Hello - we had a hell of a storm move through last night, so my morning was spent pulling patio furniture out of the pool. Fun! (We are in such a drought, though, so the rain is very welcome.)

1. It's Mormon Monday on my pro-site, and today's story is of me horribly misunderstanding what George Michaels' song "Father Figure" was about. I had tears down my face, laughing, as I wrote this.

2. Game of Thrones - I'll just leave the link. OH MY GOODNESS, THE VISUALS.

3. We're recapping Orange Is The New Black on HDJM, now, and Hillary is awesome. Come support our newest writer writing about a AMAZING LGBTQ show.

4. I bit the bullet and paid for us to move to our own private server to keep up with the load/crashes/etc. MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IT WAS WORTH IT by spreading the love for the shows you're into! CLick those links! Like, +1, tweet, Tumble, etc. Every time you do, a lizard gets its wings. YOU ARE MAKING DRAGONS, IS WHAT I AM SAYING.

5. I cannot deal with all of the pictorial goodies coming out of ALphaCon in Austria. IT IS TOO MUCH. (hence my icon)
GAME OF THRONES IS BACK and I couldn't be more excited.

I had a massive cold last week, and was lazy (read: stuck doing edits for hours on end) for the week before that, so I'm feeling decidedly out of shape and out of sorts. A happy Laura is a moving Laura, so I got back into the swing of things with my usual 5 mile walk (I'll kick that back up to 7 next week) and have added a HIIT workout regime to get my cardio back in shape, because I don't like wheezing.

But I'll be wheezing every morning for a bit... [ACTUAL FREE PROGRAM UNDER THE CUT] If you aren't familiar with HIIT workouts, )
but this is how many of you remember to come to HDJM and read all of the awesome writing there. (Hannibal continues to be CRAZY popular, which is awesome.) I'm proud of all of my girls, for sure. <3

Game of Thrones is here, btw, and it took me FOREVER to get it done because I am a total drag-ass today.

Instead of complaining, I will simply point you to this amazing post on TUMBLR (read the comments below the quote) and say that it's just wonderful to see people get that. It took me a while to get that (it took me having teenagers, honestly) and seriously, nothing has been pissing me off more in fandom that seeing people write boys saying that when they're doing something perceived as negative (or simply emotional) that they're being like a "little girl."

My girls love what they love, and don't know that they shouldn't love it. Them feeling passionately about their interests shouldn't be seen as being less important or valuable as a teenage boy loving baseball or cars or whatever. How ridiculous. STOP SAYING THINGS ARE LIKE A GIRL/GIRLY IN A NEGATIVE WAY. It's weak, it makes you look like an asshole, and you're a huge part of the problem females everywhere face.

There's no such thing as "I'm not one of those girls." Because there's a bunch of girls that say THAT, so you're one of THEM. And you're someone that is siding with misogyny when you do say that, by the way.

LET PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE. It doesn't take anything away from YOU if someone likes something you don't. (Unless it's liking your things once they're out of your possession. In that case, it absolutely takes away from you.) :)
AKA, Time Warner Cable is a Harvey Buttcheese.

QUICKLY, before my connection goes out again.

1. GAME OF THRONES. Guys. I just cannot. It's the best damn show on TV, the writing, the acting, the sets, I LOVE IT ALL.
2. Hannibal continues to be our biggest draw on the HDJM website, click and find out why. :D
3. Dr. Who continues to have some of the most loyal readers - click to find out why. :D
4. I had lobster macaroni and cheese this weekend. I am still patting my belly in remembrance.
5. It is sunny and gorgeous outside, and I want to be out in it.
6. Laying out/bathing suit time! <3

In conclusion, life is fine, Time Warner Cable is a bunch of butt faces. TYPING ON MY PHONE IS HARD AND I DON'T LIKE IT.
After a stressful and sad weekend (see previous post), today began with a perfectly blue sky, warm weather, and the smell of flowers. Guys? I have pretty flowers in my garden. One of my rose bushes (my Texas State Yellow Rose, to be exact) is so flipping gorgeous, I can't even.

