I'm going through my family's records (and I can't tell you how freaking thrilling it is to find old journal entries from my g-g-g-grandfather detailing his immigration to the US and then his emigration to Utah - JOURNALS ARE NEAT-O) and just found a very interesting and no doubt intentional series of blanks in the 1870 and 1880 Census records.

No wife listed officially, even though his first wife had been dutifully recorded (Emma, age --, born in England, keeping house) for the two censuses prior.

Then, the 1890 census show Emma again, but then there's this lady (Martha, 55) that turns up. And the next census (these are official census records, btw) have Emma missing. She's not dead at this time. This is also the period when Thomas went to jail for being a polygamist. They paid $100 to get him out, and he wrote that he served his time for The Lord. but when Utah was trying to pretend they weren't polygamous anymore (1890s) both wives are back on the census. (I need to borrow my dad's church ID # so I can check all of the SOOPER SEKRIT temple records for the evidence I need to show the polygamous marriage records, though.)

IDK, I just think it's interesting. I do love Emma's final dig at the situation in death, though. She got her proper place in death, if not in the house )

And fellow ExMos (or Mos) will get a kick out of this: I found his temple record of getting his "Second Calling." Meaning, no matter what, he gets his own planet. My religion passed out WORLDS, what did yours pass out, Watchtowers and WWJD bracelets? PFFT.
God Bless You, Texas.

Hey, Warren? I bet some big ol' tattooed criminal will be happy to help you "Keep Sweet."

*whistles theme to OZ*
"Be quiet, Mr. Jeffs," State District Judge Barbara Walther said.

If you're not following the trial, you're doing your soul some good. I new some of the details coming to light but there were a few I didn't. And remember that Texas is known for "Don't Mess With Texas." He is going to go down, and the world will be better for it.

now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take all of the showers ever. Sorry, but I'm going to need yours. (And my heart goes out to Texas Ranger Nick Hanna, who had to listen to audio recording and transcribe them for the jurors. May he finally be able to sleep at night without that shit haunting him.) <-- if you don't know what's on the audio tape, it's a recorded sexual assault. You may not need to go looking for transcripts, okay?

Ugh. Time for lolcats and snoring puppies.
For those who watch Big Love and want to discuss it, my review (and insight) is up at Hey, Don't Judge Me. :) I mention in that review that I think some of the writers of the show might be following this blog, because they hit on the whole "pyramid scheme" layout of the LDS church that I've been saying for a few years, now.

My husband, who travels every week for his job, was told to get to the airport THREE hours early today, because of all of the Super Bowl travelers. And that was for the "Preferred" status flyers (he's that obnoxious guy that zips ahead of you because he has "priority seating." Hey, you go through airports as much as he does and they try and cut you some slack.) Regular schleps were cautioned to get there four to five hours early. DAMN. That's when a Kindle is great, I'm just saying.

The kids went back to school today after almost a week off due to bad weather. Except for #2, as the school had a busted water main this morning, and classes were pushed back until 12. I just want my quiet mornings back, is that so wrong??

I started up a new workout program today, TurboFire, one of the Beachbody/P90X workouts. Holy frijoles, it is an ass kicker. It's mostly because I am NOT good with choreography, and this is one of those "dance based" workouts, and it's crazy fast paced. I did a lot of jumping jacks when I missed the "knee cross elbow elbow cross cross KICK!" steps. Fortunately I was able to laugh at myself, and push through. Hopefully I won't be such a cotton-headed ninny muggins for the next 16 weeks.

I really, really want a brownie, but I promised myself that I would be super healthy for these first 5 days, to kick start my metabolism, which has slowed to a crawl. Bathing suit weather is around the corner, yo, not to mention my cross-country road trip to amazing American hikes. Hummus and bell peppers it is, then. =/

I had, like, four things I wanted to post about today, and I'm too fried to think of them. Durr.
Guys, I caught up on Big Love yesterday and I have a big "meh" growing, even though there are some good things happening. 1) it feels reeeeaally forced in a lot of ways and 2) it seems like it is a midget practicing witchcraft away from being Passions. Oh, that there was a magical midget on this show. And of course the religious stuff they got wrong (or off in places) just bugged the hell out of me.

