Hey gang. How you doing? Hanging in there? Making it work? Hiding? I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to kill time, waiting for word back on a Big Project, and I'm basically wandering around aimlessly. I SHOULD be cleaning, but eff that noise! :D

SO LET'S DO A POLL! Clickity for the Tickity )

So there's all that. :D
Question, because I'm lazy curious:

MLA format: The Bible isn't underlined in text, and I've discovered that the Book of Mormon is also not underlined. Would you underline: Oxford English Dictionary? I feel like I've seen O.E.D. in places (as opposed to O.E.D.) but I could quite easily be wrong.

Also, someone made a compilation of Dylan O'brien kissing his real life girlfriend the girl in his first movie and from other things he's done, and it made my chest all tight and I feel funny. I should not be attracted to a CHILD. A very hot and attractive child. Okay, he's almost 22. STILL. (And I still can't watch The First Time because I know they're really dating and it makes me feel like a creeper or a voyeur, and I have issues, I recognize this, but there is a very strong WE DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS vibe in me regarding celebrities and being a fan.)

I am a nerd. There you go. Also, I'm making the Mr. take me out to a good dinner and I'm getting a black and blue martini or NINE. \o/

Hump Day

Dec. 12th, 2012 10:57 am
Dear flist: I am sorry that I have been so random lately. Apparently I am driving off readers in droves. I fully support your choice to make your reading list a place of joy, and I send you well wishes on your internet journeys. *hankies*

That's a reminder that it's always okay to take me off your lists/feeds/etc. It's YOUR internet time. I'm picky, too. I get it.

ION, last night I started reading a Sterek fic where it involved forced mating due to the werewolves having their annual "heat" and while there is that part of me that is ashamed that I made spastic grabby hands at that, I remembered that there is no kink shaming allowed. Unless it's stuff that is, you know, morally repugnant and highly illegal world-wide.

So let's have fun talking about bullet-proof kinks/story tropes! We haven't done this in a while. Mine are:
  • first time, especially when things are awkward
  • frantic, desperate quickies where they feel like they could die if they don't touch the other
  • forced marriages (oh my god.)
  • forced coupling for the betterment of a people/to save a loved one's life
  • Tarzan (lol)
  • opposites attract only to find out just how similar they are underneath

What are yours? And if they are in the Glee or Teen Wolf fandoms (ooh, or movie Sherlock fandom) PLEASE TELL ME AND LINK ME. :)

*chin fists, beaming*

This post brought to you by my need to look at my icon of Stiles Stilinski coupled with the words Hump Day.
*dives back into writing this stoopid soul mate fic oh my god*
*remembers I produced 2500 words today so far, so quit yer yappin', me*
I have been mostly sans-internet for the week while entertaining a guest, a guest who weirdly enough doesn't feel compelled to check their multiple blogs several times a day? Le gasp! So I had to do stuff like talk out loud and be outside (omg, it was 100F + all week, cry cry). Oh, right, and spend the week with my oldest friend, Chrissy. Well, oldest friendship. She's only a year older than me, it's not like she's old.

I'm out of practice with writing words, derp.


1. When I have something delicious to eat, I want to eat it a lot. Example: (my friend is vegetarian, so I wanted to make meals that were inclusive) whole wheat ciabatta bun, toasted with a brush of olive oil and sea salt. On this: sun-dried tomato pesto, grilled portobello mushroom (brushed with balsamic vinaigrette and sea salt), a little Feta cheese, roasted red bell peppers, baby spinach leaves and pepperocinis. SO GUESS WHAT I ATE FOR LUNCH ALL WEEK. Nom nom!

2. I took her to Sephora (because you can order stuff online, hooray! - and she lives in the sticks) and played with makeup for a few hours. I convinced her to sign up for their rewards card, and as they filled out her information, the girl asked my friend, "Email?" which Chrissy heard as "Female?" She did a tiny double take, and in a very friendly voice said, "Yes, female?" I don't know who felt more derpy, the cashier or my friend. I just cackled and laughed, because I'm awesome and supportive. (ha) WHY WOULD SHE ASK YOU IF YOU WERE FEMALE. Lol.

3. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. I am going to be heading out to LA at the end of October for a fun media-fest/weekend plus a few days' getaway, and as I have never been, am looking for your suggestions on the following:

* neighborhoods that are wonderful to stay in
* Must See sights (beyond the typical tourist attractions like Grauman's, etc.)
* Must Eat restaurants.

