I got cocky going into today's HIIT, essentially a series of planks, and was laughing at myself 3/4 of the way through when my entire body was shaking. But I did it! Stuck to the time, etc. Now for pasta! :D

There is some awesome traffic at HDJM, which is always nice to see, but there are loads of former lurkers coming out to chat. You know, there really aren't many places out in the innarwebs where a person can just squee, you know? Even in innocuous posts on other sites (example: recap round up [link, link, link] wank and nasty behavior rears its ugly head. It's so baffling. I mean, I'm an adult who has been online for a few decades now, so I know this is what happens, I'm just continually surprised at the ENERGY it takes to be an utter shit of a person. Ahahaa. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT?!)

ION, I made these peanut butter fudge cookies over the weekend, both without the extra thin drizzle of peanut butter over the top and with, and they're def. better with. It cuts some of the richness of the fudge. And it's really frustrating that the recipe isn't balanced and you end up with extra fudge.

...I just realized how crazy that sounds. BUT HEAR ME OUT. It's because I would rather there be more end product than a tupperware of fudge in my fridge, is all.

ION #2, I'm working on these exercises, because I think a) that boy is ridiculously cute and earnest and b) I WANT TO BE A SUPERHERO AND DO A PLANCHE. Wow, that's awesome.
YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. It's always time for that. Unless you just finished running a marathon and it's 115F outside. That's probably not when you want to eat this. BUT ALL OTHER TIMES = YES.

I played with Ina Garten's recipe because she is awesome and I want to sit in her lap and have her read me a bedtime story and feed me cookies. But let's get back to lobster and pasta.

Recipe for Lobster Mac-n-Cheese )

If you don't like the way I write recipes, well, that's because you like things "coherent" and "organized." Whatever.

Also, I'm...liking a LOT of Teen Wolf this season, even if there is stuff that is problematic. I mean, the showrunner is awful, but the show? Not shabby. (And I'm avoiding the LOADS of wank online like the plague.)
Flist, I am sick. I will be fine, but for now I am grumpy and cranky and want forehead kisses and woebegone faces of sympathy, and I am completely surrounded by a lack of all of that. This is what comes of having cats. Sally Derg is asleep and dream-farting in the hallway, so there's nothing to be gained from her presence in the slightest.

BUT I PROMISED A RECIPE OF DELICIOUSNESS, and I will not disappoint. Unless you hate things that are great tasting, in which case you're hosed. I've made this multiple times now, and feel like I've got it down solid. Eggplant parmesan retooled to be healthy )

And now I'm going to curl up in a ball and sleep. Mmm, naps. (BTW, there are more amazing recaps up at HDJM! Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, The Bridge and Buffy S1e3! Thank you for sharing links, commenting, liking, etc. We appreciate it!)
  • I have a horrid head cold (I'll be fine, it's just the start of school yucks) and the hinge of my jaw feels like someone has cracked it with a hammer. I have a delightful chipmunk look.

  • Note to self: don't mini-head bang when "One" by Metallica comes on your play list because your head is 703% heavier when ill and ouch

  • I have a super bad ass therapist and I think she's awesome (our couple's therapist on the other hand...)

  • My daughter - who has been under a lot of stress with everything that's been going on lately - has pulled away physically from me (everyone, really) and while it's hard to not get hugs like I used to, when she DOES ask for me to hug her or play with her hair or something, it's like the best thing ever. <3

  • I made the first loaves with my starter - proper, 30 hours from start to finish loaves - and they taste SO FLIPPING GOOD. The crust is amazing. I modified my "daily bread" recipe to accommodate the starter, and wow, delish. Is anyone interested in the recipe?

  • I did make some pizza dough with the starter cast offs, and oh man. It was so thin and crispy and chewy. <3

SEE?! (this was the size of my two hands. Wee tiny personal pizza. :)

Prosciutto, Humbolt Fog cheese (almost too salty, honestly. Regular goat cheese would have been better), and arugula with a drizzle of balsamic. Crust flash-baked at 450F for 5 minutes with a brushing of olive oil and rubbed garlic before toppings added.

Wow, I'm hungry now. Bread Recipes Under the Cut - Daily Bread and Pizza Crust w/ Starter Cast offs )
(I have a few comments left to be replied in yesterday's post, which I will get to. AND THANK YOU, EVERYONE. The overwhelming support of this little community on LJ has been one of my favorite aspects of life for years, now.) <3

SO LET'S TALK CRUMPETS. I love them, would eat them almost daily, and now will be making them.

