Glee last night: I loved it. LOVED. The Gleecap/Recap (which, if I may, is hilarious) is up and waiting for you! Not to mention a delicious cocktail recipe is also over there. And...I'm just going to say it. I think there are people who hate it because they didn't have complete control. This show has been insane from Day 1, I've just never understood how that can be forgotten. Continuity issues, yes, problems with treatment of characters, of course. Of course!'s always been like that? IDK, I found this shit hilarious this ep. (And sweet and poignant and weird and OH MY GOD, NO, RACHEL and...any reaction like that tells me they did something right. Just my two cents.)

Southland! HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. How is this show better with every week?! Come talk to me about society and how we have intrinsic rules, etc (Warning if you don't watch the show: it's violent.)

And then the news about Susan G. Komen came out, how they're separating ties with Planned Parenthood because they're being pressured by Anti-Choice groups. It was born in my hometown Dallas, I've supported them for years as many of you know, through the 3-Day and other fund raising opportunities. I've raised tens of thousands for them, actually. But I can't support them if they're going to cave in to anti-choice bullying.

Well, the pink ribbon shit has gotten to be too prevalent to be useful anymore, anyway, right? I'll be devoting my time and money solely to Planned Parenthood now. I'm good with that.

Now go click over on HDJM and share the love and join in the discussion! GOOD TV = HAPPY ME.
First off, the TMI necessity. (Not really TMI, but it involves bewbage.) Yesterday morning I had my very first mammogram. OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH SQUEEZING NOW. )

And now for the (post) Earth Day picspam! I spent yesterday lazing about in the sunshine, no peripherals on, and digging in the dirt. So for me: perfect. MASSIVE picspam under the cut. Mairzy doats and dozy doats and little lamzy divy.... )

A lovely day. I think I might spend today outside napping again. The high is going to be near 90. <3 (But let's face it: I'm going to go to the nursery and look for cleomes and another rose. I HAVE A SICKNESS.)
Hello! First off allow me to say that my legs kick ass, as do my feet. Finished 8th out of about 4100 people, and I know, I know, it's not a race. But come on. That's freaking awesome. (Ahem, the BFF, a triathlete, finished 9th and immediately sat down. That will most likely be the only time in my life I will ever exhibit physical prowess with her around.)

3-Day recap with pics, for those interested )
Gearing up, packing up, stretching out, and all that good stuff. I'm leaving at a$$ crack o'clock (4:45 am) to get started on the 3-Day in the morning, so there will be radio silence from this end until Tuesday at the earliest.

Have lovely weekend, drink one for me, and don't do anything I wouldn't do! Which limits you to murdering nuns and punching small children. Everything else is good with me, just not those two things. (Punching murdering nuns, though, is perfectly within bounds.)

[Note from me: I am not interested in debating the best way to raise awareness to breast cancer. I am not interested in negative opinions on how to check yourself, who should be checked, which age group is unfairly targeted, what other diseases don't get enough of a spot light on them. I am interested, however, in helping people, and right now, I'm focused on a specific cancer. See, I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. All I care about is that more people stay healthy, get healthy, or have the chance to live another day to get healthy. If you have differing opinions or just feel a knee-jerk reaction to wanting to nit-pick or say something on your own, take it to your own place. This is my personal journal, not a community. And I thank you! *G*]

October 31rst! Last day of the Pink Ribbon month, and less than one week before the 3-Day here in my city! (If you'd live near Tampa Bay, FL and would like to know how to help cheer their walkers on this weekend, please go to [ profile] crevette's LJ and read about cheering station locations here.)

Guys, I am only $450 off my goal, I've reached my goal, in great part to your support!!! My walking partner, Chrissy, is still $300 shy! Some of you have been so generous (and one of you has absolutely brought me to tears with the overwhelming donation made.) I can't thank you enough. I know that there have been a few that needed to put off making a donation until the end of the month, and maybe some of you have been on the fence about donating.

Remember: every single penny given will go directly to the fight! Nothing goes to pay for an administrator. Nothing goes to pay for stickers or pamphlets or corporate lunches, every single penny goes to the fight. 85% to individual treatment costs and 15% to fund research. I'm paying my own way: food, tents, beverages, band aids, motrin... Every walker and volunteer pays for the privilege to be involved. I'm paying in sore hips and shin splints, too, oy. It's worth it, though!

