It seems that LJ is making available to people with paid/permanent accounts the ability to put Google AdSense ads on your LJ, thereby earning you a little dosh, should you have a high enough hit count to your post.

It's - of course - sparked a huge debate over on the link where this was announced. My question to you is, are you for, or against this, and why?

I'm pretty meh on it - I see ads everywhere I go online, so I ain't bovvered. Plus, if it puts money in someone's pocket, what's that to me? But of course, my thoughts on the matter are just that, mine. So what are yours?

To sweeten the deal, allow me to link you to a funny (AND NOT WORK SAFE) video of a comedian/rapper, who just happens to be the VERY FIRST BOY I EVER DATED. He's quite handsome, still. Oh, my stupid lame LDS upbringing, preventing me from making out with him when I had a chance... Lol. (Hee, I can remember the outfit I wore on our first date, and everything: navy blue off the shoulder sweater with white piping, very naval-inspired, and a white pencil skirt and white espadrilles. He wore skater punk chic and I thought he was the hottest thing EVAH.)

Off topic, what did you think of House last night? Most likely will be spoilers in the comments.
Facebook. Love it, hate it, whatever, but I've found some old friends from high school and I quite like that. (All of my old Mormon buds that keep trying to get me back in the fold? Not so much. I digress.) Old h.s. friends. On Saturday, I got a friend request from my very first boyfriend of all time, the one that broke up with me after several months of dating because I wouldn't let him finger bang me, ahahaha. I mean, I wouldn't give him my flower. (I WAS SO LAME, zomg.) Anyhoodle, he was a very pretty boy and we'd go to his house and make out to Charlie Parker records (records! We were old school even when CDs were available.) and sometimes I would lean against the door frame of his bathroom and watch him shave (he was very much a show off at 17, heee) and good hell, I just loved making out with him right after that. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

He now looks like an old podiatrist cum east coast professor and I am SO SAD. Full face beard. Like, multiple inches in length. And since he's Jewish, he can't use the "I'm playing Santa this year" excuse. Noooo! Imagine Morrissey with a Grizzly Adams face cover. *cries* Thank god the other boyfriend (in pic 2 in that link up there) is still gorgeous. My poor fantasies of being 17 have been RUINED partially. Haha. Ahem. Now I have to change my tag to reflect the lack of hotness of some men. Bah.

Friends. Love them, hate them and they're not your friends. (I was working on continuity, sorry.) I decided that I needed a break before dealing with my family (not my kids family, but kind of) so I am loading up my car and driving to Birmingham to see my therapist to visit with [ profile] marenfic because I've not been able to hang with her in MONTHS. That is unacceptable as she is awesome. We're going to have [ profile] southernbangel over for a slumber party this week, so that will be fantastic.

In other words, communication will be spotty, but I'll be happy, and what do you have against that? Good lord, you're selfish. Not you, you know who you are. But you? The one that wants me miserable? You'll have to wish for something else this Chrismukkahwanzamas, sucker.

Have a fabulous Monday!
So, the Mr. and I bought some new toys for the house this weekend, which means I feel the need to paint and make drapes. (It's an illness.) Not to mention that I have a few things that need to be written, finished, edited, yadda yadda.

(Oooh, and this weekend is my husband's 20 Year High School Reunion, which is making him feel very old, but not me, because I'm only 23. Ahaha.) All of which means he's trying to turn back the hands of time in four days, so in a nutshell: he's going insane.

My hope is that the paint fumes will lull him into moving furniture for me without question and he'll stand around like my personal work zombie for the week. I'll post before and after pictures for those interested... Have a good week! Do exciting things so I'll have something fun to read about! DO IT.

and if you're thinking that this is really a way for me to avoid getting flattering compliments on Facebook, then you would be right. Ahahaha. Ahem. Also, it's Shark Week!!!!


Jul. 21st, 2008 06:40 pm
The mystery to the inability to keep the internet working at my house was solved today. Four and a half years this took. GAH. (Answer: our home security system. The guys that set it up forced the system to bypass the phone lines so if a burglar broke in and took the phone off the hook/cut the line, that wouldn't prevent the security company from being notified. Well, that's nice and all, but it's screwing up our home phone and internet, which we use far more than our lovely answering dudes at the security office. So. Resolved.)

1. I slammed the tip of my middle finger in my husband's truck so badly that my whole finger turned BLACK within minutes. That is some seriously bad pain, and I've delivered a baby naturally and passed a kidney stone. Tonight is the first time I've been able to use my finger. Well, in the manner for which it was intended. (That sounds dirty. I didn't mean it to...)

2. An old high school boyfriend caught up with me from Facebook today, and I'm STILL glowing. Here's why (Kita: OH. MY. GOD.) He looks like Vincent Kartheiser from "Another Day in Paradise." That scene? Where's he's walking in the leather jacket and smoking? That's how he looked in high school. He sent me a picture of him, just taken on a trip to Amsterdam, and he looks THE EXACT SAME. But you know, in his 30s. *bites fist* Now, I'm not saying I'm going to cheat on my husband. I'm just saying that in my fantasy world, Vincent Kartheiser in the form of one of the nicest and sexiest guys I ever dated, thinks I'm hot and wants to "hook up for drinks" some time and catch up, I do. Cheat. But only in the fantasy world, honest engine! Ahahaha. Ahem. *tugs collar*

3. This picture had me laughing for a solid two minutes. I want to go as that for Halloween. )

4. I owe emails to Lee and Sue - they're coming! (Sue: I didn't get the package mailed in time because a) I suck and b) I found... something that needed to go in. It's going out tomorrow. *g*)

5. There's a salon at my gym and I got my hair done after a workout today and I feel faaaaaaaabulous. Life, although unbearable hot currently, is pretty sweet, y'all.

[ETA] 6. Because I'm forgetful. LYNNE: I watched something earlier this week that has had me think of you over and over, because I know you would laugh and quote with me: "I AM NATURE'S GREATEST MIRACLE!!!" (I know you're not a fool, because my mother taught me never to kiss a fool! ...Karl!)
But mostly me, because I'm selfish like that. Hogod, kink city. Ode to a chisled chest on a dirty boy.

Why Certain Bad Boys Get Me Hot, By Stoney )

Next kink up: my love of sweet, sensitive Dandies! Hahahaha.

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