Remember how I mentioned the "wild yeast " project? It's coming along swimmingly, to the point where I have two bathes of starter going. (I can't bear to throw any out.) WELL GUESS WHAT, I DON'T HAVE TO. Each time I "feed" my starter (once it's refrigerated I won't be doing this daily) I have to scoop some out to discard. NOPE. That goes into a Mason jar I keep in the fridge now. When I have a good cup and change, I do this in a separate bowl:

1 C starter (leave some for the next time, right?)
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt


Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda. It's going to bubble like crazy, which is good. Drop 1/4 C into each of those rings, cook on medium low for several minutes (about 5) until the top is set. Pull that muh-fuh onto a plate, slather with good butter and honey and DEVOUR. (They can also be frozen and then toasted later. Or refrigerate and toasted. Or just eaten. Possibly you could use them as oven mitts, but I don't know why you would. They would NOT make good Frisbees, I mean, the diameter's all wrong, not to mention how crumpets aren't aerodynamic at ALL.)

ION, I baked off two loaves of bread today with a scoop of my baby starter and I can already taste the difference. As can the kids, seeing as one loaf is almost completely gone. =/
ION #2, I tried a goat's milk cheese with balsamic vinegar soaked into the rind, and you'd think it would be delicious. You would be wrong. *ptooey!*
ION #3, I made oxtails again this weekend, and I want to heap praises on the Asian market where I bought them. So much better quality than the high end Whole Foods, let me tell you. PLUS (and this is the important part) they cut the large sections in half, so everything is sized uniformly. Cooked so much faster, and I think the exposed marrow gave it even more flavor. I have leftover sauce that we're eating tonight. I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW FREAKING DELICIOUS THIS SAUCE IS.

Okay, m'foodies n m'bakers, let's talk shop.

I've mentioned in the past my grandma's 30+ year old sourdough starter and how I used to have a chunk of it back when I was a teenager. (I also went on a Mormon Youth Conference trip at the age of 14 to Navoo and bought an old pioneer cookbook that had loads of sourdough recipes, and spent a lot of time making chocolate sourdough cakes, sourdough breads, French bread with the starter cast offs, etc.) I like baking, is what I'm getting at. I've gotten out of the habit, and want to pick it up again. Now that I have the Fancy Sandwich Maker - IT'S ON SALE GUYS - I'm all about what bread can I melt some cheese and stuff on.)

If you're not familiar with the basics of baking, yeast is everywhere. It's just a microorganism that lives all over the place. You can buy it from the store freeze dried or slowed down in chilled cakes, or you can grow your own. Most modern starter recipes have you begin with a package of yeast, water, and flour. FOOLS. That's like filling your sink with bottled water. Here's how I did it, methodology from an old cookbook I dug up.

Wild Yeast Starter and Bread Recipes )

And look at this sourdough crumpet recipe!!! AHHHH!!
I got a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma for Christmas, and finally put it to use a few weeks ago (I have issues with spending money on myself, in that I don't. I don't know what's wrong with me, either), I got a high-end panini press after dithering over whether it would be a one-note sort of thing (like a tortilla press or a banana slicer. WHY DO PEOPLE NEED THOSE THINGS? Hint: they don't.)

SO I LOVE THE PANINI PRESS. LIKE, A LOT. It's also a grill, it's cast iron on the inside, so it heats up to almost 500F, it has a floating hinge so you don't pulverize your sandwiches or steaks or whatever you're grilling. I've not put it away in over a week. The kids find it super easy to use, it cleans up well, boom, I love it.


