So I have picked up a few new people, hello! I want to warn you that I am actually a loveable idiot, but an idiot. I cuss a LOT. I can often be found typing in ALLCAPS in excitement. I do not allow people to be ugly, negative to others, or negative to me here. We chat a lot in comments, which is awesome, but I think people forget that it's not a community, but my actualfax journal. I mean, we are a community, but you know what I mean. Right?

If you have friended this journal in error, no worries! I don't mind people adding/removing me. It's YOUR reading time. And since I am a super busy person in RL, I have to keep my reading list small to keep me sane. I have some OCD about this place and have to read everyone's posts if you're on my list. I don't believe in filters. I mean, I believe they exist, I'm not a crazy person, I just don't want to use them. Mostly I follow people I actually know in RL. But that doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't comment if the spirit moves you! Or don't! Lurk! Defriend! Keep yourself happy, however that works for you.

My sticky post for my journal will tell you more about me here, if you are still curious. (Ha.)

Normally I'm hilarious. Or try to be. Or fail spectacularly. But I'm a positive person, generally, and often make fun of myself. I tag everything, I try not to spam, and I'm a good egg for the most part.

And I write recaps about great shows LIKE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS, omg it is back. *sobs with joy* Hey, we all need a little diversions in our lives, right? That's one of mine.

I am ASTOUNDINGLY overwhelmed with the response from my post yesterday, to the point where I had to lay down with a cool towel over my eyes from crying with gratitude. I promise that I will try and reply to everyone, because it's incredibly nice for you to be supportive like that. It's going to take me a while, but I will make the best effort at that.

I want to tell y'all about my old classmate Ray. Ray was our star athlete in football, basketball, and track. He led all three teams to state championships. He was a good guy, smart, kind, a friend to everyone. He was recruited for the US Army after high school. He immediately left after basic to the Gulf War. The first one. He served his country and decided that he was good at being a military man. He married a beautiful woman and they started a family, they traveled back and forth from the US to Germany to the Middle East for the next 15 years. He was made a captain and his men loved him.

Ray specialized in the worst job there is in modern warfare: he was the leader of an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team . If you've seen The Hurt Locker, that's what he did. He has been blown up three times. This last time he didn't walk away. Now, he wasn't killed, he just couldn't walk away from it. He has literally had every single bone in his body - from his skull to his toes - broken. He has pins in his limbs and pins holding his ribs in place. He is confined to a wheelchair most of the time because it's incredibly painful and difficult for him to walk. (He still tries because he's that guy. He's impressive, to say the least.) He was forced into retirement when his rehabilitation wasn't going anywhere. He didn't want to leave his men. He was given a mission, and he hadn't accomplished it yet.

His mission was to clear the way for elite troops to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. The first thing I did this morning was thank him for making it possible, because even though he's been stateside for a year, he's a part of this. And make no mistake: I think of it as a victory. A dangerous man that killed Ray's men (and 5,885 of our soldiers, not to mention the 276 British troops, 153 Canadians, etc.) was stopped from hurting anymore people. This will not end al-Quaeda but this will go a long way into defusing their power.

I am not dancing in the streets because a life was ended. I'm bursting with pride for those amazing 22 men of the SEALs that made a precise strike and took out the key element to this stupid war. I do not feel bad for one ounce of emotion I'm carrying. I know we all want to be thoughtful, non-violent people, but a rabid dog was put down and we're a little safer for it. I will not apologize for smiling and pumping my fist in the air at the news.

Every person that puts their life on the line for their country has made an amazing sacrifice - one that the vast majority of us will never do. I, for one, am grateful for that and will not split hairs to decide the level of satisfaction/thoughtfulness that should be considered appropriate today. Feel what you feel. And thank a serviceman/woman for knowing they could have ended up like Ray (or dead) for trying to keep people safe from madmen.
In case you wondered if that was in question. Presidential Reunion - and him, as Dubya, saying "The password is still 1, 2, 3, 4 and it took me 5 times to remember that." LOL. And from the outtakes, "I just sent Blackwater to Kenya to find your birth certificate. So you're welcome." Hahahahaha. I <3 you, Will Ferrell.

