then you should watch St. Nick, a beautiful film I was fortunate enough to be in (briefly as the mother.) It's wonderful, beautiful, quiet, and is the first huge sign that the director, David Lowery, is about to be the Next Big Thing. (Sundance and the NYTimes agree with me here.)
St. Nick, a lovely film that I'm in (briefly - it's about my "children" not the parents) is showing this weekend in Grand Junction, CO for those nearby. It's won all manner of awards, and I'm so proud of it, regardless of my involvement. The kids that star are simply wonderful. For cinephiles this is a treat for the eyes, too. My buddy Clay was the cinematographer and it's just gorgeous.

My inbox has been inundated with replies to my foreign coin request for my son. I can't tell you how much it means to me that veritable strangers (all of the lurkers!! All of the people that saw the post on friendsfriends!) are so willing to give a boy they've never met a birthday to remember. It's just... it's hard for to me be sarcastic (my usual default) when there really are such lovely people in the world. Truly, thank you. At last count, and I've not added all of the emails from the last 12 hours, I have over 60 offers.

ETA I think I'll call off the hunt at this point. I have every continent represented, minus Antarctica. (And if any of you are out there on the icy wastelands of beauty and want to send something along, well, I sure won't stop you. *G*) Thank you so much for your generosity, it'll take me a few days to sort through addresses and get organized. You're WONDERFUL people!

!!! a beginning list of the countries represented under the cut )

I'm going to need to spend the next few days getting things organized and then I'll start sending out mailers. (And I know I'll run into some hiccups, I'll keep you posted, for those wanting to play along.) I also had the (to me) great idea of buying one of those old school globes that we had in the classroom, put a hole with a rubber stopper at the bottom and a coin slot in the top for him to keep them all in. We can put little flags on the countries where we've collected coins, too. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. :D (Even better would be to find a glass globe coin bank, but I can't imagine that's easy. But then, I've not looked.)

I also realized that I have some serious balls asking people for money (essentially) after mocking the recent wank about the con that swindled people out of money. THIS IS DIFFERENT, I SWEAR. Don't send the internet police after me, please. Hee.

(And to those of you that left me little love notes, I just love you to bits. Seriously, I can no longer be my snarky self when there is too much SWEETNESS and AWESOMENESS in the world. <3 But I'm sure I'll get called a jerk for mocking Bella/Edward and all will go back to normal. LOL. Sincerely, thank you.)

Lastly, it was frickin' freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth, this morning and Sally Derg could not WAIT to get out in it. That thick fur coat is finally a boon, she's thinking. We get outside and she started running in circles and figure eights, panting and pouncing and filled with doggy joy. Then she stopped stock still, grinned at me (whatever, dogs TOTALLY grin, and we all know it) then walked over, sat and looked up at me waiting for me to put her leash on. LOL. Dogs are rad.
I googled my horror movie, Blood on the Highway, as one occasionally does, and found the wiki-page. And I see that two of the extras clearly edited the summary to say that they starred in the movie. OH REALLY. I'll be emailing the producer about that one. What the hell, dudes? And let me just remind everyone with Comcast or Time-Warner Cable that time is running out for VOD viewing. I believe it will be available on Netflix for streaming soon, too. Add it to your queue! :)

The other movie I was in, St. Nick, has been tearing it up on the film festival scene. It just showed in Greece where apparently Werner Hertzog loved it. !! Very cool. It really is a beautiful film, and even though most of my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, I'm proud to have my name attached in any capacity.

For anyone who missed it and is interested *crickets* I posted about a commercial I filmed over the weekend and the excitement of jamming your feet into marshmallows for hours. I'm mostly saying that again so I can interject with a PSA: STOP SPELLING IT MARSHMELLOWS. MALLOW. It's a plant. It's what was originally used to make the product, the root of the MALLOW PLANT = MARSHMALLOWS. MALLOW not MELLOW. I just judge you when you do that, okay? That and when "then" is used instead of "than." (Hint: the first one is for TIME and the other is for a COMPARISON. Please figure that one out, already.)

I need to spend the rest of the day getting off book and figure out who these characters are for an audition (the more I prepare, the more I'm thinking this is a ... lame project. Ugh, I shouldn't say that, but it's very... student film. Eh, if they pay me, I'll sell the hell out of whichever role I'm given.) then hopefully go see New Moon tonight in an IRONIC CAPACITY. That should be obvious, given my track record.

Oh, last note: Curb Your Enthusiasm! No spoilers, but I just love the visual proof that Seinfeld was really nothing more than Larry David RPF. We've all known this, but still. It's funny. Last night's finale had everything. EVERYTHING! It was the BEST, Jerry, the BEST! :D (There could be spoilers in the comments, so be forewarned.)

