They've not been picked up for a new season, so last night's episode might very well be their last. The recap is here and I'm not going to lie: I got choked up writing this one. I've thought about how much I've learned (not always good things about myself) from watching this show. I know many people just wanted to rubberneck the grossness, but I really benefited from it.

An excerpt from the recap:
You just don’t know what leads people to make the choices in life that they do. Behind every filthy home has been a person with a story, a person that has needed someone to bear witness to their pain, a person that just needed someone to give them the tools to fix their problems. And often there are families behind that person, families that are angry, sad, and many are desperate to welcome the hoarder back into the fold. And when those families show love, things change.

It could be a show about hoarders, but really it’s a show about choices. It’s a show that is unflinching in its depiction of what those choices can result in, be they good or bad. And more often than not, the show turned someone’s life into something good, something with hope.

If this was the last episode, and I hope it isn’t, I’m incredibly grateful to have learned that I wasn’t a very kind person before. But I’m trying to be better.

And now I get to shift mental gears and switch to writing about over-privileged Beverly Hills brats. My brain is an active place, let me tell you.
I have been RI-STUPIDLY busy lately (ridiculous and stupidly) but hopefully things will slow the hell down after tomorrow.
Popping in to link you to the recap to last week's Hoarders (yeesh) and reminding you that tonight is the last of the season, and to TUNE IN AND WATCH so they'll get renewed for season 7. :)

[ETA]: Real Housewives is now up, and if you don't laugh at this, you might be broken.

Also, if you didn't realize that Liz was back recapping Spartacus, now you do. OH, AND STEVEN DEKNIGHT, THE WRITER AND CREATOR OF THE SHOW, LOVES HER RECAPS. And tweets about them. I'M JUST SAYING.

Also up: The Bachelor, Bomb Girls, Supernatural, and more. (And SouthLAnd starts next week!!!!)

Okay, finishing up more work, then parenting and dinner and more work. Whee?

Hoarders - it goes on a month-long hiatus after this episode, and goes out on a great note, too.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - it should go on a month-long hiatus after this episode because they need to stop and think about what they've done. Warning for massive Mean Girls overload and abusing the word "cloaca"
Teen Wolf - I am completely obsessed with this show and am baffled at how quickly and easily that happened. (Well, not baffled. I have eyes.)
Dexter - the season finale!

Thank you for all of the likes, the +1s, the tumblr reblogs. My writers are great girls and it's wonderful to see them getting a good response from the readers. <3

(And I just caught word from one of them that she'll be posting a recap of The Hobbit soon. YAY.)

...I know the Glee recap isn't up, and I can't do anything else but apologize. Things are...really hard right now, and it's tough to have a place that normally brings me happiness leave me melancholy. It'll be up soon. I'm doing the best I can in my present situation. Thank you for understanding.
Look, yeah, I'm double posting today but who else is posting? *knowing nod* Exactly.

Hoarders, the recap! This is the one Dorothy told me that she almost walked out on (read: horrible couple)
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! I worked in some Untouchables AND Boyz in tha Hood and got to use the word "taint" in a reasonable way. I call that a win.
That should also serve as your reminder that I am the owner of a potty mouth.
Liz continues to recap Teen Wolf, and every time she posts, a werewolf cuddles a Stiles. Every time you Like or share a link, a Stiles gets his wish. :D