I'm recording a commercial this morning, finishing up my veggie garden, then packing for a weekend trip, so I'll be out of pocket until next week. Play nice! And if you don't, link me to the naughty. :)

For those still buried in snow, I have blossoms popping out on my peach tree and the crocuses are about to bloom, too. Spring is almost here!
1. Had a great weekend with one of my all-time favorite people on planet earth, [ profile] marenfic. There was delicious food eaten, great conversation, many many hugs, and here's how great she REALLY is: she sat with me and watched the Mr. play Fallout 3 for a few hours. AND LIKED IT. Or is awesome enough to not shame me by saying otherwise. LOL. My dog is mourning the loss of her, however. Sally Derg + Maren = OTP.

2. Have had three more packages arrive for the coin project, and have emailed the shippers to tell them thank you and how much I appreciate all of you participating. Seriously, you're all so lovely. Slowly but surely things are going out. I'm not very organized, but I'm trying to be. If I've not reimbursed you via PayPal, and we agreed to that, PLEASE contact me. I think I've only missed one, [ profile] jazzqueen, and I've emailed to double check. I have a long laundry list on my Coin Project to do sheet, so please be patient with me. (But know that I want to touch base with each of you, if I've missed contacting you somehow.)

3. I started back up on P90X to help keep a friend motivated (er, and to undo the holiday damage.) I can still bust out boy-style push ups, so I'm feeling good. I mean, I'm noodle armed right now, but feeling good that I didn't regress to pre-P90X status. --0-- (me trying to cheer, but unable to raise my arms all the way. Hee.)

4. I'm suffering from a severe case of FO3D - Fallout 3 disorder. We won the game last night and still have over 1/2 of the quests to solve, which is awesome as you can start all over, build a new character, and do new things. Also, I'm dl'ding the expansion pack so it can be Never Ending Story, but minus the flying cocker spaniel. There's a Falcor joke in there, if you are my age. Lol.)

5. Big Love is too depressing for me to want to talk about it right now in detail, but man, all of the religious stuff is just killing me. (Oh, and the daughter's friend - I can't think of her name right now - would NOT wear a strappy dress with no sleeves if she's going to BYU. There is NO. WAY. She would be reprimanded by the school for that inappropriate dress. I'm not making that up. You can't wear shorts there, either, or above the knee skirts. Is there any wonder why I turned down a full scholarship to that school? Bleh.)

Okay, food needs to get in my belly, ASAP. Have a great Monday for those not in the US, and have a lovely day remembering how far we've come on this MLK Day, those of you who do! :D
Finally feeling less like death warmed over and more like I bet I can get something done today before I collapse in a sweaty, coughing mess. Yay?

Before I give my to do list the stink eye, I feel the need to link you to the Progressive Campaign Site. I'm a big fan of health care for everyone. I'm in a high tax bracket, too, but I have no problem paying more taxes (I should say, I have no problem making my husband pay higher taxes, har har) to enable people everywhere to have access to proper medication, health education, etc. I'm glad that the HoR passed that bill, but I am PIIIISSSSSED at the addendum that was slipped in that limits women to use their own funds to pay for an abortion, should they choose to do so. (I'm not even going to get into the abortion debate, people. It's not your body, it's not your decision, that's my firm stance.) Congresswomen are standing up to this, as they should. Where's the legislation against Viagra? Most health insurances don't even cover the pill. But almost every single one covers freaking Viagra? Are you kidding me?!

Anyway. Deep breath, me. Feel free to click over here and add your voice to the "Oh, HELL no!" outrage at this limitation against women using their own resources to pay for a medical procedure. (Don't even get me started on the lack of coverage for the morning after pill.)