Remember that I am a grown-ass lady and I have money, so I don't have to rough it. :D (And I'm renting a car.) Anyone? *chinfists*

4. And not having a fannish Tumblr anymore has really made me happy. HUH. PRETTY PICTURES, YAY!
I took my daughter, her BFF, and the BFFs mom (a friend of mine, thankfully!) shopping at some hip resale shops in Dallas (Dolly Python - I love that place) and if the lighting had been better for photography, I would have flooded your flists with images of amazing cut away coats and jodhpurs from 1890, and some really spectacular Mexican dresses from the 40s.

I did laugh at my daughter and her friend's enthusiasm over Roper boots with a kiltie. (Anyone? Bueller?) That was what the Goat Ropers in high school went bananas for (those and some Rocky Mountain jeans for that heart-shaped ass look). And let's get real here: goat ropers are so much more down to earth than barrel-racers, amirite?

*crickets* Any way... Take the kiltie off and they look like a more pointy-toed Doc Marten. And they're outstanding footwear. Still, I snerked.

I started watching White Collar the other night. I've had a tiny crush on Matt Bomer since he was the "villain" of Chuck's pilot episode, loved him after he was on Glee, and now that I'm watching him smirk and be the Most Charming Man On Planet Earth on this show, I would like to be baptised in the religion of Bomer. It's unreal how he manages to look like perfection and not be from another galaxy. HOW DO YOU HANDSOME. It's also a fun show. I don't feel fannish, but it's something I've been looking forward to watching at night when everyone's settled down.


I really need a taco icon. (I had fantastic tacos yesterday for lunch, can you tell?)

Oh! Two last things, if you need reading material. 1. Teen Wolf is now at HDJM, and trust me when I say that you will love Liz's recaps, regardless of being in the fandom. 2. I wrote a short ficlet and posted it on Sunday, Klaine Fluff: "I Will Always Feel The Same.". :)
Did a little housekeeping, mostly cleaning off old journals that haven't updated in a few years, deleted, etc., people that defriended me, that sort of thing. It's just livejournal, it's not a political statement.

Not to mention that I'm that obnoxious LJer that rambles all the damn time about myself, so the only thing that goes under the flock is when it's for people that I know in RL (most of my flist are RL friends.)

But hey, maybe you want to trim me? That's cool. Maybe you don't know if you should? Ask me a question (I'm avoiding cleaning up after having guests) and I'll answer it for you if I can. (Um, I'm not giving you my bank account or a picture of my husband sleeping, so sorry. I AM SORRY.)

Guys? I'm sorry. (No, I'm not.)

*chin fists* What else are you going to do, eat leftovers? *burp* Come on, let's overshare! (No, we don't have to. Sometimes that means something really scary. O_O People tell me...things. Things you shouldn't tell a person on the innarwebnets.)


Aug. 26th, 2011 04:37 pm
So we might add shot glasses to the merch?
[Poll #1773077]

(It would have the "Cocktails with Stoney" logo on it. Is that narcissistic? Also, the cocktails will all be available as a purchased eBook at the end of September.)
I keep going back and forth on what kind of furniture I want out by the pool. I have loungers already (they're these all-weather wicker beauties) and can't decide if I want an actual dining set or sofa/sectional/deep seating. The plans are to build an outdoor kitchen, which will have a bar area with stools. Now, things to consider: wet butts, older parents visiting, parties where we stay out late in the night gabbing.

[Poll #1722000]

The thing is, I need seating for at least 7 (my family + in laws, who visit a lot.) It will be under a large shade structure as well. My only concern with a sectional is that it would block off flow from the back door out to the rest of the area, because of where the space is. here's a general idea of the plan, minus furniture )
Who doesn't love decorating someone else's things, huh? So here's the situation: I have an entry light that I do not like at all. It came with the house, it's not my style, and I am going to be all up with the scaffolding this weekend to hang my dining room chandelier, and thought I'd knock that one out, too. BUT I CANNOT CHOOSE.

My house is a traditional home architecturally, but I lean towards mid-century design, because I like clean lines and random organic shapes. Under the cut is the poll with choices. too many pretties in the world for me to choose from! 4 pics under the cut + a poll )

[Poll #1670102]

Seriously you guys, this is so important, I can't even. (And the first person that COMPLAINS ABOUT or CHASTISES ME for leaving something out of this stupid thing is getting publicly mocked by yours truly.)

