Mondays are usually my craziest days, but because I was up until almost 2am working on my recap (I couldn't stop thinking about Game of Thrones!) I'm surprisingly free today. Free to NAP, aww yeah!

Business: Game of Thrones recap. Dude. Dude.
Dr. Who recap! Am I wrong, or is this season awesome? (I don't think I'm wrong) Give Janey some love!
Orphan Black recap - and guys? This show looks amazing. And [ profile] mrmonkeybottoms is new, so show her some love!
Spartacus - the SERIES FINALE recap, sob, sob woe, oh ANDY. :(
Hannibal, and wow, this show is taking off in fandom. GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR.
Vikings is coming later!

Pleasure: Well, kind of. I saw the Evil Dead remake on Friday with my daughter and two of her friends. Correction, I sat in the back by myself and watched because they're idiots who want to sit on the third row and ruin their eyes and necks. UM. LET'S TALK A MINUTE. WOW. Uh. Wow. )

I did a ton of gardening, a ton of reading, a ton of writing, and that brings me to my last thing. Someone (hint: [ profile] flaming_muse got onto me for posting a huge fic that I've been working on for months without any sort of fanfare. Well, I'm new to Teen Wolf fandom, and don't really interact with anyone over there, so I didn't expect anyone to bother reading my fic aside from a handful of people. So instead of being navel gazing, I'm going to make a post after this to serve as a master post. I just posted Chpt. 7 of 13 chapters.

And now I go in search of food. And tea. Mmm.
When you save a life, you get to take a life, right? I'm going to look for a clown hooker, if that's the case. Wanna read all about the life I saved? It's only a bird's life, if that helps you manage your time better. Which tells me you hate birds. Mm hm. )

I get to spend the day with my sister [ profile] dampersnspoons and we're going to check out cool thrift shops and eat and there will be laughing and joy. Hump Day, folks! The weekend is practically upon us.

If you need something hilarious and great to read, you should read Sam's recap of the movie Thor at Hey, Don't Judge Me. That's another movie I want to see, it's getting good reviews from friends.
Come talk to me! Spoilers and pretty much nothing but, so you have been warned, you Eskimo that lives in the tundra therefore the only person left who hasn't seen the movie yet. )

And I'll be seeing this one again. And again. GORGEOUS MOVIE. [In other news that I will post about tomorrow, I have witnessed my first Gun Show up close and personal. We really need a plague of zombies to thin the herd. Thankfully I just bought a handy dandy flint and steel fire starter that even starts a fire IN THE RAIN. Take that, diseased hordes!!) Lol.
...we got the kittens. I MEAN, COME ON. KITTENS. Who doesn't love kittens? They cure everything that ails you, except for feline allergies. And oh my stars, they are the cuddliest, goofy little things. Brother and sister and the brother is a little shy, but once the lights go out (translation: everyone is ready for bed/in bed) he is all I MUST RUB YOUR FACE AND GROOM YOUR EARS AND MAKE BISCUITS ON YOUR NECK. Gah, little dude, GO TO SLEEP. They both slept on my chest all weekend long. <3 Sally Derg wants to lick them and claim them as her babies, but they're not too sure about that. Miss Hope Cat wasn't too keen on them at first (what?!?! she's normally the Good Will Ambassador!) but is now tolerating them, mostly because they have kitten chow that smells delightful to her. Nerd.

Kitnits of Cuteness under here + a bonus POLL to help me name them! )

In other adventures this weekend, I saw two excellent movies. And both completely different. Spoilers under the cut for the movies The Hurt Locker and Predators )

Last but not least, I have a table read tonight for another Indie film I'm doing (small part, but a fun crazy role) and that's always a good time. Plus, I made the most epic pork shoulder of all time this weekend. I mean, words cannot describe the deliciousness, but I'll try. Braised for 3.5 hours in Adobo seasoning, bay leaf, onion, garlic, and Mexican baking chocolate. That last one is the secret to my success, I'm telling you. That's what makes my tamales so dang good, if I may say so myself. Mmmmm. That was the last of the wild boar, too, so I'm going to be pork-less until hunting season starts again. Goodness, that sounds dirty. :)

It's so frakkin' hot outside that I will not even try and venture out. It's all about laundry and Assassin's Creed 2 (which I'm trying out. So far, so good.)
So much to fix, clean, update, do, finish, report, bake, etc. Crazy amount of work happened last week, tons of canning was done, scores of children carted hither and yon, auditions, calls backs, movie part (won!) and updates! OH THE UPDATES. I'll just dive in.