In other news, I've booked my hotel and flight to Las Vegas for a weekend of debauchery, gambling, showgirls, and cruising Fremont Street for bums to roll for change. I haven't been to my old stomping grounds in almost a decade, and I cannot WAIT to go back. True fact: you can find the best jewelry EVER in Las Vegas' pawn shops, and I bet you can figure out why. I feel the need to own a pimp chain, is what I'm saying. With a big old "LL COOL J" in diamonds and platinum on it. Classy!

I'll have to dedicate a post to all of the crazy shit I've seen happen in Las Vegas over the years. Like the guy that played Baccarat with tens of millions of dollars. In ten minutes. OH MY GOD JUST GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE CHIPS, DUDE. Each chip, actual gold, one million dollars. Or the lady in the couture gown and fur (ew) who hiked up her skirt with her bejeweled fingers, squatted across the street from Treasure Island, and left a fudge dragon on the sidewalk. WOW. That one still elicits shocked laughter from me, after 15 years. Watching Evander Hollyfield get fitted for a suit the night Mike Tyson would bite his ear off. Well, part of his ear. Freaking out in Caesar's Palace as a near riot broke out after that happened.

VEGAS, BABY. Give me the dice, because we're all making coin when I'm rolling, I'm just saying. HARD EIGHTS AHEAD!
Well obviously the news that Michelle Obama is putting in a vegetable garden on the White House's South Lawn makes me giddy with joy. Especially as she says everyone, and she means everyone in the family will be pulling weeds. I don't think I can express fully the awesomeness that is the image of Obama with his shirtsleeves rolled up pulling out hen-bit. It kind of makes my heart hurt with love.

*cough* One little complaint I have though is the perpetuation that organic foods are some how healthier, aka more nutritious, than other foods. They're not. The same amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. are in both types. Organic is less damaging to the environment, it does not mean more healthful. [/end rant] (You can read these rants I wrote a few years ago about this very topic here.)

Yesterday I put in my green beans and a veggie that I am so excited to try and grow, Chinese long beans. Dude, they get well over a foot long. \o/ We actually eat more of them in our house than traditional Western green beans. (Some shrimp paste, fish sauce, fresh ginger, Rooster chili sauce sauteed with them beans? Heaven. Esp. if you sprinkle dried shrimp over the finished product.) everything I've put in my ground, food-wise )

I spent a goodly portion of this past weekend (on my vacation, I know, I'm dork city) talking with an old friend (2nd picture!!!) about how the real dream is to have acreage because I want to grow my own wheat and grind it. You can take the girl out of the apocalypse-preparedness cult, but you can't take the apocalypse-preparedness cult out of the girl...

And we did talk also about what to do when the zombies rise up because he's a smart guy and knows it's coming. *taps temple* You have to think about this stuff, you guys, or they will eat your brains and then where will you be?

Last thing related to nothing, but it made me laugh and laugh. I've been on a Golden Girls kick, because I <3 Sophia. Funniest Sophia line I heard in a while, "Advice for you young girls: Wear half as much makeup and twice as much underwear." And it's STILL TRUE. Ahahahaha. "PIcture it: Sicily, 1922!" I'm going to sit outside with my coffee and watch the bees on my bluebonnets now. YAY SPRING!

Dammit, nope, more to say about my icon and water and things I'm aching for... )
Dear U.S. voters that exercised their right, no matter how you voted this 2008 election: thank you.

I am only 36 years old, and there's been far too much ugliness in those short years. )

And to the rest of the world: You're welcome. ;)
I'm exhausted, my face hurts, and I feel light and happy about things for the first time in a long while. I've already seen ugly comments from the McCain supporters, things like they've woken up to a bad dream, that this is all about race, and other ridiculous, hurtful, backwards statements. This is why that party lost: you're not getting it.

It's not because Obama is black that he won, it's because people of ALL races and backgrounds and ages and religion finally felt that THEIR voice was heard. It was not a black voice, it was a voice of NEW IDEAS. Most importantly, and this is really the biggest point, it was a POSITIVE and KIND voice. It's a voice that has clearly listened to both sides. A voice that commands quiet and thoughtful discourse. A voice that triggers a burning in your chest that makes you feel that this time, finally, something GOOD will happen for the rest of us schlubs, not just the people that have been paying for their policies to get passed.

