First off, HELLO. Life has been stupid and hard (as per ushe) and I would very much like to be two people, thank you. (And then fake the first one's death. Hello, insurance settlement!)

Second, because the thought of doing anything other than breathing in and out most days makes me curl up in the fetal position, I wanted to ask those that read the SouthLAnd recaps on HDJM a question:

[Poll #1896520]

I promise I'm not legitimately going crazy. It just looks like that on the outside.

NOW IF I MAY ADDRESS THE TEEN WOLF FANDOM: There is actual information available to you regarding these points... )

Okay, I have to cross more things off my To Do list. WHY ISN'T LIFE ALL FRENCH FRIES AND BEACH PARTIES, WHY.
1. Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] anelith, and I hope that it's a great one. *hugs to my Anne-girl*
2. SOUTHLAND. Are you kidding me with this? I had to pace the floor, it was so intense. (Also, heads up: I go OFF on a particular scene where women are being victimized, and I'm STILL mad about it. Not at the show, it is - as always - an impassioned narrator of life. I'm just mad that it HAPPENS.)
3. I find it more than a little disturbing that Boy Kitty makes a habit of pushing into the bathroom when I'm using it and stares at me with his impassioned gaze. o_0 Porque, pussy gato?
4. Spring is springing! I know it's just getting started, so there is loads of bare space, but I'm happy to see little buds everywhere and flowers popping up already. I'm about to be laden with roses, too. Woot!

Pics of my garden and a fansty bath under the cut )

And lastly, can we talk about how deliciously awesome Logo's 1 Girl 5 Gays is? It's pretty much my most favorite talk show ever.
First, links:

SouthLAnd was amazing last night. Ooooh, did some story arcs get a hell of an advance in this ep. Come talk to me about it!

The Bachelor's reunion show has a recap up, as well as the one for SMASH. (And there are some good discussions happening in The Walking Dead!) [ETA] And RINGER just went up! :)

Recs: (of the Klaine variety, obv.)

[ profile] flaming_muse wrote a fic (There But For The Grace Of...) regarding the attempted suicide of a side character on the last episode of Glee that approaches the topic from the POV of Burt. It's achingly beautiful, as her writing tends to be, but I think it's important to read, as well. It's good for teens to know just how much they mean to their parents, and it's important for parents to realize that our kids aren't living in the same world we did - how hard it is to let your child stand on their own two feet. Even if you don't follow the show, you might consider reading just for the reaffirmation that there is deep and abiding love in the world. <3

It's more about the people in your life that you love (and who love you) than it is about the attempted suicide, if that's an issue for you.

[ profile] robotsfighting is another under appreciated writer that has a wonderfully lyrical quality to her writing. "Since the Day We Found You" is Blaine realizing that the Hudmel House is his home. That they are his family. Beautiful and will make you want to curl up with someone you love.

Why she isn't showered with comments, I'll never understand. Support talented writers so they'll continue to write beautiful stories.

By [ profile] kivrinengle, set in Dalton, "Of Frenchmen and Fractals" where the love affair for Kurt is for learning. LOVED this.

And lastly, for your porning needs, [ profile] cimmerians wrote some RPS (so head's up) called Full Disclosure that made me fan myself. I do enjoy her fics, even if they make me feel bad for breaking my "No RPF" rule. ;)

(I know there are loads of stories out right now that everyone is slobbering over, but I just can't deal with weak writing. Even if the story is compelling. Stop head hopping! Read over what you've written and edit the damn misspells and repeated sentences! Know your characters!! Holy crap, is there some bad characterization out there.) There is one WiP that I'm eagerly following, but fear that the huge, yawning gaps between updates are going to sully the story, so I'll rec it once it's finished to help you not lose character/story arc. Another WiP on the GKM is compelling for the story, but I'm waiting for that to be finished and hopefully beta'd and reposted before reccing that one.

Now I go in search of tacos.


Feb. 29th, 2012 02:57 pm
The recap is up - it was a pretty straightforward episode, this time, a dominoes falling sort of show. I'm a-ok with that.

I'm going to continue preening about some of the people we've had popping into comments to thank us, and continue blowing my nose and napping until this stupid head cold is gone. Germy, snotty kisses to everyone! Hand santizer is by the door.
First, Southland last night was EPIC. Good lord. Recap is here, and I'm telling you, if you're not watching that show and you love the craft of writing? You are doing a huge disservice to yourself. (FM, you're excused because of the blood. :D)

Second, GLEE was epic. And this is where I'm going to go off on a rant about fandom entitlement, and how it's bled into the media, etc. Pre-emptive SHH for anyone that wants to challenge me on my feels. ALSO: SPOILERS FOR LAST NIGHT. )

Vitriolic, I know. I just cannot take any more of how bratty this fandom can be. I feel like there are two fandoms for Glee: people who love to hate it, and me and about four other people. Whatever, they're quality folks, and smaller parties are more fun to me, anyway. One of those quality people has made an amazing and heartfelt post about why the LGBT stories mean so much to her.

If you have anything negative to say, don't you dare drop it there. Her LJ is not the place.
Wait, those were all destroyed in the Ministry of Magic, right? BOO.

GLEE! I loved the episode (with a few missteps, of course, but that's Glee.) also, the cocktail? FUGGIN' DELISH. Get your recipe and recap right 'chere.

SOUTHLAND RECAP. Oh, I have a bad feeling about up coming eps - BUT I DO NOT WANT SPOILERS. At all. Ever. Just... this episode was great (they all are) and it left me with a feeling of foreboding.

