Not dead, nor am I drowned. I did have loads and loads of physical labor this past week while the pool chemistry was balancing out. OH YEAH. BECAUSE THE POOL IS FILLED WITH WATER AND WE SWAM ALL WEEKEND. \o/

Before I did, though, I got a big chunk of the landscaping done, namely the hardscape. Which translates into FOUR TONS OF ROCK moved by yours truly. I have some serious guns right now. But we'll get to that later. Massive picspam coming up, and I'm not even kidding. Like, 40 pictures or something redonk. OK, so remember how my backyard looked like this at the end of July?

Well, now it looks like this.... )

I'm heading to a landscape place to buy some plants and get tacos. HEY GUYS. GUYS. GUESS WHAT I'M GOING TO DO WHEN I'M DONE? If you guessed jump in my mother truckin' pool, YOU ARE CORRECT.
1. Planted 10 trees yesterday, 4 more are about to get planted and then I need to rip up the last of the sod, move a good 15 cubic yards of soil and a (literal) ton of rock.
2. Sent the Mr. to the day laborer camp ground (it's all air conditioned with food and water, too, in your face Tea Partiers!) to pick up some guys that want lunch, drinks, and cash in hand to help me.
3. Have watched way too much Criminal Minds as I'm all worried that there's a serial killer hunting them (there are no deaths, I've just been watching a lot of that show) and I want to warn them about "bad people."
5. Chemicals/pumps get turned on today.
6. We've been filling it up since Saturday. That's a lot of water, folks. 38,000 gallons.
7. I hated 95% of True Blood's finale last night. Lamest vampire fight EVER. Ever. (put "spoilers" in subject if you talk about it, pls.)

Okay, getting on my gardening togs and heading out back to rip up sod, till in healthy soil, plant 4 Leyland cypress trees (they're already 15 feet tall) and then mulch. We'll see if I have any energy left to start moving rock. That'll probably wait until tomorrow. THAT'S WHEN I'LL POST PICTURES. OH MY GOD POOOOOOL!

(OOOH, and tonight is the 19th Wife, which I am DVRing and the EPIC HOARDERS EPISODE. Eeesh.)
"I know, that was real sweet of you." LOL, Maxine Thortenberry! Some True Blood spoilers at the end, but I got a deck this weekend! 24 yards of cement, which is three truck loads. DAMN. And the crew got it poured, leveled, and lined off of one hour and ten minutes. CRAZY. Also, the Mr. and I built a fence yesterday. You know, like people do.

large # of pool construction pics under the cut )

Now for something completely different. ITS-

TRUE BLOOD: I tell you what, if ever I needed to stress that I really don't care about certain characters - and actually find their story lines distasteful, last night cemented that. HOWEVER. Freaking BANANA PHONE, LOL x forever. True Blood spoilers )

Last, I'm pretty excited that Temple Grandin won so many awards, and how funny was she standing up and waving like she was waving a lasso? Hahahaha. Cute. Okay, now to start digging up crap soil to make way for plants and good soil (I'm not leaving anything to chance, I'm doing this myself.)
First, pool. I have the foundation for the deck! They pour on Monday, then blow in the plaster the next day (I think) and fill it NEXT WEEKEND. My floaties and flippy floppies are waiting. I will not miss all of the dirt and sand that is constantly tracked into the house, though. )

I took my new fun neighbor to the garden center to help her pick out plants. We've been planning on a little outing since our margarita lunch the other day. But I didn't realize she was bringing her 2 year old with her. Note: I have nothing against 2 year olds, having had three of them. But. This is a 100 degree (plus) day, there is nothing of real interest to a 2 year old at a nursery (aside from pulling flowers off of plants, ack) and it's almost nap time. Now, her daughter looooves me. Which is sweet. But I'm hot, she's snotty, and I don't want to hold her in nursery all while pointing out plants to her mom and trying to get a word in around "I-i-i-i-i-i-i want to touch that, Wora." Etc. etc.