Imma eat a brownie.
1. Hoarders came back last night, and let me tell you that it's a TOUGH one. (Animal Hoarding.) My sister texted me to see if she could make it through. =/ I messaged the show peeps to make sure I could do it, and sent the info on to my sister.
2. I love that I have communication with Matt from the show. (Side note: he sent me a private message to talk to me about my son and to ask what he could do to help. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE, GUYS. They are good folks.)
3. Later is RHoBH and I am having the best time writing a former character that's not even ON the show anymore as a Smeagol scuttling up the walls in the background. IT IS ALL CRAZY, SO WHY NOT GO FULL TILT.
4. That recap will be up in an hour-ish. ETA: The recap is up now! I think it's my best work yet... LOL.
5. Am I the only person that feels sheepish adding my name/address to those "Comment for a holiday card!" posts? I'm weird. Also, it cracks me up when I've stumbled across people calling me an attention whore (wow) because I really am nothing of the sort.
7. I was pretty sure that it might have to disappear because of all of the family problems that have been going on, but NOPE. *dances*
8. Except that means that I actually have time to get Camera Ready and need to, you know, stop eating nachos all the time. (I don't. I'm pretty healthy.) But UGH, I stopped lifting weights and my arms are turning into Mom Arms. I cannot have that immortalized on film. Pfft. I just want Michonne arms, guys. Perfectly sculpted tubes.
9. Who wants to move in and be my personal assistant, a job which will consist of you bringing me a glass of wine, looking at dirty pictures online, making me write, making me work out, making out, wait... Work out, laugh, porn... Yep. WHO IS IN? (You will have to leg wrestle [ profile] dovil for the job, if that affects your answer.)
  • First, last night's Hoarders hit me right in the heart-boxer, ja. Alvin is an elderly man that has all but been shunned by his family - and it's pretty evident that he has undiagnosed autism. Yeah, that one hits close to home. (The other story has a man that was an OUTSTANDING artist, and I'm completely serious when I say I want one of his pieces.) Here is the recap.
  • Teen Wolf's rewatch continues with S1E7 - Night School, and if showrunners can give Liz praise for her hilarious awesomeness, then you should, too. :)
  • Janey's wildly popular Doctor Who recaps await you, and here's S7E5, The Angels Take Manhattan. (Eee! Weeping Angels!!)
  • Speaking of popular, Dexter's new season started, and Samantha has a discussion post for the season opener waiting for you.

And remember, if you like what you read, won't you +1, "Like," tumblr, share links? Everyone works for free and everyone writes because they love talking about great TV. A little praise goes a long way. <3

Second, thank you to all who have been sending me notes of love and support. It truly means so much to me and my son. Thank you thank you. <3

Third, I am having a business lunch with my writer buddy and a producer to see if we can't get that gardening show idea I had off the ground. The goal: shoot 3 - 6 episodes, put them online, and market them to DIY. I mean... performing, writing, AND gardening? That's pretty much everything I love. Throw in a glass of wine at the end (I actually want to do that, sit in the garden after we've worked with a glass of vino and wrap it up) and my life might be complete.

First, business: HOARDERS RECAP! The question for you today (to be answered there, as that's where the show's production staff reads - and did you notice that some of the complaints we raised last season weren't there this season? Good work, team!) is this:

Do you struggle with sympathy for people who hoard objects (as opposed to grief hoarders) like I do? And why do you think that is?

Also, Teen Wolf, 1.4 is up as is Dexter, Dr. Who, and don't forget we've added Torchwood to our Fridays! <3 Click here for all of that and more. (And Glee in two days!!!)

Second, why oh why did I leave my TV on TLC last night? Here is my VERY RARE talk about 9/11. I was in Texas that day. I was supposed to be in the NYSE that morning. I still get a shudder thinking about it. )
Hoarders last night had a change that I did NOT think would come. (Oh the eggs. IDK if y'all have ever been around chickens, but there is nothing more foul that a gone-over egg.) Recap is here, and I started a discussion about how they match up people on the show. Give me your delicious thoughts!

And don't forget that Matt Paxton - link on the sidebar at HDJM - has FREE podcasts weekly on how to get your place clean (regardless of being a hoarder or not) and is generally hilarious.

The final episode of The Bachelor - the recap to THAT crazy town is up, as well. (Thank you, Mel!)

And our insane star of the blog, Liz, has her Spartacus recap up. In the words of the show's actual-facts writer, "By far the most entertaining ones I read every week." Yeah, I'm never going to let it go that Steven DeKnight reads her recaps AS A WAY TO MAKE HIS LIFE BETTER.

And in the "I am certifiable" corner, I was up late last night re-reading "Where There's Smoke" (I couldn't sleep, okay?) and after finding a typo and fixing it here and on AO3, I got a plot bunny for a one-shot about how Blaine felt meeting Kurt. So...I'll be working on that today. Sorry, garden, you can be weeded another time. *head desk* Because I don't have enough to write as it is...

Whoa. I just added up word counts. Not including work on HDJM, I've written 103,000 words this year so far. O_O
Because I'm getting my hurrs did, not because of anything political.

