We are bursting at the seams at HDJM, first off. (Secondly, but only important to me, I'm off to get my mouth operated on so I have sparkly Guy Smileys.)

We have a new writer, one I am very excited about: [livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms! She's recapping Orphan Black, an awesome SF show in Canada (I think we're getting it in the States, too) and the first two episodes are up - go show her some love.

Hannibal is now on HDJM, recapped by our Vikings writer, Sam.

Spartacus, Bomb Girls, Supernatural and the return of Dr. Who - all await you.

I just posted the Game of Thrones recap, am racing out the door, then will be back to talk shop with you. Come chat and keep us company! (And thank you for tweeting, liking, linking and commenting!)
I have been RI-STUPIDLY busy lately (ridiculous and stupidly) but hopefully things will slow the hell down after tomorrow.
Popping in to link you to the recap to last week's Hoarders (yeesh) and reminding you that tonight is the last of the season, and to TUNE IN AND WATCH so they'll get renewed for season 7. :)

[ETA]: Real Housewives is now up, and if you don't laugh at this, you might be broken.

Also, if you didn't realize that Liz was back recapping Spartacus, now you do. OH, AND STEVEN DEKNIGHT, THE WRITER AND CREATOR OF THE SHOW, LOVES HER RECAPS. And tweets about them. I'M JUST SAYING.

Also up: The Bachelor, Bomb Girls, Supernatural, and more. (And SouthLAnd starts next week!!!!)

Okay, finishing up more work, then parenting and dinner and more work. Whee?
ETA That The Bachelor is back on HDJM for all your douchetestant needs. :D

First, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was OUTSTANDING last night. For me to laugh at. Wow, the hubris is just baffling to me and also really funny. Here's my recap, and there's an excerpt right here for you to test drive: These people be cray. ) I have a ridiculous amount of fun writing these, and the Legolas/Yolanda jokes will never get old for me.

Second, Teen Wold has taken over my brain. I'm not complaining. Liz's recaps continue, for those not hip to the fact.

Third, Bomb Girls, a Canadian show, has started back up along with the recaps and we're pretty much the only place you can talk about the show, we've found. Laura M's recaps are right here.

Fourth, I appear to have written a Teen Wolf fic, for those inclined to read such things. It's posted here.

Fifth, I am downing TW/Sterek fic like there's no tomorrow and bookmarking fics I like. You can find those here, if you're curious. (More to come later.) Also, I'm finding that everything Helenish and Devildoll write up on Tumblr hits me right in my faves.

Sixth, I'm about to have a business meeting for the gardening show, which makes me happy, but before I sign off for the afternoon, I wanted to say thank you so, so much for all of the sweet messages and little bits of encouragement you've sent to me over the weeks. I really and truly appreciate them. <3
I was out in the sun almost all damn weekend, working my butt off. It was 108 on Saturday. I would like to praise Target brand SPF 50 sunblock with zinc oxide, because I did not get a single bit of sunburn. I don't think I even got a tan, come to think of it. And I'm 2/3s of the way done with this project! *cries*

Dear Self: stop saving big gardening projects for the summer because you live in Hades. Love: me PS: make a pitcher of margaritas.

So my daughter, #2, has discovered "online stories." And so it begins.

In other news, we have some awesome stuff on Hey, Don't Judge Me right now. Dexter and Dr. Who are having re-watch/chat posts weekly (Dr. Who is Tuesday-Thursday!), Breaking Bad is back, and when the Dr. Who eps get to the end of this season, Torchwood comes online to match the Doctor! YAY!

I know a bunch of you are TW fans, so do come support our newest writer. She's old school fandom, so you'll be satisfied. :D

The Bachelorette's final rose recap is online now, and True Blood will be up shortly.

Hoarders starts on Aug 13th, and Cory and Matt informed me that there's a twist this season: they spend the night with the hoarders during the work. And they both say it was a profound learning experience for them and showed them that they thought they knew about hoarding, but learned more than they could imagine. Very cool.

I finally don't hate everything I'm writing, so I'm getting back to it. Come over to HDJM and chat with our writers!

