish, didn't care to. Dreary, petulant characters with trumped up drama that just doesn't stand the test of time. Oh, noes, poor divorced woman has to (gasp!) wait tables!? It's hard and we should feel bad for her not being able to carry more than one plate on her body and her job is embarrassing to her bratty shit of a daughter? Wah. Good hell, how pathetic. If you're into the show, alrighty, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, overly dramatic, scenes were too long, the acting was over the top in places. I expect more from Kate Winslet and HBO, I'm just saying.

I need to get some trail shoes this week because on Friday (here's the antidote to the ear worm that may or may not have popped up in your head at that word, also, creepy video of Friday is CREEPY) [livejournal.com profile] dovil gets in town all the way from New Zealand! WOO and a HOO. She'll be shown the delights of North Texas (read: shopping, eating, drinking) and then we head out on Monday to hit the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and then a weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas with [livejournal.com profile] marenfic. We've been planning this trip for a year now, and I swear to god, if she screws this up for me, I am going to straight up murder her ass and leave her in the desert. Ahahaha. It's funny because it's inevitable.

HI GUYS IT IS MONDAY AND WINDY OUT AND I HATE THE WIND. Which means I will be goofing around indoors. How are you? *chin fists*
Comics! Who here reads DC comics? Kassie is discussing Batman: Year 1 and Robin: Year 1 at Hey, Don't Judge Me and we're hoping to make it like a read-along feature. Nothing public, but if you need help finding those particular tomes, PM me and we'll get you going. Girls who know their stuff talking comics = awesome.

Comical! I posted my review of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's Mary Sue YA novel, "A Shore Thing" last night, and also won't say anything public but I would love to help you get a copy of that, as well. PM me for more information on where to find it.

Comingle! Those of you in the DFW area, the Dallas International Film Festival (formally an AFI festival, but they're branching out to reach more indie fish) starts tonight! Why should you care? Because two films I'm in are showing there, one of them is a world premiere! It's very exciting. WUSS got loads of acclaim at SXSW where it debuted a few weeks ago, and is already sold out online and has rush seats available for both, so get there early and get tickets. It's dark and funny and I'm in it for a few scenes! Narcissism & Me is a short that is also dark and hilarious and my brother in law wrote it and stars in it (and I play his Dream Girl, lol.) That's on Wednesday, and I'm super excited to finally see it on the big screen. You can still get tickets for both showings, and the shorts are promising to be fabulous.

And tonight is the Jersey Shore reunion, so tune in (I'm not kidding when I tell y'all I love this show. It's inexplicable. But there it is. Also, the reviews I've been posting all season long are meant for people who are disdainful, in case you didn't know.) What am I going to do until they hit Italy? OH RIGHT, REAL HOUSEWIVES. Lol. I'm actually a smart, educated person. I just love trashy tv.
So my friend David Lowery, who directed a movie I'm in, St. Nick, teamed up with another artist I've worked with, Toby Halbrook, and the star of a movie I filmed this summer [Wuss] and made the new video for School of Seven Bells. Pretty awesome. (And how about the Olympic gold in name dropping there? Nice.)

Watch it here, it's GORGEOUS. And leave a comment for them, if you feel up to it. Great indie work should be applauded, imo.

I'm steam cleaning carpets today and starting to make pies in prep. for Thanksgiving, so I'll see y'all next week!
In case you've not seen this, "Jane Austen's Fight Club."

I was on set all day Saturday and here's the worst thing about making Indie movies: they use people's houses that have no central A/C. SWAMP COOLERS MAKE NOISE. Audio picks up that noise and can't use the take. Solution? TURN OFF THE NOISEMAKERS. Which means that you have all of the lights blasting their heat on you, you have all of that make up on, and NO AIR. For as many takes as it takes. And in between each take, the makeup girl comes over, blots you, then puts on MOAR POWDER. I looked like Snookie when all was said and done. (But come on, I wouldn't trade it for anything, it's seriously fun to do.) The movie is really, really good, I'll say. "WUSS," and you can follow them on Twitter at @WussMovie. Today is BUSTER BLUTH DAY. (Well, Tony Hale day, but he'll always be Buster to me. LOOSE SEAL! LOOSE SEAL!! Word on set is that he is absolutely charming, sweet, and quite shy. <3)

I'm up to my eyeballs in work, so I'm behind on replying to comments, etc., and probably won't be able to catch up. Also, I bought a cat tower for the kittens, so that's taking up most of my time. LOL. Happy Monday! (And for my g33ks, this cracked me up to no end: Re-Dubbed Dune. "Man, he hit him so hard he look like a homemade tattoo!" The voices are priceless.)

