Sunshine! Nothing but for days and days, and it's going to be near 90 soon, YAY. (Hint: I like warm weather.)

Who's watching Happy Endings? It's pretty funny. It's getting started, but already the cast has an easy rapport with each other, and I like the characters and they're funny. Who's watching Workaholics? It's pretty funny. (lol) It's also totally juvenile and full of pot/frat-boy humor, but you get to laugh AT them, and I always like that. Who saw the season opener for South Park? Oh my god, there was a Human Centipede storyline, and it almost was too much for me. FOR ME! But it was still hilarious.

This is redonk. I may have made incomprehensible noises. Also, there is a mama dove sitting on her egg(s?) in a wee nest in the climbing rose, right over the office window. It's apparently the greatest thing ever to watch, according to Smidgen and Smudge. All day they sit under the window, craning their necks to spy on the bird. I don't think she can see them, so I doubt she's stressed. Hope Cat is trying to teach them how to "kk-kk-kk-kk!" at birds like a proper kitty, but they are both silent as the grave.

Example: this weekend I couldn't find Smudge and after a half hour, saw a wee black paw curling up at the pantry door. I opened it, he blinked and walked out. Why on earth wouldn't you meow, silly cat? But he never does. Quietest cat there is. Know what isn't quiet? A stupid baby mockingbird outside my house. Aww, Stoney, it's a weetiny bird! Remember in Finding Nemo when the seagulls said, "Mine? MINE! MINE! MINE!" over and over? Imagine that, but fourteen octaves higher. And its mama mimics a car alarm. HOW ADORABLE.

Imma make some brioche today. I made strawberry preserves on Sunday, and that's the perfect topping to a warm slice of brioche. NOM.

obligatory site link here I NEVER SAID I WASN'T AN ATTENTION-SEEKING PERSON. Never.
Well, huh. This whole reposting capabilities to FB and Twitter is getting a rethink by me. The day I posted my "zomg I will cut you with my knife!" thing, I had a request on another post to be allowed to link to it. And my response was, "I never mind if people link to public posts because...they're...public. Oh. Huh."

So the new mindset within my brain meat is this: if I have a public post, then I have to accept that I've put it out there. HOWEVER. I would appreciate it if you would not repost people's comments without their permission, because that's just the polite thing to do. And if it's a locked post and you repost to FB or Twitter, where snippets get printed out in the public sphere, that's when you'll raise my ire. I will continue to respect other's wishes to not have their things reposted, no worries there.

I'm a big girl that can admit I'm stupid on occasion. :)

Holy torrential downpour, in other news. Apocalyptic levels of rain have been falling since yesterday. At this rate I'll have a pool, but it'll be gross like the pool in Poltergeist. BOO, UNIVERSE. Yesterday we had three, count 'em THREE tornadoes sighted in a triangle around my house. The kids' schools were on lock down and my daughter (#2) texted me frantically, saying she loved me, woe, it was the end. LOL, honey, we're good and you're in a tornado shelter (movie theaters and schools here are emergency tornado shelters - it'll take more than 200mph winds to knock those beasts down.)

We are, as I'm sure you've guessed, completely fine. She's just 13 and never misses an opportunity to burst into dramatic tears.

My bank teller spoiled me for the Big Ending of the latest season of Criminal Minds. I guess the whole "we're just getting into the show and haven't seen all of the episodes" means LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING DRAMATIC THAT WILL HAPPEN AND RUIN YOUR ENJOYMENT. Who knew? =P

I have a kitten scarf right now. Two kittens wrapped around my throat. Before you say "aww!" let's remember that they are heirs to the Darthanne throne, and are probably checking me for weak spots. I will be helpless before them, because they are seriously cute little things. Smidgen wakes me up at one point every night just to put her lips on my eyes. (She's tasting my sweet, sweet eye juices, I know, but AWWWW.)

LASTLY: if anyone has a copy of Nina MC's "Doppel X Chromosom" I would love for you to share it with me. That came out when I was pregnant with Emily and it was all over Germany - where I was traveling at the time. I love that catchy little tune, but can't find it anywhere. (Or any of her stuff - I can't find her here in the states.)