See? )

So Game of Thrones was awesome last night, as per ushe. Recap (and non-spoilery discussion for squeeful types) is here.

Also up: Orphan Black, Hannibal (which is tearing it UP as the most popular show on the site!), Dr. Who, and Supernatural.

We have officially blown out our bandwidth twice in one month. (As in, we shot past our normal setting, I had it upped, and we've shot past that.) The traffic is fantastic, and I'm very grateful to everyone that has linked to us, pimped us out, and especially those of you who comment and engage in thoughtful, fun discussions. We like that most of all. :)

OT, I had someone leave me a comment on a fic (an angsty fic that turns out well in the end) calling it "sappy." Now, I've been delivered criticism for my writing, harsh criticism at times, even. I've learned from some criticisms (especially when it comes from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, instead of someone that is an idiot with a keyboard.) But sappy? That's a new one for me. Also: fuck you. Lol. (This person then proceeded to argue with me when I tried to joke around with them, you know, defuse the tension with humor. Nope! They just want to be a dick. Okay, then! OH THE JOY OF DELETING COMMENTS FROM YOUR INBOX.) <-- highly recommended. Life's too short to argue with people who just like to be contrary - and aren't even clever about it.

I think HDJM might be the only place for people to enjoy themselves when talking about Hannibal, given the HUGE NUMBERS of new visitors we're getting. (Which is awesome!) I checked a few places that were linking to Sam's recaps, and wow, people are wanky out there. (Duh, it's tv, it's a new show, people be cray.) But it seemed like a lot of people were just showing up to yell at people for watching the show? WEIRD.

Game of Thrones continues to rock my freaking socks. And I am SO SO GLAD that I didn't read the books, because I can enjoy a powerhouse of a television show without wank, without trying to sort through the differences, and YAY. Smartest decision I've made.

(And there are recaps for Vikings, Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Bomb Girls...loads of stuff for you to read/talk about - and as always: WE ARE JERK-FREE.)

I had some intensive dental work done yesterday (it's elective, so I'm not asking for pity. YOU DON'T PITY PEOPLE WHO ASK FOR PAIN, lol) and I think I've mentioned that my dentist is Mormon? Like, small town Utah Valley Mormon? All of her dental hygienists/assistants are Mormon, too. So I get in the chair and hear them talking in that Utah cadence (if any of y'all are from there or spent time in there, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) and it all comes rushing back. I seriously love these guys, though. They are the epitome of sweet Mormon woman. Everyone's a cutie or doing their best, everything gets summed up with hope or positivity, and nothing but smiles.

And my dentist found out that I used to be a camp director for my ward (parish) when I was in my early 20s. She's the Young Women's President (which means she's in charge of organizing the yearly camping trip) and spent most of my appointment trying to convince me to become Mormon again. Or at least help her. HAHAHA. So funny. And the thing is, I would LOOOOOOVE to do the camping stuff again. Oh man, that was the best part of being a teenage girl in the church.

But become Mormon again? Ha! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Heh. No, thank you. And now, with that in mind, I dust off my manuscript about growing up Mormon and peck at it some more.

QUESTION Is there anyone out there that is familiar with wed design (back end stuff) enough to help me with my bandwidth getting eaten up? I'm sure there's a tweak I could make or a plugin to use, but I don't know what it is. Anyone? (HDJM is on Wordpress.) I would like to stop paying for increases, you see. =/ (But I want the increase in traffic, yes I do!)
Mondays are usually my craziest days, but because I was up until almost 2am working on my recap (I couldn't stop thinking about Game of Thrones!) I'm surprisingly free today. Free to NAP, aww yeah!

Business: Game of Thrones recap. Dude. Dude.
Dr. Who recap! Am I wrong, or is this season awesome? (I don't think I'm wrong) Give Janey some love!
Orphan Black recap - and guys? This show looks amazing. And [livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms is new, so show her some love!
Spartacus - the SERIES FINALE recap, sob, sob woe, oh ANDY. :(
Hannibal, and wow, this show is taking off in fandom. GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR.
Vikings is coming later!