Look. I live in the reddest county in Texas. I'm surrounded by people that will be taxed more by Obama's plan. And not to put too fine a point on it, eventually my husband and I will be hurt by it, too. But guess what? I want better schools. I don't want talk about how we need it, I want someone that LOVES education and educators to make it a priority. Obama and his wife know that they benefited wholly from their education (and their loving families.) They weren't legacies shuttled from school to school because the library at the university has their grandfather's name on it.

And there it is, right there: they aren't legacies. Barack Obama made it where he is right now because of hard work, because of his kind and thoughtful nature, and because of his intelligence and love for the American Dream.

The American Dream won last night, not a black man. WE won. And the beauty of him, and why those of us that love him do, is because he knows that. This isn't a strategic play on a chess board, this is a man that when you talk to him, he stops and listens, looking you in the eye. He's not thinking of how to spin what he's got planned to say, he's actually listening to you. Hell, he turned my husband from a card carrying RNC member to a stumper for his campaign based on four political conversations they had on flights from DC to Chicago.

I admired John McCain last night with his lovely and heartbreaking concession speech. No one can doubt that he loves his country. Hell, I even got choked up for Palin, a woman that I do not admire, but I do not hate, either. They love their country, and they thought they were the ones to help us, but we disagreed. And how shameful that the audience there marred McCain's beautiful speech with ugly booing and jeering; he was clearly offended by it. Please. Let us reach across party lines because here's the thing: it doesn't matter any more. Blue, red, liberal, conservative, right now we need each other. We need to hear what each other has to say in a civil manner. The old days of politics are going out the door. It's time for adults to talk rationally with one another, to calmly listen, and if needed, to say, "You were right, I was wrong."

Guys, it is time for this country to look at each other and be proud that no matter what the other believes, we are AMERICANS. We are IDEALISTS. That is what this beautiful place was founded on, and we've lost sight of it. Don't tell me we can't do it. I'll just smile, put my arm around you, and turn up the volume of the hundreds of thousands of first time voters (and not because they're 18, either) chanting:


I am so proud to be an American. I always have been a nationalist, but now I can really hold my head high. A young, intelligent, thoughtful man is now our president. We're moving in a good direction. I hope you all come with us.

Second: Ackbar nazi cereal rave! Yes, it makes as much sense as that sentence. )

Third: ahahahahaha I opposed the Clone Wars from the beginning.... Palpatine vs. Calrissian :D NERD ALERT!

Fourth: He-Man's Fabulous Secret Powers! )

I needed some giggles to get this day going, otherwise I'd bite my nails down to the bone. If you need just a bit more, here's a quiz on R. Kelly's "Trapped In A Closet," the most head scratching "work of genius" ever created. And then I got my gun!

Last but not least, 8 minutes of Kevin Pollack doing spot on impressions.

[ETA] and this is TOTALLY not safe for work but I don't know when I've laughed so hard. Will Arnett, sex tape. "I'm gonna live for ever!!"
Under the cut! And I put the original image under there, too.

Obama is my President! )

I need food. I'm thinking tater tots and a blackberry Sprite from Sonic. Today was my last big training walk (18 miles!) before the event this coming weekend, so I feel like splurging on greasy goodness. Oh, funny thing on my walk. There are little lakes and ponds sprinkled here and there in my neighborhood, and I saw a lady walking her elderly Lab to one of them She found a stick, flung it into the water, and the dog happily jumps in. He comes out to bring his mom the stick, and two ducks come out of nowhere and start chasing this big ol' dog, biting his hind legs. The dog is perplexed, the lady and I are laughing, and she says to me, "And he's a bird dog!"

Well, obviously that's why the ducks are trying to eat him. :) Animals = rad since the original ooze.
A big ol' storm system is rolling in and bringing cold weather with it. Well, cold for us. That means hearty soups and pecan pie. (I've been itching to make a pecan pie. Side note: [ profile] xochitl42? What's your email address? I tried sending you that thing and it came back a no-go.) Today is my old chicken-n-dumplings recipe with herbed dumplings. Yuuuuuuuum. I also have marshmallows for when the kiddos get home and want hot cocoa. \o/ (Hot chai for me.)