JERSEY SHORE IS TONIGHT AND I HATE ALL OF YOUR FACES FOR NOT LOVING IT LIKE I DO. That is some of the best writing of my LIFE, those recaps. (Ok, three of you are my new best friends and I'm growing organs for you. But the others? They are dead to me.)
Well, huh. This whole reposting capabilities to FB and Twitter is getting a rethink by me. The day I posted my "zomg I will cut you with my knife!" thing, I had a request on another post to be allowed to link to it. And my response was, "I never mind if people link to public posts because...they're...public. Oh. Huh."

So the new mindset within my brain meat is this: if I have a public post, then I have to accept that I've put it out there. HOWEVER. I would appreciate it if you would not repost people's comments without their permission, because that's just the polite thing to do. And if it's a locked post and you repost to FB or Twitter, where snippets get printed out in the public sphere, that's when you'll raise my ire. I will continue to respect other's wishes to not have their things reposted, no worries there.

I'm a big girl that can admit I'm stupid on occasion. :)

Holy torrential downpour, in other news. Apocalyptic levels of rain have been falling since yesterday. At this rate I'll have a pool, but it'll be gross like the pool in Poltergeist. BOO, UNIVERSE. Yesterday we had three, count 'em THREE tornadoes sighted in a triangle around my house. The kids' schools were on lock down and my daughter (#2) texted me frantically, saying she loved me, woe, it was the end. LOL, honey, we're good and you're in a tornado shelter (movie theaters and schools here are emergency tornado shelters - it'll take more than 200mph winds to knock those beasts down.)

We are, as I'm sure you've guessed, completely fine. She's just 13 and never misses an opportunity to burst into dramatic tears.

My bank teller spoiled me for the Big Ending of the latest season of Criminal Minds. I guess the whole "we're just getting into the show and haven't seen all of the episodes" means LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING DRAMATIC THAT WILL HAPPEN AND RUIN YOUR ENJOYMENT. Who knew? =P

I have a kitten scarf right now. Two kittens wrapped around my throat. Before you say "aww!" let's remember that they are heirs to the Darthanne throne, and are probably checking me for weak spots. I will be helpless before them, because they are seriously cute little things. Smidgen wakes me up at one point every night just to put her lips on my eyes. (She's tasting my sweet, sweet eye juices, I know, but AWWWW.)

LASTLY: if anyone has a copy of Nina MC's "Doppel X Chromosom" I would love for you to share it with me. That came out when I was pregnant with Emily and it was all over Germany - where I was traveling at the time. I love that catchy little tune, but can't find it anywhere. (Or any of her stuff - I can't find her here in the states.)

[ETA] Last night the penultimate Louie CK episode had me laughing so hard I was crying. If you've not watched his show (16 eps) you have missed the most wonderful comedian cum tv star show there's ever been.
Blame [livejournal.com profile] elizardbits for posting one. When have you ever known a Texan and a New Yorker to not have a pissing contest? (Lol.)

Go to google and type "you know you're from [your state] when"> and bold the ones that apply. [Note:] if you do this, do this on your blog, not in my comments. They're huge. That may sound weird to some of you, but people do this all the time over here, I don't know why. Sharing is caring? IDEK. :)

OMG TEXANS DONT DECORATE TUMBLEWEEDS, WTF? I do own 2 pairs of boots, though. One is very dressy from NORDSTROMS, which isn't Pink's. [Look it up. *g*] )

Gotta pay a speeding ticket today (omg, my first ticket of any kind in almost TWENTY YEARS, WTH??) and I'm not happy about it. Mostly because I sped up to pass some Californian going below the posted limit. seriously, what is it with Californians and slow driving? Always true here, whyyyyy??? You don't go SLOWER than the speed limit, that's what we locals consider "the slowest you CAN go." Lol. And on country roads? It's just a suggestion. Hahaha. I'm surprised I've not had more tickets, after writing that. Look: it takes forever to get anywhere here because it's all sprawled out. So we drive fast to get somewhere.)

LAST THING: THE LEFT LANE IS THE FAST LANE, OMG. Get out if someone's going faster than you. It's also not the PHONE CONVO LANE. I think people ride in the far left while talking so they don't have to watch TWO lanes of traffic. That's my theory, and it feels sound.