STEP ONE: cut a hole in the box In a medium hot skillet, a drizzle of olive oil and a sliced onion (I used a yellow). Slowly caramelize those bad boys until they make you weep with wanting.
ALTERNATE STEP TWO: Add sliced fresh figs (I didn't have these, you'll see what I did in a minute)
STEP TWO: put your junk in that box Drizzle some fabulous balsamic vinegar over those onions and stir it up (little darlin', stir it up). The vinegar and left over oil (if any) should get a little syrupy. This can be called the food of the gods.
STEP THREE: you thought I'd say make her open the box, didn't you? Well, I didn't. Turn off the heat and set this aside, plug in your panini maker (or get another skillet going)

on some good rustic bread slices layer: goat cheese, fig jam (if you're super fond of figs and want to double up then you should, other wise pick the alternate up there or this), caramelized onion mix, prosciutto slices (or thick bacon would be stellar), and cover that sumbitch up with another slice of bread

Yeah, do that. A few minutes, or until the bread's all toasty and the cheese is all melty and your mouth is all watery. Pull it off, slip in some fresh arugula, slice that mother trucker in half, and CONSUME.

I sang this to my sandwich, you may pick the song of your choosing but you must sing to it. "I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your figs to your Os, and I wanna move from the plate down to-down-to-the-to-the floor and I wanna AH! AH! You taste so good I don't wanna eat, but you gotta le-le-le-let me cook-cook on this pa-ni-ni-NI!"

So that happened. I feel not one ounce of shame or regret. LIVING LIFE IN A CORRECT MANNER.

(Tomorrow I am making challa bread, brie, blueberries, strawberries, balsamic and basil leaves. GOOD LORD I LOVE THIS THING.)
Because I sort of need to talk about nice stuff. (And I bet you do, too.)

So I saw THIS RECIPE for cinnamon pull-apart bread (in muffin tins!!) and about licked my computer screen, and then I thought, "But I really love savory foods, because then I can drink wine while eating said savory foods."

And I have this amazing truffle sea salt I'm always wanting to use. And I thought...make some savory-ass pull apart bread with browned butter and that truffle salt, Self. And I patted myself on the back, because that sounds A+, WOULD MAKE NOW.

But here's my question for you: browned butter and herbs (which herbs? Thyme to match the earthy truffles?) or CHEESE? Too salty with the sea salt? (That was the point of using it.)

Also, I do believe that since it's cold here (why?!?!) that I would like to pull out my cast iron skillet and bubble up some Fontina cheese, roasted garlic and herbs from the garden. AND I COULD DIP THE BUTTERY-HERBY BREAD IN THAT OH MY GOD, DO YOU SEE WHERE MY MIND GOES? To the Cab I want to drink with this, of course.

...I need lunch. TALK DELICIOUS FOODS WITH ME. Or kitties! Or whatever makes you wriggle with delight: GO!
[Bonus points if you said that like Mrs. Reverend Lovejoy.]

UH. THIS IS STRAIGHT UP PORNOGRAPHY. Homemade Almond Joys. Recipe here. Yes. YES! YES!! *pulls hair/pounds table a la Meg Ryan*

I'll be in my bunk. With a tray of these.

Pee Ess: [livejournal.com profile] mrmonkeybottoms is coming on board the HDJM train to recap Orphan Black - I AM EXCITE.
As close to Mario Batali's actual recipe as I can get without tying him up in my kitchen and torturing him for it. :) Oxtail Ragu Recipe )
That subject header is the most ungrammatical thing I may have ever written. I'M SORRY BUT THESE COOKIES ARE TOO GOOD. I tweaked the original recipe, and think it's pretty boss. Under the cut, and understand that if you make these, you're going to need a moment in your bunk.

Nutella Lava Cookies - Every bit as delicious as that sounds, laws, yes. )

I am so happy right now, I can't stand myself. OH! AND A GLASS OF MILK IS A MUST. Oooh, are they rich and fine. Wonderful flavor, soft and the tiniest bit gooey. <3
I meant to post this, so there's a double posting today. (Pfft, you know your flist is dead, come on.)

Where I'm from, we call these "Mexican Wedding Cookies," even though no Mexican I know has these at their wedding. BUT WHATEVER. WHITE PEOPLE IN TEXAS LOVE THEM. (My friends from Mexico call them Polvorones. I JUST CALL THEM DELICIOUS, HEY NOW!)

You need: food processor (or patience to mince toasted pecans until they're teeny), vanilla AND almond extract and about 3 hours, total.