I think pretzel rolls are in order today.
LOL, it's just an excuse for margaritas, it's not like in Mexico this is a big holiday, BUT HEY-O, I LIKE SUMMERTIME DRINKS, so that works out just fine in my book! [Pfft, so they kicked some French butt, as long as it means 'ritas are half price all day, VIVA LA MEXICO!]

Also things I like: tamales (I have some on deck for este noche) salsa verde, poblanos roasted and stuffed with dee-lee-shous-ness and CHEESE. Cheese on everything! YO TE LUB QUESO. Soak it all in tequila and jam it down my gullet, OM NOM NOM.

But before I can become a bloated, wobbly mess, I get to record a fun radio ad this afternoon and I would like to state to the cosmos yet again that I LOVE VOICEOVER WORK. Love it. 1) no makeup required B) shorts! and lastly: people tell you you're awesome and I always like that, I'm funny that way.

In conclusion: LAST NIGHT'S LOST WAS AMAZING. That is all I'll say here, no spoilers, and if you talk about it in comments (and I encourage that!) PLEASE put "Spoiler" in the subject for folks, because it's the Right Thing to Do.

MAS CERVEZAS, AQUI! AHORA! Well, in a few more horas. [/Spanglish] I would like to hear The Most Fascinating Man On Earth on repeat today. STAY THIRSTY, MY FRIENDS.
I filmed a commercial for LeapFrog this morning, which meant loads of kids on set. And of course, their mothers hopped them up on sugar, fed them sodas (but they're free!) while they waited off stage, and turned them loose onto me and the other actors playing parents. Most of the kids I was working with were just fine, hey, I'm good with kids of a certain age. But the other actors you could tell were very quickly losing patience.

And then there was Charlie. Charlie was a mop-headed blonde kid with big Basset hound blue eyes, about six years old. Charlie had on a Superman t-shirt. But it was no ordinary Superman symbol, it was inside a Star of David. So I asked him, "Did you know that Superman was the most awesome Jew that ever fought comic book crime?" And I expected a blank look because again, he was about 5 or 6.

"Uh huh! He's my favorite! This is a Star of David! I'm a Jew!"

I asked him if he had a lovely Seder last night and he about flipped out. YES. AND HE LOVES MATZOH. AND AND AND... He was off running. (Verbally, not physically.) And we talked about how awesome Passover is, and he told me about the plagues and he told me about his favorite foods, and how he gets to find the matzoh tonight and how he's a Jew because his mom is, but his dad is only a Christian but he's helping Charlie be the best Jew he can be.

This is before he held my hand and sang for me "No Woman, No Cry." And then some G-n-R. (Welcome to the Jungle, natch.) I almost stole him away, and I told his mother so. Coolest kid ever. (I asked him about Hanukkah, and if that was his favorite because it's eight days and eight crazy nights, which led him to sing that song for me. We got along swimmingly. And yes, it's his favorite because 8 days of gifts is "way better than one lousy night" of gifts. LOL.)

Some days it's lots of fun doing what I do. And some days it just takes one cool person to not make me rethink this whole gig. And since I stayed up waaaaay too late to get up so early, I'm off to nap in the sunshine.
Blood on the Highway is NOW READY FOR PRE-ORDER! Sweet! Get all your Stoney, Nicholas "Xander Harris" Brendon and Tom Towles goodness right here. (Oh, and the other five people in the movie, whatever. Lol.)