My shoulders hurt from lifting weights. Someone scratch my nose for me.
This weekend I pulled out several shrubs that have disappointed me for the last time [/Darth Vadar exhale/inhale] and have made way for an enlarged prostate vegetable bed. Which means I had to get some veggies in, so carrots, garlic, onion, and peas are all settled. And just in time for the rain today, which is just hard enough to induce laziness on my part, YAY. Also, holy crap, my back forgot how hard gardening is (if you do it like I do - with a trapeze, balancing a Volkswagen on your shoulders, and tap dancing - what, it's an ART FORM) so I really really want to be lazy today.

So the big question is: do I watch Persuasion, a fabulous BBC adaption of a Jane Austen book and call it "working on my craft" because the performances are truly masterful, do I hole up in my bedroom and read sci-fi, do I do chores including but not limited to vacuuming, mopping, and general tidying if you pick that one, you are DEAD TO ME, do I write more revisions in my book that is going nowhere, or do I add more to these WiPs of cracktasticness?


Not related to anything, but simply hilarious to me, I came across the sentence (in a description of a story) "contains an erotic ass message." WHAT. So I have come up with some erotic ass messages, as I didn't have the heart to go digging through the crap to find the actual thing.

  • "Pffffffffft - but chocolate and rose scented" [I'm 12, I can't help myself.]
  • "Dear Barbara, this isn't for you, but for your hammy globes of sititude and seat resting: I <3 you and want to do things to you that do not involve filling in your tight pants, unless by filling in you take that to mean ME, Love, Barb's Booty Call - see what I did there?"
  • "Dear Ass: I want to clothe you in the finest silk panties, take you on a hot air balloon ride over Paris at night where we will eat the finest in sparkling cider and maybe some strawberries and Velveeta, and then I will blow ya mind with some hand-picked rose petals that I will trace your flesh with before taking you on a one-way ticket to pound town on the finest 250 thread count sheets in my parent's basement apartment, girl."
  • "Pfffffffft - but scented with Booty Juice air freshner and the finest cuts of deli meat known to man, damn"

~Brought to you by Smoove B. Lol. OH MY GOD I AM BORED.

[ETA] I can officially announce that Blood on the Highway has a US DVD distributor and will be available in June, ALSO: it will be showing on SHOWTIME. Awesome!! (And it pisses me off every time I see that ONE review on imdb screwed the overall star count, because the person didn't get that this wasn't a proper horror movie, but a SPOOF. Good hell. 'I wasn't skeered.' Moron.)
Remember when Val Kilmer was funny and hot? Seems like 25 years ago.... And good lord, that makes me feel old. "What did you say to him?" "I told him I'd put him on the Montgomery Ward mailing list." Nope, that really was the one that made me feel old.

I have some nerd talk and questions for the nerdery.

1. Question: who has used Windows 7 with joy in their heart, and if so, do you recommend 32 or 64 bit? ATTN Mac users: I don't care. I already drank the iPhone Kool-Aid, I won't drink anymore. Also, I like writing my own code/hacking my own PC, thx.
2. Nerd Talk: one of the best freeware apps out there for your PC: CCleaner. My computer is running so much faster now, it's redonk.
3. Question: I'm looking to create a Wordpress blog to move stuff off here and have my own domain name, as recommended by Chuck and others. Which hosting site do you recommend for me? I have a lot of traffic here, so I'm hoping that will continue when I move off LJ, too, so that's a factor. (Side note: that post has some great writerly don'ts, but that's par for the course over there.)
4. Nerd Talk: I plan on creating an RSS feed to go in this space, so I'm not "going away." I'm just getting a bit more professional, but with the same amount of dick jokes. :)
5. Nerd Talk: I figured out how to make my own ringtones by circumventing the iTunes rules (pfft, I own songs, I should be able to make a ringtone out of it, iTunes! Again, mac Users: SUCK IT, I DON'T CARE. You're cultists. Ahahaha. I'm 01d 5c7001, yo.) I first dl'd a very intricate program called audacity that has a high learning curve. Then I got smart and dl'd a program called iRinger. Way more simplistic and the way to go. When you export after making your ringtone, it automatically sends it to your ringtone folder on your phone. EASY AND LOVELY. I may have gone crazy nuts.