Mexican Wedding Cookies, aka Polvorones, aka nommy treats. )

(not my photo, but this is what they look like.)
So I have lovely lovely meds from my lovely lovely doctor (who ACTUALLY MADE ME ADMIT that I am stubborn and I need to stop it before she would give me my prescription. She's awesome.) and they are making me...sleepy? Loopy? A little drinky drunk feeling? Hooray! Except for how that means I can accomplish nothing I planned for today. OH WELL. *burbles*

But! I made some cupcakes with #2 last night (because it taught her how to make a ganache, how to temper eggs AND make a custard. YAY BAKING!) and holy moley, guys. DELISH. SEE??!?!??!?

Boston Cream CUPCAKES. Jess? YEAH. GET ON THESE. )
This has been drunk baking with Stoney. :D (I'm not actually drunk.)


Jun. 25th, 2012 12:35 pm
Sam's True Blood recap will be up later today - they had wicked storms (be sure to say that in a proper Bostonian accent) last night, people are without power, there was flooding, etc. So. Patience, Grasshopper. Soon you will be able to snatch that recap from my hand.

I threw my back out yesterday after finishing up the granite project (which, btw, thank you for the support there. And "decomposed" is a term meaning "rock companies pulverized the hell out of" for the record. :D) I couldn't move yesterday, and I felt old and decrepit. *sad face*

I had a pool party on Saturday and we made the most AMAZING brisket tacos. I don't know what seasoning the Mr. used on the brisket (probably our standby of Tony's, black pepper, garlic powder, smoked for 20 hours over hickory OH MY GOODNESS) but I know that the pickled red onion I made, along with a few strips of roasted poblano peppers and a thick stripe of chipotle BBQ sauce, all wrapped up in a fresh flour tortilla, was enough to bring angels down from heaven. GOOD LORD. Tasty. Also, holy crow, I need some lunch.

The Dr. Who rewatch (starting with the Ninth Doctor) is continuing tomorrow, and they've been a lot of fun. Be sure to check back every Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday for the latest installments.

I am making these Nutella lava cookies later today, and then the kids and I (the Mr. is back traveling) are going to make some chicken "gyros" for dinner, and oh my goodness, do I love homemade tzatziki.

I REALLY NEED SOME LUNCH. Feeding brain = ability to think = ability to actually write. =/

HOW DO YOU BRAIN. I am slow and dim witted right now, yeesh.
So I've been helping out my friends with a local film festival all weekend, and had a great freaking time. It a) made me miss being a part of the film world and b) made me so freakin' glad I'm not a part of the film world. :D (People are weird around celebrities. Some celebrities are WEIRD. I heard some great stories from one actor in particular about several Big Hollywood Names that made me glad that I never moved to LA.) But talking with fun, interesting, intelligent people = YAY. (And I met someone from FREEDONIA. Any of y'all from the Arizona Strip/Southern Utah should know how freaking random that was. I guessed that's where he was from by his accent, which blew him away. Lol.)

THINGS TO READ! This dreamy fic about how the more things change, the more they don't. (They just get better.) Klaine, [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse there's nothing else you need, right? <3 You should leave her a comment so she doesn't feel like she lives in ether. :)

TRUE BLOOD. Holy Naccodoches, if you didn't remember how cracked out that show was, these past two episodes were your reminder. Mild Spoilers, mostly me laughing at stuff. )

Sam is back recapping the show, and here's ep. two. GO TALK WITH HER, SHE IS REALLY FUNNY.

The family and I went to see Men in Black III on Friday, and I have to say that I continue to enjoy that series. They're fun, don't take themselves too seriously, and Josh Brolin is out-freaking-standing as a young Tommy Lee Jones. It's redonk how perfect that casting choice was. Not to mention that it ends up being very touching (my son held my hand at the end, choked up - aww!) and I continue to love Will Smith. WHATEVER HE SEEMS LIKE A SERIOUSLY GOOD DUDE AND I LIKE HIM.

And lastly, in "WHAT? HUH? ...WHAT? NO, WHAT?!" news, it only took 14 years and 8 months, but I got my very first Child Support Check this weekend. $206 bucks, aww, that's cute. (He owes something like $13,000 +, but who's counting?) The very first payment I've ever gotten. Ahahaha. Way to really send a message to dead beat dads, Texas! (Note; we have the WORST record for getting child support payments to mothers here, because Rick Perry is a bag of dicks.)

I think I'll use that check to pay for Geek Squad to fix my kids' computers, because they're idiots and turned off their anti-virus software because "It kept popping up." OH MY GOD YOU DUMMIES. I mean, Mommy loves you!

