Yes, Neil Armstrong was a hero, because the man knew that he could die. Every single person involved in the moon launch/landing/return is a bonafide hero, in my book.


...Buzz Aldrin was chosen when the mission plans were created to be the first man on the moon. Neil was supposed to exit later. Neil threw the plan out the window once they landed on the surface and actually denied Buzz the honor of being the first man on the moon, saying that because he was a Lt. Col and out-ranked Buzz (a Major) that he was going to go first. And the rest is history (very important history).

So, yes, he advanced mankind, but in that moment, he was a jerk. (And Buzz still hasn't let that go, and I think it's important to remember. Protocols exist for a reason.)

But we all know that the moon landing was faked in a Hollywood sound stage anyway. :)
First, ze links. We had an exciting weekend at HDJM because we have our first advertisers going up, slowly but surely. Be sure to click on our supporters when you go for a visit (and check their fabulous products, etc. More to come this week.) Also, SPARTACUS IS BACK! And Liz is back with her breathless and energetic recaps.

Merlin! Melody has this week's recap waiting for you and your juicy thoughts.

And thank you again to everyone that is helping us get noticed by tweeting links, tumbling, liking - it's just a click for you, but it helps us TREMENDOUSLY. <3

My poor kid was sick all through the weekend, but rallied mid-day yesterday (his actual birthday) and we had a small family dinner. He'll get to have a proper party this coming weekend, but still. Poor buddy.

But now for my shock. SHOCK, I SAY! So, most of y'all that have been around here for a while know that I LOVE reading crappy fanfic. Like, really really bad. Comically bad. "He egressed in the seat of her audience" bad. (That remains one of my favorites. That and "he put his think in her butt.") That stuff is hilarious and entertaining. Then there are the stories that you think, "Huh, that's really boring." Or, "What the hell? This is the story everyone is going on about? REALLY?" I have opinions. I am going to hang them out to dry. )

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to write a story about Abraham Lincoln trying to make a light bulb. And then I am going to write it in real time so it takes you 24 hours to read about his 24 hours.


Dec. 9th, 2011 12:26 pm
I don't know why I'm so excited for Friday, I don't have a desk job. BUT HEY, OUR CULTURE DICTATES THAT I SHARE JOY. And so I do. I'm in a fabulous mood, brought on by an excellent 2 hour massage yesterday (and the knowledge that I have another scheduled for next Friday and the Friday after...) Dude. This chick tore into my glutes and quads, just stripping those muscles of all the little ouchies and I felt like I was made of pudding afterward. Hurt so good. (It only hurt because I hadn't been in for months. Regular massage keeps everything lovely. And your skin thanks you, too! Bye bye, cellulite on my booty.)

And then I ruined it by doing a million-fifty squats and lunges today. HEY, I'M KEEPING HER IN BUSINESS.

Also, I am in the final edits for this redonkulously huge story I've been writing (huge for me) and will start posting on Monday and finally be done. Are we finished, Buffy? *cry*.

Also 2, John Ralphio said "butthole" last night, and I freaking love that character. Parks and Rec, one of the tightest comedies on TV, hands down. No wasted characters, not ever. <3

Also 3, I am not on my own PC, so I can't resize images (nor touch them up, stupid netbook with barebones on it, argh!!) but for those curious about the fake-out Kindle cover I made, it's under the cut. 5 pics, they're big, and I'm not 100% in love with it, but it's serviceable fo sho.

What a weird book, OH SNAP, IT HAS A KINDLE IN IT. )

Now I'm hungry. YO DESEO TACOS.
I don't get mad often, but when I do, and I mean, mad, I am a terrifying and beautiful tsunami of righteousness and obliteration and will be the only one left standing on a pile of their dead bodies. Or, you know, I'll have a sternly worded email and hopefully get some results.

Maybe you've noticed that I own a website that's gaining in popularity, a little thing called Hey, Don't Judge Me? And as I've been hemorrhaging money into it for a year [happily, I'm very proud of it and my writers], I decided a few months ago to put Google Ads on the site, even though it's really a paltry amount of money (cents per click) but hey, any little bit helps, right? And I've never encouraged people to click on the ads, nor have I clicked on the ads myself, because that's against the TOS. By October, I think we'd earned a grand total of $12.34. So you know, rolling in it. (Web hosting alone is $25 a month.) Google pays out when you hit $100, I figure I was pretty close to that, given the increase in traffic at HDJM.