If I'm braced for cranky 2 year olds, I'm a-ok. When I'm trying to "work" well... Let's do this again when Daddy's home, mm'kay? That's just not a fun place for a kid, let's be honest. Let's, guys. Let's be honest. Cut the lying. God, I just can't trust any of you, can I?

WHY YES I'M A LITTLE ADDLE PATED BECAUSE OF THE HEAT, WHY DO YOU ASK? OMG, pool in days, just keep thinking there will be a pool in a matter of DAYS.

JERSEY SHORE. Guys, I've not had much to say because it's just so... embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for pretty much all of them. But I do have a few things about last night. Spoil;ers for Jersey Shore )
Not a lot happened over the past few days that you can see, but today is a big one - they're framing out the deck! I'm so close to my resort like backyard I can taste it. Or maybe that's just the pineapple I had for breakfast... )

ION, to quell my headache yesterday I took to my bed with the Sookie Stackhouse books (#3 and #4) to remind myself of all of the stuff that's not on True Blood. And I realized just how reprehensible a character Sookie is. Guys, she's a self-centered, judgmental jerk. It makes me lol. I wrote up a character analysis last night and sent it to Kassie to make her laugh. I might post it, if only to see if anyone else noticed how much abuse the word "mouthwatering" got in that whole series. FIND A NEW WORD, CHARLAINE.

IOOtherN, I've got the outline of a Dr. Reid fic bumbling around, and that's very exciting because I all but given up on ever writing fanfic again, so that's something. To me, at least. :)

I have leftover shredded, roasted pork shoulder that is calling my name. Mmmm, adobo seasoning & chipotles + pork = happy mouf on me. Poor Sally Derg was waiting for her bone [I always save big bones for her] but there is no where for her to nom [that's strictly an outdoor activity] and she is sad faced. She keeps looking at me with a head tilt as I reheat the meat as if to say, "MOM I CAN SMELL IT. Where's mah bone, baroooOoooo!?" Soon, purpy derg, you shall have it for I have wrapped it in plastic and shoved it in the freezer where it awaits your delicate derg lips.
First, because it's all consuming in my life, pool pics. about 9 pics, including 3 of some visitors to the garden )

Those were the welcomed visitors. The tomato hornworms (I stopped counting at 15) that ate ALL OF MY TOMATOES - oh my god - were not welcomed. I spent a little bit this morning venting my anger at my 7 foot tall tomato plants being reduced to skeletons (no, really) by cutting them in half with my secateurs. BASTARDS. There goes my second round of tomatoes, I didn't even get any from the first round because of rabbits and a poorly timed vacation. AUGH. No more veggies grown up front for me, I'm the only one that grows anything which means I get ALL of the pests, warm blooded and otherwise. It's incredibly frustrating. I feel like Ma and Pa Ingalls watching the corn freeze, lol.

Lastly, and under a cut, TRUEBLOOD LAST NIGHT, OMG LOL. Here there be spoilers! )

Okay, my boys needs new jeans for school. We're off to someplace basic like The Gap - it's better than the tattered athletic shorts he lives in. Jeez, anything is better than that. :)
First, the love that should not be named will be impossible by noon: the kittens are at the vet getting their love torn asunder. No Doppleganger Dolls in my house! (And they're not even blond.) I pick them up at 4, where they will come home, be snuggled and loved and fed delicious wet foods. <3 I was a sad cat mom dropping them off with their terrified mreows. :( SOON, MY DARLINGS!! Wah. A necessary evil.