OH RIGHT: CAKE. This is the one I made for the Mr.'s b-day, the one that caused me all sorts of grief. Not the cake itself, just my life thwarting the making of the cake. BUT YOU SHOULD MAKE IT. Under the cut, because it's detailed! Not a proper Black Forest Cake, but it is delicious, nonetheless. )
I had to say goodbye to someone very important to me last night. It's so hard to say goodbye )

ION, I decided yesterday that there is NO WAY I would put a Forum on HDJM. People just can't help themselves and turn into pedants and a-holes too quickly, and I am determined to keep HDJM a place of fun and smiles. I mean... there's an entire internet full of places to bitch about things, right? So. *hands*

Also, I've been beta reading [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse's latest fic and I get CHILLS thinking about how wonderful it is. And it's not even finished yet. Oh, is it going to be a treat.

Finally, a website I subscribe to sent me a cocktail recipe that I am dying to try out (and play with.)

The Redefined Daisy

1 1/2 oz base spirit (gin, tequila, rum, vodka)
3/4 oz cointreau OR elderflower liqueur (I'm seeing this everywhere. I approve)
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice (1 medium lemon)
2 barspoons of grenadine or raspberry syrup (that would be awesome with the cointreau)
soda water
fresh mint and raspberries for garnish.

Ice cubes in a shaker with first 4 ingredients, shake well, pour in glass, top with soda, swirl, and put in garnish. NOM. Hello, poolside delight. (My choices would be silver tequila, cointreau and raspberry syrup. Which...makes it almost a margarita, I know. But lemon isn't the same as lime. And I might swap out the soda water with mineral water. In fact, that's pretty much how I'm going to make one this weekend. O_O YAY PLANS.) :D

Other combo I'd use: light rum, elderflower liqueur, grenadine. And mineral water. I just don't want the calories, one, and I don't want the acerbic taste of soda water, typically.
That's insane. Here it's barely 100F (we've had a 100+ streak for several weeks now), and I saw that NYC and Chicago are expected to hit 107 and 108? You poor things. A/C is mandatory where I live, so we can easily deal with it, especially since we know it's coming and live with hot temps for months, but when you're not used to it... D: DRINK WATER. (And eat salty things. Or drink margaritas.)

Oh, hey, speaking of, today's cocktail recipe for the Glee recap of "Home" is my personal Margarita recipe, the one with the lime cocktail. I've gotten PMs from people telling me how good it is, so I'm not going to act like it's not the greatest thing ever. IT IS SO DELICIOUS, GUYS. I made a huge batch of the lime cocktail last night (8 pounds of limes! My biceps were killing me. And that's with using a juicer.) and I plan on getting my 'rita on here in a bit.

Things you can do to stay cool:
  • it may be ugly, but anything to black out your windows is a must. A thick blanket/black out liner for drapes will drop the house temp by 10 degrees at least. I have a house that faces due west with 2 story windows. The drapes have blackout liner, and our electric bill cut in half.
  • Wash your sheets, but don't dry them. Put them on the mattress, damp. You'll have crisp, cool sheets when you climb in bed, and the slightly damp top sheet will cool you right away. It's DELIGHTFUL.
  • Ice in a towel on the back of your neck.
  • Cold shower, wet hair in a ponytail or braids, right before bedtime

Ugh, be careful out there, guys
Because that's what I've been eating almost all weekend. Mmmm, avocados. Fresh tomatoes, garlic from the garden... And I made some baked taquitos that are so good, oh man. We were celebrating the Mr's promotion this weekend by being lazy slugs and eating. <-- THE AMERICAN DREAM.

[livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue had some problems last night (nothing to worry about, just time consuming, etc.) that is going to keep her from putting up her True Blood recap until this evening. But trust me when I say you're going to want to read it, if only for her take on the ridiculous Hot Shot happenings. Not to mention Vienna Sausage appe-teasers.

BUT! Fear not, those of you with the Mondays. [livejournal.com profile] elizardbits is back with Spartacus! Read the Blood & Sand recap here.

And the Real Housewives of New Jersey recap is now online, here you are. (Oh my god, the sparkle suit on that gorilla.) Kim G returns. She is SO AWFUL. I love watching her awfulness, I won't lie.

Tonight is Hoarders, and I've already begun my home cleanse in preparation.

