First, the glory that is Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert from an old The Daily Show clip, Even Steph(v)ens.
And if you want the soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine, grab it while it's available. (Thanks again, A for sharing it with me in the first place!)

Second, because I upped my mileage today and I'm probably not going to physically be able to move from this chair for a while, here's one of those "My _____" things.

My Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third )
Okay, this may just be an exercise in futility. But. I did say that I was serious about improving as a writer, and yeah, this is just porn. And yeah I wrote this a year ago. And yeah I'm feeling seriously beaten down and thick and dumb about anything and everything I produce, so... let's see if this old dog can't learn a few new tricks. Can I sell myself or WHAT??!

And here's the concrit I got - all valid. An aside: um, I FINALLY figured out what I'm doing with the POV thing. Yeah, I seriously need this level of pointing out. I'm using "feeling words" for each person. OOOoooooh. That's what- Ah. (Now if I can only figure out what to do about the "speech, action, speech" thing I apparently do... Argh!) ON TO THE GIRL SEX.

Untitled Doctor Kink Girl-Slash!!
Spoilers: Season 5 (mid-way) of Angel, slightly AU, I prefer to call it hopeful.
Characters: Fred/Faith
Rating: R-ish - is PWP!
Concept: Faith drops in on her old Watcher, and Fred thinks Faith should be looked over in the lab - Willow's spell could have adverse effects, you know - and it's after hours. In the labs of Wolfram and Hart.

Warning: Sex in a Lab. With instruments. )
and next time I'll pick one of the participants for the POV, because I don't want all the NAMES in the fic.
[ profile] marlo asked for Spike/Faith. This would have been one of those "5 Things That Never..." fics, but I just did the one. Warning: Het. Ha! What a world we live in... Thanks to [ profile] crazydiamondsue for a quick looksee and pointing out my dropped commas. All errors are mine, lemme know if you find one.

Author: Duh
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: Hard R for porn. Contrary to icon, no drugs aside from nicotine. (NC-17? I mean, it's conventional guy/girl, so I don't know anymore. Wait! He's undead. Make it NC-17.)
Spoilers: Season 7, Basement.
Pairing: Spike/Faith (who totally should have had a spin off with them on motorcycles - and on HBO so they could have gratuitous sex. Or Faith/Connor. *passes out*)

Something That Never Happened In The Summers' Basement )
If you look at your calendar, then you'll miss seeing mine. MY calendar has indicated that it is less than 2 weeks and 4 days until I fly to San Fransisco and meet [ profile] dovil!! WOOT! My liver is primed, woman. *does stretching exercises so I'm taller, packs stool* We're also meeting up with [ profile] _divya_ to talk shop, including, but not limited to: due South, hot men, things that are funny, potent potables, and things that start with an M. Cannot. Calm. Down. Okay, that's a gross exaggeration. But I'm excited. Just look at Spock down there!! He is perfectly expressing my hyperactivity.

Re: trip. There WILL be pictures.

In other news, I'm still lame and only skimming my flist. Working on it! Trying to be a better friend, jeez, Ma! Oh, and I haven't heard (or seen about the joint) [ profile] leeannaray or [ profile] dusty273 in a while... You girls fine? Just super busy? Bored with LJ? Making sure you're okay, is all...

Had The Mayor and Faith on the brain. Talked with [ profile] winterlive (okay, no more name dropping. [ profile] crazydiamondsue. Sorry, it's in my contract) last night about Veronica Mars, and was thinking about how Keith and VM are the second best Daddy/Daughter duo on TV ever. Behind: Mayor/Faith, of course. A little slice o' life, shortly after Faith joins forces officially. Very short. Just about a double-drabble.

I cut because I feel rage inside and need to let it out )

And finally, happy belated birthday to [ profile] trepkos and today to [ profile] versaphile! *pours a drink, hands you a flower, rubs shoulders*

[ETA]: WHY IS THERE A LINE THROUGH WINTER'S USERNAME????? I JUST talked with her last night!! WINTER! Noooooo! I'm actually quite stupid. -LIVE. WinterLIVE. *lays down*
I missed two birthdays!! SO SO sorry, to my new friend and funny-girl [ profile] sweet_ali and to sooper keyoot buddy who is getting ready to travel,[ profile] marlo! Happiest of days, I hope they were wonderful, and I am terribly sorry these wishes are so belated. *hangs head in SHAME, yo* And today is [ profile] sdwolfpup's b-day! Happy birthday!! You share my love of good music and Deadwood, and I hope your day is great.

[ETA]: I got a package in the mail from [ profile] _divya_!! Due South! OMG. My hed asplode from the loving of new fandoms. AHHHH!! thank you so much, Di!! Will report on the love for them.

*cough* In other... things... remember when I mentioned things I believe? And one of those was that I believe without a doubt that when Faith heard about Joyce's death, that she-. Well, now I'm getting ahead of myself.

Fic: Lights-Out, Faith, PG-13 )
First off, y'all guessed all the movie quotes except #8: Ha HO, don't hit anybody! That would be Farmer Ted to Jake in Sixteen Candles, right before he drove the Prom Queen home. (I heard the grill alone cost 5 Grand! Do you have 5 grand? I don't have 5 grand! - So don't hit anybody.) My love for Farmer Ted knows no bounds...

[ profile] crazydiamondsue poked me because I'm not doing anything in the fandom. Well, this is kinda sorta fandom related. Well, most of it.
You cannot resist the cut-tag! Except for those of you who don't give a shit. Hee! )
Whew. I *love* this like a child. For those coming to Star Wars with Stoney, this will be in your gift bag. Hee!! For those on my flist (I have to restrict this for now) leave me a comment if you want it, and if I don't have your mail addy, send it to me at morrisona [at] sbcglobal [dot] net. After this is Buffy. That one is kicking my butt. I have to do my girl right. Buffy haters can just keep strolling...

(Psst: all other mixes are h e r e )

Faith Mix CD )
More importantly, who wants some girl-slash, doctor!kink porn? ([ profile] poshcat, you know this is for you, right?)

Wheee! Untitled Doctor!kink girl-slash! )

I'm supposed to be doing laundry.  And vacuuming.  This was supposed to be the grocery list.  Then [ profile] karabair posted some of her postcard fics, and this just sprang up among the ideas for my postcard... Rating: PG Spoilers: For Faith? Up to the last fifteen minutes of the last Angel ep/NFA S5. Protagonist: Faith Subject: A letter to Wes from Faith. She doesn't know.

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