Begin transmission:
  • Didn't go to bed before 7am any night I was there stop
  • Drank more tequila than a frat boy in Juarez stop
  • Ran into old friends that made me incredibly happy to catch up with stop
  • The movie was beautiful, smart, sweet, and well received stop
  • Met the director of Sister Wife and now have her personal contact info, she's awesome, we totally hit it off, stop
  • Saw the following celebs (remember that there was drinking and not seeking autographs from anyone) Felicia Day (eating BBQ next to me) Robert Rodriguez (hanging with some friends of mine, too awed to go up to him - he's super cute and a lot taller than I thought) Seth Rogan (he's also not tiny and he's quite... hairy) stop
  • kind of want to run away and be single and my alter-ego for a month and live in the woods, no reason, it's just there in my head stop
  • went on an audition this morning and was paired up (married couple for the commercial) with the new assistant head coach on Friday Night Lights stop
  • he's totally cute aaaaaand totally an actor that wants to talk about his awesomeness *yawn*
  • he thinks it's pretty official that FNL will def. be picked up for two more seasons stop

Gonna stop and go nap in the sunshine
Full stop
Friday Night Lights. One of the BEST dramas on network television PERIOD. cut for OH MY GOD SPOILERS AND I'M SHAKING )

This post brought to you by the Foundation For Waiting for Husbands To Not Be Snowed in 1500 miles Away, Inc.

(And huge HUGE thanks to [ profile] a2zmom and [ profile] romanyq for the virtual gifts! Awww! That is just SO sweet, and thank you isn't enough. SMOOOOOCH! I tried leaving comments on y'all's ljs, but LJ blocked me, bah! Much love and smooches to you both.)
So I have this awesome flist, did you know? I do. One person in PARTICULAR is so awesome, I can barely contain my joy. My friend "A" uploaded "This Life +10" for me (she didn't even know what it WAS) AND is hosting it on her server for all of my friends to share!!  I mean, COME ON!  That's just the coolest.  And since her bandwidth is exponential, SPREAD THE WORD!  If you know someone who wants it, share the link.  It won't be around for long, so get it while you can.  (I'm making a torrent later this week and hosting that, so it'll be around somehow.)  It's 750 mb, so be prepared.  And tell my friend "A" how great she is!!  THIS IS THE NEW AND TESTED FILE THAT WORKS.

Friday Night Lights Spoilers! )
And tonight's The Office, and 30 Rock, and SCRUBS!!  Also, my Sally VonSchtupp comes back from the vet today and is going to be a sick pup, and I miss her!!!  Her leetle bed is all readies with toys and her "baby" (a squeaky duck) and a blankie and I WANT MY PUP.   (Also, is Seamagic dildoes for everyone, too?  Wtf?)

And hahahaha, David Cross.  I miss The Show.
Ten points to the subject heading quote guesser. :D I have a five year old with an "owie nose" home today, which should make gift shopping for her today... interesting. (I think she just wanted to stay home and help me decorate.) Guys, I want to talk to you about something serious today. Something that I think you need to understand. Something very important to me.

gah. Just... )

I just found a sleeping mask that Emily's now playing with. Would it be bad if I had her wear that in the toy store while I bought her presents? We could play "Little House on the Prairie" with me as Laura (obviously) and she can be Mary after Scarlet Fever sets in! Problem solved!
But buckets of ice! And more snow coming, I fear! Except I don't fear the snow. SNOW! In TEXAS! And it's not the end of January, when we have our one day of snowfall! :D The girls were all bundled up in their ski clothes, so excited that they had "gear." The Boy, alas, is very sick this morning, so he's curled up on his sockmonkey flannel sheets (sockmonkey!!!) with DarthAnne, and that sounds like good medicine to me. Poor little man. He's NEVER sick.