Pleasure: Well, kind of. I saw the Evil Dead remake on Friday with my daughter and two of her friends. Correction, I sat in the back by myself and watched because they're idiots who want to sit on the third row and ruin their eyes and necks. UM. LET'S TALK A MINUTE. WOW. Uh. Wow. )

I did a ton of gardening, a ton of reading, a ton of writing, and that brings me to my last thing. Someone (hint: [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse got onto me for posting a huge fic that I've been working on for months without any sort of fanfare. Well, I'm new to Teen Wolf fandom, and don't really interact with anyone over there, so I didn't expect anyone to bother reading my fic aside from a handful of people. So instead of being navel gazing, I'm going to make a post after this to serve as a master post. I just posted Chpt. 7 of 13 chapters.

And now I go in search of food. And tea. Mmm.
We are bursting at the seams at HDJM, first off. (Secondly, but only important to me, I'm off to get my mouth operated on so I have sparkly Guy Smileys.)

We have a new writer, one I am very excited about: [livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms! She's recapping Orphan Black, an awesome SF show in Canada (I think we're getting it in the States, too) and the first two episodes are up - go show her some love.

Hannibal is now on HDJM, recapped by our Vikings writer, Sam.

Spartacus, Bomb Girls, Supernatural and the return of Dr. Who - all await you.

I just posted the Game of Thrones recap, am racing out the door, then will be back to talk shop with you. Come chat and keep us company! (And thank you for tweeting, liking, linking and commenting!)
I can curl into a very small ball, promise.

NOTE: There are no April Fool's Jokes here, because I am not a fan.

OKAY, TV FRIENDS. Okay. Last night. Game of Thrones. O_O Walking Dead. Come talk me off the ledge, omg.

Oh, and did someone say the return of Dr. Who? What about Supernatural?

And seriously, if you're not watching Vikings, then you're probably not into hot Nord boning and being on ships. Which is a pity, because those are both great things.

I am so damn hungry, I can't even. Two shows in one night, when they're both SMART and VERY DETAILED shows is about impossible to get out without feeling like a frazzled chicken at the end. *flops*

ETA Can I just say how TIRED I am of reading in fanfiction about men being "emasculated" by showing emotion or doing something domestic (like laundry)? I have read so many damn stories lately from young women writers that say a guy is being "girly" or throws like a girl, or is being emasculated by having been shot in the knee and their guy friend carries them (how the hell is he supposed to walk? His friend has supernatural strength, FFS, that's being smart).

Stop insulting your gender. IT IS NOT AN INSULT TO BE A GIRL OR TO DO THINGS GIRLS DO. JFC grow up.

And then--!

GUYS. I freaking love this show. Recap and discussion post is here, come talk to me! (And other commenters!)

And then next week? TRUE BLOOD Oh, the crackiness. (And isn't the newest Sookie book out? Is it dreadful or laughably awful in a fun way?)


May. 28th, 2012 12:13 pm
GAME OF THRONES!!!! recap, discussion post, if you're not sunburned from a weekend at the lake (or whatever you did on your three day weekend) come talk to me about one of the most AWESOME battle scenes on TV ever!

I'm not saying I'm sunburned, because I'm super good about sun screen. Um... *shifty* *with a wince*

(Dexter and the Bachelorette are also up! Mad Men and The Borgias later today, be sure to click and read and share the recaps you love!) <3
I am currently sporting a sunburn from working in the garden all day yesterday (my choice, promise) and am all standing with hands on hips beaming at how nice it's looking. So many primary colors are in bloom. :) I also harvested a 20 gallon bucket full of Bluebonnet seeds - that is a lot of seed, folks. But I've not had to buy bluebonnets in several years, so I am a-ok with the hard work.