Saturday was the Blood on the Highway DVD release party, which was fun (minus the fact that my girlfriend got a horrible migraine and spent the night in the bathroom throwing up. GAH. She wouldn't let me bail and take her home, though, because "I'll be sick home or here. Eh." I finally convinced her to go after the screening.) In the interim, fun was had and people were excited about the movie. PLUS: the party was held in the old Texas Theatre, which is where Oswald went to cool his heels after the old "shoot the President, take the cannoli" incident. Awesome historical building, HUUUUGE theatre. And they have the most awesome "Intermission/ Theater Rules" video ever. (It's originally from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, but it's the best thing EVER.) A handful of pics under the cut! Yay fun times! )

There was a bonus feature of a "Consumart Training Video" that my BiL made with the help of the star of the Spring Fiesta film, and it's hilarious. Know what else is? Spring Fiesta. And because of all the clicking y'all did a week ago, they landed on the FRONT PAGE of Funny or Die! NICE. Please please PLEASE keep clicking it, click "Funny" and email it to people to do the same. This is how future jobs are made in this biz, guys! And you can say you knew them when. :) And as of 8am tomorrow, you can buy Blood on the Highway at Amazon or Walmart or through Netflix! YAYNESS. You can WATCH THE TRAILER HERE. And be sure to click "Funny" or a little bit of my soul dies. :(

Next! I'm doing a film at the end of July. A movie that will star a certain someone from Arrested Development and Chuck. TONY HALE, HOLY CRAP. Now, I have no scenes with him, which sucks, but hey, I'll hopefully get to meet him. It's going to be REALLY HARD to not want to rub his shoulders and say, "Heeeeeeeeey, Brother." Funtimes.

Took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and aside from a misstep in regards to one of the female characters, I thought it was perfection. (And the little thing that bugged me is minor.) The ending tore me up and I couldn't help but cry. I looked over and saw that my son was, too. <3 He tried to hide it, then gave me a big, sappy grin and shrugged. "It's really sad, Mom." IT IS, MY LOVE. *holds* Loved it. LOVED. Thought it a fitting tribute to the series, and let me tell you, the first one came out on video when my son was 2, and we watched it ENDLESSLY. It got to the point where I thought maybe the toys WERE real when I wasn't looking. I would apologize to them when I put my son to bed. Lol. "I'm sorry he chewed on you, that's his way of saying I Love You." :)

Other movies I've seen and really enjoyed, under a cut for Spoilers. ORPHAN )

I've been reading some fun books, too, but they deserve posts of their own. If you wished the Sookie Books were a bit smarter, but like the fact that they were total beach reads, you might check out the series by Gail Carriger, "Soulless." It's supernatural shenanigans set in Victorian England, where Queen Victoria (and everyone else) knows about Vampires and Werewolves. She has a unique twist on the subject that keeps it from feeling like a tired retread. There are two books out with a third due in... the fall? Yep, the fall. There's an element of gayness in them that I can't decide if it's lighthearted or mildly offensive, though. (There's a foppish vampire with dandies for minions. Time appropriate? Or stereotypical? I can't decide.) They are fun, though. Not as graphic as the Sookie books - sexually - but not chaste, either. It's fitting with the time period and the tone of the books.

Okay, I need to stop typing or I won't get a thing done today. :) OH WAIT, LAST THING! This Tumblr account is hilarious. "Catalog Living" where it follows the lives of a couple, Elaine and Gary, that "live" in the catalog images. And of course they have massive issues. Funny stuff, I wish I'd thought of it.
I am on a soapbox, but it's made of recycled material, also, there is punch and pie at the end of this post. )

I'm not telling you this because I want you to say I'm a good person, or something, for contributing to charity. I'm saying this because I want to be sure that you all know about these charities, too. And seriously, you can give TWO DOLLARS. And that buys textbooks for someone. It's not that it's awesome to do it, but that it's shameful to NOT. :) And be sure to pick up a copy of Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristof, who is absolutely amazing for going where he goes to make sure we know about things that aren't being reported on. Like how more women have died from discrimination than all the men of EVERY WAR of the 20th Century. Ahem.

