Ahhh, back to the safe corner of the internet I've carved out for myself. Confidential to the moron who left a hateful note on piratebay: Yes, you ARE welcome for being the only person seeding "This Life" for three weeks to the detriment of any other downloads I want, and calling me a "cockhead" for rebooting my computer and leaving you hanging totally turns me on. Unless that wasn't a term of endearment, sorry. My asshole to English translator is on the fritz.

Hello! Happy Monday! Sunny, blue skies, 81 for a high today, and my body is getting tan and toned and life is fine, all things considered. I have a new music upload I'm working on to share, but probably not until tomorrow. Oh, have I gotten my hands on some good new tunes. Hooray for [livejournal.com profile] mskakaako and my sparkly subscription to Paste Magazine from her. JOY.

Fic! Coupling fic! WAIT! Don't run off, it's fun fic! It's fic that even the BOYS on my flist will read and enjoy! I hope... Jeff POV. In between "The End of the Line" and "Split" where Steve and Susan are broken up. Again. PGish. Dirty thoughts, like on the show. (And if you were interested in reading my other Coupling fic, they're here - slashy, fair warning!) And if you aren't familiar with Coupling - shame on you! - imagine a Welsh Xander. But cuter. :)

Breasts, Wardrobes and Best Mates )
Well, this was unexpected. I had fully intended on writing a bit of my OF last night, but couldn't get a cute fic from the Yuletide listing out of my head and stayed up until 2am writing these both. If you haven't watching the BBC's Couplings, you have done yourself a disservice. Funny, sexy, and Jeff may be one of my most favorite funny guys on TV - okay, tied with Chandler Bing, who I love. Like in this nightmare of his. Heeee! "He was going to put his tongue in!" And I loved how Steve needed to masturbate in a fertility clinic and OF COURSE he has his friends there. And they watch porn together. Best mates. So here you go, it's been run through a spelling/grammar check, so if you find a dropped comma, don't be shy and lemme know. Also, the second one is with UK spelling - my first attempt at that, so let me know if I've missed a z = s, dropped U - that sort of thing. If you want to offer concrit, but are nervous about posting it here, hit me at stoney321 [at] livejournal [dot] com. Or you know, you can always tell me if you like it. :D

Both are rated R - disclaimers and such under the cut. (Also - vid links under the cut! As a refresher for those who may need it. Hee! )

Click for Fic! Jeff's POV is #1 )

Click for Fic! #2 - Steve's POV )

[ETA!] *puts on pimp hat* For those that may be curious as to why I am always going on and on about [livejournal.com profile] a_list_celebs, it's because it's fun and funny. Here's the weekly recap by Ron Burgundy. With a Mr. Microphone commercial! You remember Mr. Microphone, don't you? Sure you do. Also, we added a new player last night: VINCE VAUGHN, woot! I smell a Wes Mantooth/Ron Burgundy showdown on Sunday nights. *cracks up* DOROTHY MANTOOTH IS A SAINT!

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