Second, the under-layer of cement is in, dried, and is now being "watered" repeatedly by me. Well, not NOW, now I am typing. LOADS - no really - of pics for Day 7 and this morning, Day 8! This is going very fast, yeah? YAY. )

Yesterday I finished up all of the school supply shopping, then bought the girls school clothes. Last to accomplish is getting the boy to wear something that doesn't look like he traded a half-smoked cigarette to a bum for their clothes and shoes for #2 because her feet WON'T STOP GROWING. She's wearing an adult's 9. *cry* One day she'll level out, but it can't come soon enough for me. Or my wallet. One full week and a weekend and they're all in school!! AND I GET THE POOL TO MYSELF, HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm so boring now, sorry. It'll all be over soon, honest! (Oh, and tonight is Jersey Shore! I've needed more material to work with, so after last week, I'm guessing there will be loads to talk about in the morning. And there won't be new pool stuff happening of interest to distract me from what's important: making fun of ridiculous people.)

In other news, [ profile] dovil and I are planning our epic road trip across the western part of the US, culminating in a drunken 3-days in Las Vegas. YAY SPRING OF 2011! She's pretty much the only person aside from my husband that I can see doing this with. Hikes! Booze! Killing drifters! Drug muling! Oh, the memories we'll share. (And we're taking a convertible, too. IN STYLE, Y'ALL. We're going in style.)
Nothing happened over the weekend with the pool because a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR came upon us Friday and we had to wait for things to dry out. Evidently a big sump pump was brought out to empty the TWO FEET of water standing in the deep end, but I missed it while running errands, boo. That would have been cool to film.

Big pics, 9 of them, under the cut )

Kittens! Oh no, Smidgen is beginning estrus, and she's only 15 weeks old! She's a baby, not yet a woman... So I'm waiting to hear back from the vet for when she can go in (and Smudge, too) and get her lady parts (his man bits) removed and shots administered, etc. That, uh, was an unpleasant way to wake up last night. That's a HORRIBLE noise. (Not as bad as the wet plunger noise of eminent vomit from a dog, but CLOSE.) They're separated from each other, and the kids have been put on notice to... not let Smudge get on top of girl kitty. The older two gave me A Look, which I confirmed with A Look of my own. Sex = bringing families together since fig leafs.

WHEN DID MY HOUSE BECOME AN ATTIC WITH PAPER FLOWERS? I did serve powdered donuts for breakfast, however.... Was it weird that I put ballet slippers on the girl kitty? And put a stethoscope on boy kitty? Let's not make this weird, okay, let's just let nature take its course. It's beautiful. (AHHHH!)

That's the oh, crap part. I'm heading out to the tile showroom (showroom makes me laugh, it seems like such a pompous word) to pick the water-edge tile while these brohans finish up the guinite. YAY FUNTIMES.
Wassup, Bro? Dude bro? Bro? (LOL.) Yesterday was a quick one for the pool dudes: rebar before the guinite goes in. (This is the foundation stuff, then plaster goes on that, but that's next to last, the plaster.)

I feel I should mention that the heat index yesterday was ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DEGREES. )

The Mr. got back from his business trip last night and went outside, loosening his tie and becoming a 12 year old as he looked at a big giant hole in his backyard. CUTENESS. He of course had to walk around the whole thing, grinning from ear to ear, marveling at all the work. LOL. (He's still sad he missed the Big Dig.)

It's about to get boring, I think, with all of the electrical work, so everything will be under a cut for your scrolling pleasure. :)

And I did mention the heat index yesterday was 120? I need to finish birthday shopping for Miss Emily, who requested HOODIES and SKINNY JEANS. Heat index. How about some modeling clay and a fan? (The clay is something to do INDOORS, you see.) And we're going to Six Flags tomorrow. Where we will shed forty-seven pounds of sweat, I'm sure. {Hey, she asked for that, and no friends are in town for her birthday, so I'm all about making her not sad. Summer birthdays can suck.}

