Side note #1: all former [ profile] a_list_celebs members please check out [ profile] the_tree_fort's latest post if you haven't already. *bites lip* Side note #2, my head is still full of concrete. My #2 informed me last night that the new kids they've been playing with all week (at my house - up until yesterday when I was afraid of getting THEM sick) have been... you guessed it. Sick. Thaaaaaaaaanks. Who sends their sick kids to play at someone's house? Oh, their mother? A horse. Wait, wrong complaint. A nurse. *hands*

a long one: The Office - 'Oh, good. You're awake.' )

I'm not feeling Scrubs this season - it's like they're all phoning it in, to be honest. I did like the line in the fantasy scene where JD calls Turk "Obi-Brown." So here: Have some The Todd in a banana hammock. (quasi-work safe) I do NOT, however, feel anything but love for 30 Rock, the best little comedy that none of you are watching!! WHY?!

30 Rock - 'I love it so much I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.' )

And I just sneezed so hard I scared the dog. Gehhhh. Send apple juice. And kitten slippers. Like, slippers made of fluffy kittens. I'll bungee cord them around my feet. Mmmm, purring on my toes. Acceptable substitute: long-haired guinea pigs. (that animal TEWTALLY has a blow out!) Also: this picture is like Spock is holding Darthanne! hahaha. *adds to mood theme*
For those on my flist who are members of [ profile] a_list_celebs, could you please log in and check out this post, please? Much love to you all!

Also, I spur of the moment bought new specs while getting the boy outfitted with some new eye coverings...spectacles )

Off to make bran muffins, because that's how I roll, yo. *gangsta stride* (Oh, quick shout out to [ profile] germaine_pet. As I was cleaning up dead bunny bits from the backyard (ew) I thought of you as I sighed heavily and said, "This is the part of the job I hate," then tossed the remains in the trashcan outside. She'll get it.)
Whew, am I ready for the weekend. Mr. S gets home in a bit for two whole days, JOY! In other news (because come on, I'm a pimp, yo) [ profile] a_list_celebs has picked yet a few more new characters (they are on a ROLL!)

RICKY GERVAIS. (UK, The Office and HBO's, Extras) How good is that post?!?!
HUGH LAURIE (played as a House, MD Hugh, but could possibly be coaxed into a "Fry and Laurie" Hugh. And if we got a Fry applicaton... AHHH!!)

Still wanting Angelina Jolie, a Brad Pitt would be great, Lohan... Anyone that can be cracked beyond repair and give us all fodder for laughing. JOY. Mocking/silliness is JOY, people. For all of you that have supported us, or just coming over for a few peeks now and then, we really appreciate your support. (And if you wanted to feed the bears, you could at [ profile] a_lister_fans. Ahem. I am looking out for my chickadees, people! Just spreading the love.)

GARDENING. (boy, I know how to entertain today, huh?) Great article in Dallas' paper today by one of my fellow Master Gardeners about plants that survive in extreme heat with little or no effort on the gardeners part. Plants! Pretty blossoms for your garden! )

And now I go in search of breakfast... Have a fantastic day everyone! (Hahaha! I just realized that today is Mission Impossible:III's debut. TOM! Crazy Tom Cruise. I love him, so.)

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! Milagro Silver. Milagro Silver. That's the only tequila you'll ever need. Just say no to Jose Cuervo! It's the Pabst Blue Ribbon of tequila, folks! Ay yi yi yi!! *strums a guitar*
We have an Orlando Bloom now at [ profile] a_list_celebs. I was CRYING with laughter. No fanfic is safe. No weird scenario is unknown. He's a Johnny Depp stalker (of course) and has a Pink Sparkly Pen.

AND HE WRITES HARRY POTTER FANFIC. Did I mention the part about tears running down my face with laughing? What's not to love, people?!?!

You should add [ profile] a_list_celebs to your flist. We aren't spammy, but we're FUNNY. And for ease of reading, you can add this link: to your blog and check in on all the journals at one time. (Some characters post to their sockpuppet journals.) ...and sometimes it's better to come back a few hours after a post. All kinds of comments come along after the initial posts.

Yes, I'm proud of our little band of weirdos. Some funny, funny people I'm grateful to write with. *sniff* Tom Cruise and Orli are so gonna spazz on each other. (And I laugh everytime I read "Orli" because that was my nickname as a little girl. Heeeee!)

(And we can always use new applicants... Check the user info page for the comm to see what we're looking for/how to apply. Don't be shy! WHAT WE WOULD GIVE FOR A RICKY GERVAIS!!)
First, Happy Birthday to [ profile] sangueuk! I hope you, the Minis and Mr. Sangue have a great day, there's wine with Boozekit, and cuddles with Twiggy!

Second, looking for crack fic? Crack RPS fic? With Matt-n-Trey, the creators of South Park? And some good mocking of Scientology? LOOK NO FURTHER. [ profile] mantypants has provided you with your fix.