[ETA] I just read that Sally Ride passed away from pancreatic cancer. She lit a fire in my science teachers when I was in junior high, and it fed my love for science. I didn't end up going the physics route, but stuck with the life sciences. I'm forever grateful for her tireless work at encouraging women since 1983 to love science as well. RIP to an extraordinarily good woman.
Because my weekend was one long, sweat slog of manual labor, let me just tell you.

But no one cares about me pulling weeds (and seriously, if there was a God, I would punch him (it has to be a man to create this stuff) in the face for Bermuda grass.). WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT IS ME TALKING ABOUT LAUNDRY.

Wait, no, not that either. PROMETHEUS. That's what. And TRUE BLOOD. That, too. MAD MEN FINALE. Who's with me?

Because guess what's up at Hey, Don't Judge Me? ALL OF THAT. (Well, Mad Men is still in edit, but it will be up shortly. Melody wants it to be perfect.)

PROMETHEUS, written by Liz of Spartacus fame (no, really! Steven DeKnight is her fan! Aww.)
TRUE BLOOD, written by Sam H of Avengers, Thor, and Captain America fame, and god damn she makes me laugh
MAD MEN, written by Melody of Breaking Bad fame, and seriously - if you're a fan of Breaking Bad and Mad Men and aren't reading her? I don't consider you a fan. :)
Also: Dexter's rewatch continues with Season 4, episodes 4 - 6.

There will be some big changes visually on HDJM over the next week to promote easier fandom enjoyment, so keep an eye out for that. (And I'm considering a sort-of forum where people can rec fanfic/etc. I want to be sure it's a positive place first, though, because I continue to want HDJM to be a place where people feel safe to squee about the things they love.)

COMING SOON: a bi-weekly recap and discussion of great feminist movies in the action-film world: Alien 1 -3 (four doesn't count because it's terrible), Kill Bill 1& 2, Silence of the Lambs and others. Hooray!

<3 And now, spinach salad! <-- my freaky-deaky lifestyle cannot be contained, y'all.
First, Sophie is back with Sherlock 2.2 - Hounds of Baskerville - and her first recap was a huge hit. Let's help make her second just as popular!

Second, the first of last night's Glee episodes PROPS is now up at HDJM, and I'm interested in your thoughts (no bitchy talk, no derisive talk, your calm, intelligent thoughts) on what I'm calling Tina-Gate.

(Seriously: no hissing or spitting. If you feel that angry about a show, you should probably do yourself a favor and stop watching, I think. Strolling through the internet last night was...eye opening.) [ETA] And I'm being called a racist over there. Okay, that's enough. I'm signing off for a while. Be freaking nice to each other, it's just the god damned internet, for crying out loud.

Last, my Mom Duties are being called in more strongly than usual, so I might be AWOL for a bit. I'm sure everyone can understand that my kids have to come first, right? Right. <3 Thank you for understanding that I might not be Johnny on the Spot with replies!
I am currently sporting a sunburn from working in the garden all day yesterday (my choice, promise) and am all standing with hands on hips beaming at how nice it's looking. So many primary colors are in bloom. :) I also harvested a 20 gallon bucket full of Bluebonnet seeds - that is a lot of seed, folks. But I've not had to buy bluebonnets in several years, so I am a-ok with the hard work.

Before I dash off to the eye doctor for new anteojos I wanted to link you up.

GAME OF THRONES recap! God, I love this show. And Jaime Lannister.
Supernatural recap!
Touch's recap! (And it was just renewed for S2!)

And a fic rec, and I've had the honest pleasure in watching this character study grow. It's beautiful, it's thoughtful, it's painful in places (as discovering who you really are often is) - Being Kurt Hummel by [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. It's NC-17, but don't think that this is some porn romp. This is thoughtful consideration at how this particular young man realizes who he is as the world mistreats him (and as some people love him.) Please make a point to leave a comment - that's how writers know you came by.

Okay, off to get some cute glasses. <3
We're staying in tonight because it's rainy and my husband is looking especially cuddly tonight. If you are home and looking for things to read that are entertaining, OH DO I HAVE THINGS FOR YOU.

1. We have a new recapper, an old friend of mine that is quite funny, Sophie, who is recapping the new season of Sherlock. Link is to her debut to HDJM. :)

2. Touch is also humming along, building new readers as people realize just how funny (and insightful) our lovely Janey Ford is.