Let me put these links out here: My donation page, my walking partner's donation page. It doesn't matter who you donate to, it's the donation that counts!

Time is running out: I have less than one week to get us both up to our goals of $2200, or I'm footing the bill for the difference. Mind, I will gladly do it, but don't you want to be a part of this amazing event? *G*

A little story from last time that I hadn't mentioned before. The power of women helping each other! )

Don't forget to go to this post to give me names of loved ones you'd like for me to carry to the end of this journey!

And finally, in the words of Rod and Tod Flanders, "I've got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart! [Where?] Down in my heart! [Where?] Down in my heart!" Have a fabulous and safe Halloween, for those celebrating, and I'll have loads of picspam for you next week. DIG DEEP AND GIVE!!! <3 <3 <3


Oct. 27th, 2008 11:00 am
Things Of Awesomeness:
  • my Under Armor shirt for exercise (I bailed out at 16 miles because when I left [in shorts, long-sleeved under armor shirt, and a ball-cap] it was 46 degrees and I figured it would warm up as it usually does. Because, hey, I'm in Texas. Guess what? It didn't warm up, just got windier. Reports of 40 mph winds. My ears are a little chapped and chilled. So. Bailed out at 16 miles because HOLY CRAP I AM COLD.)
  • coming back home, chilled and stiff, and the Mr. has made buckwheat pancakes and bacon for me. <3
  • a lovely random friendsfriends reader that made a $25 donation to my 3-Day efforts! I mean, how awesome is that?
  • the big steamy pot of tomato-basil soup that we will feast on today (the kids have no school) and the grilled cheese sammiches for dipping into said soup, made from homemade bread. (Today is bread day!)
  • today is BREAD DAY. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked bread??
  • I may need to make sugar cookies, too - another thing of \o/
  • being almost finished with everyone's Halloween costumes. Wrapping up Plankton today. Hee.
  • The kick butt human shape the Mr. made out of chicken wire, waiting to be wrapped in spider webs and embedded in the webbing on the front porch
  • the absolute joy I now get from watching the utter train wreck that is True Blood. I mean, honestly. I spend more time shrieking NO NO NO!! and covering my face than anything else. It's moving into fantastically bad!fic territory, and you should know by now how much I love craptastic fic.
  • I also love GOOD fic, like the Entourage fic [ profile] ethrosdemon wrote. A thing of man-child slashy beauty.

And lastly, the CRAZY SWEDISH SINGING on this video of a kitty snorgling her pony. I laugh so hard every time... When the singing gets frantic and loud? AHAHAHAHA. I love it. People can be awesome.

I have officially abused the word awesome in this post. *pins gold star on shirt*

[ETA] I forgot to mention the fabulous wine I had this weekend! It's a Rothschild bordeaux, but they've leased out rows in their vineyards to upstarts, so it's a fraction of the cost, even though it's the same wine. Chateau Paradis Casseuil, Lafite, 2006 Bordeaux. YUM. Definitely benefits from being uncorked and allowed to breathe for a half hour - my second glass was better than the first, in other words.

My sister and I shared a bottle of Australian shiraz (I'm just meh on them, she looooves them.) We split a bottle of Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet, and it was quite good. I wasn't expecting to like it, so that was a bonus. V v drinkable, and well under 10 bucks, so that's nice!
18 miles today. 10 min. mile pace. I timed it so I'd be back at my house at the 12 mile mark so I could take Sally Derg on the last 6 miles. 15 schnitzengreuben's 7 miles is her limit. :) When she saw that I had come back she was all sad faces because she knew I was walking without her, then I grabbed her leash and she crawled towards me with her front paws then wriggled against my leg to make me laugh. Why are dogs so rad?

I have pictures that are making me a) laugh and/or b) happy under the cut. cleeeeeek! )

NaNoWriMo: who's doing it? I'm signing up later today, and I plan on using it to finish up "Oh My Heck" (which, cough, I started last NaNo...) and maybe writing a full-length story I've had sketched out for about five years now... It'll feel good to have a goal.

