By me, so as to not cause confusion. I figured that I could take my most offensive/obscene offering on LJ and by using LJ's vague and ever changing ToS (and a little help from Mr. Mackey) I could clean it up! *enormous grin* For those who don't know what Lubed: The Musical is, it's based on Grease and involves Wee!Spike, my satirization of really bad Spike/Angel fic where Spike is ladyfied and always crawling in Angel's lap. o_0

All Cleaned Up And Nowhere To Go. Except for here. Former NC-17 fic (for language) modified and prepared for LJ's ToS scrutiny, yay! )

Muuuuuuch better now, right? All cleaned up and tidy and unoffensive and PC. Yay! If you need to do this to your fics/artwork, perhaps this icon will help you remember the rules? (credit is lovely, but not necessary. hahaha.) I'm COMPLETELY SURPRISED that no one brought up South Park to the LJ execs. That's on basic cable, and syndicated even!

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Except [ profile] kita0610 first used "Little One." But dammit, I'm the first that actually shrunk the bastard, then jammed him up Angel's ass. *sniffs* It's (technically not anymore, but the earth and time zones are working AGAINST me) [ profile] dovil's birthday! And she looks fantastic for 84, no really. Spry, still has all her teeth... She only eats canned cat food for the FLAVOR, not because it's just easier to "pass" if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

I have met the lovely birthday girl. Have gone on a whirlwind excursion with her, actually, and she has held my hair when I've party fouled. The nimrod sent ME a gift this weekend and it's HER birthday! (D? The cds are GREAT and I've already started flipping through the book. Not reading it, mind, just flipping. What? It's been hot and it makes a good fan!) so in return I have what she really wants: out of control silly fic that takes the piss out of fandom, or as I call it: the flist thinner.

Warning: this will clear your sinuses. Let's get to it.

Title: Wee!Spike and The Singing Penis!
Author: Psssh.
Rating: Is there an NC 84?
Summary: In which your hed asplode. Gimmie a break, folks.
Current Temp: 73, and this is the very DEFINITION of crack!fic. ZOMG I'm othering MYSELF.

Last we saw Wee!Spike, he was becoming bionic...

They Keep Pulling Me Back IN!!!! ) And lastly, IT'S LIKE THIS WAS MADE WITH YOU IN MIND, DOVIL!!! Ahahahaha!!!
Let's just say I read something recently that inspired this new chapter of Wee!Spike. For those just joining us, this is based on crappy characterizations of Spike, wherein he is Angel's snuggle bunny and youthful and small and such. So. What if, when Angel looks down with love and devotion to his little silver-haired otter of ass love, Spike shrank to 5 inches? But remained as horny as ever?

Let's find out! Thanks to [ profile] dovil and [ profile] crazydiamondsue for reasons they know all too well.

And so you will be forewarned, I may have stumbled across some "Bionic Man" fic. This will make sense when you read...
Wee!Spike! Now with more Wee! And the picquant taste of almond. )
I cannot take the stress of Election Day anymore, so I came up with a way to make us all feel happy!

Inspired by [ profile] dovil, dedicated to her and (Of course) to: [ profile] crazydiamondsue...
LUBED! The Wee!Spike musical sung to Grease! )

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