LEARN MORE HERE. Great site, not Oprah, if you're adverse. :)

Which leads me to talk about Into The Wild by Jon Kraukauer, one of my all-time favorite narrative nonfiction writers. But mostly the movie, which I just got around to seeing. )

And I can't tell you how badly I wish I could convince Kita and Lynne to take a hike through Red Rock Canyon park this weekend while we're in Vegas. The bouldering we could do! The rock climbing!! Sigh. ;) (And there will be radio silence from me for the rest of the week, so you can sigh in relief.)
[EDITED TO ADD SONG FILE!!] I meant to add this earlier, it's the montage song from my vampire movie, Blood on the Highway. It is NOT safe for work or people with sensibilities, but it is the greatest vampire killer song ever. Ahahaha. <3 Who IS gonna kill [all these effing vampires?]

I'm prefacing this movie review with some linkage to save time. Not my time, but yours. Ahaha. There are "spoilers" for everything, including Kaiser Soze was Kevin Spacey, Bobby was in the shower and Pam was just dreaming, and ET actually goes home. And Bella and Edward will OF COURSE end up together. If that just made you mad that I "spoiled" the story for you, you need to use safety scissors and wear a helmet. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Here are my previous thoughts on yaoi Twilight. Books 1, 2, 3, 4, abuse of the words used within, and the first movie. Also, I like to imagine that Edward and Sarah Palin used to date. And that Edward did some missionary work with the True Blood vampires.

Since the Sparkledammerung posts have gone beyond 100,000 hits (I eventually turned off the tracker, so I have no idea what the actual number is now) and I've had crazies, sympathizers, and funny people alike, let me just say this: I AM SARCASTIC, FOUL MOUTHED, AND UNAPOLOGETIC. I will not take you seriously if you are offended by anything I have to say about this topic. I will, however, laugh. Because THE BOY SPARKLES. Please. (If I sound mean, it's because I've had to become that way because of the Twihards.)

Now on with the show! I have just typed this stuff into the screen, this is not meant to be a scientific paper. I... we all get that, right?

Don't you wish your wolfboy would spark like me? )


I have to keep the Tappa Tappa joke going, because I can't get it out of my head. )
Rang dang dang a dinga dong! [Baby!] Sorry, it's been a non-stop playlist of 80s dance songs in my head. This weekend was our friend's 40th birthday party (which is weird, because I'm only 23. How do I know all of that 80s stuff? Har har.) and most everyone came in their best Me Generation stuff. (There were a lot of people that clearly don't have my insane passion for re-creation. They probably sleep better than I do.)

The BEST birthday party I have ever been to, hands down. PICTURES! )

I did catch a cold bug/flu/something and completely lost my voice yesterday. I'm still in my jim-jams, in bed. I'm staying in bed, working on revisions. NICE.

I do want to tell y'all about a FREAKING AWESOME MOVIE I watched Friday night, though. Spoilers ahoy! [eta] for clarity: the movie title is [REC]. [REC] - if you've not seen it, DO NOT READ. )

I'm going to drink some hot tea and see if I can't get my voice back....
First, the movie: I just got back from seeing Paranormal Activity, that scary movie I mentioned a while back. 1. If you haven't seen the trailer, DON'T. I think it puts too much in it, after having seen it. (I kinda hate when trailers do that.) 2. talk with mild spoilers - I DO NOT give away major plot points, and I hope you won't either. )

Scary man: who watched Oprah's interview of Mike Tyson yesterday? I have to tell y'all, I've been a boxing fan FOR YEARS. Loved it. Saw Evander Hollyfield win the title in the 90s when I was living outside of Las Vegas, grew up watching Sugar Ray with my dad... loved it. I'd never seen someone work like Tyson did in the ring. The man was an absolute gladiator. A primal warrior, but do not ever make the mistake and think the man isn't smart. Mike Tyson is maybe the best boxer of all time, but will never be that because of his broken, broken mind. And if you didn't realize it, boxing is all about calculations. You can't be a dummy and fight well, unless you're Tom Cruise in a bare-knuckle boxing movie. Lol. Now, you can be KNOCKED stupid, see George Foreman. But Foreman trained to be a brick that could be hit and hit and hit, then, when his competitor was worn out, he'd throw a punch and win. He won by endurance. Yeesh.

[ETA] Here's a clip of Tyson's knockouts.

He talked about being terrorized as a kid, his dad beating the hell out of his mom. living on the streets (I think he had been arrested over 30 times by the time he was 13.) and I couldn't help but notice Oprah, her normal "I'm freakin' Oprah, people" bravado GONE sitting next to him. If you watch it, notice when she reaches over to pat his knee and her whole demeanor changes. The man is a brick, and I'm sure bundled energy, too. She shifted in her seat and wouldn't get any closer to him.