I AM ABOUT TO WALK SOME SHEEP THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DEATH. AND THEY WILL KNOW MY NAME IS THE LORD WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEM. [ahaha, okay, I'm just needing to vent. BUT NO. I am not someone that can be tossed aside, Mama's got bills and writers to pay.]

Speaking of, Melody has been posting hilarious and awesome recaps of The X-Factor, and you should read the Top 7 Results Review. :)

And in other news, I have an amazing writing partner that keeps me sane when I'm slipping into Jules-mode, even though I will always dig on swine. [ profile] flaming_muse is one of those writers that just continually churns out thoughtful and well-crafted stories, and hey, here's yet another one, Postmarks, where Blaine and Kurt turn in Kurt's NYADA application, with all the fears and worries of how to move to the next stage in life. That she lets me poke at her things as a part of her process is a joy and an honor.
Of course you do. So Hey, Don't Judge Me has a shop set up on CafePress with our banner on tees (and a tote) to get the ball rolling. I've got an artist making some of the most amazing show-inspired shirts (and I'm also getting the banner in PoC options, because not everyone has the same hair, eye color, etc.)

I just got an order that I placed for myself (testing the quality) and they're great shirts. American Apparel, and their t-shirts are the softest things ever, and they really hold up. (My husband and I owned a clothing shop a few years back, they're the only people we'd consider using, since the quality is so great. I've got everything from fitted and tight to plus-sizes and comfy.

Just getting started, there's more to come. You're supporting freelance writers with every purchase, and getting a boss shirt out of the deal. PRETTY GOOD DEAL, says I. :)

...and an official cocktail book is on the way. I'm waiting for art design on that, too. (so excited, zomg. This is just exciting for me, SORRY I AM DORKING OUT. Lol.)
So my friend David Lowery, who directed a movie I'm in, St. Nick, teamed up with another artist I've worked with, Toby Halbrook, and the star of a movie I filmed this summer [Wuss] and made the new video for School of Seven Bells. Pretty awesome. (And how about the Olympic gold in name dropping there? Nice.)

Watch it here, it's GORGEOUS. And leave a comment for them, if you feel up to it. Great indie work should be applauded, imo.

I'm steam cleaning carpets today and starting to make pies in prep. for Thanksgiving, so I'll see y'all next week!
I am in the depths of the teen years now. I don't know how I'm going to make it until they are out of my house and safely in college/military school/prison. Any are options at this point. I'm constantly on the lookout for eyeballs on the floor because SURELY that level of eye rolling can't be helping those ligaments keep them in the sockets. The Mr. has no clue how to deal with this rash of OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO MEEEEAAAAAN/Get out get out GET OUT! because he grew up in a sterile lab where no one spoke. "Pick your battles" has been a steady conversation in the quiet of our bedroom. That and "is that the hill you want to die on? Put the silverware away? REALLY?"

The biggest issue is that my son has learned to express anger. Which means loads of shouting and "Damn it! I'm sorry I said damn it, but damn it, mom!" and that's usually directed at his little sister, Emily. Emily is entering those horrible girl years, the 8 - 10 year old sneaky snotty stage. Every girl goes through it. Every one of us, even if you think you didn't, you did. It's filled with "I am so wounded by what you're saying to me!" horror-face and then causing people to continue to say those wounding things to you by your sneaky/snotty behavior. When you're the youngest in the house, it's typically the most amplified in you as well.

So. I have come upon what I think is a brilliant solution. When the two of them fight, say they hate each other, try and get the other in trouble, any sort of negative behavior, the opposite child will go into the offender's room, select one precious item to be brought to me. I will then keep said item in a box in my closet until they do something kind for one another. It is going to drive them CRAZY to have their personal space invaded, which will just lead me to saying, "Well, I guess you shouldn't have blah blah, then, huh?"

Or I could ignore them all and drink the next four- five years away, it's pretty iffy most days.

Now for kimono-making pics! Warning: I used a shiny patterned fabric, so it might be difficult to see the detail, but the beautiful thing about kimonos is how straight forward they are. After all, everyone from peasants to the gentry made and wore them for thousands of years, that stuff has been pared down to the most efficient method. On with the show!

Loads of pictures from a white girl co-opting another culture )
Um, basically I'm wanting to make a joke work and want to be sure I'm not painting myself into a corner. I NEED TO BE INFORMED ON THE FOLLOWING:

QUESTION: was it common in 5th and 6th century writings (or heck, 3rd or 4th centuries) to write a TITLE PAGE? Like, the Greek writers and famed writers of the Middle East, etc. etc. did or did not typically include a TITLE PAGE?*

DEFINITION: this would be a multi-paragraphed summation of what the reader was about to experience/read/learn. Also included is the caveat that if there are any mistakes or errors in fact in the tome, it's the fault of the compiler?

