Author: Stoney
Title: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Fandom, pairing(s), rating: The Two Coreys (Feldman and Haim), NC-17 (For the Kink Ficathon.) \o/
Prompt: blow jobs (and I made it a hat trick with drugs and 80s trivia)
A/N: Set in December 1989. Excessive use of the word "dude" and "fuck." I would love anyone that gets the joke in the title. And I love [ profile] moosesal for the beta work and for being kick ass.
A/N 2: Um, if you're not a child of the eighties, then you won't know who Jami, River, Keanu, Charlie, Scott, Nicole (Haim is on top giving her the bidness!), Martha, Leaf, Noni, Wil and Depp are, will you? How sad. And by sad, I mean me for paying attention to all of this shit as it happened. OH MY GOD, COREY ILU. Ahaha. Ahem. Oh, this is the NON-soul killing Schadenfreude version. O_O

Cleek for Feek )
DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. *deeeeeeeeeeeep breath* Here we go. Or just me... go. Probably that last one.

Title: Broken Inside
Author: Stoney
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The life and times of Anna Nicole Smith, or: what made such a pretty girl into such a mess.
Warnings: This has incest. Lots. This has sad broken people that don't get better. Also, drugged non-con, step-parent sexual abuse and a run-on sentence. If that's upsetting to you, you shouldn't read this. This isn't a mockery of ANS, this isn't a glorification of things that are wrong, and most importantly: this isn't true. Some of it is. Okay, a lot. But the incest is speculation. Don't come whining to me about how gross I am, etc. You won't tell me anything I don't already know for myself. :)
A/N: Written for [ profile] dancetomato as a form of penance. She has to hear a full confession from me so I can be absolved, is all. Thanks to the BFF for the beta work, any remaining mistakes are mine. Coming in at just under 8500 words.

Don't click unless you read the warnings. )

odd ficlet

Feb. 20th, 2006 07:51 am
Am still sick stop. Sick of Gatorade and tea stop. Writing in telegram form is lame full stop.

[ profile] winterlive had a birthday, and a request, and I dropped the ball on posting, so I'm doing so today. Ewan/Hayden, general adult themes, shortish, Hayden's POV.

Click here for wee ficlet ) That may suck. I have no idea today, which is why I'm waiting to post more PotC until my head isn't in a fog. (some of you may have missed Saturday's post, btw.)

Happy birthday to [ profile] annakovsky, and while I don't believe she reads my journal, I do enjoy the hell out of her writing. Fabulous writer, she is. Also, happy birthday to the very funny and snarky [ profile] grifyn, who probably doesn't want to acknowledge today, but I am always glad to read her funny posts about life, her job and UberKid. I hope today is a peaceful one, G.
For [ profile] sweptawaybayou. Sorry it took me so long to get this up for you.

Unbeta'd, which means I welcome comments/beta-remarks.

Author: Stoney321
Title: 3121
Paring: Vincent Kartheiser/Jake Gyllenhaal - overtones of Jake/Heath
Rating: Hard R
Summary: Jake shows up to a party and invites a friend - Heath is nowhere to be found.
Disclaimer: I make no money off this stuff, and generally lose friends when I post. Also I may be going bald, and my leg is lame. Quite possibly the people in this fic enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, but this is all made up for my enjoyment.

3121 )

Quick thanks to everyone who offered sympathy for my stupidness yesterday. 10 hours of sleep and ibuprofen did the trick. Thanks.

Fic Post

Aug. 1st, 2005 06:58 am
This is Part 2. Much love and pie to [ profile] crazydiamondsue for being a great beta, and it isn't even her fandom. But she knows I'm the dropped comma and letter queen when I get into a groove...

Author: Stoney321
Title: Time is Running Short, or: Back to Life
Rating: Adult - Thinky-Porn
Pairing: Ewan McGregor/Hayden Christensen - RPS
Disclaminer: This RPS is a dream, baby. A lovely, lovely, porny dream. But not real. That I *know* of.
Summary: Began in the fic, The Wrath at Cannes, Hayden and Ewan only have a short time together until they have to go back to who they were before...

Continued from here

Time is Running Short, Or: Back to Life - PART TWO )
I don't know why I stared at this fic for so long. Once I sat down and got my fingers working, I fell back in. Why do I do that? *pets the stories, for they are my friends* A quick thank you to [ profile] crazydiamondsue for fixing my dropped commas and wacky misspells that Word doesn't catch. And because my STOOPID troll is back, silently teaching me a lesson about the wrongness of slash (she started attacking my Obi-Wan/Anakin fic now) I welcome ANY AND ALL con-crit/fb. I'll quit whining now.