[ETA] Last night the penultimate Louie CK episode had me laughing so hard I was crying. If you've not watched his show (16 eps) you have missed the most wonderful comedian cum tv star show there's ever been.
1. I had a bizarre dream that included (among many things) knot tying, labyrinth passing, horse purchasing (wth?) and a [ profile] swmbo in fright wigs. Keep in mind that Swmbo and I have never met face to face. She'd be so much prettier without that black yarn on her head, according to my subconscious. ??? I did mention that I bought a HORSE in this dream, right? Wow.

2. The Staple Center (Smidgen) got her staples removed this morning. She was quite distraught over the whole car ride and proceeded to seek head rubs from all the creatures in my house. Sally Derg HOPPED UP AND DOWN ON HER FRONT LEGS trying to get more. Cutest thing I have ever seen my animals do, and I literally laughed out loud. It was treats for everyone after that display of awesome.

3. I am going to price rocks today, because ain't no party like a Stoney party because a Stoney party don't START. <-- I've officially abused that joke.

4. I did NOT get my deck poured yesterday due to my noticing that the series of stepping pads that connect the hot tub to the deck didn't look uniform. I ran out with my tape measure and found each of them to be random widths, arbitrarily selected by who knows what method. I hate to be That Person, but come on, I'm paying for something to be done a certain way. [Like, one was 29", another 36", etc.] So the framing crew had to come back and reframe the steps with my explicit instructions translated in Espanol. I did provide them with a cooler of ice water because it was 107 up here yesterday. They were very nice men, and I thanked them profusely.

5. I've got some death on the line in the garden. These 20+ days of triple digits are taking their toll - and I have no irrigation happening while the pool is being built. Dear deep purple coral bells, you were loved. Ditto to you, stately Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I WILL AVENGE YOU!

6. Yesterday's Pho lunch has me wanting more, so we're having some for dinner. I just need to get some fresh limes (they were all used up in margaritas) and cilantro and tofu. OM NOM NOM SOUP I LOVE YOU. Even though it's literally a million degrees. Literally. Hot spicy foods cool you off, though, true fact.

7. [ profile] dovil and I are further along in our plans for our Great American Road Trip this coming spring. I might bury her in the desert, i might not, it depends on how much booze she brings me from New Zealand. Road trip! <3

8. I will write something useful today. This does not count. Hop to it, me!
Nothing happened over the weekend with the pool because a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR came upon us Friday and we had to wait for things to dry out. Evidently a big sump pump was brought out to empty the TWO FEET of water standing in the deep end, but I missed it while running errands, boo. That would have been cool to film.

Big pics, 9 of them, under the cut )

Kittens! Oh no, Smidgen is beginning estrus, and she's only 15 weeks old! She's a baby, not yet a woman... So I'm waiting to hear back from the vet for when she can go in (and Smudge, too) and get her lady parts (his man bits) removed and shots administered, etc. That, uh, was an unpleasant way to wake up last night. That's a HORRIBLE noise. (Not as bad as the wet plunger noise of eminent vomit from a dog, but CLOSE.) They're separated from each other, and the kids have been put on notice to... not let Smudge get on top of girl kitty. The older two gave me A Look, which I confirmed with A Look of my own. Sex = bringing families together since fig leafs.

WHEN DID MY HOUSE BECOME AN ATTIC WITH PAPER FLOWERS? I did serve powdered donuts for breakfast, however.... Was it weird that I put ballet slippers on the girl kitty? And put a stethoscope on boy kitty? Let's not make this weird, okay, let's just let nature take its course. It's beautiful. (AHHHH!)

That's the oh, crap part. I'm heading out to the tile showroom (showroom makes me laugh, it seems like such a pompous word) to pick the water-edge tile while these brohans finish up the guinite. YAY FUNTIMES.
...we got the kittens. I MEAN, COME ON. KITTENS. Who doesn't love kittens? They cure everything that ails you, except for feline allergies. And oh my stars, they are the cuddliest, goofy little things. Brother and sister and the brother is a little shy, but once the lights go out (translation: everyone is ready for bed/in bed) he is all I MUST RUB YOUR FACE AND GROOM YOUR EARS AND MAKE BISCUITS ON YOUR NECK. Gah, little dude, GO TO SLEEP. They both slept on my chest all weekend long. <3 Sally Derg wants to lick them and claim them as her babies, but they're not too sure about that. Miss Hope Cat wasn't too keen on them at first (what?!?! she's normally the Good Will Ambassador!) but is now tolerating them, mostly because they have kitten chow that smells delightful to her. Nerd.