Jersey Shore mockage coming up!
Because I like to sound far more random than I actually am. Pool stuff at the end, but before that, I received a letter yesterday from the HIGH SCHOOL that my son is attending in a mere two weeks and change. I'm going to start calling him Farmer Ted and hope that he finds a Jake to coach him through the troubled times. LOL. I cannot WAIT for school to start as it's so hot no one wants to do anything unless it involves bickering. And it's boiled down to the most mundane bickering of all: "stop looking at me! Stop touching me! Stop breathing my air!" Whee? I threatened to lock them all out of the house for two hours tomorrow if they didn't cut it out. It was 106 yesterday with no breeze, so that was no idle threat. Emily turns NINE this Saturday (how?!?!) and we're going to Six Flags for some roller coaster fun times, YAY!! She asked for a turtle or skinny jeans. If that doesn't represent the precipice of child to preteen, I don't know what would. Her mother turns 38 this Sunday, incidentally. :)

Because of the supermassive black hooooooooooole-ah! in my backyard, the sprinklers have to stay off until the back lines get re-routed. Which means that my garden is going to have to tough out August in Texas with no supplemental watering. This is where I either prove that I've done a good job putting in tough plants and establishing them in a good way (long, slow, infrequent watering to establish deep roots) or I'm full of it. I put a picture of a section of my garden under the cut for a reference. That's one week without sprinklers (which is normal, I only water once a week if I water.) Also, a few folks asked about Turffalo grass, and it's a hybrid of buffalo grass, a native prairie turf. Turffalo is a bit thicker, plusher, but still requires no supplemental watering nor do you need to mow it - it stops growing at about 4 inches, so it's nice and tall and fluffy. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!! Lol. It's for arid climates, though, so you East Coasters should not waste your money. You'll kill it by March with the amount of water y'all get. Texas to the north and all the way out west (barring the PNW) can utilize that stuff.

Who was shocked by Top Chef's decision last night? If you talk about the show, please put "Spoiler for Top Chef" in the subject to help folks out. Also, I want to smack the rapist glasses off Alex's face because WHO STILL WEARS THOSE? He has a big ol' turtle head and rapist glasses and I would like for Mike Voltaggio to walk in and just give him a scathing look. And then "cook up" something for me, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Ha.

Day 2 and the beginning of 3 in the Pool Building! Also, that bonus garden pic. And I said something about Silence of the Lambs, didn't I? )

ION, I've been sucking down Criminal Minds like there's no tomorrow. Man, I love that show. And I really really need Shemar Moore to have his shirt off and be heroic in every single episode, thanks. Hahaha.
If you're thinking that theme song has been on repeat in my house since the big CAT showed up, you'd be right. I really need a pool icon, because it's pretty dang hot and desolate outside, and cool blue water is close, but so far... Ha.

Massive self-indulgent picspam wherein I act like a toddler clapping my hands over noises and construction equipment. If you are in any way interested in how these things work, here we go! _OOL RULES - notice there's no 'P' in our Pool? )

Remember how I've talked about how crappy my soil is? That it's the basis for cement roads in Africa and South America? How much it sucks to dig in? At one point this morning the CAT was rolled over the lip of the dig, the treads out in the air a good two or three feet. The bucket got jammed in the soil and the whole kit and kaboodle started to tip forward. AHHHHH!! Please don't flip your rig into my pool, sir! Lots of shouting, a release button hit, and it rocked back onto the treads. YIKES.

8 dump trucks so far, and they've got the shallow end to finish. (The guy that runs the excavation crew also has a cement business. Guess where the soil is going? Fine by me!) And oh man, the TRASH that was revealed under the sod! More bricks, bags, pipes, bottles... Good riddance. Feh. Can you tell I'm a little excited? Also, the Mr. is on his typical business trip, so I'm being hyper-vigilant in recording things so he doesn't miss out. He's a boy that enjoys trucks and things, so he's all sad-face about missing the dig. LOL. Boys are cute. (My neighbor's 2 year old's head popped up over the fence line (held there by Papa) so she could see the big truck. I could hear her squeals of delight from INSIDE MY HOUSE, lol. <3

From this point on, all pool stuff will go under a cut to spare you boredom. You're welcome. ;)

[ETA!!] OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAH Juggalo Dating Site? Freaking Romance, how do they work? Magical miracles all up in this date site! [Yo, Juggalos need love too, bro.]

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