Recipes under the cut. Since I can't do a long walk today, I'm going to curl up in bed and finish reading "Look Me In The Eye" which I'm finding incredibly illuminating about people with Aspergers. Also, it's funny. Both older kids finished reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" so we watched the movie together last night, and it was lovely to hear them ask why on earth "the African-Americans had to sit upstairs and wait." It's heartening to realize that this new generation of kids just don't understand racism. At least, my kids don't. And "Scout, stand up. Your daddy's passin'" chokes me up every single time.

I voted yesterday, and didn't have to wait in a single line. They had plenty of machines and workers, which was nice. Incidentally, I would encourage as many of you as possible to VOTE EARLY, regardless of your affiliation. It gives more time to count and tally, more time to find errors, and reduces the chance of a Bush v. Gore situation. My nails are going to be chewed down to the quick my Nov. 4.

chicken and dumplings, chipotle shrimp appetizers, salt-n-pepper cheese puffs )

I need a cold weather food icon...
Dear McCain: if you insist, as your running mate does, on using her special needs child as a prop, could you at LEAST get it right? Her son has DOWN'S SYNDROME. Vastly different from AUTISM.

His statement (that evidently went under the radar) on how he wants to CHANGE OUR CULTURE in this convo about Roe v. Wade scared the ever loving piss out of me. Did anyone else catch that?? incidentally, and you don't have to take my word for it, you can check with the Center for Disease Control (the stats the Dems use) and the Guttmacher Institute (who the Repubs use) abortion rates were visibly lower with Democratic presidents vs. Republican presidents. (Studies lean towards better access to health care and education during those Dem presidencies.) So if you're Pro-Life, you might think about the two opponent's health care plans and economic policies, as those two go hand in hand.

You'll notice that there's a jump in the Carter Administration: this is after it has been made legal, so it follows that there would be more that are reported instead of the back door butcher jobs that were common among women of little affluence. Also important to note is that during the current administration, fewer doctors are providing abortions, so I'm waiting for people to recognize that THAT is a contributing factor to the decrease in numbers during Dubya's tenure. Also important to note that the minor discrepancies between the two reports are this: CDC gets data sent to them for compilation and the Guttmacher institute contacts abortion clinics directly. They mirror each other, if off by numbers. (Meaning: their graphs are parallel.)

POSITIVE THINGS: each one of these pictures makes me so happy my heart (and ovaries) are near bursting. The picture with Obama shaking the young man's hand while touching his head? GAAAH! <3

Remember that before there was the Carlton dance, Alfonso Ribeiro was a breakdancer? HAHAHA! (And that song in the background at the end... "I' my boyfriend. My laughing boyfriend!" What the hell is the name of that Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club, I just remembered!! Do you have an mp3 of it that you will share with me???) Got it! (In comments if you want it, too)
All I'll say about the debate last night is that choosing "my friends" as the repeated phrase to require a drink was a stupid idea. Fortunately, I'm 48% liver, so I made it through unscathed. [ETA: haha it appears he said "my friends" 24 times last night. WOW. Wait, I do want to say this: neither candidate said enough about what SPECIFICALLY they plan on doing to help the common man (read: almost all of us schleps) get out of this crisis, but Obama was the only one that actually used language that made it clear he understood the breadth of it. McCain really doesn't understand economics, and THAT is why no one should vote for him. Among other reasons, like him calling the Vietnamese the "g" word, him taking funds from Warren Jeffs for years, and other reasons too numerous to mention.

Seriously. Vote for economic understanding if nothing else. McCain really really doesn't understand it, period. (Although my friend [ profile] solipsae had the funniest comment of the night: "McCain's approximation of laughter is how I imagine Cthuhlu to sound when he's breathing." Hahahaha.)