Lemme 'splain. (And for new folks since the last season of Big Love, I am a former Mormon, my ex worked for Merril Jessop - he runs the YFZ Ranch in Texas, and my family was one of the first "out" polygamous familiess of SLC under the leadership of Brigham Young. Hit my "polygamy" tag for further reading, if you're interested.)They didn't even say the name of the Priesthood right, and Sunstone is NOT a club, and Barb's mother would NOT be associated with them in the slightest, wth?? )

Ok, enough of that malarkey. I made the hands-down best chicken enchiladas with a sour cream and salsa verde sauce of my LIFE. For Texans: they beat Chuy's Enchiladas Suizas, imo. They are the benchmark for that style of enchilada in this house. Here's the recipe )

We have a snow day today, and maybe tomorrow, too. I might need to create some projects for these knuckle heads to keep them out of my hair. (We have ice outside, not snow, so it's not like it's fun out there with the 40mph winds. BOO.)
I find myself more often than not to be trying to figure out where in Lehi they are. (Back story: the show is filmed in the little town my dad grew up, and where I lived during college.) If I could just get a shot of the roller mills, I'll know exactly where they are. I'm telling you, a few of the shots when they were outside looked like they were on the block behind my grandma's house. I freaked out a little. (Oh, and those roller mills you all should know - they were prominently featured in the little movie called Footloose.) Also, anyone familiar with St. George ([livejournal.com profile] essene?) think that Robyn's house is right off Bluff Street on the way to Bloomington? Looks like 15 behind her (looks like town to me. Lol.) Also, she came out of the old folks care center right by the college dorm I lived at, across the street from Harmons. WORLDS ARE COLLIDING, Y'ALL.

I don't like how manufactured everything feels. Everyone seems too coached to me. The tears they briefly showed seemed real, but still. I don't know how I'm going to do with continual watching/recapping. We'll see. I do like seeing all of the old haunts I had back in the day. Even on the road trip I was shouting "Watch out for the speed trap on the hill outside of Nephi!" etc. That's where we'd stop and get potato fries, too. I made that drive EVERY WEEKEND during school - 5 hours up and 5 hours back. Oy. Anyway, Sister Wives it both frustrating and comforting, and that's even more frustrating (the comfort aspect. I did have good times there.)

I have three chapters to go, but I'll wrap up the Hunger Games trilogy later today. I started... Sunday afternoon? Quick reads, but great reads. Really good YA series. I mean come on, a girl survives, keeps her family fed by her own wits and skills, and then gets put in a gladiator/only one may leave battle scenario. In a dystopian future world. HELLO KINK, I'VE MISSED YOU. There's a romance element that I enjoyed, as well, and I've been pretty meh on book romance that doesn't involve made up stories in my head about a certain 1000 Viking vampire.

Last thing, and it'll go under the cut - a poll for those of you that were/are religious. By religious I mean you and your family actively participated in a regular weekly church structure. If you did not routinely participate in your religion, this is not a poll for you. I'll make a separate one for you so you don't feel left out. Ha.

Religious Life Poll )

I wasn't religious, where's my poll? Poll. )
And it should be obvious that I'm talking about TLC's Sister Wives, the REALITY SHOW about POLYGAMISTS. I mean, come on <00 say like Jimmy from South Park. Brief commentary about them, under a cut in case stating the obvious is "spoilery." :D Why are the guys always creepy? Why? )

Because [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse is so awesome and had some great ideas for me, I'm all jazzed up for writing today. I need to get off the kitchen table chairs because they hurt my butt for long bouts of writing, one, and two, the cats like to do that thing cats do where they sneak up behind you and gradually push you off the chair, claiming it in the name of Feline. Also, I need to rethink my subtitle, because "An Insider's blah blah" and "How I blah blah'd and finally blah'd" is played out.

It was 51 degrees this morning. Tonight is venison stew and a bottle of red. YAY.