Regardless of changes he's made, regardless of how he's realizing the mistakes he's made, he's Mike Freaking Tyson. What do you do if he loses control? Run, that's what. He just made me sad, though. He thought drug dealers didn't come after him (he would dare them to try and take their money) because they felt sorry for him. And there was no guile, nothing, just "I am this horrible, pathetic thing, now." It's sad to see that the man is capable of intelligence, deep thoughts, no, really - but because he was never given the real tool of language, all he can do is stumble with words and try and communicate in his broken way.

There are moments when you hear him and you know what he's trying to say and know that he can't. He reminded me painfully of my ex-husband - same sad beginnings, same inability to communicate, same resorting to violence because there's no impulse control, and because you're taught that's what a man does. Absolutely fascinating interview and I'm definitely going to watch the documentary just released about him.

In the meantime, I have a plate of fudge I made and it's calling my name. I need some sweetness. (And I just got my copy of The Last Unicorn and The Neverending Story books - books I've never read! How is that possible??)
Last week I drove down to Austin, met up with my new friend (the one with the pool and brains) and took her to see a screening of Blood on the Highway, a fabulous movie that I'm in. Howls of laughter. She passed the test. ;) If she didn't think that movie was funny, I would have had to put her on the bench. Whew! Smart, sassy, non religious right folks can be hard to find in my little neighborhood. (Um, the key word there is SMART. There are lefties/centrists around here, but they're into Jeff Foxworthy. Enough said.)

I finally watched a movie that had been pimped by so many of you on my flist and I have to say, Meh and a bit of a harsh frowny face, too. [i am not judging people who like it/got something out of it. I just have issues with it.] Talk about Cannibal Holocaust, a very violent and gory movie. )

Books: I loved Pump Six by Paolo Bacugalupi so much that I'm RE-READING it. Like, I finished it and turned back to page 1. I don't know when I've ever done that with a book that wasn't Anne of Green Gables. If you are fascinated by eco-terrorism, by corporate farming, by any environmental issues plus you love post-apocalypse stories with some future tech thrown in, I just can't recommend this enough. Hell, even if you're not into that stuff, you need to read this. Awesome food for thought on where we're headed as a species, but it doesn't beat you over the head with morality at all. Even better.

For those of you with tweens to teens (or if you love fun YA books) you have to pick up j user="oatmellow">'s book Bite Me! Fun vampire in high school story with a mystery thrown in. It starts off with the protagonist having to break up with her boyfriend because he's becoming her step-brother. I mean, what's not to love here? I read it and passed it off to my daughter, and she's telling her friends to go buy it (because let's face it: we all need to support book buying since so many of us are either writers or wanna be writers, right?) Cute, fun story and it's getting great reviews. Plus, it's going to be a short series!

Next up: Brooklyn and The Wilderness, the last on rec from [ profile] swmbo. Thoughts? Comments?

Birthday! Mine is coming up, but my Emily's is the day before mine. <3 She's my early birthday present. We're going to have a combo birthday party this year and she and decided to make a Charlie the Unicorn cake, banana coconut flavor. There will be pictures. CANNOT WAIT. It's even going to have the "oh my god, they stole my freakin' kidney!" stitches. LOL. And on my actual birthday, I will be jumping out of a perfectly good plane on a tandem sky dive jump. DUDE. They're giving me champagne afterwards, and also a video during the jump, and loads of pictures, too. Those will be forthcoming. \o/

And lastly, storage! I've moved in to Ikea, apparently. Food storage dreams. I CAN'T HELP IT, I'M A NERD. )

Oh, crap, one last thing. Who watched The Colbert Report last night? And how many of you thought of that internet wank when he mentioned the man who... loved a horse? ME, TOO. Aw, that makes me want to go back and finish Stallioncrest, lol. Whatever, haters, that's some of the funniest stuff I've ever written. :D)
1. Oh man, how he is not dead is beyond me.
2. I still love SBC.
3. I am completely amused at the audience surrounding me consisting of wall to wall frat boy.
4. And how silent it got during the very very VERY gay movie.
5. And I wonder how many will experiment tonight. :)

Funny. SO. FUNNY. And awful. And squirmy. And hilarious. Again: how he has not been killed by a mob s astounding. Run, don't walk, etc. etc.
Sorry for the double post. I just watched Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father and my heart is just aching. It's incredibly painful, and it's incredibly beautiful, too. I feel weird about recommending it, because it will really devastate a few of you. But amidst all the hurt and shock and horror lie two people that are the kind of parents I dream of being. I think they're the kind of parents we all (me especially) wish we had. If you have parents like that, you don't know how lucky you are.

