First off, did you say you needed some seriously well written slash?  With the funny?  And the hot?  And bunching muscles and GAY RODEO?  This is a terrific AU X/A written by the keeper of my soul, [ profile] crazydiamondsue Please go to her LJ and click on her Rodeo story. 

Now, I was asked to write a ficlet of smut involving Little House on the Prairie.  Wait!!  Come back!!  It's tender and sweet and I think hot.  Now, I have NEVER written slash before, so tell me what you think. [ profile] sangueuk, I borrowed an image from your Sponner story, Reflections (go read it next people - it's wonderful in a hurt you deeply way) because I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Think of it as an homage, because I love love love your story.

Title: A Sort Of Homecoming
Author: Stoney321
Fandom: Little House on The Prairie (is that even a fandom?)
Rating/Pairing: R (if all things were fair, NC-17 most likely), Albert/Andy
Warnings: Youngish teen boys experiencing... sex. (You did see the rating, right?)
A/N: This was my first slash story, so it's a bit... rough. I'll re-edit one of these days.
A Sort of Homecoming )

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