Author: Stoney321
Title: Time is Running Short, or: Back to Life
Rating: Adult - NC-17?
Pairing: Ewan McGregor/Hayden Christensen - RPS
Disclaminer: RPS is a dream, baby. A lovely, lovely, porny dream. But not real. That I *know* of.
Summary: Influenced by the fantastic footage (it's real!! OMG - it's CANON!) of Ewan coming to Hayden in line at RotS's premiere and planting a wet one on his happy, happy face. Mmmm. Can't let it end there, can we?

Continued from here
First introduction here

Time is Running Short, Or: Back to Life )

It's raining again today. That makes me happy. *pets tired, hot garden*
Well, Sue gave me the "Fuck! print that shit!" or in layman's terms: the all-clear. Last bit of my DB/VK RPS, "It's Method. Fuck, No. It's Improv."

Thanks to [ profile] crazydiamondsue for the beta and to [ profile] sweptawaybayou for giving the prick of inspiration for this in the first place.

Rated F. For fuuuuuuck.
'It's Method. Fuck, No. It's Improv' - Part FOUR )
I like it when I get bossed. I get shit DONE, yo.

This is for [ profile] sweptawaybayou and for [ profile] ros_fod: James Marsters/Vincent Kartheiser. Definitely not PG.
Earlier "Boss Of Me" Fics are here: 1,2- Spike/Yoda Gen, Xander, Giles Gen and 3- Obi-Wan with Baby Luke, Fleeing Tattooine - PG-13 (Over tones of Obi-Wan/Anakin).

Definitely NON-Heterosexual activity at the Playboy Mansion )
I'm leaving in a few hours, and I may or may not be on the internet while at the beach. Most likely... not. :-D Come on, people: white sugar sand!

In the interim, here's the last bit of the RPS I started. It's um, AU RPS. Because I don't know these guys. But in my head? WEASELS. Comma, Doing it like. Come on: Ewan is known to be a big whore, and Hayden? Ze rumors... That kiss!! (At Cannes, hence the title) The secret boyfriends... The full lips. GLAAAHHHHHGGGGHHHH. And it just kinda worked out this way. Not what you think from the first bit, linked under the cut, BTW.

The Wrath at Cannes, Part Dyoo )

Picks up a few weeks later here.
I... My brain has been hijacked. I want all Ewan/Hayden all the time. Or Ani/Obi-Wan. ALL. THE. TIME. But I'm having a hard time finding fic of the same caliber as the writers I love on LJ in my circle. It isn't enough, people! So... I dove back into the world of RPS and wrote a little something. Want to hear it? Hear it goes:

Author: Stoney321
Title: The Wrath at Cannes
Rating: Adult - NC-17?
Pairing: Ewan McGregor/Hayden Christensen - RPS
Disclaimer: RPS is a dream, baby. A lovely, lovely, porny dream. But not real. That I *know* of.
Summary: influenced by the fantastic footage (it's real!! OMG - it's CANON!) of Ewan coming to Hayden in line at Cannes and planting a wet one on his happy, happy face. Mmmm. Can't let it end there, can we?
A/N: unbeata'ed, wrote with a quickness to please my [ profile] winterlive. Um, did it? :-D
RPS! WARNING! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! (psst: pretty nekkid boys. What are you waiting for? )
Apparently I needed to get the following ficlet out. And the porn is not helping all the way. *curses Mr. Stoney's travel schedule*

It's baddirtywrongRPS, but I just can't help myself. I'm all about the VK pr0n lately.

Title: Slag Heap - Private Lessons
Author: Me
Pairing: James/Vincent (I know! I can't help it. My fevered brain says it's TWUUU!)
Rating: if it was fair, R. MPAA would say NC-17
Summary: You know that play VK is starring in on Broadway come (snerk) April? James is soooo proud of his boy. And James is method, so he'd want VK to have a few "prostitute-esque" moments to feed from.
Disclaimer: You shouldn't believe anything I say. Especially when I say I own these people. Hell, they don't even own themselves.

Guh. And Wibble. Personal kink here, folks. )

I now have bumblebee socks on, and a pink smoothie. It is now impossible for me to remain in a bad mood.

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