My tongue is firmly in cheek, in case that was in question. But I do want to be reminded of writing rules back in the day, should anyone care to wax poetic or prosaic.

[ETA] I should mention that the alleged title page of the book to which I am referring was written originally on solid gold pages, and collected with d-ring binders of an ancient design. Um, I'm not making that up, that's what is claimed. O_O
I backed out of a blog commentary yesterday so fast yesterday because I was just flabbergasted and quickly outnumbered. The general gist of the post was "wtf is up with adults reading YA, that's kid stuff!" and the general consensus is that people who read YA are a) intellectually immature, b) emotionally immature, c) incapable of higher reading comprehension, d) all of the above.

UM. How about I point at my middle finger with my other middle finger? Or may I offer you a cup of shut the hell up? The general tone of commenters was "people who loooove YA are so clearly just stupid adults that can't deal with adult things, and can't read adult sentences, and I'm an adult, did I mention? I only do adult activities and eat adult foods and walk like an adult. NO ARM FLOATIES FOR ME!" *eats adult-sized portions while wearing adult pants and adult shoes*

I would like to put out there for the masses that if you think this way, you're an idiot. No, hear me out: You are a big ol' snobbish moron. Also, you stink. I think it's fairly obvious at this point how I feel about a certain non-vampire vampire series, and guess what was held as the YA standard? Does that mean we should hold James Fennimore Cooper as the dialog/prose standard for American Writers? OH MY GOD, NO. Worst. Author. Ever. (Chuck Jones likened reading his writing as walking through a wall of hot jello. That's pretty damned accurate.)

And I gathered from a lot of the comments that the people with the attitude were wanna-be or baby writers. If you think you can write better than Mark Twain or Harper Lee, prove it. Because the day your words are read 130 years after you've written them and are REQUIRED READING for literature classes as examples of amazing writing - not childish writing, not non-adult writing, but FABULOUS writing - that's the day I'll take you seriously. Mini rant with one eff bomb. For those that need to know. )

Anyway, that really touched a nerve with me, the hand waving and snobbery. I guess the positive is that these yahoos staying out of the library wing I'm in means the books I want to read will be available. Snobbery is never the way to go in any aspect of life, in my opinion. Except for when it comes to Mexican food, in which case I state that if you don't have people from Mexico in your kitchen, your food is moot. :)

Some great resources:
Black Teens Read 2
Voracious YAppetite
The Ya Ya Yas
I'm Here, I'm Queer, What The Hell Do I Read?
Forever Young Adult (My all-time favorite YA/book blog. HILARIOUS.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I picked up a copy of Hunger Games and plan on absorbing that today. :) (And finding out why I don't have a deck yet! Argh.)

*I realize I am not someone that can be considered an "authority" on literature, its genres, rating scales, keeper of data in relation to China's current tea pricing, but I am the leading Mormon Vampire Authority. And I'm the authority of your pants. So take this as you will. :)
First and foremost I want to thank you for your sweet words of support for my family and me in regards to the death of our beloved pet. It's been a hard few days for the kids, especially for my son to whom most belonged to Darthanne (cats don't belong to us, we belong to them as you all know) but we're getting there. A few of you knew her personally and your comments just made me feel so much better. I loved each comment, but EntreNous and Anne? Thank you both. <3 <3 <3 It seems silly, but I've read through all the comments a few times and it really helps ease the ol' heartache. Thanks, guys.

And now for something completely different. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME, PEOPLE [GENERALIZATION FOR THE WESTERN WORLD AND ITS MEDIA SOURCES OF ALL STRIPES,] WITH THIS ENCOURAGING OF TWILIGHT FANNISHNESS FOR YOUNG GIRLS? eta: including other sources listed under the cut, like teachers, etc. And Elena Kagan has my vote. :)

If I may: Exhibit A [DO NOT go there to leave negative comments. The discussion of right/wrong is HERE. She certainly didn't ask for it. Thanks.] Now. I want to state for the record that I do not believe the OP is aware that this stuff is really harmful nor do I think there's anything wrong with her overall message of "be supportive of fangirls," because that's a lovely thought. BUT. The material is NOT on the same level of fanishness that, say, old school geek fandom would have been. Like, the stuff that would have gotten you made fun of 10, 15, 20+ years ago like LARPing or being a Trekker. (Note: Trekkies are wannabes. Trekkers are the True Fans. *g*) This isn't like using coded language to find out if your hairdresser is into Buffy the Vampire Slayer because you don't want to seem like a weirdo.

