One dude from Seattle soaked rabbit in adobo. I want to marry him, and I will even gladly mop the floors (the one task I hate above all others) for him to cook for me.

I'm talking about Top Chef: Texas. Which we've added to our recaps, and I'm doing them. Yes, I needed more things on my plate, what? COME ON, THEY ARE IN MY HOMELAND. I did go off on them ignoring Houston, which has uh-may-zing food - the city is crazy diverse, so you can eat anything and it's going to be delicious. WHATEVER. Also, they stupidly filmed it in JULY. So they never went outside, apparently (not that I blame them, it was a record-breaking summer. 110+ every single day during their filming. Oy.)

Man, I love food. Which makes the fact that I've not had breakfast yet redonk. Oh, egg and spinach omlette, I will nom you soon.

Melody will have her X-Factor recap up soon, for those of you following along.

A cold front moved in last night and it's a properly chilly day, so I'm slow cooking a venison stew with a Cote du Rhone (pretend I put the hats on the appropriate vowels) reduction mixed in and did I mention I love food? Also, Happy Endings, Max rubbing his face on the sandwich, whispering, "Steaktanic" had me laughing pretty hard. And getting hungry. And wanting to kiss his face. While eating Steaktanic.
Yesterday was in the upper 70s. Today it's 26. Welcome to Texas. Don't like the weather? Take a nap. When you wake up, it'll be completely different.

Today is a great day, for it's the day we go to Kuby's. Kuby's is a delicatessen run by an old family friend. He escaped Germany ahead of the Berlin wall and brought his family to the states. His family had lived in the same small town in Eastern Germany for 500 years, as sausage makers. He has sausage recipes going back to medieval times. A few years back, he added a processing plant to the works, and my husband, who hunts (more on that later) takes his game to them and gets back our yearly meats.

Note for people who are anti-hunting: we use all the meat. And what we don't eat, we donate. The only meats I ever need to buy are chickens and fish, if you consider fish to be meat, which I don't. I consider it fish. :) My husband is also a sharpshooter (no, he has papers and everything!) and takes down whatever he's hunting in one shot. There's no suffering like at, say, every single slaughterhouse in the US. (Which is why I try to never eat meat that's been processed at slaughterhouses.)

Bratwurst, summer sausages, steaks, tenderloins, hams, chops, bacon, breakfast sausages, stew meat, tamales (they hired this fabulous Mexican woman that makes venison tamales. Oh, so good.) Today is load the freezer day up, and I love that day. It makes me feel like I'm Laura Ingalls in the Big Woods when her Pa would load up the smokehouse, and Ma would sit and braid onions until her hands were worn, and Laura and Mary had to sort through the apples to find the bad ones, and everything would go up in the rafters in their little cabin and then they could sit around a roaring fire while the storms blew and listen to Pa's fiddle and know they'd eat that winter.

Here it's the LotR trilogy on the tv instead of a fiddle, and there's no snow nor wolves to mess with the livestock, but we do have some ferocious jack rabbits that pick fights with Darthanne... Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, huh?

In three weeks I get to start carrots and garlic and onions and potatoes in the garden, then a few weeks after that will be cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. I'm just in my Half-Pint mood today, that's all, dreaming of an epic food storage.
Not that it means anything, because it's summer, so everyday is a Saturday. (Hogod, when does school start back up?!?! I've already bought school supplies. I'm ready for a SCHEDULE again!) My sister and her fiance are coming up to hang, which is always a good time. This means there will be Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and there is no bad there.

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my buddy Blair down in the city, and man, I love that guy. Smart, funny, all around good human being. Nothing like having a non-stop 6 hour conversation with someone in a bar, amirite? He's a writer as well (and was the director for Blood on the Highway) so we talked for hours about projects we're working on, etc. I sent him "Stallioncrest" to get some inspiration to finish that and get the animation going for webisodes. (My sister has FAILED me on that front. Woe. Fortunately, I know several graphic artists, so I will hopefully realize mmy dream of a poorly animated horse soap opera, Wheeee heeee pbbblt! Hahaha.)

I'm starting to read Michael Chabon's "The Yiddish Policeman Union" and once again am slipping into his wonderful storytelling. Has anyone else read it? Thoughts? (Oooh, and I've requested an Amazon Kindle for my birthday. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!!) Did you know that you NEVER pay for the wireless bill??? That's how badly Amazon wants you to buy it. It has web-surfing capabilities! Email! Basic search functions! Man, that is sweet. You wanna look up a word or cross reference something? BAM. Highlight and click and there it is off the web. And you pay nothing. Um, just the initial $350 for the equipment, er.

If anyone is interested, I posted to the Mormon Blog about the LDS/FLDS news lately.

I cannot decide if we should eat Italian (homemade marinara, pasta, salad, wine), Asian (peanut noodles, stir fry veggies, rice, some type of alcohol), or fried chicken (onion rings, baked beans - homemade - and salad and beer/wine) for dinner tonight. Feel free to offer your choice!


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