For those that might want to try my baked taquitos, the recipe is under the cut. This way to OmNomVille. )

I still have some leftovers, so instead of teaching the kids how to cook tonight, we're going to make cookies. Tomorrow we're making Indian food, because I want some palak paneer (paneer is fun to make) and some naan and dal. YUM.

It is a million degrees out, so I'm waiting for it to be a reasonable hour for me to have a margarita and float in the pool with it. I say 4 is a good time. Right? Hmm. (Hahaha, I sound like a lush.)

Speaking of being a lush, those of you that have been following my Glee recaps have gotten some pretty boss cocktail recipes. I made the Friday cocktail (The Dirty Hippie) a few times this weekend. Tie dyed cocktails that taste good? OK. I changed up the way you can search on the main page - the shows/movies/books are clearly listed at the top with hyperlinks. Hopefully that looks far less cluttered.
First, I know I have some Glee fen on ye olde fryend lyste, so I wanted to rec a fic that broke my fic-reading drought. (Really, I've not read any fanfiction in over a year.) And The Living Is Easy, by [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse. Adorable and hot Kurt/Blaine fic. Go, read, feed.

(Remember when people used to expect readers to leave comments? Good times. Let's have nostalgia week!)

Second, because I need support to help me deal with my horror (and there will be a palate cleanser after to ease you into recipes) I want to share with you the WORST EMAIL EVER. )

Palate cleanser: LET US ALL PACK UP AND GO TO THERE. (Greece, that is, as it seems to be my current source of zen.)

Recipes! Y'all know how I feel about my margaritas. I have a perfected rocks version, and I have a perfected (by my sister) frozen version. They could not be improved upon! Years of sampling - hard work, I tell you, but someone has to do it - have proven that it could not be improved. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED. (This being a weekend of non-stop parties at my place.) Set tastebuds to EHMEHGHED )

In other news, I continue to be woken up at 6am by Smidgen, who wants a makeout session, I guess. She jumps on my chest, head butts me to consciousness, then puts her lips on mine. On one hand, gah! Let me sleep! On the other hand, aww, she loves me. But I don't know where those lips have been!

In other, other news, Hey, Don't Judge Me almost had 30,000 hits for the month of May! That's pretty slick. Thanks for all of the support! There have been a lot of folks coming over from people's recommendations, and that's always the best.

1. Add us to your reader's feed! then you don't have to worry about missing anything. (hurr)
2. Add the feed to your LJ's flist! Do you come here more often? That's the best way to get updated, then.
3. Follow HDJM on Twitter! You'll get notified in hilarious ways. (hurr)
4. Facebook lover? Here's the Facebook page, share, like, communicate with other awesome people.
5. Come laugh about the hilarious episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey where sex was described like popping pimples! (Oh my god, so awful, this guy.)
6. Come share (non-spoilery) theories about Game of Thrones with us!

I can promise you at least one laugh, and who doesn't need a chuckle? We've got True Blood recaps coming this summer, walks down memory lane (Somewhere in Time! Valley Girl! And more!) and more. So much more....

Thank you SO MUCH for the support, I've really appreciated it.
I know a lot of people don't care about this stuff, but man, the HIIT workouts in the TurboFire routine are outstanding. Like, I just want to do those and nothing else. Today was the 20 minute workout (and how great is that? Amazing exercise in 20 minutes and I'm done? Awesome.) and I was positively dripping with sweat, hands on my knees catching my breath, and then it was over. YAY. And I can already see my muscles responding, my metabolism is perking back up, whew. Good stuff.

Enough of that blather, I made a Chicken Chili Verde last night that was lick the pot good. Even my picky son (he looks at anything that resembles a tomato that's been cooked with an evil eye) cleaned his plate.

Like 2 Beautiful Mexicans Made Love In A Field Of Tomatillos and Spices )

Today is grocery day and it's 70 degrees again, and now I want light daishi broth and soba noodles and spring onions and veggie won tons YUM. It's wok weather, is what I'm saying. Also, [livejournal.com profile] lynnenne is in town, so hopefully we'll get to head out this week for delicious foods. IT IS A FINE WEEK, FOLKS. A fine week. Not to mention chocolates are more than half off, YAY!

[ETA] And this is how the Zombie Apocalypse starts, you heard it here first.

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