So, I need this icon. Maybe not THIS one, because I suck at making icons (I have the bases if anyone want to improve) but I can't help but notice that the new Britney Shears [rimshot] looks like Private Pyles from Full Metal Jacket. This is my rifle, this is my gun. Hahaha. And won't someone help that poor black man pop star?

Anyone? Pretty that up and make it awesome? (And you know how Pyles was all gasping out each line, "I'm in... a world... of shit.") Okay, back to life.
I love novelty tees. LOVE THEM. Some of my favorites I can't wear in public. So let's make them icons! (Most slogans from or ...and LJ's upserpic page has SUCKED lately.


School of Hard Knocks, where the school colors and black and blue )

One last time: if you have a REAL PERSON GAMING journal, you are in danger of having it deleted with NO QUESTIONS ASKED by the TOS team. Back up your journal. See my last post for information on how to do it efficiently. TOS Abuse team cracked down with a vengeance last night. Disclaimers may not be enough. :/

[eta]: A-Listers: until further notice, please flock your characters' journals. That should take the heat off. Thanks. This is VERY easy to do in Seamagic: click Journal, History, and all of your posts appear in a list. Highlight each one, hit "Edit" and change the settings to FRIENDS. Click Post and continue and OK. Done.


Dec. 13th, 2006 02:33 pm
There is a PALPABLE lack of frivolity on LJ lately. So... you get some spam in hopes of cheering things up around here. Okay, so the concept is totally ganked, but these are some fun icons, imo.


emot-Icons. Ah ha ha ha. ha. Yeah, I'm lame. )
From this post, I couldn't help myself. Go crazy nuts if you want it.

Play this and then yell: Viagra, Muchachas! AY YI YI YI!! (bonus points if you pantomime shooting your six-shooter)

I am in a great mood because SKILLING AND LAY are guilty, guilty, guilty! Not even my dead freezer AND fridge (yikes, good thing we have two) can ruin my good mood! AY YIYIYIYI!! *shoots six-shooters*
Yes, Lynne, you were officially the first to mention Hitler in the Post That Wont Die. Although you were being FUNNY, ergo, it doesn't count. I've created a mathematical equation representing the effect of mocking as done by Nazis (is there anyone else who mocks, though? I mean really.), Snuff Films and Cancer when raised to the degree of half-wit:

MNfo(s - i) = S/C

M = Mocking
N = Nazism
f,o = fallacy multiplied by obfuscation
s, i = halfwit minus intellect
S = snuff film (in ratio with)
C = cancer

Now. you can solve for cancer types, or the quantitative sum of Nazis in a given thread by- No. No you can't. But I am STILL laughing over mocking causes cancer. And is equal to snuff films. And I made icons!!

Who wants an icon? )

And seriously. There is no way in hell my ass can endure this chair long enough to reply to everyone that is STILL replying to that post. I'm a big believer in replying to every comment left in my LJ, but sometimes... Oh gimmie a break. So if you have posted and not heard from me, that's because I'm doing something ELSE. Away from there. Hats off to [ profile] swmbo for keeping on with the robust debate, even though she was beating her head against a wall. Cheers, and again with the beaming at your skilz of a debator!

Anyone still care about my weekend? Thought not. )

[ETA]: I have changed my LJ name. Ahem.
I told you. I warned you, didn't I? I've barely gone through 100 pages out of 900, so... May your days... be merry...and bright! And may all the summres not be right. Err... Again, idea stolen from [ profile] mctabby who started it with the far superior Harry Potter fandom. (throw out those spell checkers, Jossverse fans! Drag out your Big Chief Tablets from school! Or type up the song-fic you carved into your desk that one year!) Previous entry with icon links here.

This is a compilation of terrifically entertaining summaries from various fanfiction websites. This is NOT about mocking authors, and I don't condone name calling. I have not read the fics in question, they could be works of art. Ahem. This is about coming across a story and how the author tries to entice you to read it. Or scroll by quickly.

Bullet-point list and ICONS! under the cut.

Just read it, okay? OMG liek its not hard. )

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