Oooh, I made the chicken and dumpling recipe from yesterday for last night's dinner and I added some Parmesan cheese to the dumpling batter and that is a happy flavor explosion in my mouth, let me tell you. I have leftovers for lunch in a bit. *pats tummy*

[ETA] I meant to add this link earlier: a wine search engine! Know the region and year but not the name? Or any other combo? Chances are they have it, with a picture of the label, too! I've found a few that I couldn't remember the name, just the region and sundries. YAY!
I did 15 training miles on Saturday and 18 miles yesterday. Today is an off day for walking (only strength training to build up my knees) and then I'm going for an hour and a half long massage. Ooooooh, bliss. Later, I'll hit the county courthouse for early voting. \o/ Seriously: if there's any way you can vote early, do. It's going to be a MADHOUSE on election day. Just the primaries were insane here, and that was only one party voting!

But back to your boobs and how much I care about them. In a totally non-creepy way, of course. :) You did know that you should check your bewbs once a month, right? And not while on your period, but a week after? Just, while you're in the shower soaping up, give them a few swirls and squeezes. And you did know that if found early 98% of you will survive? The caveat, of course, is that you are checking. [ETA]: in case it's not clear: EARLY DETECTION means a 98% survival rate. I'm not in any way suggesting that if you routinely handle your breasts you'll live, and if you don't, you'll die. I would hope that was clear.

Are you like me and don't put yourself first when it comes to health care? Everyone else comes first, right? Kids, your partner, animals... But who is going to take care of them if you're not there to do it? Right. Check your boobs, talk to a doctor if you find something weird. Because if you leave it to chance, or dismiss anything odd, your chances of living - living - drop dramatically.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of DEATH in US women. (Lung cancer is first. STOP SMOKING.) It's the most common cancer for women, however. Did you know that insurance will pay for mammograms if you're 35 and older? And if you don't have health insurance, call your county's health department. Most of them in the US provide free mammograms. Did you know that? FREE. They'll usually give you a voucher that you take to a hospital near you, so you can get properly examined. So really, there's no excuse, is there? Also, the American Cancer Society has lists of providers for low income of low-coverage women. Call 1-800-ACS-2345 for a location in the US nearest you. An act was passed in the US that enables Medicare/Medicaid to help front the cost of breast cancer screening. The CDC chips in, as well. Call 1-800-CDC INFO or go online for local information.

Don't think your age protects you, or that no one in your family having breast cancer leaves you exempt. We're still not sure what causes breast cancer, definitively. Genetics, environment, both are factors. And Africa-Americans... you are - unfortunately - most likely to die from breast cancer that is NOT DETECTED EARLY. Are you seeing a trend? Grab yer bewbs, in other words, and check them out.

Guys, at my last 3-Day I met a girl that had to drop out of her Freshman year in college because she had breast cancer and needed chemo. 19 years old. No one in her family had ever had any form of cancer. My beloved s-mom's BFF died of breast cancer two years ago, and I brought her name with me to the 3-Day in 2006. She kept ignoring the lumps in her breasts. It's just so easy to find out, y'all, and I really REALLY want everyone to be healthy, no matter how tangentially we know each other.

That's why I walk over 70 miles every week to strengthen my body so that in one weekend, in under 18 hours, actually, I can walk through my city as a testament to women and men everywhere that I CARE. That I know how important it is for we women (and you guys out there, too!) to pull together and lift each other up, to remind each other to take care of ourselves. SO GO IN THE BATHROOM AND CHECK YOUR BOOBS FOR ME, HUH? (Hey, some of you, I'll do it for ya. *G*)

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day helps pay the medical costs of low-insurance/no-insurance women needing treatment. It donates a portion for research, but mostly the 3-Day is IMMEDIATE CARE. Every single penny goes to someone in need, nothing to administrative costs, NOTHING. If you can spare any amount of money, please consider making a donation to my team. Either one of us, it doesn't matter - the money ends up in the right hands. To those of you that have generously donated, I can't thank you enough. You need to know that you have quite possibly saved a woman's life. You've given her kids and/or loved ones more time with her. Thank you. I'd kiss you square on the mouth, if I could.

Please feel free to link to this post and share it with anyone that could benefit from the information and phone numbers given. <3

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