Jun. 11th, 2014 12:49 pm
Catching up with everyone. We all good? Crappy? Hungry? All three in various degrees? SAME.

If you haven't seen my previous posts, then let me remind you that I'm gearing up my professional writer blog (BECAUSE COME NOVEMBER, I WILL BE A PHYSICAL BOOK IN A BRICK AND MORTAR PROFESSIONAL WRITER, HEY HEY NOW!) with regular posts to drum up an audience.

1. Mormon Mondays, posted every Mon.
2. Trade Day Tuesdays, posted once a month where folks can pimp their projects, recs, etc. Hopefully this will gain traction and we'll all be a great big sharing community of things that are awesome.
3. Writing Wednesday, every Wed. [LINK IS FOR TODAY], and this isn't me trying to tell you how to write, but simply talking about the process and most importantly: ENCOURAGING YOU IF YOU NEED IT, because that's how I roll. (Ex: one guy from the HDJM comments section is now inspired to write, so he's checking in with me because don't we all need head pats? Of course! I can do that for you, too!)
4. Throwback Thursday, every week, random hilarity/music/what have you
5. Free For All Friday, WINE. CHEESE. MAYBE PR0NY PICS OR LINKS. It's a wildcard. like me.

HEY. I am hungry like nobody's business, but I'm waiting for my girls to get their buns downstairs so we can go eat. TEENAGERS, pfft.

ION, I was carded at the liquor store yesterday, and I don't even care if the guy was smarmy and salesman-ish, because I WILL TAKE THAT. That shizz will fuel me like nobody's business.

ION 2, I've been posting a bunch of TW fic lately, including the latest one this weekend, an Amnesia/fake-pretend relationship fic called BLACK OUT DAYS. I'm having a lot of fun playing in that fandom, I have to say. The show is kind of crap in that the writing isn't good or cohesive, but the ACTORS. They are giving 110% (which is mathematically impossible and yet) and are so pretty and just trying to subvert their creator at every turn. I approve. And when I don't: I fic.


Mar. 27th, 2012 03:06 pm
Awesome, awesome day, and it's only half-way gone. Got all sorts of tasks accomplished here at the house, had snuggles and reading with Smidgen (seriously. I love my cat to a point of ridiculousness. I've had cats my whole life. She has me. <3) and got a good 3000 words in, and there are more to come.

Today is a writing day with my best writing partner ever ([ profile] flaming_muse, duh) and we were both so productive it's redonk. I'm jazzed like I've had too much coffee. PLUS, the bearded irises are blooming, I have roses starting to open, and the sun is bright blue outside.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're having a good one. And if not, here are some pictures from last year that are of my garden - who doesn't love flowers?

Also: people are figuring out how freaking hilarious and wonderful Melody is on our website (she did Breaking Bad, Sherlock, does Merlin and Mad Men. *sobs on her shoulder for being so, so amazing*) and here's the first Mad Men recap of the season - she posts every Monday, so be sure to check her out. The more you like, tweet and tumblr her, the better her chances to gain entry into the TCA, so help a fellow writer out! (Comments are GOLD, btw)

Our rewatch of Dexter, written by the wonderful (and new!) Samantha has also been a sneak hit. Every Monday she posts a recap and discussion about three consecutive eps, so hop in on that.

(Hunger Games? Please. Sam's recap and discussion is tearing it up. I AM SO PROUD OF THESE GIRLS!!)

Back to work for me! WHEE!

[ETA: and Smash's newest recap is up as well!]
1. I was the guest blogger at The Fictionistas today, come talk with us about how parents should let their kids lick dirt!
2. Holy crow with the Game of Thrones episode last night! Recap here, come over and talk about creepy boob!
3. Sam's Thor recap is getting loads of attention, and it's because she's hilarious. You should read and comment and let her feel the love!
4. I did so much gardening yesterday of the digging up and dividing kind and the adding more stone border variety that I'm practically crippled over today. But I have so much to finish, augh! Mostly just spreading more mulch and putting in the very last stone (oh my god, there is so much stone at my house. My nickname is apt, I'll just say that much) and putting in some filler and it looks so lovely outside that I might just make a strawberry mojito and sit outside with a book. Which means I won't get work done. But man, I'm tie-red.

How is everyone else? The weather here is GORGEOUS. Cool, which is weird, but gorgeous.
I spent almost an entire hour this morning looking up play horse barns and doll houses. Why? Because this weekend my buddy Johnny and I talked about filming Stallioncrest in his studio. YOU KNOW, THE HORSE SOAP OPERA I WROTE? Lol. I've re-written it in screenplay format with camera angles and everything, but it's just languished on my hard drive. LANGUISHED.

The world needs this, is what I'm saying. Anyone watch "Brick Novax's Diary?" 1) it was a short that won at Sundance this year, and 2) it's been featured on "Funny or Die" on HBO, 3) it is utterly amazing and hilarious and awesome and I saw it and realized that's EXACTLY how I wanted Stallioncrest to look. So. It's happening. Eventually. I need to find a barn and make clothes for the horses (omg, lol) like a bejewelled turban and a smoking jacket, etc. etc. Also, I need a jointed black Frisian for the EXOTIC DANCE/SEDUCTION SCENES.

...I mentioned they're horses, right? I am laughing so hard, you guys, you don't even know.

ION, it is cold and wet here. This is good because now I won't waste time puttering outside, and can possibly get some things accomplished inside the house, like mopping or playing lots and lots of solitaire.

IOON, someone on Snooki's PR team left me a comment on my Jersey Shore recaps. SO I HAVE THAT GOING FOR ME. Which is nice! Oh, did you see the finale?? Here's the recap on Hey, Don't Judge Me.

Also! We have a new feature: COMICS! [ profile] ethrosdemon is posting DC recaps, starting with Batman: Year 1. [ profile] elizardbits wrapped up Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, [ profile] handsomespeck put up some more Misfits awesomeness, and you really should leave comments and spark discussion and make us feel good about ourselves. Unless you're a hater. Are you a hater, then? Are you ok with that? Hmm. ;)

What's up, peeps? Who's still watching Sister Wives? Because I would like to talk about that, omg.
LOL. Hey, why don't you read this article about Ozzy I wrote, like, four months ago? And while you're at it, go read all of the other articles at that are currently public? There will be loads more to come with amazing writers, and talented graphic designers will make it look outstanding, but for now, I'll just send you to the goofy stuff I've put up because, well, I've been paying for a site that's not being read/utilized and it makes me sad in my pants. Also I need validation because I'm a middle child and wasn't loved as a child. LOL. Don't hate, participate! <-- let's make keychain fobs that say that! And then get on Oprah. (How many of you type Orpah when you mean to spell it the right way, Oprah? Just me? It's not just me, is it?)

Hey, wanna talk about Community (oh my god, Joel McHale in underwear *kisses fingers*) or 30 Rock, the most clever sitcom there is? Go here and talk to me about it. :)

There is COLD RAIN in the forecast here. Waah. I would have liked a little more summer, which I know is shocking to you all. I think I'm going to try and swim some laps before the weather turns funky. I need to burn off the shrimp and mushroom Alfredo I made last night. OM NOM NOM I LOVE YOU, FOOD. Like, I think I could eat a lunch of caramelized onions or mushrooms cooked down in butter with garlic. HOLY CRAP, GET IN MAH BELLEH, FOODS. Possibly I should at least have breakfast, huh?

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