The BFF surprised me with a visit for the week, so I've been having fun with her and the dogs all week. (She brought her wee little red healer for Sally Derg to play with.) Yesterday we went to the State Fair and did some pretty awesome people watching. There's nothing quite like carnies selling fried foods. You may have heard that the Texas State Fair was selling fried butter this year. (It's always something fried here.) Well, we had to give it a try. Verdict? DISAPPOINTED. We were expecting (and cringing in anticipation) butter pats in a tempura batter with powdered sugar, or the like. It was basically dough balls that were just greasy with butter, which were then deep fried like a hush puppy. Gross.

We took a bite of one, made a face, and tossed them. Two years ago they had fried cappuccinos, and those were amazing. Delicate coffee flavored puff pastries with a scoop of ice cream (coffee flavored) over the top, a little whipped cream and a dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon over the top. Delish!

We also met the owner of the runner up to the blue-ribbon steer and he talked to us while we cuddled the 2600 pound bull. Holy crap, that was a huge animal. We missed the fancy chickens by a day (woe! I love the fancy chickens! They're the drag queens of the avian world. Well, the short drag queens. Peacocks are the RuPauls.) but all of the goats were getting gussied up for judging later that day. Oh my god, so funny. Each goat was loaded up on a platform with a cushioned chin rest, and their owner would hook up a dry vac and blow off dirt from their hides. You could tell that a lot of the goats loooooved it. Mmmmm, clean me! Then, there were special "floofing" brushes to puff and floof their hairs and make them pretty.

Hahahahaha, animals are rad. Also, we talked to many hot cops that were on their horses. Under the guise of petting and admiring the horses, of course. Lol. I love the state fair! Such craziness! Butter sculptures! Canned goods wars! Creepy hand-made dolls! Exhibits of spas and random magnetic crap that does nothing! A TOOTH WHITENING BOOTH. Who the hell gets their teeth whitened by some dude in a tent at a FAIR? Loads of people, evidently. Oh! And there was a booth dedicated to SCIENTIFICALLY proving that the earth was only 6000 years old, and an astrological clock that shows that the Rapture will happen in a few months, so get ready, folks! Wow. That is just crazy. CRAZY AWESOME.

Today I'm teaching the BFF how to make bread, then we're going out to dinner with my family. LOVELY. I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend, too!

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 Last thought, because I am a spazz.  I have always thought that carnies are America's gypsies.  They roam from fair to fair, bringing their dunk the ball, crazy ladder, and squirt gun games to take people's money.  I love to watch them, especially on a day like today when the fair is quiet (weekday).  They have a comraderie between them that is fun to see.  And today, tell me if this has happened to you, I saw one that looked handsome.  Wow!  Got a little closer, and he smiled, had two teeth, and his skin looked like old leather.  That had been left under a rotting log.  Ever been sucker punched like that?  Thought someone looked good and then got close?  Sorta like a Monet.   I think they interpret squints as "come hither."  More like "go thither."  My new glasses come in tomorrow.

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