1. Hoarders last night had an interesting couple - the husband claimed an IQ of over 200, thus he was incapable of being "mentally ill." They had - wait for it - half a million books in their home. No visible walls. One narrow channel through all of the books. DAMN. Only one episode left in the season.

2. Other recaps posted, The Walking Dead with a hell of an ending. Whitechapel - which has quickly become our third most popular page on the site. We just added it on Friday. Damn, we need to get this show in the states!

3. I just brought on a new writer that is going to recap the entirety of Dexter over the next few months, then hit the seventh season in September with us. I've wanted Dexter on the site for ages, and now we're going to have it. WHOO HOO!

4. Mad Men is also slated to join HDJM, which is awesome.

5. I have some fic recs to post later today, but that will have to wait because I need to get to work, and then get to my stylist and have a gab session. He's fabulous (as you'd expect.)

(And eh meh ghed, Game of Thrones draws ever near!! I AM EXCITE FOR THE SHOW.)


Feb. 28th, 2012 10:41 am
Last night was a tough one, but not for reasons you'd think. One person seemed like a hopeless case, honestly. That always leaves me frustrated. Here's the recap, with a special emphasis on how important a support group is (and would it matter in the case of someone not giving a damn?)

ION, had a very stressful night, and let me just state for the record that there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever go back to high school. And man, it sucked when I was there, but now with how fast people shit on each other via social media? How easy it is to be awful because of the (very very thin) veil of anonymity of being online? (And honestly, I think that bleeds into their every day - like, they forget that they can't just say anything they want in RL vs. online life.) Ugh.

Teens? You have my sympathy. My current solution is to get mine off the grid, so to speak. No more FB, none of that stuff. It's too easy to be swept up in things, and with my son's social disorder, it just spells trouble.

Speaking of, I'm a little heart-heavy today, so I'm going to be scarce. Be good to people, okay? (Or don't make a point of being ugly, for crying out loud. Add something nice to the world today.)

Here's my contribution, first flowers of the season )


Feb. 21st, 2012 09:36 am
I woke up this morning to a cat on my neck (wakeupwakeupfeedmewakeup) and to no coffee. NO. COFFEE. I put the Mr. in charge of getting Emily out to school (even though he was headed for the airport shortly) as I threw on a sweatshirt over my pajamas, pulled on socks, wedged a space between my toes and slipped on some flip flops. (I keep a pair by the door for emergency trips outside with garbage, etc.)

What I'm telling you is that I looked classy. Oh, and I had a clip to hold my rat's nest hair back. Purdy. (Jellis?) I get to Starbucks (I was desperate, they're a mile up the road) hand them my coffee mug (travel mug with Walt from Breaking Bad on it) and find the whole crew standing around looking at it and saying how cool it is. Well, yeah. ;) Fortunately I made business cards (the banner on HDJM, basically) and slid one over, telling them they could go there and buy one for themselves. (Psst: you can, too.)

GOOD MORNING. *bird song*

ION, the Hoarders episode last night almost pushed me to the edge, gang. I had to seriously think about whether or not I'd continue to promote the program on HDJM. Here's the recap where I explain why (and have plenty of warnings for sensitive people.) I had to walk away and have a good cry at one point, ngl.

TONIGHT: Glee! Southland! Stuff!

ETA Oh, and we've added SMASH to our line up on HDJM. HOORAY!
First off, Hoarders recap with a former science teacher that had all sorts of specimens in her house. (Some cool, some...not.) The cause/effect of her mental illness was so evident. I love how this show demystifies mental illness. LOVE.

Second, eh, Valentines. My husband and I are going out for a nice lunch because we both have work tonight. Hey, we share love all the damn year, Hallmark isn't the boss of me. :)

Third, Spartacus continues to be the most popular recap on our site right now, which is AWESOME. Supernatural is neck-and neck. (Warning on that link: CLOWNS.) hahaha. Oh, Xander, punch him again. [/old fandom]

Fourth, Walking Dead is POSTED, there have been weird technical difficulties with the recapper and the back end BLAH BLAH nerd stuff no one cares about, but it's coming.

Last, I finally got my shipment of booze wine from a small vineyard in Napa, so I now have a few cases of vino staring at me. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO.