Kitnits of Cuteness under here + a bonus POLL to help me name them! )

In other adventures this weekend, I saw two excellent movies. And both completely different. Spoilers under the cut for the movies The Hurt Locker and Predators )

Last but not least, I have a table read tonight for another Indie film I'm doing (small part, but a fun crazy role) and that's always a good time. Plus, I made the most epic pork shoulder of all time this weekend. I mean, words cannot describe the deliciousness, but I'll try. Braised for 3.5 hours in Adobo seasoning, bay leaf, onion, garlic, and Mexican baking chocolate. That last one is the secret to my success, I'm telling you. That's what makes my tamales so dang good, if I may say so myself. Mmmmm. That was the last of the wild boar, too, so I'm going to be pork-less until hunting season starts again. Goodness, that sounds dirty. :)

It's so frakkin' hot outside that I will not even try and venture out. It's all about laundry and Assassin's Creed 2 (which I'm trying out. So far, so good.)
First and foremost I want to thank you for your sweet words of support for my family and me in regards to the death of our beloved pet. It's been a hard few days for the kids, especially for my son to whom most belonged to Darthanne (cats don't belong to us, we belong to them as you all know) but we're getting there. A few of you knew her personally and your comments just made me feel so much better. I loved each comment, but EntreNous and Anne? Thank you both. <3 <3 <3 It seems silly, but I've read through all the comments a few times and it really helps ease the ol' heartache. Thanks, guys.

And now for something completely different. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME, PEOPLE [GENERALIZATION FOR THE WESTERN WORLD AND ITS MEDIA SOURCES OF ALL STRIPES,] WITH THIS ENCOURAGING OF TWILIGHT FANNISHNESS FOR YOUNG GIRLS? eta: including other sources listed under the cut, like teachers, etc. And Elena Kagan has my vote. :)

If I may: Exhibit A [DO NOT go there to leave negative comments. The discussion of right/wrong is HERE. She certainly didn't ask for it. Thanks.] Now. I want to state for the record that I do not believe the OP is aware that this stuff is really harmful nor do I think there's anything wrong with her overall message of "be supportive of fangirls," because that's a lovely thought. BUT. The material is NOT on the same level of fanishness that, say, old school geek fandom would have been. Like, the stuff that would have gotten you made fun of 10, 15, 20+ years ago like LARPing or being a Trekker. (Note: Trekkies are wannabes. Trekkers are the True Fans. *g*) This isn't like using coded language to find out if your hairdresser is into Buffy the Vampire Slayer because you don't want to seem like a weirdo.

The idea that we shouldn't tear each other down for liking what we like has merit. Only to a point, though.

Because, and this is the big one, folks, if what people are liking is HARMFUL, then we shouldn't support it. Yeah, I'm still standing by the idea that not only is Twilight a bag of crap, it's a HARMFUL bag of crap.

[ profile] ethrosdemon makes an excellent point here that I want to talk about. One, being a grown ass woman with life experience, the ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy (well, some of us) is NOT THE SAME as a 13 year old girl. And I know this because I HAVE a 13 year old girl. And she is friends with 13 year old girls. And they all talk about Twilight because you are supposed to talk about Twilight. It's not geek culture. It's not something that is hidden between a small group of misfits. Their MOTHERS are reading with them. A continued rant on the crpatasticness that is Twilight and the culture it creates. )

I say this because it's becoming apparent that people are hand waving this crap as adults viewing the material, not realizing that young girls (and some guys) are being taught some really scary, old school misogyny, cloaked as Third Wave Feminism. Um, not even close. Like, not even in the same universe. FEH.

In conclusion, I've not changed my mind about that dreck, you all are awesome, and Happy Canada Day. :)
So, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum vet. I chose to get Sally Von Schtupp's heartworm preventative from the SPCA instead of our vet, because it is tres cheap there. *cough* It is impossible for me to go to a shelter and not want to bring home all the babies. For the record, I did not adopt all the babies. However.... )

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