Fangoria seems pretty stoked about this, so why the hell aren't you? :D
Yen Tan is a film director that I've worked with several times. His latest movie, Ciao, is finally available for pre-ordering on US Amazon. Because Australia and NZ are totally boss, it's already available for purchase Down Under. (There's a German release on January 21, as well.) It's a quiet, beautiful (and very sexy) movie about two men finding love after a mutual friend dies. (This is not the typical gay film festival movie where someone dies BECAUSE they're gay. This is a lovely movie. *g*) It's won all sorts of awards on the film festival circuit.

Support the GLBT and independent film community and help make this a big seller!

Have a happy holiday for those that are starting your celebrations, and have a happy backside of the celebration you just wrapped up for those that celebrated Solstice and Hanukkah. And for atheists like me, happy Wednesday thru Friday! :D

(And now I go back to sewing the rest of these damned birds. Oh my god, my hands are cramped into claws. CLAWS!)
I know everyone's out living life, but I'm exhausted and home, because I know how to party. The night before. :) Happy to say that the wedding reception last night was absolutely a blast. Great people - I love making new friends with funny, smart, interesting people - great food (if I do say so myself, but everyone else said so, too, ha) and fabulous booze. I actually left at one point to buy more champagne for the punch. I went through...10 bottles? Nope, just counted, 12. 5 batches of punch made, and people were standing around the kitchen island waiting for it, ahahaha. Note: it packs a MASSIVE booze punch, so just because it tastes delish, ease up. I had a few people that stayed and sobered up before we let them go home. (I'm such a mom.)

Today I had a commercial shoot - hopefully I'll get a copy of the video to share after it airs. It's a glamorous life, jamming marshmallow fluff in your shoes... )

Next up is an audition for an Indie film, either the part of an NFL player's "lady friend" or a fed-up lesbian. Either is fine with me! I've got my fingers crossed on the fed up lesbian.
The fantastically inappropriate, hilarious, disgusting horror movie that I am in (with cameos by Buffy's Nicholas Brendon and the world's Tom Towles) is being made available by Time Warner Cable through their Video on Demand feature. Navigate to the "World Premiere" feature and witness the awesome that is low-budget but high-comedy horror genre gross out movie-opoloisting. (Cataloging movies is for wussies.)

As my soon-to-be brother-in-law (who 1. wrote the movie 2. plays a hilarious frat boy and 3. I have "sex" with on screen, no that wasn't awkward for my sister - the costumer - to watch, why do you ask?) wrote on his Facebook page:

See the movie Hollywood California is calling "So balls out sweet, it's like kickboxing a kickboxing shark," and Famous Acting Celebrities are declaring "The literal film equivalent to eleven simultaneous g spot orgasms."

I don't know how to top that, but I'll try:

Sophie's Choice. Citizen Kane. Casablanca. A Streetcar Named Desire. Blood on the Highway. What do all of these movies have in common? One word, and one word only: AWESOMENESS. And Russians. And wife beaters on hot dudes. Every one of those movies has all of that, and yet somehow Blood on the Highway is more. So much more. It has blood, whores, vampires, bear traps, and dick jokes. BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY: see it or get beat up by the AV squad.

Every time you see this movie a kitten keeps its claws. Every time you don't? A clown humps your mother. BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY!*

*for more background on this kick booty movie, click the BotH tag. The movie is being released in October on Blu-ray in... France. It makes sense if you squint. Still waiting to hear the dvd release date for other countries.

ETA Do you read French? Proof that they love us. (Or that they hate us, I don't speak French.) A Babelfish'd Translation of Hilarity. )
I appreciate being a heroin that projectiles my joyusement to the world. YOU'RE WELCOME.
1. Weekend. I went in for a commercial shoot as an extra, and got picked out of a line of 70+ people to be the STAH. Well, one of 5 stars. They loved the interracial loving I bring. (I always seek out the People of Non-White because a) they're usually the fun people on set and b) white actresses/actors tend to be boring and/or narcissistic. Also, I have a thing for Asian men. I can't help myself.) So while it was awesome that I got to meet some new people who were totally fun and interesting, I ended up having an almost 24 hour day on Saturday. Up at 3:15am and to bed at 2:30am. So glamorous, the acting world. :)