I'm off to find a cocktail dress so I don't look like a rube with my good bag and cheap shoes (haha, reverse that, I'm that girl. I'd eff me. I'd eff me so hard.) when I'm in Las Vegas this weekend with [livejournal.com profile] kita0610 and [livejournal.com profile] lynnenne. Aside from that, I'm all over the jeans and button down because I'm quite boring. And by jeans and button down I of course mean spandex hot pants and sparkle tube tops with rainbow sequins. I'm classy. Also, I have to pay for the trip somehow, am I right ladies?
But I've seen this one all over my flist and it's the kind I like to do, so here we are, folks. Face to face. A couple of silver spoons. [It's all 80s all the time with me, what can I say. I'm hoping to find we're two of a kind. Making it show. Making it grow, together! We're gonna find our way.... Together! I could keep going on, but I'll spare you. For those who have no idea what I'm doing, here you go.]

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Like you there and so and so and whatshername. We're tight, like 10 toes in a sock. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

And obviously, there may be some questions I won't answer because it might be seriously cheeky or far too personal. I won't reveal my kids names, my husband's name or work place, that kind of thing. BUT I WILL REVEAL MY SOUL, you only have to ask. Lol.

In other news, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be one of my all-time favorite comedy shows. If you're not watching, you are missing out big time. Ditto on Glee, which I don't think is being viewed the way it's meant to by some. Huh. And Dollhouse - holy crap, the actor that plays Victor is maybe one of the best character actors I've seen on a TV show, no joke. The guy's range is astounding. And the show is DE-STUR-BING in a great way. Man, I freaking love it. I know it's polarizing, but I like it, I'm bothered and fascinated and squicked and entertained, which is a good thing, imo. Who else is watching FastForward? LOVE. IT. I'm not caught up on this past week's ep, btw. Also, I hear Breaking Bad is great, but I just don't have time for another show just yet. Half of my agency is in that show, too. That and Friday Night Lights. OH THAT I COULD BOOK THAT GIG!! One of my acting buddies is on the upcoming season and sent me pictures with him and Coach Taylor and I died a little from jealousy.

Oh! And while it's not brilliant, I'm enjoying Community. Mostly because I have a total crush on Joel McHale. And with lines like "I think anti-racism is the new racism" making me snort out, I'll keep watching. (And then Chevy Chase went to make a cup of "Condoleeza Rice coffee." They had a color wheel from Seal to Seal's teeth. LOLOLOLOL.) [ETA] And I forgot one of my FAVORITES: Modern Family. I freaking love that show. I think it's smart, funny, sweet at times, and I love how they constantly turn stereotypes around. Funny stuff, and I can't wait for more baby Lily/two gay daddy shenanigans.

Rambling on, it's cold and rainy and soup/cheesy bread weather. YAY!

*total Entrenous shout-out there. Feel better, sweets!
I need p7on help. No, not like that, I just don't want to go digging around in the WWW because who knows what I'll catch.

I need the name of a well known* Adult Movie that possibly involves incest and/or threesomes. This is strictly for research purposes, and the funnier the name, the better. It is not necessary that there is incest, but it would be a boon to the project I'm working on. (Note: I am working on a fic.)

*infamous, cult-status, etc.

Help a sister out? :)

Okay, I don't think I explained myself well, which is my fault. I'm in need of titles that are hilarious and over the top that also involve said topic, but I think I'm good, thanks so much!
Guys, I just got up. Thank goodness The Boy doesn't have early morning cross country on Fridays, or I'd be in Horrible Mother zone. I guess I was a hell of a lot more tired after this week than I realized. (Um, the Mr. came home last nigh from a business trip, so we don't have a repeat of "nutella in a bag" for lunch, or something. I think. At least I know everyone bathed last night...)

I'm all out of sorts and zombiefied (sans a liking for braaaaaains) so I want to do a random poll. --O-- (I'm too tired to put my arms all the way up.)
poll! Poll of complely unrelated questions! )

[livejournal.com profile] germaine_pet is in town on business so we're hanging out tonight with tequila, good food, and loads of smart and funny conversation, because Lynne is awesome. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. *streeeeeeetch*

[eta] All the nos to Writercon are making me sad in my heart-meat.
(I know he's crazy, but I still love Tom Cruise. It's inexplicable. Actually, no... that explains it. *G*)

I got an OUTSTANDING comment (that was promptly deleted because that person is a chicken, evidently. Note to anyone reading this: stand by your words. Or get new words.) that explained that they were an expert on all things Mormon by virtue of living in Utah (you see how they're not actually LDS, yes?) and that got me to laughing thinking of a convo I had with [livejournal.com profile] marenfic a while ago about people who become experts on [_insert subject here_] by virtue of knowing someone that has said experience. (my icon is from said convo, incidentally. I don't ACTUALLY think I'm Nabakov. I'm Proust. Ahahaha. Ahem.)

