Apr. 20th, 2017

Reminder: car accident, I bought the car outright, now I'm in limbo on being paid out for it (and I won't get paid back what I paid because the universe hates me). And ha, the dealership hasn't filed the title change yet I just learned (20 days later, omg) and it takes up to 3 months in Texas, and I don't get paid from the insurance company until the title is in hand and... [deep breath]

SO! My dad is of the mindset that I should lease a car because it's less a month than buying, but I get nervous about monthly payments in the first place. And then, hmm, you lease it, and you always pay a monthly fee? Until you one day buy a car?

ADVICE SOUGHT: LEASING A VEHICLE. Anyone do this? Love it? Hate it? I'm interested in Real People experiences because while I love my dad, sometimes he's a dummy. ;)

ETA [crickets] Well, I stayed up researching and this article on Lifehacker makes a lot of sense, in case anyone [anyone? Buehler?] comes along and is curious for themselves. tl;dr: buying outright is the smart financial move.

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