Now! *hand clap* I have recipes I've been meaning to record. Veggie dishes, desserts, and a lovely pumpkin soup, under the cut. (read: I have loads of zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes and basil in my garden, and here's how I'm using them up. *G*) Also, I'm going to start recording new wines I'm trying out, because I like being pretentious. Or rather, I want to further my alcoholic tendencies with a record of what worked. :) num, I'm geting hungry just typing this! )

Oh my god, I'm so hungry right now. I hate that I have to wait until Sunday to hit the farmer's market for more food... On the plus side: my house is smelling goooood since I've set out two pans of bread for baking off, plus a clutch of roses are brightening up my counter. *is content*
I figured we'd need the distraction after the first portion of this post. Also, I promised [ profile] turnonmyheels my workout mix, and it's taken me forever to get it organized and uploaded. (Sorry!)

"Joe Sixpack's" Guide to The Economic Crisis

Did y'all watch 60 Minutes last night? I know it's geared for the AARP set, but it's mostly just Andy Rooney that sucks (and who I won't mourn when he finally kicks it.) Anyway, they did a better job of explaining the real situation behind the scenes, and unfortunately, I'm intimately familiar with those types of business practices. It doesn't WORK LIKE THAT, you guys. )

What a f*cking mess. If there's any advice I can give you: spend CASH ONLY. And build up a year's supply of things you need, no lie. At least have in your savings (or get to where you have it) two month's expenses. That means food costs, bills, mortgage/rent check, car payments, and incidentals. If that means no vacation, there you go. If that means no going out on weekends, or you cut back on clothes and restaurants and smokes and liquor and Starbucks, that's what you need to do. Putting things on the card is no longer a viable option. GET OUT OF THAT HABIT. If only because the days of low percentage rates are OVER. [ETA] [ profile] swmbo linked me to an even SIMPLER explanation of our mess. It's a thing of beauty and stick figures.

In other words: I'm buckling down for the zombie 'pocalypse. The time is nigh. ;) (Ugh, and this is now too long for music, which means I'm going to spam your flists later today with a music post, but that'll all be behind a cut so you can scroll. *g*)
okay, so maybe kinda you could say Palin won the debate because
  • she didn't crap her pants
  • she didn't stick her tongue out at Biden
  • she didn't clomp to the podium in a Pretty Princess Outfit with a foil and rhinestone tiara and a feathered sceptre in her mommy's Fancy Shoes
  • she didn't mis-pronounce words, just used the wrong ones
  • she didn't go into a trance and cast demons into her opponent
  • she didn't carry a Bible to the podium to glean her facts for the basis of various arguments

So, if that's the bar set for her to "win" the debate, then yes. She did. The rest of us that are tired of "noo-kyoo-lar" and "strategery" feel that she is an intellectual boob that is only a believer in Women's Rights if that means all the Cosmos the boys can buy you, free reign at the shoe shop, the freedom to have a Girls Night to watch the latest RomCom and then write on sparkly notebook paper with glitter pens how you feel about each one of your bestest buds and share it while getting facials.

In my best Palin goose honk: "I'd like to send a shout out out to my homes, Ceephus and my baby daddy Tahd. Lil' Ree Ree and Big Mike, I've got big ups for ya [wink] and to all my hahkey mahms kickin it at field number Nine... [fist heart peace kiss] For those that couldn't be with us here today.... [pours gatorade from a 40 oz. size bottle on the stage] Gahd bless."

Biden. I believe the kids say: PWNED.

(Guys, I'm almost hung over from the drinking game my husband and I played during the debates. Wink? Drink. Misunderstanding the things coming out of her mouth? Drink. Using the former Press Secretary's name instead of the actual commanding officer in Afghanistan? Drink. Etc.)

[ETA] Palin Debate Flow Chart. AHAHAHAHAHA. Awesome.
from [ profile] moosesal's lj:

In an upcoming interview with Katie Couric to be aired this week, Sarah Palin is unable to name any Supreme Court Case other than Roe v. Wade.