Anyhoodle.... that led to a list of all of the qualifications we didn't know we had! SEE! The qualifications! MARVEL! At the stupidity! THINK! Of the opportunities you've misses out on! )

I've been meaning to post a bunch of recs, so I'll do that now before I forget again. Multi-fandom, including one that might surprise you sparkle related! Recs a-go-go! )

In conclusion: FRIDAY!!!! I have a bottle of wine, crusty bread, good fruits and cheese in my future this evening with the Mr. when he finally gets back from his trip. Life's mighty fine.
[ETA] I have to record this: toasted bread, feta cheese, tomato slices, fresh basil leaves, cracked black pepper. This might be my lunch every single day for EVER. NOM NOM NOM. [/random]

Okay, I really really am hating Vista. Like, seething hatred. Like, it's my nemesis. The Captain "The hammer is my penis" Hammer to my Dr. *blink* Horrible. It's clearly designed for people who are really quite happy with AOL and basic, cartoony buttons. God, I miss NT.

I CANNOT get Azureus/Vuse to run on my laptop. I can get it to run on the home PC, but it won't let me get through the firewall on the laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions? The wiki had no help for multiple computers on a network, just the stuff I already know for the home PC. (And if I disable the ports on the home PC and try to open them on the laptop, it's a No Go.) BAH!

Positive things, because I don't like being negative:

  • Third day of Personal Trainer workout yesterday, and it started getting easy. (!!) Time to add extra sets!
  • Master Bootsie "McLovin" Collins of the Funkadelic (our newest cat) is lovely and is happy and content and has ventured out of the "holding tank" and is currently sitting on the table next to me in the living room. <3 he remains soft and snuggly.
  • Trying to get my dog to accept new toothpaste made me laugh so hard yesterday that I literally fell over, laughing. That lip curl/obsessive lick/"gahk!" noise and face on a dog = hilarious.
  • I bought actual girl products (I know how to use all the girly accoutrement, I just don't use them because I'm lazy) and I looooooove this new lotion: Vinotherapie by Caudalie. Smells delicious, and I feel like SILK.
  • I bought perfume for the first time in... god, over a decade? (See: lazy.) Michael Kors, and it smells like honeysuckle and I just want to press my wrist to my nose all day long. MMmmMMmm.

I finished watching Angel: Season 5 last night. I've not watched a single episode from that season since it originally aired - I couldn't stand the thought of it being over, you know? :( Got completely choked up all over again, and have that "it's over" hurt, which sucks. But dammit, that was a good freaking show. <3 Those final three minutes, that building sound of the oncoming horde? Chills. And now I know EXACTLY what I'm writing for the [livejournal.com profile] lynnevitational. I just have to sit down and start writing. Yeah. I'll get on that aaaaaaany minute....
Do you think it's possible that Joss knew enough of gang/drug culture to have the "Strawberry" reference for Willow be the dope man's Strawberry? Because I'm thinking that little, pudgy white boy knew what he was doing.

And if you ask yourself, "Did Stoney just listen to 'Dope Man' by N.W.A.?" then give yourself fifteen points for mind reading and fifty points for your old school gangsta rap knowledge.

Yo, Mr. Dope Man you think you're slick
You gave my sister drugs and now she's sick
And if she dies because of your drugs
I'm putting in your quto a .38 slug.

The lyrics in question - naughty. But you got that from it being am N.W.A song, yes? )

In other news, we entertained Mr. [livejournal.com profile] marenfic last night as he wrapped up a business conference, and my kids officially declared him to be a "very nice man." They all played Guitar Hero until bedtime. *cough* I won't say publicly whether or not my children kicked his ass or not. Or that my six year old plays with only a thumb on the keys (her hands are too small to hold the controller) and she played on Medium. And did better than the Mr. I won't say that. :D

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