You can read about it here, but I went in blind to this story. I don't know if that's best or not. Disabling comments, because I'm really just shattered. [I'm a complete tender boob when it comes to parenting and kids, I make no apologies for that.] And I now have another cause to support.
A "warm front" was supposed to breeze in today and instead, I had blue skies turn to gray with winds so fierce it almost knocked me off my feet. I'm now freezing as I chose to wear capris to exercise in this morning. I need ear warmth STAT.

Today marks the birthdays of two people that are quite dear to me, [ profile] ethrosdemon and [ profile] kita0610. Both are strong, smart women that can laugh and can stand their ground better than most, three qualities I consider to be essential in my friends. I hope life treats you kind today. <3

In honor of standing your ground and being smart and awesome, here's a link to the op-ed piece President Obama sent to the Washington Post today. I seriously love that man.

I think I need another pot of coffee for I am chilled to the BONE. So much for moving shrubs outside today. =p Oh! I watched Gran Torino yesterday. Holy sheep dung, that's a hard movie. Clint Eastwood plays the hardest man in a movie I've ever seen. I always fret in movies when people have to use racist language because I think of the actors having to spend all day together on a scene saying those words over and over. That's hard stuff. I don't know how I feel about that movie, but I was moved in places. But good lord, the racist things the protagonist says. Yeesh.

Today I'm watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist so I can have a palate cleanser. Gentle teen romance FTW!
Oh, I'm so happy that Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards! And I was pulling for Mickey Rourke, too, even though he's a complete dirt bag in real life.

Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button spoilers abound! )

In other movie news of a personal nature, Blood on the Highway will be at the Berlin Film Festival this February, represented by DC Medias. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll get a distributor so you can see this damn thing. (And any Deutschlanders out there, go see it!)

I want a movie icon that looks like old film counting down. Does that make sense? Maybe I can find something like that...
1. I have an audition today, I'm sure I won't get it, but I'm finding them to be fun to go on, so eh. (I'm going to follow up every audition with "Do you need this to be more Spader?" And do my James Spader from "Pretty in Pink" impression. I don't know WHY I'm not getting these commercials... Ahaha. Ha. Hem.)
2. I got an email from the director of my second movie that said he mentioned my name to another director to star in a his new movie. UM, OKAY. YES, PLEASE.
3. My husband's been gone all weekend, swapping out the kids on an extended camp weekend, and has decided to keep that up until Wed. night. I love having my bed all to myself, it must be said.
4. Someone has apparently WRITTEN THEIR MASTER THESIS ON MORMONISM IN TWILIGHT. (pdf) So, please. All haters to the left, because I clearly knew what I was talking about, hahaha. [/vindication] I've only skimmed it, I've not read it. But believe me, I will be later.
5. A movie that I think every person who is into vampires/ can handle gore/ can handle a brutal look at adolescent behavior needs to see is Let The Right One In. It's Swedish, and it's absolutely phenomenal.

Oh, so painful in so many ways. (mild spoilers and movie discussion) )

6. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes yesterday with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I have found my Thanksgiving dessert! (I stole the idea from a Food TV show - I'll make fancy flower caramel cutouts to decorate the frosting on the actual turkey day.)

I love vacation weeks. *beams*
I have nine pages to write up. Oh my god. This is a placeholder, I'll add all my "notes" under a cut once I've got them all figured out. The AUDIENCE, good lord. The movie: eh. The audience? Had to have been nothing but Twi-moms.

This is just my typing from my notes, there aren't any photoshopped macros. I will say, though, that the ones I made for the books will still apply to the movie. As in, some of the pictures/people I chose look A LOT like imagery in the movie, which I find hilarious. :D

Can't stop won't stop can&'t stop the twinkle... YES. THEY quote un-quote SPARKLE IN THE MOVIE. )

...they are making #2, right? How the hell are they going to do the blank pages? Hahahaha, my money is on the screen going dark. For like, three minutes. Then they'll do that fade in with noises like when a scene has someone waking up from a coma, and the screen will be blurry and then focus and we'll be informed that four months have passed. Let's start a betting pool! :D

[ETA] Forgot to mention that I stood in line for tickets behind some giggling women, and when I got there, I asked the tall, pimpled teen forced to work on this most horrible of days for "One for Trainwreck." And he laughed and got my ticket without me saying any more. :D

[ETA 2]; From this interview with SMeyers on her input with the movie: "I didn’t want to get in the way and make it worse" !!! Ahahaha! Watch it, you're digging your hole deeper!
Up too early today, to bed too late last night. There may not be enough coffee in the world to wake me up...