3. Apparently The Vampire Diaries was intense last night? That's what I'm gathering - and the recap is live, and waiting for your thoughts.

4. We still have the Glee recap hanging out, as well as my love for 80/90s rom com proms. :D

5. And what is quickly becoming the most popular post we've ever had in HDJM history (and we've had some big ones), The Avengers - the avengening! (And The Borgias, and Mad Men and... We can keep you laughing tonight/this weekend, is what I'm saying.)

Other recs: searing a square of mozzarella on a non-stick pan, cutting it into cubes, topping each cube with a piece of roasted red pepper and consuming alongside a delicious bottle of red. Which reminds me of a line from an earlier episode of Cougar Town where Ellie is sitting with two empty bottles of wine. Travis asks her how she's standing (she drank both) and she said, "Pfft. It's only white wine." AHAHA.
(No, really. I've had Shostakovich's The Second Waltz on repeat to stay energized.) WATCH THAT CLIP. Holy crow, that is the most amazing audience for a classical performance EVER. And guys? Let me just say again that if ever there was a way for me to become a professional trapeze artist I would do it. I blame ABC's Circus of the Network Stars and Cirque du Soleil.

Come Monday I will be back to normal, as in pestering you all about HDJM and our daily updates. :D HEY GUESS WHAT STARTS ON SUNDAY? GAME OF THRONES. This excites me. Also, if you need to catch up on Season 1 in a fast and portable manner, you should check out the recaps I wrote last year for Season 1. This season promises to be even more exciting. (And for the record: I've not read the books, it's a SPOILER FREE ZONE.)

I got a hilarious text message last night (not knowing it was from one of my HDJM writers - I didn't recognize the # at first) "Hey can you please email me a link to the trailer for Blood on the Highway?" and "I'd also like to use some of your filthy lines, if you remember them."

1. HA HA HA. 2. Of course I remember my filthy lines. I was blocked by the MPAA's rules in a red band trailer! Filthiest Character in Movie History was-and remains-my claim to fame. *preens*

This is all so she could point out the similarities in this latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, so feel free to check that out. :D

Touch and Ringer and Smash are also waiting your commentary, as is the outstanding Mad Men season opener recap/review - help my girls gain TV Crit. status by showering them with discussions. <3

Finally see the Hunger Games? You can talk to Sam about it - and maybe help her win a contest. (All of my girls are vying for the top 2 spots, so click, link, share!)

Okay, I'm writing the ENDING of this massive story I think I'm calling War and Peace. (Is that taken?) Spoiler: "they got boners and loved each other and said nice things that made you go AW and then they walked away. With boners. THE END." (ducks the molotov cocktails that [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse is sure to lob at me)
I spent the weekend pulling Bermuda grass out of my flower beds and my fingers were so sore yesterday, that I could barely type. They're still tender today, so I'm typing with my fingers flat and splayed out like some kind of idiot. *tappa tappa tappa* Just how much Bermuda grass? You know those 25 gallon paper refuse sacks you can get at Home Depot? Three of them. THREE. That Schei├če grows DEEP. And you have to get it all, or it just comes back. *cries* Stupid 115F summer where I couldn't get out there and pull it.

So...I'm running a contest for my writers - the top two popular writers for the month (hit count, comments and social media links - so LIKE and +1 and Tumble things you dig!) get a nice big chunk of change on Apr. 1. Won't you help them out by clicking and enjoying their hard work? And as always, we thank you for your support. :)

(I'm on the down-slide of this monster fic. 125K. I'm hoping to get it in by 150. WHAT THE HELL. Why, me? WHY?! And I've been writing alongside my VERY TOUGH beta, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse who will tell me to cut out things, so... OMG, I just want to be finished.) [/Spike laying on cross...]
Loads happened on the weekend at HDJM, so here are your links! (And please PLEASE like, tweet, G+1 things you read. It helps spread the word, and as we're trying to gain legitimate press cred, it'll help us this week as we're being vetted by the TV Critics Assoc. *nail biting*)

The Vampire Diaries!
Bomb Girls! (Um, femmeslashers on my flist? Y'all need to be watching this show, seriously.)
The Walking Dead! (coming, it's in edits right now)

And I'm putting on the Mod Hat it seems more and more over there. Just know: no bashing. No character hate. Stop posting comments just to promote your own fanfiction. Yes, the writers are fans of the show, or they wouldn't be talking about it. (The hell? I've had three people ask that in comments in one week.) I want that site to be about fannish love and fun, interesting discussion. It's not a place for hate on a character, and if you haven't watched the episode, why not wait until you have before commenting about said episode? <-- that one never fails to boggle my mind.