2. Social awkwardness. The people that I hung out with were (with the exception that makes this its own point) so much fun. Relaxed, funny, chill-type people. Awesome people with awesome stories, and... people that need to let those people talk for a change. )

3. Alexander Skaaaaaarsgaaaaard. I may have his name spelled incorrectly... Lol. OH MY GOD. He is why I watch True Blood. Hands down. It doesn't hurt that he's beautiful (and guys, I don't do blondes.) It doesn't hurt that he's a fantastic actor. And it doesn't hurt that he was completely naked in last night's ep. THANK YOU, ALEX. I mean, come on: he's a 6' 5" VIKING VAMPIRE. Well, his character is. Hee. I wanna do bad things with you. Spoilers ahoy hoy! )

In conclusion, MORE ERIC, PLEASE. :)
Getting ready to head out the door for a short road trip to lovely and weird Austin, Texas (the Texas town that is both non-Texan and completely Texan. When you go there, you'll understand) for a special Alamo Drafthouse screening of Blood on the Highway. Tickets are only $4, and I think there are a few still available. It's the Lake Creek theater just north of town. Cast and Crew will be there for a fun Q&A afterward, and remember: they sell booze and food in the theater. WOOT.

Alrighty, got to figure out what to wear tonight (this tank top, or that tank top... it's highly casual and hippie-like there) and how little I can get away with bringing. Maybe I can cram a change of clothes/toothbrush in my laptop bag...

Have a great weekend!
I am always the first to say that acting is not hard work. There are times when it is, when it's emotional and exhausting, but let's face it: there are comfy chairs, people bringing you water/snacks/etc. at the snap of the finger, and lots of sitting around and goofing off while they figure out lights/sounds, etc.

And then there are the days when you work with a child actor. One that is sure of their awesomeness, that idea having been implanted by their cougar mother (who should not be wearing the miniskirt she is wearing, and who should not be flirting with the PAs, but is.) There are days when you hear said child actor, aged 10, laughing about how they crashed their father's golf cart (after mentioning all of the country clubs they belong to) because he knew his daddy would just buy him another one, and then put you on hold while grabbing his iPhone.

And there are the days when you perfect your dick joke telling skills to subvert the ears of said 10 year old and get the sound guys, the gaffers, and the guy sitting behind you holding up scenery to laugh so hard they have to wait to start filming.

Today was all of those days. And when I asked (jokingly, I hope you would know by now) that I required three pure white orchids held to my nostrils every 23 minutes I made a lighting guy bury his face in his lap to hide his laughter. Because they get those people, you guys. They actually exist. I'm glad to not be one of them. Ever.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm polishing off a FABULOUS bottle of Clayhouse Adobe Red (thanks again for the rec, it's one of my new faves) while my kids mop the floors. Ahahaha.

This post is brought to you by reading about slave ships from the 1600s where people were packed in with two feet of shoulder width/18 inches of height spaces for 12 week journeys. Appreciate the life you have, you know? I'll never understand people who are difficult...
I was an extra in a commercial this morning for... I thought it was an electric company, but I think it was actually for phones. It doesn't matter, I only walk away from the camera, but! I walk away from the camera with my interracial boyfriend. :D My "boyfriend" was this great Asian guy and we laughed about how I always play the "fat friend" type and he's always the generic "brown man." Through joking around, I said something like, "I'm going to use my Kenpo skills to knock over that planter and get some face time on camera." Kenpo was the key word: he's also doing P90X. :D We talked about all of that bidness, then we moved back to the interracial couple stuff as off in the distance there was a black man/white woman couple, and we joked about the two mis-matched guys paired up being a gay couple, one who works the "legit" job and the other tends bar.

He was lamenting the lack of Asians in media, and we both said at the same time, "Thank god for Boomer." :D It's so cool when you meet another sci-fi/BSG fan in a random way.