[ profile] entrenous88! If you're online, STOP HERE. :) and <3 The kids and the Mr. are out at the deer lease camping and hunting. (I know some of you are anti-hunting. Eh. I like getting organic, free-range, cruelty-free meat (mostly- I mean, they do die, but it's instant.) Proper hunting is way more humane than how the meat in your market arrives, I can guaran-damn-tee you that. Vegetarians and your lack of meat, notwithstanding. :) Mmmm, venison! Last week the Mr. got a 200 pound wild hog - he literally brought me home the bacon. And 120 pounds of dressed pork. And I get to have yet another year of not buying meat at the market, hooray!
1. Had a fantastic weekend including the best b-day party my son's ever had. What a relief!
2. I do not want to paint another vaulted ceiling again. Yeesh, my back.
3. Speaking of, I moved a good 500 pounds of compost this weekend plus 200 pounds of landscape rocks. But! The new planting bed is ready to be filled, so that's nice.
4. Still enjoying Big Love even though I felt Margene was "acting" I wish she could be more natural. Nikki, however, continues to be utterly compelling on screen. This article pretty much sums up my feelings. Ana needs more back story to make her arc believable. And the Joy books... Yeesh. I knew they existed in RL, but I wonder if that's how they really look: like cattle brochures with their hair and ankles and hands on display to show their worth? Blergh. That show pulls no punches.
5. And I saved the best (for me) for last. The movie I filmed last year, St. Nick, is officially having its world premiere at SXSW this March, which is pretty spectacular. Here's the trailer, and I cannot wait to see it. Whoo hoo, SXSW! (My icon is from the movie)

6. I think a lunch somewhere with a book is in order.

And happy birthday, [ profile] soundingsea! My b-day notification thing appears to not be working...
Last post about this, honest engine. Wrapped on St. Nick Saturday night and this was such a different experience all around than the other movie. First, it's an emotional drama, not a balls-out (um... literally, ha ha) comedy, there's no 14 hour days sitting in "blood" and the director is a very quiet and calm person, which bleeds into the atmosphere everywhere. That's not a bad thing, just completely different than the first movie. I get why everyone on Blood on the Highway kept saying that they had never had so much fun on a movie - that set was absolute crack in comparison.

I came home Saturday with the beginning of a monster headache and didn't realize until the following day (still completely exhausted and cranky) that it was because I had spent 12 hours being scared and worried. (Um... acting scared and worried, that is. *G*) It was interesting to see how a movie that wasn't really "written" in the traditional sense turns out. I felt very unsatisfied with my performance when I left, but the more I think about what he's trying to do and say, the happier I'm getting.

blah blah movie talk for those interested in the process - possibly teal deer )

So that's that, and it was really interesting. The more I think about it, the happier I am with the spareness of it. At first I was bothered by that, but I think it will tell a better story, and I'd rather be a part of a terrific story than have a bunch of wonky lines. :) And now I need to exercise. *turns on Guitar Hero*
So the last movie, Blood on the Highway - which has it's "world premiere" at the AFI Festival next month (that's the trailer.) And there will be a Q&A with us cast members, hee! (You know what this means, right? Nick Brendon coming back. Aww, yeah) - was in the height of summer. We all sweat our butts off, the set was the filthiest place I've ever seen ever (an account is here if you're a masochist) but the people were some of the funniest people I've known. I honestly can't think of a time in life when I've been in the company of so many funny, intelligent, energetic people. \o/

I've done the Whore, now's the time for the Madonna )

Okay, I'm on my second pot of coffee. I fell asleep last night about 1am, with wool socks on my feet (I cannot sleep in socks - my feet must be untethered!) and a Hope cat on my chest to try and get my core warm. I just want to go back to sleeeeeeeeeep. But there are movies to watch today! (I can't decide between No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood. Hmm. Maybe a double header!)
I just got blown off my feet twice, trying to exercise outside. It's Wind, my arch nemesis. *shakes fist* One day, Wind. One day!

Yesterday, pre-Superbowl, I had a photo-shoot for this latest movie that I'm in babble babble about movies babble )

The Mister was in the doghouse last night because he was being sneaky, imo. TWICE he had groups of people scheduled to come to our house for parties. And told me as they got there in the first instance/a few hours before they arrived in the second. Both on Superbowl Sunday. Uh... hope you like partially stale tortilla chips and a distinct lack of party food! "No, no, they're not expecting anything." Well... that's just what they're getting, so ALRIGHTY.

(He thought I wouldn't know about the first group, because they were scheduled to come while I was at the photo shoot. At least I had cleaned the bathrooms earlier that morning. Good hell!)

(ENTRENOUS: DO NOT READ THIS PART.) Tomorrow the Mister and I are going to this fabulous Chinese restaurant for lunch that does not have a menu in English. They have saucy-tripe, which is my new most favorite thing. Um... it is so delicious it's not even funny. Yes, I know what it is. I'm southern. I don't care. DELICIOUS!! Also, they have soupy dumplings, those taro-whiskery biscuits that have meat/veggie filling, and whatever else they put in front of me. Barring chicken feet (there's no meat there) I'll pretty much eat anything. Mmmmmm.

I'm off to procrastinate by looking at cat macros. \o/

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