OH. AND I FORGOT TO MENTION. Last Thursday marked the 1,000,000th hit on the first portion of the Sparkledammerung. (The others are languishing around 500,000 ish, with the 4th at @750,000 hits.) DUDE. I'm internet popular. Just in time for my high school reunion!! Lol.
Warren Jeff's rape conviction overturned by Utah's Supreme Court. Technicalities! On a freaking technicality. I hate everything about them. EVERYTHING. One of his attorneys that filed the appeal is a WOMAN. (An Issacson, which is an old Utah name, so that might explain that away.)

Texas? Y'all better get him extradited and locked up jiffy quick, or I'll lose my faith in my state.

In defense of why I think this is BS, for anyone that might entertain the thought of challenging my viewpoint (really. Don't. Not if you know what's good for you.) why is Manson in jail? He didn't ACTUALLY murder anyone, just ordered it to happen. This is the same damn thing, "joint-responsibility rule."

I am absolutely OUTRAGED by this. (Oh, and if you have no idea what this is all about, THIS IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. This scumbag. Hint: that's a WEDDING PHOTO.)
You should pretty much know that a) there are going to be massive spoilers (*and in the truest sense of the word - if you've not seen, please don't read. It's awful to not have the emotional punch because you read something beforehand, imo) and b) there's going to be some pretty triggery stuff for people who suffered as closeted homosexuals. Also, I should throw in a c) I'm going to do some massive exposing (following along with the stuff the show said) about how the Mormon Church REALLY feels about lesbians and gays. (Trans people are straight up sinners in their eyes. Flat out, a person who is trans is barred from heaven, no ifs ands or buts to these dudes.)

I'm going to link you to my book journal, [livejournal.com profile] 0hmyheck, (which needed an update anyway) for more in depth information and links. [There are no Big Love spoilers there, btw.]

Jodene's sour expressions continue to be hilarious. That's about the only thing hilarious in the show this week. )

That was exhausting. And fantastic TV. This is an outstanding show, even though it upsets me greatly. For more on homosexuality and the LDS church, this is a (working) excerpt from my book on the subject.

Happier, off topic stuff is that I had this menu to choose from last night for dinner. For the record, I had the steamed buns, the lobster chowder, the duck, and the winter creme brulee. All with a bottle of Tangly Oak Merlot, which was really delicious. The Mr. had the tiramasu for dessert, took a bite and said, "this is the best tiramasu I've ever had." I rolled my eyes, took a bite and moaned, "This is the best tiramasu I've ever had." Big fan of Kent Rathburn. I was stuffed, but in a pleasant "it took 2+ hours to eat this meal and had wonderful conversation" kind of stuffed. :)
Texas Polygamist found GUILTY in SEX ASSAULT ON A CHILD.

One down, 10 more to go. Assholes. Not in my state, brother. The State has amassed a ton of evidence and the FLDS has just been stupid - they keep thinking they're in Utah with all of their relatives. HA HA, SUCKERS.
I've been quiet about the trial that's going on because so much of it is just plain upsetting to me, so I've avoided it. But I was asked a question about a specific issue (won't go into detail) and came across this post. That's the potentially triggery stuff, btw. Never forget that this organization isn't some hippie, feel good "we just want to worship our God" religion. This is an outfit that went about specifically targeting YOUNG (as in: seriously under aged) girls to make them subservient and to be breeders. That's all women are good for, they can serve no leadership positions, their advice isn't wanted (and can get them a pop in the mouth or a few days in the potato shed for speaking out of turn) and they are systematically beaten and broken down until there's nothing left.

If I read one more comment on a blog about how they're "just wanting to practice their religion" I'm going to fly off in a rage. Or create a religion where I get to take anything of yours I want and rock out on amyl poppers. What? It's what my god wants me to do!

(Important to note: even old time FLDS folks - read: pre Warren Jeffs - were shocked by the temple bed. But the more secretive these people get, the more crazy stuff they do. Like how apparently Jeffs kept TAPES OF HIMSELF CONSUMMATING HIS "MARRIAGES" TO YOUNG GIRLS.)