Before I dash off to the eye doctor for new anteojos I wanted to link you up.

GAME OF THRONES recap! God, I love this show. And Jaime Lannister.
Supernatural recap!
Touch's recap! (And it was just renewed for S2!)

And a fic rec, and I've had the honest pleasure in watching this character study grow. It's beautiful, it's thoughtful, it's painful in places (as discovering who you really are often is) - Being Kurt Hummel by [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. It's NC-17, but don't think that this is some porn romp. This is thoughtful consideration at how this particular young man realizes who he is as the world mistreats him (and as some people love him.) Please make a point to leave a comment - that's how writers know you came by.

Okay, off to get some cute glasses. <3
I spent the day with the Mr. playing Skyrim, swimming, and eating fajita nachos. Not too shabby. This week begins a detox - so much junk food has been eaten by Yours Truly that I need to clean the pipes. (Too much? Have I just ruined everything between us? Don't be like that.)

Some important things for you:

GAME OF THRONES recap, holy crap, that episode came hard and fast. (That's what she said) and Jon and Robb are too sultry cute for me. (I'm suffering from a distinct lack of Jamie Lannister, myself.)

And what most of you have been waiting for: THE AVENGERS. It's Sam. She's done most of our movie recaps, you love her, go love her some more. She's hilarious (and please: like, tweet, link, etc. It's a wonderful and FREE way to support us!)

Also at Hey, Don't Judge Me: Touch, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural! And Mad Men, Dexter, The Borgias and more are coming later today as well. <3

Last week I mentioned some suggestions for the site, and got some terrific feedback from you all - thank you for that! I'm terrible at replying to everything right now, but I'm reading it all and grateful for it. (I'm trying to implement new things, etc. It's time consuming.)

Also, I have been so head-down focused on things that I've barely registered that it is MAY. What the... huh? Damn.

And happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt and [livejournal.com profile] xochitl42, my ex-pat Texan buddy. :)


Apr. 30th, 2012 10:33 am
Oh, such a glorious week in NYC I had. But let me get some business out of the way, first.

Hey, Don't Judge Me, back, perfect, and stronger than ever. We're like Ben Kenobi, but without the random ghostly appearances.
Game of Thrones! Just... Gendry. Shirtless. Sooty. FIST BITE. ETA GUYS. I am not a book reader. Please stop telling me book things if they're not specifically mentioned on the show. I PROMISE I write down every freaking line of dialog as I watch. It takes me all night, but I want to catch the show's names, etc. NON-READER. I feel like I am constantly being nitpicked and I HATE THAT. It's just the internet, and I don't get paid. Thank you! Teeny spoiler for the episode, but a reason why you should be reading my recaps for Game of Thrones: )

Supernatural with Felicia Day! Oh, geeky girls are my favorite.
Touch! And seriously, these recaps are hilarious. You need to be reading.

More coming later today like Mad Men and the Borgias! Please help us out by "Liking" and tumbling and +1 ing - it helps spread us to new places on the internet. The more exposure we get, the better. :)

I spent the weekend lounging around and recouping from my trip (which involved theater, fabulous food - Lupa was maybe my favorite, CraftBar was pretty spectacular, too and I had THIS WINE, which was outstanding for its price point - museums, Botanical gardens and mastering the subway like a boss.) and came home to a clean house. BLISS.

Oh, and my husband informed me sheepishly that he actually left for a trip Monday night and came home Tuesday night. "What's this?" you might be asking. "What of Stoney's children?!" I asked, too. Oh, no worries. My mother in law just slept in my bed and was in my private space without me knowing, that's all. GAH. I KNOW SHE OPENED DRAWERS AND JUDGED THE STATE OF MY BATHROOM AND CARPETS AND I JUST HATE IT, AHHHH.