Third, EVERYONE HAS BEEN DOWN IN THE DUMPS. I try and bring the fun, the lightheartedness, and dammit, I'm not going to quit. You need more? You REALLY should be checking out [ profile] a_list_celebs. We now have OPRAH. Oprah. Dolly. Britney Spears. Jen-n-Vince. J. Lo. Denis Leary. Jim Carrey. To name but a few. Check out our fantastic new banner made by our Jen Aniston:

We recently lost our Johnny Depp and would LOVE to have a new application for him. We'd love a Matt Damon for our Ben Affleck, too. *cough* Just got word of a (possible) new Tom Cruise. WHO DOESN'T LIKE CELEBRITY PARODY? Wait - I don't wanna know. (and personally, I would go BANANAS for a Ben Stiller. Or either of the Wilson brothers)

I'm off to run errands, be back around lunch for those needing me (and you know who you are.) and I hope everyone has a GOOD DAY. (And I've had a ball reading everyone's Mad Libs from last post.)
Um... Mr. S isn't getting home until Wed. Normally he'd be home by now. Aaaaaand the kids are out on Spring Break. I'm a married single lady. BOOOOO. But on the plus side, my in-laws want to visit! Um, yay? Which means I have to mop. I loathe mopping. Unless there's good music on - mopping requires Motown, I've decided. Like, Gladys Knight and the Pipps. but #2 was sick all last night, so I may beg off their coming over to relax. MIL is majorly germ phobic.

Little things that amuse me: I mentioned that Will/Jack broke up in our RPG. Check out both character's user info pages for the "interests" that have changed. Strindberg minus helium!! Bwah! WHY AM I SO AMUSED sad by little things like this??? ( [ profile] _willferrell and [ profile] tropnevad: click on the head to go straight to user info) In other RPG news: I am ignoring that someone is leaving. I accept it, but I do NOT. Woe. ALSO: we now have a DOLLY PARTON. Ahem. [ profile] ddd_dolly Are you kidding me? COME ON! Hilarity? ENSUE. Still taking applications for new celebs, preferably big name stars in USA or UK. Sorry CANADA. Boo-yah! note to someone: such as a Matt Damon. Or Megan Mullaly. Or other.

I have plants and flowers and buds and hummingbirds and a cool, breezy gardening day ahead of me and I am looking forward to it. Nothing cures winter blahs like being outside and hearing birds. Just me? Am I secretly an old lady? My Japanese Maples are leafing out and they are eggplant, almost black and underneath is my ajuga that puts out indigo blossoms and there will be pictures because the color contrast is STUNNING. *happy sigh*

I hired the quasi-homely neighbor girl (this is key when obtaining babysitters. Pretty girls have dates. I want a troll with a hump and an extra arm. Possibly a limp. She'll ALWAYS be free on Friday nights!) to sit with the cheerins today so I can go see "The Libtertine" with Johnny Depp. And Jack Davenport. WHAT?!

Next week I will be conducting an experiment in porn/vs. humor. Yeah, this is SERIOUS HIGH BROW EXPERIMENTATION. (My theory? No matter what, people on LJ read porn. 'Tis all they care about. Harumph. Isn't this a SHOCKING theory?)

FINALLY: (for about five of you) "I looked out the window and what did I see?"
Well, this was unexpected. I had fully intended on writing a bit of my OF last night, but couldn't get a cute fic from the Yuletide listing out of my head and stayed up until 2am writing these both. If you haven't watching the BBC's Couplings, you have done yourself a disservice. Funny, sexy, and Jeff may be one of my most favorite funny guys on TV - okay, tied with Chandler Bing, who I love. Like in this nightmare of his. Heeee! "He was going to put his tongue in!" And I loved how Steve needed to masturbate in a fertility clinic and OF COURSE he has his friends there. And they watch porn together. Best mates. So here you go, it's been run through a spelling/grammar check, so if you find a dropped comma, don't be shy and lemme know. Also, the second one is with UK spelling - my first attempt at that, so let me know if I've missed a z = s, dropped U - that sort of thing. If you want to offer concrit, but are nervous about posting it here, hit me at stoney321 [at] livejournal [dot] com. Or you know, you can always tell me if you like it. :D

Both are rated R - disclaimers and such under the cut. (Also - vid links under the cut! As a refresher for those who may need it. Hee! )

Click for Fic! Jeff's POV is #1 )

Click for Fic! #2 - Steve's POV )

[ETA!] *puts on pimp hat* For those that may be curious as to why I am always going on and on about [ profile] a_list_celebs, it's because it's fun and funny. Here's the weekly recap by Ron Burgundy. With a Mr. Microphone commercial! You remember Mr. Microphone, don't you? Sure you do. Also, we added a new player last night: VINCE VAUGHN, woot! I smell a Wes Mantooth/Ron Burgundy showdown on Sunday nights. *cracks up* DOROTHY MANTOOTH IS A SAINT!

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