The idea that we shouldn't tear each other down for liking what we like has merit. Only to a point, though.

Because, and this is the big one, folks, if what people are liking is HARMFUL, then we shouldn't support it. Yeah, I'm still standing by the idea that not only is Twilight a bag of crap, it's a HARMFUL bag of crap.

[ profile] ethrosdemon makes an excellent point here that I want to talk about. One, being a grown ass woman with life experience, the ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy (well, some of us) is NOT THE SAME as a 13 year old girl. And I know this because I HAVE a 13 year old girl. And she is friends with 13 year old girls. And they all talk about Twilight because you are supposed to talk about Twilight. It's not geek culture. It's not something that is hidden between a small group of misfits. Their MOTHERS are reading with them. A continued rant on the crpatasticness that is Twilight and the culture it creates. )

I say this because it's becoming apparent that people are hand waving this crap as adults viewing the material, not realizing that young girls (and some guys) are being taught some really scary, old school misogyny, cloaked as Third Wave Feminism. Um, not even close. Like, not even in the same universe. FEH.

In conclusion, I've not changed my mind about that dreck, you all are awesome, and Happy Canada Day. :)
Guys, this is as close to the actual recipe as I think you can get without access to whatever magic leprechaun dust goes into the making of Doubletree's delicious chocolate chip cookie. I will make no other chocolate chip cookie after this. Yeah, yeah, it's a chocolate chip cookie. BUT IT IS SO GROOD.

Chocolate Chip Cookie of DELIGHT and WONDER )

In conclusion: OM NOM NOM.
I know this isn't popular, and I'm sure to make some eyes roll (at the very least) but I really need to get this off my chest:

I believe without a doubt that the devil played that fiddle better than Johnny, who, let's face it, relied on corny phrases and yee-haw chords to win a contest that was clearly rigged from the start.

Let the defriending begin.

(I MEAN COME ON, IT MADE AN EVIL HISS AND FIRE FLEW FROM HIS FINGERTIPS AS HE RESINED UP HIS BOW. He hadn't even started playing that golden fiddle yet and fire was all shooting out in anticipation of some Lucifer hoe-down. And I'm sorry, but chickens in the bread pans picking out dough is disgusting. Hadn't Granny heard of salmonella? RIGGED CONTEST.)

Last, the most ridiculous question I've seen today: "What can I do with leftover wine?" LOL!! OMG, there's no such thing as leftover wine, whaaaaaat?

this post brought to you by the general feeling that a little levity would do some good, zomg
YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. So I'm killing time while helping a family member and [ profile] ethrosdemon sent me this video. (SERIOUSLY. GO WATCH IT. Men Figure Skating RAP.)

And naturally I began imagining the Wu Tang Clan with they 40s and they Desert Es watchin this mofo up in hurr when them Slingblade Bay City Balla Bitchez come up thu club and they's like, "Pshht, Lysacek ain't got no game, Plushenko be tha one leavin with dat Big G, foo!"

And RZA be all pullin out his 9, sayin shit like, "This is MEN'S Figga Skatin, SON. Betta reckanize, mothafucka! Lysacek'll toe pick yo ASS, bitch."

And they be all gettin up in they faces, lickin' they lips like they LL or suh'n and Ghostface Killa points at them punk ass fools with his chin, all, "Whatchu gone do? Huh? I show you what a triple lutz is, motha fucka! Bes' protect yo NECK!"

Method Man popped up behind his boys, punchin he-self in tha head. "Right, right? Rightright?" Them other boys start to back they asses down. "I can do this all day, mother fucka!" Method Man jus kept on hittin heself like he crazy, "Plushenko is a mother fucka, he be all wobbly and shit pullin in them bitch scores, you bes' get yo head right!"

The GZA made a face and waved his hand at them kids. "Tchuh, y'all bes' sit yoselves down and learn from the motha fuckin master. It ain't all about fuckin triples and quads, bitch ass butt bitch, it's about puttin on a mothafuckin show. Boy's got some crazy mad skillz. He's mothafuckin Michael on Ice."