(To those that care, happy Valentines! To those that don't, CHOCOLATE IS 75% OFF TOMORROW!!!)
1: Hoarders was a doozy last night. Come talk with me (and share links, click, etc. Every click/shared link helps!)
2: I am so hungry.
3: Why haven't I eaten?
4: Right, because I'm racing around like a chicken with its head cut off
5: I should get food.
6: Why aren't there glazed donuts with bacon sprinkles?

HOW ABOUT IT, SCIENCE? (Real Housewives will be up later, not that anyone but me cares, lol.)

Tonight is Southland!! Wait, is Glee on tonight or next week? They have had too many hiatuses, I don't know things any more.
Got friended on FB by Dorothy Breininger (executive producer for Hoarders on A&E & one of the organizers) after she went to HDJM and left a sweet comment to the latest Hoarders post. We're just all BFF now, like me and Matt. You know. Whatevs.

(EEEE! I need to sweet talk her so I can get advertising info on A&E because that would be PRETTY BAD ASS TO HAVE A MAJOR NETWORK. O_O)

Okay, back to eating pad thai and writing smut. I have a varied writing life, this is true.
Last night was both Hoarders (here's the recap) and the first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion (that recap is here). This is the night that gives me fandom whiplash. (Is it fandom? I just enjoy the shows, honestly.) I would like to know why everyone is turning on my girlfriend Lisa Vanderpump. They need to get over themselves and learn how to laugh, because she is my spirit animal.

Tonight is Glee (and good LORD is it next to impossible to stay unspoiled for things. Even the ACTORS post spoilers!!) and the greatest show on TV that I hope you are watching, SOUTHLAND. They haven't lost an inch of trajectory on that show. And I'm determined to get C. Thomas Howell to retweet me. DETERMINED. lol.

If you go to our site (and why wouldn't you?) you'll see that we have some individual advertisers on the page now. Be sure to check out their pages (my buddy Johnny, the sculpture artist, is the owner of EyeCandy - he's currently working on a background for a Chanel photoshoot. His company travels all over the world to make kick ass stuff. His wife, Kristi, is the writer that recaps The Walking Dead, fyi. You can see why they have awesome Halloween parties, I'm sure. :D

(And I'm offering advertisers SERIOUSLY CHEAP RATES for the next two months. Contact me at heydontjudgeme[at] for rates and info.)

ION: Check this amazing art that was made for my story, Where There's Smoke! That's pretty schweet, I gotta say.

ION2: I want these shoes like I want air. Pencil skirt? Check. Cashmere sweater? Check. ADD THESE SHOES AND PUT ME IN DON DRAPER'S OFFICE. Would also not complain about these brogans.

My husband asked if I wanted to go shopping yesterday. ALWAYS! But that meant (for him) we go to Verizon and shop for better wifi/phone plans. KILL ME NOW. If I believed in hell, it would be populated by salesmen with never-ending pitches, and the music over the speakers would be "Believe" by Cher. And Van Halen's "Jump." That, to me, is hell.

The Hoarders recap is up, and I want to caution some of you that Carrie's story deals with sexual abuse. Skip the fifth - eighth paragraph if you want to read about her remarkable turn around, but don't want to read about her past.

[ETA] And feel free to rec or share links to the Hoarders discussions. :)

RHoBH is due later, and tonight: TUNE IN TO SOUTHLAND, for the love of all that's holy and good. If you were a fan of The Wire or Homicide, this is the show for you. If you just love smart and gritty story-telling, this is the show for you. (I'll have the recap up tomorrow am.) And for those that asked, the American Horror Story finale was missing due to a snafu. Sam will have that up today. :D (Thanks for bringing that to my attention, also!)

I had Godiva truffles yesterday (my husband's apology for making me want to poke things with sharpened sticks) and I'm still on a sugar high. Also, I got a BAD ASS DEAL on some Riedel stemware at Williams-Sonoma. Normally two glasses are about $49, and I bought EIGHT for THIRTY DOLLARS. Thirty smackaroos. Triente dolares. Muy bien! Why? Because the box had a bend in the corner. The glasses were in perfect condition, but the box was "ugly." I DO NOT CARE, IT'S GOING TO THE RECYCLE BIN. You may have heard strange dolphin noises yesterday - that would have been me.