In Sally Derg news, she's a dork. Wait, that's old news. She has SEVERE anxiety when it comes to thunder storms where she whines (oh my god, it's like a fork on a china plate) and hides in my bathroom, shivering. She used to have a "baby" (it got all chewed and destroyed) that she'd "save" when she could sense thunderstorms on the horizon. (Omg, I saw her make a Sophie's Choice between her two "babies" once and it was the most pathetic thing on the EARTH.)

Anyhoodle, I saw something at PetsMart that I thought I'd give a try, as they promised a full refund. It's a Thundershirt.

[Obligatory whine about Daylight savings even though I don't mind it at all, it just seems like the thing to do]

The kids are all on Spring Break this week, which means everyone is still in bed. I have no problems with this. We're watching a friend for the week, too, which makes things more fun. Who wants to be with their boring siblings all the time? Exactly.

My sister's husband had a birthday this weekend, and we got to hang with a bunch of friends and be hip for a night. I drank fancy cocktails with my pinky out (that wasn't what made them fancy) and had my hurr did and it was nice to not be a mom for a few hours.

We have some EXCITING ADDITIONS to HDJM, starting today: we have a new writer, Samantha, that is doing a rewatch of all of Dexter starting today - posting once a week, and the last episode will time with the new season's premiere in September. Episode One through Three is ready for you!

Our Merlin recaps continue to be unbelievably hysterical (and seriously, if you're not watching the show, that's fine. You can still enjoy her recaps. Really.) And episode 10 awaits you!

Ringer! NBC's Smash! The unbelievably amazing SouthLAnd! The REALLY GOOD Bomb Girls! (Holy Femmeslash, Canada! Well done.)

AND LAST NIGHT'S THE WALKING DEAD. I bet you're not thinking the same thing about the show after last night, you nay sayers. Get up on this bidness, and show the writers some love. THANK YOU, all of you linking, tweeting, tumbling, and Liking. It means A LOT.

I'm currently sitting on 85K on this fic, and still have the whole ending arc to write. When did I become a novelist? *cries softly*
Because I'm getting my hurrs did, not because of anything political.

1. Hoarders last night had an interesting couple - the husband claimed an IQ of over 200, thus he was incapable of being "mentally ill." They had - wait for it - half a million books in their home. No visible walls. One narrow channel through all of the books. DAMN. Only one episode left in the season.

2. Other recaps posted, The Walking Dead with a hell of an ending. Whitechapel - which has quickly become our third most popular page on the site. We just added it on Friday. Damn, we need to get this show in the states!

3. I just brought on a new writer that is going to recap the entirety of Dexter over the next few months, then hit the seventh season in September with us. I've wanted Dexter on the site for ages, and now we're going to have it. WHOO HOO!

4. Mad Men is also slated to join HDJM, which is awesome.

5. I have some fic recs to post later today, but that will have to wait because I need to get to work, and then get to my stylist and have a gab session. He's fabulous (as you'd expect.)

(And eh meh ghed, Game of Thrones draws ever near!! I AM EXCITE FOR THE SHOW.)
1. it is so lovely today. 72 right now, not a cloud in the sky, and I've been cleaning out the garden all morning and getting happy. YAY PLANTS.
2. I love spring.
3. I spent some time this weekend going through submissions and found two new writers that I'm really excited about. One is already posting, Michaela, and she's recapping WHITECHAPEL. She's an old RPG buddy of mine, is too clever by half, and will be backfilling all of the previous episodes.
4. The other new writer continues the non-US show theme, Laura M, and she's working on the Canadian show "Bomb Girls" which looks AWESOME.

One thing I love about the folks that write successful recaps: you come away feeling like you've seen the show. (A lot of people who read us don't get certain programs, so they rely on the recap. And also like the humor. NICE.)