The Rules: Post info about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historic to your LJ. (Any decision, as long as it's not Roe v. Wade.) For those who see this on your f-list, take the meme to your OWN LJ to spread the fun.

The ONE CASE she should know as a Republican above all others: BUSH V. GORE.

Idiot woman, my god. Cannot WAIT for tonight's debate. Have my wine and my bingo card, and have high hopes!

(and her chicken partner is backing out of the debate. Uh huh. *flaps arms* Brock brock brock!)
Yeah, you read that right. This just hit me this morning, so while I drank my coffee and turned MSNBC to a dull roar, this came out. (I'm leaving early in the morning for NYC, so I won't be around until Monday. Have a good weekend, everyone!)

Title: Northern Lights.
Who?: Sarah/Edward, General Audiences
Huh?: What if Edward had tried love before Bella?
What?: A series of letters from Edward to the woman who holds his esteem and ardor.

To Sarah, my beloved, dulcet darling... )
"Lead Paint: Delicious, But Deadly" and "Dig Your Own Grave And Save!" So, I got an audition call for later today for an industry film, and I'm very excited to become a Troy McClure, if you will. And you will. Which means that I'm thinking of all the hilarious Troy McClure moments on the Simpsons, and that makes me happy.

Troy: Nothing beats a stroll in cattle country. Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such educational films as "Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun" and "Firecrackers: The Silent Killer".
Jimmy: Mr. McClure?
Troy: Oh! Hello Bobby.
Jimmy: Jimmy. I'm curious as to how meat gets from the ranch to my stomach.
Troy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down Jimmy. You just asked a mouthful. It all starts here, in the high density feed lot. Then, when the cattle are just right [swipes his finger along the top of a cow and licks it]'s time for them to graduate from Bovine University.
A klaxon blares out a siren and the cattle begin moving up a conveyor belt into the meat packing plant.
Troy: Come on Jimmy, let's take a peek at the killing floor.
Jimmy: Ohhh!
Troy: Don't let the name throw you Jimmy. It's not really a floor, it's more of a steel grating that allows material to sluice through so it can be collected and exported.

Good times, good times. "I have a crazy friend who says its wrong to eat meat. Is he crazy?" "No, just ignorant! You see, your crazy friend never heard of the food chain." <-- if anyone has a clip of that moment with all the random animals eating each other, that needs to be an icon. I'm just saying.

I smirked through most of Palin's speech last night. Wow, if you believed everything she said, she's a real hero of the American People! Except for how she actually did the opposite of a lot of what she said, like taking the LARGEST CHUNK OF FEDERAL MONEY for her state in its HISTORY. Yeah, the "liberals" are really into raising taxes and spending. I believe that's some fib on your upper lip, ma'am. This drum beating all the GOP is doing about "getting the big spending liberals out of Washington" is CRACKING ME UP, esp. from Mitt "Your Money is MY Money!" Romney. Um, the Dems haven't spent any money because the GOP spent it all. And then some!

[eta] hahah, I just read a comment that claims that all Palin cares about is zygotes and invisible friends. That's a good one.

Whoooo. Okay, that'll just get me in a bad mood for the day, and I need to be perky and "polished" in a few hours. Twinklecrest will have to wait until tomorrow.

"Locker Room Towel Fights : The Blinding of Larry Driscoll!" Hahahaha. I <3 Troy.
Yeah. Obama? He's going to be our next president. I for one couldn't be happier.

I don't think that's how you get Hillary's disgruntled supporters. (I like how an "aide" claims that McCain knew about this before Palin was picked. And the IMPORTANT PART is that she's keeping the baby, because they are Strong On Family Values. ...teen pregnancy and sex before marriage is now under the Family Values umbrella? Huh!) And this rumor, if true, would be absolutely devastating to her campaign. What a soap opera!)

ION, I have just made my own messenger bag and it's kick ass. Pics to come once I have my camera charged now under the cut! Seriously, it's bad ass. )

(Happy birthday to [ profile] romanyg and [ profile] mere_ubu!)

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