1. I posted my Lynnevitational fic yesterday, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Drusilla and Spike from 1953 - NFA bumping into poets and musicians and unwittingly inspiring them, for those interested. Lots of musical references, but you don't have to know them to enjoy, hopefully. [/shameless self pimp - it won't pimp itself, people!]

2. Saw Tropic Thunder yesterday. I will be going back to see it when the kids start school next week. Holy crap, did I laugh my butt off. mild spoilers )

3. I'm almost ready to start Breaking Dawn. Fortunately I have a cabinet full of liquor to numb the pain. Good GOD are these such fluffy wanna be fanfic stories. The way she has them talk! The complete lack of anything attractive about the lead girl!! The shameless borrowing of tropes from the Book of Mormon and Harlequin romance novels!! *tears out hair*

Aw, well, it's rainy, I'll climb back in bed, and mock the stupid. Pretty good for a Monday, all in all. (And I really need some Tropic Thunder icons...)
I'm the 1% fool, for those doing the math. UGH, we have wind gusts to 40mph here today, which means I am firmly planted indoors, as the wind is my enemy. Sorry, Sally Dog, you can play "chase the laser pointer" inside for your exercise. Every April Fools joke I've had played on me today has been me getting RickRolled, which, hey. I love me some Rick Astley. (Did you know he's Mormon?) Anyway, I've decided that David Archaleta on American Idol is a Rick Astley wannabe. Except I like Rick. (Never gonna give you up, Rick!!)

I've been meaning to post about a movie for WEEKS and keep forgetting. "Once," that beautiful, wonderful, heart-breaking movie that came out... in 2006. I know, I'm always behind on this stuff. (I can raise a family, or I can stay current. I can't do both.) I've got the soundtrack under the cut and LOTS OF SPOILERS. If you've not seen it, DO NOT READ. It's such a lovely, quiet movie, you should go in fresh. Falling Slowly )

And because I laughed at it, this is a clip from the AFI festival, it's the director and writer (my bro-in-law) dressed as vampires protesting Blood on the Highway for "misrepresentation of vampires." "Dangit, Clark! You just set us back 1000 years! Go call your sponsor!" Vampires having regular guy names is always funny to me. (On my honor, it's not an April Fool's joke. It's also work safe.)

Has anyone read "A Final Solution" by Michael Chabon? Hmmm. Overall I was pretty "meh" about it. I did like the chapter from the parrot's perspective. I'm reading Phillip Roth and "World War Z" right now. To say those are polar opposites is not stretching the truth.... Alright, enough random stuff from me. Tell me stories, talk to me about books, keep me from having to do laundry and mop!!
Oh, South Park. I love you. (I need to watch last night's ep again to try and figure out all the other imaginary cartoon creatures shown. I did see H.R. Puffinstuff at one point, which had me LOLing.

[ETA!] [ profile] southernbangel is hosting a Love Meme where you can talk about people, things, your cat, delicious margaritas, whatever. Go, share some love and a smile. [/end PSA]

I also watched Hostel last night, and I know it came out a few years ago, but I'm always behind on movies. And while I found it a satisfying gore-fest, I did laugh at a few things. And then I spent all day writing this. Um... because I don't want to clean the house, what of it? Shamelessly stolen format, but you don't care about that, right? Right.

HOSTEL, in 15 Minutes. (AKA: Pinocchio Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong) )
Just finished watching an utterly charming movie (thanks for inadvertently reminding me about it, [ profile] femmenerd: Driving Lessons, starring Rupert Grint and Julie Walters (Molly Weasley!) - hilarious, very touching and awkward, and you get to see Rupert dance and make out with an older woman. \o/

And for those JackDav fans on my flist, how about listening to him read Jack and the Beanstalk? I swear, that man has the sexiest voice in the world, with Alan Rickman coming in second. And boy, I'm so happy the Tiffany-network is still airing his new "wife-swapping" show this coming Spring. Hallelujah and pass the peas.

I'm almost finished with "King Dork" by Frank Portman. Hilarious YA book that's taking me back to the crap days of junior high and high school, but laughing the whole time. Very much recommend for anyone who grew up in the 80s, especially. Man, my To Be Read folder is huge. I need to dive back in... Send pizza. Mmmmmmm.

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