AND YES I CHRISTENED THEM LAST NIGHT. (Markham Cab Sav, yet again. It's a quality red, gotta say.)
First, please proceed to the recap of your choosing (or select all:)

Vampire Diaries
Hoarders No big, just got a message from Matt Paxton saying: "great analysis. loved the pet analysis. you are so dead on. thanks for writing an accurate and compassionate review." Just a message from my bud [glee!!]
RHoBH (also on its way by 3pm CST, both last week and this week)

And! I am actively seeking someone who can put on an Editor hat and double check/correct posts. You're looking at a time commitment of maybe an hour and change a few times a week - Tuesday, Wed. and Saturday being the big days. There will be love and kittens in it for you. And then one day, money. ONE DAY. <--determined face. Email me at heydontjudgeme[at] with EDITOR in subject heading if interested. <3 FILLED! I love you guys, thanks for the response. :)

Second, please note that not only does Glee come back from mini-hiatus tonight (with recaps on HDJM later this evening) but SOUTHLAND DOES, TOO. With recaps on HDJM tomorrow. And can I say that while I enjoy what I do, I would really like to get my hands on screeners so I can slow down my break-neck pace of writing, because I have to churn out 5 shows in 72 hours and that is just a lot. I relaxed so damn much on my vacation, it was ridiculous. (Yes, this is what one does, I know. But I'm ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING.) Plus I was shamefully late to everything, and I hate being late. Even if it was just 5 minutes. People's time is important to me, zomg.

Third, please click on the cut and take my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SCIENTIFICAL POLLAMATRON. Someone's very life could depend on it. Wank in ) Aaaaaaaaand back to the grindstone.
By which I mean Hoarders, of course. The recap from last night is up, and I will just say right now that I spent a good portion of the episode choked up and crying - there is an unbelievably positive story waiting for you, if you read. Just... wow. (And yes, once again Matt Paxton and I had a great chat about the show because we are so best friends, you guys. Haha.)

And in a 180 from that, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap will be up by 2pm. That one won't have you crying. Well, not for the same reasons, ha ha ha.

Melissa is back recapping The Bachelor, and this season looks like a doozy.

In completely unrelated news, I would like to state that I won a death match last night. I got into a fight on Twitter with Breckin Meyer. (OMG, he pussed out and didn't let me lay into him, though!) I decided that my New Year's resolution would be unmitigated hatred for a random person, and his name popped up on my "You should totes be BFF with this twitter account!" on my sidebar, and I looked at that and said: no. I SAID NO.

No, I will NOT be friends with him. Why? Why not Skeet Ulrich? Why not some other random actor from the 90s that made no dent on the pop culture landscape? So I called him out. And he told me to bring it. (No, really.) And then I DID. And he...cried in a corner? Ignored me? Who knows, because he let me win. Tchuh. Pussy.

Now I guess I have to find someone else to have an epic battle of epicness with. Tony Robbins? YOU'RE ON NOTICE.
Hoarders last night. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, if you watch the show. I emailed Wilma's therapist this morning and already heard back from him (I like that one, he was a good egg.) Recap is live, and I go off a little.

RHoBH will be up later (after lunch) and now I do my yoga to find an OM.


Nov. 15th, 2011 10:16 am
My crazy day. Um, for those of you that sent me messages last night while Hoarders was on? YEAH. I had a reaction to the angry, abusive mom. Ahem. RECAP FOR HOARDERS. Funny side note, the other story, Judy? They live on the backside of the mountain where my dad grew up and where I lived for a while taking care of my grandma. And yes, the family's Mormon. :D Clues all over the place. (But I think they're Jack Mormons, aka lapsed. I point out the clues in the recap. *g*)

Sally got her Boardwalk Empire recap up yesterday, and they're really excellent, if you're watching the show.

I still have Plyo (next week is my off week, and oh, will my knees be happy) and a Real Housewives recap to write, then hopefully a few hours of my own writing to do, and then once I get hand replacements, it's Glee night! So I need to get the cocktail ready. Write all this down, there will be a test tomorrow, lol.

HEY I AM BORING HI EVERYONE. Pull my finger. Tell me fun stories. Link me to wacky shenanigans. PIC SPAM ME. I love it all.

(...half of my household is gone and I don't know what to do with myself. Aside from enjoying the hell out of it.)

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