5. Our other Cannuck who recaps Merlin has her post up
6. Spartacus - our current tour de force on the site - is also up. (Even the show's WRITER reads these. Yeah, she's awesome.)
7. Walking Dead will be posted later this afternoon - only two episodes left!

Last, the Mr. is performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in April (damn, son!) and also a big performance at the House of Blues the night before. And it's 99.9% positive that I can get a VIP ticket and be there with him. Which is bad ass. BECAUSE HEY A LITTLE GROUP CALLED THE BEASTIE BOYS WILL BE INDUCTED. ALSO RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. AND GUNS AND ROSES. So I'm going to do my best to be BFF with all of those guys, because that's how it works, right? O_O (freaking the hell out with excitement.)

Also, lol, I thought I posted this about three hours ago. DERP. How do you innernats?
I will feed you if you can keep me distracted enough to get my house clean. I spent the weekend in bed, sick, after taking care of the other family members that were sick, and now the house is a partial wreck. Fleurgh. So if I haven't replied to you, please know that it's because I was buried in a mountain of tissues and blankets.

I'm trying to figure out how to add code to a WordPress theme so I can push a plugin from an advertiser under our header, and it is proving to be too l337 for me. If anyone is proficient that that particular type of code, hit me up and win my heart for ever.

I have been writing this angst-ridden fic for what feels like forever (okay, almost two months) and I am SO READY FOR HAPPY FUNTIMES, man. There is only so much angst I can pour out of my head before I'm ready for goofy/dorky type things. I think once I finish this, I need to get back to something like Stallioncrest, which has been on the back-burner for EVER and it still makes me laugh when I go back to the shooting script, and my sculpture buddy keeps asking me to get on it so he can start making horse legs (so we can frame a shot with a horse getting its face slapped by the other horse, ahahaha) and I saw a moment on the Oscars last night with Jeremy Irons, and THAT IS RANSOM PAYCHECK'S VOICE and HEE.

Guys? I don't care, that shit is funny. Soap opera. With horses. I have GOT to get on that so it will be finished in time to submit for Slamdance next festival circuit season so I can have it done. *collar tug*

I need a music playlist of Epic Dancy-ness to keep me motivated. And then naps.

IN HEY DON'T JUDGE ME NEWS: Spartacus! Merlin! Walking Dead will be up later tonight, our recapper had a work emergency. (And hey, the more you talk on your blogs/social sites/etc about HDJM, the more advertisers we'll draw and the more I can pay these girls so they can reasonably make recapping their #1 priority! IT IS A WIN/WIN. :D ) Thank you for your continued support there, by the way!

Okay, laundry. Or maybe some Tumblr... No, no, LAUNDRY. [ETA] Nope, fic. Which I am now reccing to you: post Glee 3.14, so spoilers for what that episode was about, by [livejournal.com profile] out_there lovely, achy, well characterized. Go and leave feedback (on AO3)

ANd then [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse goes and does this little bit of freewriting about what it means to be a man to Blaine Anderson (NC-17) and it is GORGEOUS. Please, please read and praise her so she'll keep putting things like this in the world.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 11:05 am
I officially am not going to talk about last week's events any more. So please, no more phone calls, no more emails, no PM's. I TRULY appreciate the generous support, but surely you can understand why I would want to move forward and not rehash things that are painful, yes? Thank you.

Links for you! At Hey, Don't Judge Me, the latest recaps for:
Merlin (These are seriously awesome recaps, btw)
Vampire Diaries
and Top Chef.

SPARTACUS IS COMING BACK SOON. Hoarders is tonight, as well! And The Bachelor is full of CRAY CRAY, gang. Yay, TV! HEY WE JUST HAD OUR FOUR HUNDREDTH POST! Whoo hoo!

On LJ, you should read this story, "I'll Fly Away." [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and I have talked for a few months now about how Kurt is always on the edges of the group, distancing himself. And his clothing and accessories have been telling a subtle story, as well. Here's the story behind all of that. (I love character studies that further the arc along. LOVE.)

ION, I had to take a muscle relaxer last night because something I'm writing gave me such a tension headache that I couldn't kill it with BC Powder (aka, cocaine. Um, that's what my MiL thinks it is, I don't actually use cocaine.) I use meth, come on. (NO I DON'T FBI PERSON.)