I will never forget the shock I felt when I got a question from the State Troopers re: the original bust and they asked if there were beds in the temples. There are padded altars. This whole thing is just a gross distortion of the original weirdness. (Here's what Mormon temple altars look like.) I MEAN, HELLO.

Geh. In other news, I've completely gutted my office, selling off the furniture, painting walls, etc. and I'm wanting to put in this coffee table and a bunch of comfy chairs and have a relaxed space. No more formal office for me, I think. We're all laptop users now, so why have a desk designed for a PC? Exactly.

I have hummingbirds all over my Mexican bush sage out front. <3
I'm starting to have horrible, detailed, labyrinthine dreams about the FLDS ranch, so this is it for a bit (plus, I'm going out of town Thursday.) Lemme answer some questions here, and then someone show me where the Less Than Zero slashfic is. (Dude. How could I forget how hot Spader and Robert Downey Jr are in that? Jamie Gertz and Andrew "Bug Eyes" McCarthy? Not so much. I need Rip/Julian fic STAT.)

1. I am not polygamous, neither are my parents. Anymore. (Okay, my dad was modern-day polygamist, meaning he was married in heaven to two women, not legally on earth, and this is no longer the case.)
2. My distant family *is* polygamist, and my g-grandfather was one of the first men publicly called to polygamy by Brigham Young.
3. Yes, I said polygamy and that's the word I meant because it's the word the LDS church uses. It's the common-understood vernacular. Also, it specifically means MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE, and is usually used in reference to: you guessed it. The F/LDS.
4. Hey, I get the need to correct me. I'm the type that flinches when people interpose "venomous" and "poisonous" and use "impact/ed" when they mean "affect/ed."
5. I also meant the word "polyandry" to refer to NON-LDS poly-relations. Because obv. Also, I meant to ALSO use polygyny, even though the vast majority of people aren't familiar with the term. I mean, this is my LJ, not a published book, y'all. This is my rant zone, and I just slap that shit up here, as was the case yesterday. I'll add an addendum to yesterday's post.
6. I'm starting to feel very exposed and it's making me feel weird. I don't mean to be snippy, I'm just... baffled at the response. (I mean, come on. I've been beating the drum about this PARTICULAR sect for almost 2 decades. Now people listen? It's... overwhelming. It's also great, but overwhelming.)
7. I need to figure out how the hell to get a literary agent, as that's evidently how you go about selling a book. (I'm completely uninterested in a vanity press. No offense meant.)
8. I have no donuts or muffins in my house. This could be remedied by the aforementioned links to Less Than Zero fic. *smiles helpfully at you all*

:) Have a lovely day. I'm going to bugger out and breathe fresh, clean air and hook up with [livejournal.com profile] bu_doodlebug for headshots, because during all of this, I'm still trying to get more acting jobs. Feel free to cluck your tongue at me for having too many irons in the fire. Or send Julian/Rip fic. Either. (Comments might go unanswered. Again: see # of irons in fire)
I'm surprised I'm not bald yet, from all the hair tearing I'm doing. FLDS/YFZ Ranch talk for those interested )
Let's be clear: religious freedom does not supersede basic human rights. It does not override the basic (AND FIRST) principle of the United States of America, that being the freedom to life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. How can you know happiness if you live in a cave of fear and lies? When you're not allowed beyond the "sacred" doors of your cave? When you're threatened with "eternal damnation" - which, let me explain how it's different in the Mormon/Fundy religion. It's not Hell with Satan torturing your soul, it's being cast into Outer Darkness. Or rather, your soul is destroyed, horrors! *eye roll* Freaking religion. Anyway. Back to the rant. And now the poor mothers - who only have sons, let me make that clear - are crying about how poorly their babies are being treated by CPS. Not true, one, and maybe you shouldn't have FLAGRANTLY BROKEN THE LAW, two. )
(which is me, or at least, I'm determined to be very busy today.) I was pretty amazed by my hit counter to see how many people went back to read my Mormon and Polygamy tags. (Maybe there is a market for this book after all...) Whoops, bullet points!

