1. This weekend the Mr. and I chopped down our horrible Bradford Pear tree that was half dead (yay!), ground down the stump, removed over 1 ton of grass from the front/sides (sod cutters are FUN), dumped 1 ton of compost onto the bare earth, tilled it in, planted a Mexican Plum tree and a Chinese Pistache (omg we're international) and covered the tilled ground with a half ton of mulch. When it stops raining, I'll add more plants. To say that I'm tired is an understatement.

2. I've got a question about sewing draperies for those on my flist that do that sort of thing ? )

3. I've got a little sicky (Emily) at home today, and I'm trying desperately to find a flight during a specific period to Boston, and not having any luck. [livejournal.com profile] entrenous88? Email coming soon.

4. And finally, thanks to everyone that responded to my post about my movie's trailer. I'm so pleased so many of you see how fun/funny it's going to be! (Um... I'm the one that doesn't look like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also, remember all that talk about how I'm playing a dirty, ugly whore? That should make it easy to figure out who I am in it. *g*)

And now I go lie down after taking some muscle relaxers and Advil. Geh.

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