They all took a moment of silence for the King of mothafuckin pop, then the RZA starts beat boxing a smoov groove and Ghostface came in on top of that shit:

"Figga what? Figga-figga figga-figga please!
Evan's floatin' on the ice with the greatest of ease
Takin out bitchez, takin' out ho's
bringin' perfect scores everywhere that he goes.
Y'all say he be frontin some say he's a bitch
I fuckin' breakin' yo face with a little TOE PICK."

Fuckin' ice skatin' all up in this bitch. (Zambonies? How do they work? <-- MIRACLES, THAT'S HOW.)


All I can say in my own defense is that I unleashed this on you and not the Twilight/Juggalo parody that I've been writing since last night. YOU'RE WELCOME. (Um, it's Breaking Dawn, totally mocking the "Miracles" video because OH MY GOD that is still making me laugh whenever I hear "fuckin magnets, how do they work?") OH AND HOW GHOSTS AND UFOS ARE MIRACLES. LOL x forever.]
I've seen a lot of bad human behavior in the past few days. Not just the town hall meetings of childishness shouting to keep any reason from entering the debate on health care, but also a horribly smug snot-rag who wrote an article for the New York Times where she basically denigrated anyone who isn't a size 2 (um, that's a big fight you're picking, honey) and anyone that can't afford expensive jeans (see other fight, and do you think your teeny frame can handle two?) She apologized to the effect of, "Get over it." Actually , she told her readers to get their "panties out of a twist." Later, her bosses clearly told her to suck it up and play nice, so she wrote nice. Kind of. But it was obvious she was forced to write words she didn't mean. (Thanks [ profile] handsomspeck for the link.)

Look. We all do dumb things at times. We all say stupid things at times. Most importantly, we all get things wrong at times. We have an opinion that is based on someone else's stupidity, or piss poor research on our own part, and we get called on it. Here's what you do, in case you didn't know/weren't taught.

You say, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that a) those words hurt you, b) I had my facts wrong, c) I was misinformed, d) I did something wrong." Pick one option or all of them.

You don't say, "Well, a) you are stupid, get over it, b) it shouldn't hurt you because I know someone that said my words were funny/cool/acceptable, c) get your panties out of your butt and chill." Because that leads to a fight. And guess which is SHORTER, QUICKER, and BETTER? "I am sorry."

(And here's the thing: you can say you're sorry to make the OTHER PERSON feel better, and that's what you can be sorry about: hurting a fellow human. And that means we let you stay in our club of BEING human. And not an ambulatory asshole, shuffling around spouting crap and using up our oxygen.)

This is crap I taught my kids, why can't grownups learn it? "I'm sorry." Two words to make it all better.

You're welcome.

And please go see my journalist friend Liz's journal where she is taking a poll on healthcare, both for US peeps and non. This is non-partisan. :)

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to do some yoga and find some zen. And I won't be turning on the news. OM.
On paper. Okay, stick with me here. In The Beginning things didn't operate the way they do know. One of the first organisms that helped create biodiversity was blue green algae. Because UV rays (the sun) cause it to trap methane (the original air on earth) and produce CO2, other organisms began eating that CO2 and producing 02, which is what our plant life currently does, yes?

Why on EARTH haven't we used algae, engineered to reverse that process (meaning, eating CO2 and spitting out O2) and create filters for smoke stacks? For mufflers? Talk about going green... Algae is incredibly easy to come by, and in places is damaging ecosystems because people like to put nitrogen fertilizer on their lawns but can't be arsed to follow instructions, thereby screwing up our water system (which spits out this N2 high crap into the Gulf of Mexico, causing algae blooms, which kills the O2 in the water, killing plant life.)

You could make floating "islands" of algae (again, engineered to work backwards) over cities that are major polluters. Now, before you say yeah, yeah, not possible to engineer this stuff, I engineered algae to act as a specific bacteria when I was a senior in high school. [Science Fair represent!] And with all we know now about molecular engineering? How 'bout it, Science?

[Side note for life science geeks like me: Archae might be better to use since they already thrive in harsh environments like hot springs, and acid mine drainage. I mean, if it can live in that stuff?] I know what my kids are going to be working on for next year's Science Fair.

[ETA] for I'm not so stupid after all! [ profile] melbournegirl found a link showing that some guys at MIT are working on this VERY THING. In your face, Mr. S, who thought I was sounding Asimovian. (And when is that a bad thing, I ask you?)

Here's an awesome video that condenses the entire life of the earth up to now in 60 seconds. The explosion of biodiversity at the end - 1.2 billion years in a few seconds? Awesome.

ION, I want to learn how to vid. Any tips? I've had an idea for about four years now, and want to do something with it.

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