  • I watched a report last night on the YFZ ranch that shocked even me (and Carolyn Jessop and Dorothy Soloman, etc.) They had multiple beds lined up in a special room in their temple to consummate the marriages instantly. (More about this after the jump, for those curious)
  • I know that some of you expressed frustration with not being able to do anything, and wanting to help in some way. Go H E R E to Texas' DFPS page and you'll find a list of ways to help the women and children. This is the largest case of this type in US History - there's bound to be some weirdness, and anything you can do to help (I'm pitching in, too) will help get these poor folks out of the mindset that they're cattle. (Keep in mind this is in the beginning stages - they're still trying to assess what all will be needed.)
  • Keep in mind that these folks are old school - they'll work to feed themselves, clothe themselves. They'll just need the resources to get started. (And my hope is the mothers will get some job training to help them have tools to get out and stay out of this culture. FLDS: putting the Cult in Culture since 1840!)
  • ION, I've been crutch-free for 36 hours and have a zombie-quality to my shambling about the house. (I should stop moaning and frightening the children, huh?) I plan on wearing an old fashioned, Jules Verne-esque diving helmet until I can walk correctly, to protect my precious brains from you ever-vigilant zombie-killers. (Are you ever-vigilant?! They could rise up at ANY MOMENT, zomg!!)

[ETA] This appears to be the original affidavit filed? I'm still reading it.
[ETA 2] I'm slow on the uptake. The reason they're taking names for volunteers is they are afraid that people that secretly left the compound will "volunteer" and ferry away wives and children. Makes sense. There's a hotline for people to call that may have lived there but left, too. Very smart. (1-800-252-5400.) Get an electronic collar on them. I love my home state, y'all.

the F/LDS temple bidness... )
Long time readers of my polygamy rants (click here to read back-posts, or read my Mormon rants) are most likely NOT surprised by all the stories coming out since yesterday's release of the Gag Order on investigators to the Yearning For Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Texas. Did you read about the pre-teen girls being pregnant? What did I tell you two days ago? [Insert "I told you so" comment here.]

The thing that's upsetting me the most is that I feel in my bones that the original 16 year old girl that called in abuse is dead. (Let's hope she's just been banished to Bountiful, Canada and the Blackmore plyg clan.) Warren Jeffs originally had a high-temperature furnace installed on the property, with the instructions that it would burn hot enough to destroy DNA evidence. The original engineer of that furnace had this to say on the (apparently) secret blog of a former YFZ/FLDS member under the cut, and more rants and links for those interested. )
Warren Jeffs gets 5 to Life, will serve at least 10 years. It's a start. A super good start.

Something else to be thankful for this year. *beams* (If you have no idea why I'm so happy, hit any of the tags for this post.)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! (And sorry I missed the Canadian one. Wait, did I? Oh, well. Whoops!)

ETA: Oh my god, I missed this article. Huh. Trying to get sympathy so he wouldn't get a max sentence? Hmmm.
Warren Jeffs has (justly) been convicted of two counts of rape and is going to jail for a looong time. *pumps fist*

Under the cut are "doctrines" the Mormon Church STILL HAS in their "standard works," which the FLDS (Polygamists) run their "religion" by. This is what created the world that Warren Jeffs ruled. Shedding Blood of the Innocent/Multiple Wives )

And now everyone is a little more knowledgeable on the situation out there; maybe some change can happen. Like these women not remain their husbands' chattel.
Speaking of entitlement, (hee) the Warren Jeffs trial was underway yesterday, and they FINALLY convinced the Key Witness to get back in the game. (She was terrified and went underground for a bit.) I'm following this like it's the '69 Moon Landing. Um... that may be a bit of an exaggeration. (That link is for the Mormon owned paper in SLC. They've... got an interesting "I didn't do it!" stance. Which is laughable.)
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] petzipellipingo for sending me a link to Entertainment Weekly's report on Big Love and its accuracy. In other words: it's juuuust like I told y'all. Crazy people, fer seriouz. Polygamy and Big Love talk, for those interested )

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