I missed a VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAY yesterday, but I'm becoming flakier and flakier as the months go by: [ profile] mskakaako !! Oh, honey, I hope things with your mom get better, or that you'll feel better once you and bebekeiko are at her side. *massive love*

Because I apparently can't sleep anymore (I blame being used to having Mr. S for 9 days straight.... Um, not "having" having, but- *blush* Heh.) MOVING ON. I watched a movie that was TAILOR MADE to hit almost all of my kink buttons. OH. MY. GOD. The Lover - a Movie Made for Stoney's Knuckle-Biting Pleasure )

Belated TV talk! (still playing catch-up) Cut for possible spoilers for Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and VM ) I AM COLD. I need to dig out my wool socks. I also need to grab Hope ze keettee and curl up, because she's a hot box. Also, she's standing at my elbow on my desk rocking herself to sleep. hahahaha! Oh, cats. I love how weird you are. and look at this beauty that I'm going to visit today. Not adopt today, because I need to sleep on it. eh. meh. gehd. I love heeem!!
Why my older sister got the nickname Cool Tiff: )

AND NOW. TV TALK. Could be spoilerish under here, so be warned!

Friday Night Lights )

HEROES! I'm slow, but I finally caught up. )

30 Rock, aka the show you aren't watching! )

Whew. That was long. I have laundry to do and packing to commence, so INTERRUPT ME, PLEASE. I'm begging.
First, update about Scrappy )

On to the distraction portion of this post... TV TALK. Omg, there's been some good TV and some seriously MEH TV. First with the meh. Studio 60! Which is apparently a demographic. )

Heroes )

Friday Night Lights - seriously! WATCH THIS SHOW, OMG. )

Veronica Mars )

Oh, hey. Who missed any eps of The Office this season? I have episode 1, 2 and 3 left from uploading them for my sis. Take 'em while they're available. Tonight is 30 ROCK!! Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and I loooooove them both, so I am hoping so hard that this show kicks ass. *crosses fingers* And Project Runway finale! I've fallen back in love with Television! (It's been a few years...)

[eta] Just finished 30 Rock and it's funny. It's FUNNY. There's a lot of meta, too, which makes me laugh. A few slow spots, but I laughed at several places, so YAY! on tonight at 8/9pm C/E on NBC.
Oh, man, HELLO WEEKEND! Mr. S got home late last night and filled me in on tales of the BFF and her husband - he's on a project 40 miles from them in Ann Arbor. They went out for dinner the night before and lunch yesterday on his way to the airport. And no, I'm not jealous. *sigh* It sucks that she and I will most likely never live close to each other again. She is anti-city, and I like to be close enough to have all of the benefits of a city. Plus, I don't know that I'd ever leave Texas. *waves flag*

SPEAKING OF: if you aren't watching Friday Night Lights, you are missing a fantastic show. Even if you aren't into football, you can appreciate the human interest, the lack of broadly drawn characterizations (no, really! Complex characters!) Check out my previous post for screencaps *cough* and a link in the post before can hook you up with the ep. Lemme know if it no longer works. I'm on a mission to make sure they get a contract beyond their 13 episodes! The music is another level of awesome: if you're itching in your seat towards the end with pent up energy, that's why. The best way for me to describe what living in a small (possibly dying) town can feel like is the movie "The Last Picture Show," a film in my top 10. There's a restlessness and need to GET OUT that the film captures, and I think it's there in FNL, too. WATCH IT! Tuesday nights at 8/7. NBC.

So... SPN is hooking me. I don't think I'm interested in fic. I just like watching it, so far. The Office still pleases me, and there were seeds planted that I'm intrigued by. I'll leave it at that to spare me the need for a cut-tag. Because now is time for RECIPE! I'm baking a Texas Sheet Cake in honor of The Boy returning from camp today - missed the little trouble maker - and how do we celebrate or show our love in my family? With delectable treats, that's how.

Texas Sheet Cake Mmmmmmmm )

Mr. S went on my 10 mile training walk this morning and he's passed out on the sofa. Heh. *is strong, yo* HAVE FANTASTIC WEEKENDS!!
So, this is the first time I've ever done this (be gentle) so it took me a bit to get the hang of it. Teasers under the cut, the rest can be found in my LJ Gallery HERE. My hope is some lovely people will make icons and post them publicly so I can help encourage a new fan base, yay!  (Also, GIP!  By me.)

And how I feel after making all of these and uploading...

Let me know if you make icons! I'll edit this to link to them for anyone else interested. (The Office in just about an hour, wooot!)

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