P90X Recovery Week Day 2 & 3 )

Sunny, blue skies, no clouds, I'mma wash my face off and get the commercial make up off, then go sit outside with a book for a bit. I have high hopes for today.

[ETA] I forgot to add these two pics, one is of all the rosemary I pruned off of my big shrub. I don't like wasting it, but I have all the dried culinary rosemary a girl could want, and none of my neighbors want any, either. =p I got the brilliant idea of making my own essential oil (and maybe rosemary mint shampoo - hippie alert!) and stuck all of the branches to dry on a conical planter I'm not using. I think it looks kind of cool. :) The second pic is of the first lily bloom on the 4ft plant. I stood on my tip toes and pointed down to get the shot. Should be loads more bursting open today and this week. <3

two garden pics )

NOW. Happy Monday!
Begin transmission:
  • Didn't go to bed before 7am any night I was there stop
  • Drank more tequila than a frat boy in Juarez stop
  • Ran into old friends that made me incredibly happy to catch up with stop
  • The movie was beautiful, smart, sweet, and well received stop
  • Met the director of Sister Wife and now have her personal contact info, she's awesome, we totally hit it off, stop
  • Saw the following celebs (remember that there was drinking and not seeking autographs from anyone) Felicia Day (eating BBQ next to me) Robert Rodriguez (hanging with some friends of mine, too awed to go up to him - he's super cute and a lot taller than I thought) Seth Rogan (he's also not tiny and he's quite... hairy) stop
  • kind of want to run away and be single and my alter-ego for a month and live in the woods, no reason, it's just there in my head stop
  • went on an audition this morning and was paired up (married couple for the commercial) with the new assistant head coach on Friday Night Lights stop
  • he's totally cute aaaaaand totally an actor that wants to talk about his awesomeness *yawn*
  • he thinks it's pretty official that FNL will def. be picked up for two more seasons stop

Gonna stop and go nap in the sunshine
Full stop
1. Had a fantastic weekend including the best b-day party my son's ever had. What a relief!
2. I do not want to paint another vaulted ceiling again. Yeesh, my back.
3. Speaking of, I moved a good 500 pounds of compost this weekend plus 200 pounds of landscape rocks. But! The new planting bed is ready to be filled, so that's nice.
4. Still enjoying Big Love even though I felt Margene was "acting" I wish she could be more natural. Nikki, however, continues to be utterly compelling on screen. This article pretty much sums up my feelings. Ana needs more back story to make her arc believable. And the Joy books... Yeesh. I knew they existed in RL, but I wonder if that's how they really look: like cattle brochures with their hair and ankles and hands on display to show their worth? Blergh. That show pulls no punches.
5. And I saved the best (for me) for last. The movie I filmed last year, St. Nick, is officially having its world premiere at SXSW this March, which is pretty spectacular. Here's the trailer, and I cannot wait to see it. Whoo hoo, SXSW! (My icon is from the movie)

6. I think a lunch somewhere with a book is in order.

And happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] soundingsea! My b-day notification thing appears to not be working...
Oh, I'm so happy that Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards! And I was pulling for Mickey Rourke, too, even though he's a complete dirt bag in real life.

Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button spoilers abound! )

In other movie news of a personal nature, Blood on the Highway will be at the Berlin Film Festival this February, represented by DC Medias. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll get a distributor so you can see this damn thing. (And any Deutschlanders out there, go see it!)

I want a movie icon that looks like old film counting down. Does that make sense? Maybe I can find something like that...
[livejournal.com profile] bu_doodlebug, who was the principal photog on the set of Blood on the Highway, informed me that our movie (specifically, the AWESOME picture she took) is on THE FRONT COVER OF VARIETY MAGAZINE.

Pretty flipping sweet. (It's balm to my wounded soul that I'm not at the Hollywood Film Festival with everyone else in the freaking cast. If I had known it was such a big event, I would have gone. [/sour])

But yeah. Cover of Variety? Being called "noteworthy" by the guy who wrote the article about all the movies? COOL BEANS, PEEPS. (Name droppage is as rare as hen's teeth.)

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