*head desk* I'm still D: about it. Good thing I didn't know while [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and I were in NYC. I would have been a basket case. Also, I learned that I would literally watch Jeff Goldblum read the paper. (Saw Seminar. He was entertaining, the other actors were as well, for the most part, but the story fell apart in the final third.) Book of Mormon was as wonderful as you'd expect, and I completed my group of signatures on my actual BoM. <3 that cast. It's so outstanding, I can't even.

I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN. Okay, I need to buckle down and get to work. How's tricks, gang? What's the 411?
First, Hey, Don't Judge Me is cooking today (with lots coming later today, too.)
Game of Thrones! Hope you like your incest. And baby killing.
Dexter! The rewatch continues with the beginning of Season 2, eps. 1 - 3.
Touch! The new Keifer show that is steadily picking up steam.
Later today: Mad Men! Bomb Girls! And THE RETURN OF THE BORGIAS (but debuting on HDJM!) Show my girls some love, if you would be so kind. They're working for praise, so how about you give them a raise? :)

FIC REC: one of those "Please drop what you are doing, read this, leave encouraging feedback, and marvel that this is in the world" kind of fics.

Sweet! A Love Story Told In Sugar by [livejournal.com profile] ohquixotica (I believe there are two other authors contributing as well?

WHY: Did you love Pushing Daisies? Do you love surreal romance and beautiful words and maybe a little Like Water For Chocolate? Because this story is all of that and more. I very rarely get emotionally moved by a lot of fanfic. I'm a jerk, I suppose. I choked up, clutched my heart, squealed with happiness, and felt everything right along with the characters. So funny, so sweet, so achy in places I could barely catch my breath. Everything I love in a story and all I didn't know I needed. PLEASE. Track this one. It's a WiP.

And those in Glee fandom? THAT IS HOW YOU WRITE 3rd PERSON OMNISCIENT. Know your POVs, it seems to be a problem. Do I sound snippy? I'll tell you why. But before I cut, PLEASE PLEASE READ.TRACK, BOOKMARK SWEET. You'll thank me later, I guarantee.

In which I go all Santana-like on entitlement, manners, why people share fanfic in the first place, and mother frakkin' TONE. )

And here come the anonymous "Stoney's a bitch" comments, I'm sure. Sorry for having opinions in my own journal. *

*no, I'm not. And one last time: CATCHING TYPOS is one thing. Talking down to me is another. Guess which one I'm cool with? (And christ, the story is 148,000 words. There's bound to be an error. Find me a printed book without a single error, would you?)
GAME OF THRONES IS BACK ON MY EYEBALLS. Oh, how I love this show. I'm back recapping them, so come talk to me about how awesome it is! (We're spoiler-free for the books, please remember that. NO SPOILERS, just discuss the episode, okay?)

Huge weekend at the site:
Later today is the next trio of eps for Dexter, MAD MEN and Bomb Girls, so be sure to come back for those.

ION, I finished my monster fic, it's in edits right now, and I might just start posting a chapter a day today, since my unbelievably awesome beta/editor ([livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse) and I are a large portion of the way through it. And it's apparent that I've totally lost my ability to grammar. Derp. Anyway, if not today, then later this week. She has a life to lead on her own. :)

And in other news, who wants to see some pics of the many many things blooming in my garden? Big ol' pics of roses, bluebonnets, etc. )
Two more weeks of this summer camp frenzy in the morning, and then life better settle into utter boredom. Mmm, sweet, sweet boredom, how I miss you.

I got stood up by my dad for Father's Day. Typical.

There was a lot of excited shouting in my house last night due to Game of Thrones. RECAP/DISCUSSION/FLAILING here. Come talk to me and hold me, omg.

I have just enough Red Velvet cake left over from yesterday to split evenly with the kids, or lie and say it was all eaten. *scale hands*

Red Velvet cake is totally good for lunch, right? Eggs, milk, flour... [Cosby joke, hurr] OK OK I'LL EAT CHIPS AND DIP, TOO. I'm a health nut, what can I say.

How is it just 2pm and I'm already exhausted? Ugh.