The Bachelor is up, Walking Dead is up, and tonight? TOP CHEF FINALE, PART ONE.

I am still in my pajamas. I do not want to still be in my pajamas. I really need for two huge shows I recap to not be on the same night. MAKE MY LIFE HAVE MEANING BY CLICKING THE LINKS AND READING AND SHARING. *cries*

Now I go in search of clothing and food. ...I promise I am not a homeless person, even though it sounds that way.
I have had an incredibly ridiculous past 36 hours and plan on making sweet, sweet love to a bottle of wine shortly. It's happy hour somewhere.

The Glee recap was up last night by 10:30 (pats self on the back) and let me just tell you how freaking delicious the cocktail is: it's a flaming margarita body shot. WHAT?! YEAH. So get on over there and clickity, you can thank me for the laughs and drinks later. AND HEY IT IS REALLY FUNNY, BY THE WAY. *pats self on back*

SouthLAnd was surprisingly (not really) layered last night (it's always layered) and the whole storyline with the homeless guy was heartbreakingly wonderful. THAT SHOW IS AMAZING, GUYS. The final messages is whether or not being a mother "fixes your life." So I had a few things to say about that, as well.

Jane got her Ringer recap up, so head on over and show some love for her, too. It's picking up steam, right? SMG is popping up all over the place, and Andy Cohen of BravoTV loooooves her and the show, so that bodes well for Buffy.

Time for me to lay on my back and do nothing for thirty solid minutes. (Cue tornado. Or home invasion. IDK. *head desk*)

[ETA] And THANK YOU for the sympathy yesterday. The fun never starts stops! I have a Big Carl of wine. I should be fine in a bit...
Glee last night: I loved it. LOVED. The Gleecap/Recap (which, if I may, is hilarious) is up and waiting for you! Not to mention a delicious cocktail recipe is also over there. And...I'm just going to say it. I think there are people who hate it because they didn't have complete control. This show has been insane from Day 1, I've just never understood how that can be forgotten. Continuity issues, yes, problems with treatment of characters, of course. Of course!'s always been like that? IDK, I found this shit hilarious this ep. (And sweet and poignant and weird and OH MY GOD, NO, RACHEL and...any reaction like that tells me they did something right. Just my two cents.)

Southland! HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. How is this show better with every week?! Come talk to me about society and how we have intrinsic rules, etc (Warning if you don't watch the show: it's violent.)

And then the news about Susan G. Komen came out, how they're separating ties with Planned Parenthood because they're being pressured by Anti-Choice groups. It was born in my hometown Dallas, I've supported them for years as many of you know, through the 3-Day and other fund raising opportunities. I've raised tens of thousands for them, actually. But I can't support them if they're going to cave in to anti-choice bullying.

Well, the pink ribbon shit has gotten to be too prevalent to be useful anymore, anyway, right? I'll be devoting my time and money solely to Planned Parenthood now. I'm good with that.

Now go click over on HDJM and share the love and join in the discussion! GOOD TV = HAPPY ME.
We lost our satellite feed last night due to thunderstorms (which meant I had 90 pounds of shivering dog in my shower) so the SouthLAnd recap is just now up. But, in my defense, THAT WAS A HELL OF A SHOW.

Good god. just the sheer volume of things that happened is staggering. Here's proof (the recap) John Cooper continues to be the most adorable and delicious gay cop on the planet. Click the link and talk to me about it!

Also, this means I am all caught up from my vacation! No exercise, but hey, my husband likes a little junk in the trunk? Ha.

We had a SNAFU, and thanks to alert readers, the American Horror Story SEASON FINALE recap is up!
SOUTHLAND. I love it. I love the characters something fierce. I was not disappointed with the season opener last night. RECAP IS HERE. If you weren't aware of how dark and gritty that show is, now you do. So. There's your warning for all things Bad.

I actually didn't hate Glee (link to recap) last night (even though Will Schuester continues to be INAPPROPRIATE. Oh my god.) There are some good discussions picking up in comments over at HDJM (I have smart readers.)

I am SO HUNGRY and I am going to make tacos from wild boar that cooked down for hours the other night. NOM NOM NOM.

ION, today is not just Thesaurus Day, it's also my anniversary. We're going to crack open a bottle of wine that we bought on our 10th anniversary and enjoy. (That's my husband in my icon. He's awfully fetching and pulchritudinous. I find I am still quite enamored.)

ETA I've had a bit of a family emergency, so I'll do everything I can to have Top Chef up tomorrow. Head's up for any inconvenience to your morning read, is all. :)
GLEE! Oh, there were wonderful things last night. And things that made me frustrated. Welcome to the show, right? RECAP AND COCKTAIL are live, and I want you to come talk to me about it (and tell your friends to come there, too. I'm nothing if not a steady pimp for Hey, Don't Judge Me.)

THEN. I will pick up my vehicle, get SOUTHLAND's recap up, and maybe I'll get to eat something today. I'll add an ETA here for when I get the SouthLAnd recap up, and DAMN THAT SHOW IS ONE OF THE BEST AROUND, COME ON.

But this is important: educate yourself on SOPA. Because under the wide net it casts, Hey, Don't Judge Me could EASILY be shut down without any recourse. GO HERE FOR A QUICK SUMMATION and instructions if you feel like taking action.

If you haven't watched, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE scroll on. I know some people don't care about spoilers, but this is one time when it really takes away from the gut punch ending if you're not surprised.


EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. As [ profile] brunettepet says, it's a Master Class in acting, directing, filmmaking, and writing.

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