Yes I do. (NO. STOP IT.) I can't help it. (YOU ARE ARGUING WITH YOURSELF IN PUBLIC.) Shit.

Hey! How about them Giants? Eli Manning: one day I will spit in your open mouth, and I will be a better person for having done so.
Book of Mormon had to go up first, come on.

Still can't stop singing the songs. Not that it's a problem. :D The How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and Sleep No More reviews will go up tomorrow, then I can start writing this next 100K frickin' story that's crowding my brain....

Have a great weekend, errbody!
Man, do I love to travel. Like, if that was a job, professional trip taker, I would be the mo-fo Director of Hell Yes. (I would insist on funky cool titles in said company.)

Before I say anything, though, I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to two people for helping me take a vacation: [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon and "lj user="moosesal"> for pinch hitting for me at Hey, Don't Judge Me with recaps for Hoarders and Top Chef, respectively. Please check out the wonderful job they each did. I had not one worry while away, knowing the two of them would do a wonderful job. And hey, lookee there! I WAS RIGHT. :D

And now for something completely different. New York is always wonderful. I mean, duh. New York and San Francisco are my go-to towns where I never have a bad time. Met up with [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse and had the confirmation that she is in the Tribe of Joseph (where are my Anne Shirley girls? Holler!) I only travel with people that I know I'm going to enjoy in multiple situations, and yep, I was right with her. Not one bad moment, not one awkward pause, and I really could have used another three days with her, I'm just saying.

Day One: The first night/show was Sleep No More. Keep in mind that I'm writing up full reviews for HDJM, so I'm not going into detail here. But I will say.... )

Day Two was the Met, specifically the Egyptian Exhibit with my personal docent, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. I know rudimentary things about Egypt, so it was so fun to have her point out tiny details in carvings, in the type of writing used, etc. So, so fun. Not to mention we talked non-stop about everything under the sun, and were eating delicious foods and in beautiful surroundings. LOVELY.

And then we headed to the Al Hirschfeld Theater for the Darren Criss Experience. Lol. And...well, it was enjoyable to a good degree? But. )

Day Three, or: When Stoney Lost Her Damn Mind At Book of Mormon, The Musical. But first, the Cloisters! )

My flight was delayed by an hour and a half, so I spent a long time at the airport reading and people watching, then had a neighbor on my flight back. RANDOM? BUT NOW: I am getting the shakes from lack of breakfast and racing to type this up, so here I'll stop and divert the rest of my energies into the HDJM reviews of the shows.

IN SUMMATION: GREAT TRIP WAS GREAT. I love my friends. The End.


Jan. 7th, 2012 08:24 am
So we've added Merlin to the lineup on HDJM. Melody - a long-time fan - is getting a "so you want to watch the show, and it's in the fourth season?" post ready in a few days, but in the meantime, here's Season Four, Episode One - with Bingo card!

ALSO JUST UP: Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and in case some of you didn't remember, I dropped Jersey Shore. It's just...it's over, kids. I'm calling it: time of death: when Snooki lost all of our sympathy in Italy.

Okay, French toast and raspberries time! (Translation: Shredded wheat and lukewarm coffee. I'm too sleepy to do more than that.)
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my holidays, but I am worn the hell out. And I learned that when my MiL doesn't act up (she was lovely!) my husband gets stressed waiting for the other shoe to drop and then takes it out on me. FUN. Except for how I made him apologize all day yesterday for being a turd-face. Boys.

First, let's talk about how I want to have Darryl Dixon babies. Kristi, our normal recapper, was struck with a massive flu while traveling for the holidays, and won't have her recap up until tonight, so there's a discussion post about salient topics (i.e. how Darryl Dixon is the new moral center of the show among other things) up instead.

I finally forced myself to finish Never Let Me Go - the movie - last night, and oh my HEART. I've read the book (which is gorgeous, gorgeous) but Carey Mulligan owns my soul, guys. Sobbing. Openly weeping by the end, won't even act like I wasn't. Like, the ugly cry. If you've never seen it, or read it, run, don't walk, and fix that.

OH! I bet you forgot to go to the HDJM shop and buy an awesome long sleeved Breaking Bad tee, or a Simon Cowell mug, or an adorable Klaine iPad case, right? Whew, good thing I reminded you, huh? :D

I want to leave you with the most awesome video ever.

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