[ETA] OMG HOARDERS IS ON ALL NEW TONIGHT. (And it just won an AWARD, so now I feel justified in my fascination.) Ahaha. Ahem.
Last night: Game of Thrones, the Mavs (hells to the YEAH! NBA CHAMPS!) the Tonys, and Real Housewives. Thank goodness for DVRs.

Did anyone here watch the Tonys? I can't help but love them, even when some of the acceptance speeches are so ridiculously over the top pretentious that I want to bean them in the head with a Dan Brown novel. But surely you heard the Book of Mormon: The Musical won, like, everything? OK, not all 14, but most of them. And they won best musical and Trey Parker thanked his co-writer, Joseph Smith and I lol'd and lol'd. I've had a lovely guy post all sorts of links to the music on my recap of the soundtrack, if you want to read it, listen to it, whatever. Part 1, Part 2.

ANd I have this thing I want to write up about why it's such an amazing musical, esp. after hearing performances from other musicals (Anything Goes? Really? Still?) and how it's post modern and what Glee thought it was, but isn't really, but that's so dorky I can't even go there. yet

I had two camps to get kids to this morning, and another child sick (nothing major, just something that requires a LOT of attention on my part, feh) and I'm feeling tres overwhelmed. I'll put it this way: I've not been able to eat anything yet today. And I need to fix that asap because I have that horrid empty stomach-acid gurgling happening, and a burger and fries would go a long way to fixing it, I think. Mmm, salt. Salt is my friend today. *pets shaker*

And for those that watched Game of Thrones last night and are BLOWN AWAY by the ending like I am (and yes, Smugly Smuggertons that knew the plot of the books, bully for you, but some of us didn't) come share in my Feelings and talk with me. WAAAAH. Also, I worked in a Warren G rap into a high fantasy recap, and followed it with a Lament for Boromir, so I've got that kind of nerd cred working for me. Lol.

winter-is-coming.net has been reccing me as a resource, so that's pretty boss and makes me feel like I matter. Finally, I can put away the torture devices and look in the mirror again! Hurr.
I am playing catch up on everything. We spent the weekend outside, completely ignoring any laundry, vacuuming, etc. YAY! Except for now I have a thousand things to clean and I'm tempted to throw everything in the pool, swirl it around, then lay it out to dry. The ozone should kill the bacteria, right?

I dl'ded a bunch of fanfic to ye olde kindle and am compiling a huge recs list for anyone who's like me and new to Glee-fic. I mean, there is BOARDING SCHOOL fic. Why did it take me so long to remember that Dalton was a boarding school? (Fun fact about me: that + first time = my OTP.) Awesome. I've also acquired *shifty* the whole season and am thinking of doing recaps to keep people entertained over the summer. Y/Y?

Speaking of (like you didn't think I would put it here) GAME OF THRONES LAST NIGHT OH MY GOD. Come talk to me about it! make with the clickety.

Tonight is the wondrously awesome Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I've been following the newbies' twitter feeds and AHAHAHAHA. It's fantastic. So much to love. The Bachelorette is on, and I don't normally watch that show, but apparently some guy is playing Phantom of the Opera to win over the Bachelorette? THAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD. How delightful! Mel is recapping them, so you can spare yourself from watching it and just read that, instead. WIN/WIN.

I want to eat all the melons in the world. For now, I'll have to be satisfied with this one watermelon. CHOMPITY.
I've been firing on all cylinders all weekend, literally a party at my house every single day (different people each time) all weekend, and today is "graduation" from 8th grade for #2. I use quotations because are you kidding me? It's not senior year! Whatevs, welcome to the 'burbs.

Anyway, for those that follow them, I've got a recap of last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey up at HDJM (oh my god, there was some hilarious crap in there) and Game of Thrones from Sunday is recapped, and HOLY CRAP was that a great episode.

Please clickity and help me get the site's monthly total over 30,000 views! (I'm working on non-intrusive advertising, you see.)

THANK YOU, convo tomorrow, I need adult humor time. *grabby hands*

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