This isn't a comprehensive thing, so I'm not going to spam the WC comm, because I have spamming issues. :) Notes, links, etc. under the cut!

I know that online Porn is King; I'm trying to make Comedy its Queen )

Of a non-fannish/WC nature, I'm going to keep all talk of books and music on my VOX account - for purely selfish reasons and because I have organizational issues. *cough* My WC roommates were lovely for putting up with me cleaning all the time. I got a new Paste magazine, my sister sent me some music, and I'm reading a few REALLY good books, and I like the way VOX is set up for collecting thoughts on that stuff. (If anyone on VOX wants to add me to your neighborhood, yay! I've not been aggressive about adding people, as I don't want to presume you want me in BOTH spots.) Okay. Time to make creme fraiche.
Home, good night's sleep on my bed (joy!) and a cup of MY coffee (hurrah!) I had done an excellent job of being prepared for EVERYTHING, and then walked off without my French Press and had to suffer all weekend with hotel coffee. So, you know: coffee scented water. But somehow I made it through the weekend...

oh holy knight - serious name droppage, squeeing, and commentary on panels and subjects! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED... )

It was hard to figure out who people were because a) I have bad eyes b) some people had their names, not their handles and c) some people's handles were broken up, so my brain didn't connect to the name I see online, so I got confused. Plus = tequila. :D I would walk past people (after checking out their boobs, I mean, names) and figure out who they were fifteen minutes later. I'm such a dork.

Okay, I am WORN OUT now. I'll be impressed if you made it through this whole thing... In summary: good time was had, panels were illuminating, there was tequila, hotel staff needed to have a few more hands on deck, no one likes Connor - IDIOTS! - and I have new friends, which is awesome. Also, I've made a few adjustments to my reading list - IT'S NOT A BFF LIST. It's what I'm reading today. (I change it all the time, I just don't tell you people - heh) and all it means is what I'm reading today. It is nothing personal, and I'll probably change it back in a day or two - I'm just trying to catch up on stuff/people. (I don't do filters) Ack. And now I go in search of more coffee.

[eta] Um... I forgot to mention the people I hung out with the most! my awesome, awesome roommates )

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