A few years ago I was in Austin on an audition and took myself out to a "well, you borked that, you should eat something redonk" dinner afterward. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was on Capitol and 3rd? MANUEL'S at Congress and 3rd, yay! Anyway, I got their cream of poblano soup as a starter and the best margarita of my LIFE and had an out of body experience, it was so delicious. I got to thinking about it at the store and decided to try and figure it out, since I couldn't find any recipes online that looked like they would be similar.

I think I've come pretty close. Warning though, if you don't like spicy foods, you should not make this. I mean, hello, poblano peppers. A soup of hot peppers. If you love chile rellenos and don't think they're too hot, then this is for you.

And don't be dumb like me and seed/devein with naked, weather-cracked fingers. Ouch. CREAM OF POBLANO SOUP )

I have too much to do today which means I should not be contemplating Fallout: New Vegas FANFIC for chrissake. I'm frowning at my brain, too, guys, I don't even know any more. I also didn't need to spend a half hour ironing my PILLOWCASES. I think I'm having a mental breakdown, quick, someone send chocolate and a pool boy!
SO BUSY, YOU GUYS. And I'm not even getting all of the things I need to done. STOP BLAMING FALLOUT, IT CAN'T HELP HOW AWESOME IT IS. I got a headache from playing for several hours this weekend, too. Fighting glowing, radioactive ghouls in an underground building while trying to find a hidden armory and not die is HARD WORK.

Oh, and we watched toddlers this weekend, went to an art show, had a birthday party for my mother in law, went Halloween shopping for the teens, and I still haven't sewn my costume. BAH. I'll get it done this week, honest. But first I have to get to that damn hidden armory and upgrade my radiation suit.

Because of all the things I have to do (background work for that blog I'm helping build, write up articles, revise my manuscript, get off book for a short film someone wrote for me [yay!] and tighten and tone the ol' bod) I don't have loads of time today, but I would like to leave you with this image:

I DID THE ELECTRIC SLIDE WITH MY MOTHER IN LAW IN MY KITCHEN ON SUNDAY. You may now prepare your Armageddon plans, because truly the end is nigh. (Oh. And she initiated it. YEAH. IT IS CLEARLY A SIGN OF END TIMES.)

And these are the best rejections ever. The CS Lewis and JR Tolkien ones made me LOL the hardest.
High school reunion talk! Before I got there I started having that feeling of standing with my lunch tray wondering where I would be allowed to sit. Not gonna lie, got a little freaked as we got to the place. )

ION, I have to take back the dress I didn't wear, get some code written, catch up with all the WinCon folks, and prepare for the GREATEST DAY IN ALL OF OCTOBER, BARRING HALLOWEEN: FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS IS COMING TOMORROW. I'm so glad I pre-ordered!! I'm saying that I'm going to be neck-deep in radiated zombies and desert creatures for the next few days.
1. If you know something bothers you, and you know it REALLY bothers you, why would you continually look/read/get involved with said thing that really bothers you? I find that ridiculous. (And disingenuous.) Also, I'm reminding all readers of this journal that I log IPs, not to sell your IP to advertisers, or anything like that, just to keep track of hit counts (and possible stalkers.) Which is why I know some people love to come to my journal and read things they've been adamant about not participating in/finding distasteful. [/cryptic] If you know something gets your blood pressure up, you should probably avoid that thing. Just a thought. (I also respect your right to not like me, this journal, contents of this journal, dogs, and Wednesdays. You can scroll, delete, whatever, with no worries from me.)

2 -5, more thinky, less tongue in cheek/eye-rolly )

Finally, I did it. I got Rock Band yesterday. Radiohead? The Pixies? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Ramones? ...the Grateful Dead?? Hells to the Yes! lml -_- lml (and apparently you can download a Metallica pack??? I'll see you guys in a few weeks. Hee!)

(Happy early Birthday to my lovely friend, [livejournal.com profile] dovil!!! Save some liver for our NYC trip!)
Hey, thanks to everyone that chimed in with righteous indignation about the 8 year old bully. The Mister took an extra slow walk home with Sally (our German Shepherd) after walking the girls to school this morning. Sally will protect her herd! Ha ha.

Bullet points, because I like 'to the point' info:
  • my sister is in BIG TROUBLE for not calling me back ALL WEEK. This is unacceptable, and I guess she's saying she doesn't want to have sushi with me this week, RIGHT BETH? Harumph.
  • I won Guitar Hero III
  • on easy. (shut it! I'm half-way through on Medium! And let me say that I am KICK ASS at the bass. On YYZ, y'all. <-- significant to other GH players)
  • it isn't sad or pathetic that my goal is to kick this eight-year old's ass. Dude, someone give this kid a REAL guitar, STAT! *rocks to Fire and Flames* lml -_- lml
  • I found a violin repair shop that is going to restore my great-grandfather's violins to their former glory (he made them, so I can't trust them to just anyone, you know?) The kids will start violin lessons immediately after, muah ah ah
  • I turned out two of the best loaves of bread yet yesterday. (Since Christmas, I have not bought bread. It's all homemade, y'all!) Oh, bread: why you so delicious?
  • I was nominated for two awards in two fandoms! What?! You guys! Whoever nominated me, thank you very much! One was at the Fang Fetish awards for an old Connor fic of mine (so I'm all happy about that) and the other was for the only HP fic I've ever written, Things They Should Have Taught Us In School for the R/Hr awards, which is just too cool for school. *beams*
  • everyone's been posting pics of their cats lately, I have pics of my dorks cats under the cut. BE WARNED: my Darthanne looks like she will jump through the picture and have your guts for garters. (It's a goth burlesque. I'll give you a second.)
  • the most important: I have officially signed on to do the Susan G. Komen 3 Day again! WHOOO. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's a 3 day walk-a-thon. Twenty miles everyday. I pay for all of my own expenses and raise money that goes 100% to women and their families: it pays for their care, for their treatment, and in some cases, their bills so their families can survive without them for the duration of surgery/chemo. Here's my account of doing it in 2006 (I missed out last year due to a filming schedule.) I'll have donation information up soon, for those of you that want to contribute to an AMAZING cause. YAY LIFE!
  • speaking of filming, I start shooting my next movie, St. Nick, this week, and I'm just tickled pink about EVERYTHING.

Tell me all about you! *props chin on fists after sliding cinnamon rolls over* whoops! cats are under here )

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