Happy Zombie Jesus Day on Sunday, errbody that celebrates that, and happy "Thank you for not killing us, O God," if you celebrate that one instead.

And happy "I get to sleep in and not buy extra stuff" day for the rest of us! :D As is the custom of my people, I link you to the Easter Parody song I wrote back in 2006 (and tweaked in '09) set to Michael Jackson's Thriller - because it's a) hilarious and b) it's Michael Jackson.

I'll be posting The Bones of You over the weekend, those following that. Oh! and because it's just been a week of awesome people online being awesome about me (and I would like to remind everyone that I do not really take myself seriously, I am a dork, I admit that, and anyone that has read "Meta Posts" of mine and knows me knows that my #1 goal is to make you laugh?)

Having said that.

Dear Anonymous Person in a hate meme that thinks I am an asshat for how I call myself "an authority*" in my "over the top posts on Mormonism,"

You're right. I am an asshat. For your mom. (SICK BURN)

Signed, me - just some schlub on the innarwebs that talks to my friends and is often shocked that people pay attention. (Wow, you had to answer a Captcha just to say you don't like me. That's...your right. And sad. I was going to say sad first.)

WHEE PEOPLE BEING DICKS, TRA LA LA. note to self: this is what happens when you use LJ's search. So...remind me to not do that.

*I actually refer to myself as the Leading Mormon Vampire Expert; let's get our facts straight.
I wanted to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah. May your candle burn bright!

Now, in more blasphemous news, I'm probably going to offend someone with this. Eh, it makes me laugh. )

Finishing up prompts from yesterday will have to be put on hold as I've remembered a project I didn't finish before the guests came. I have GOT to be better about finishing things, ugh.

Also, there's half a pan of fudge in my kitchen, and I kinda need a nom.
GUYS. GUYS. Oprah is going to have the polygamist family from Sister Wives on her Thursday show. MUST SEE TV, I believe. You have been warned ahead of time to get those Tivos/DVRs set up.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] tabaqui mentioned that she couldn't find the pics online of what my Halloween costume will be based on, so I have thoughtfully uploaded them and put them under a cut. WARNING: they have some big creep factor, but only one is what could truly be called "grody." <-- scientific terminology, only can be used by Scientists. Or Scienceticians, of which I am one.

If you google "Masters of Horror: Imrpint" [for it was a Showtime TV series] you will get torture pics, not my costume-inspiration. So there's your warning there, too. This particular episode was banned in the US because it's just. that. skeevy. It's mostly the torture scene and all of the other scenes, too. Just those reasons. Lol.

Y'ALL I CANNOT WAIT TO LATEX MY FACE TO LOOK LIKE HER. Creepy pics under the cut, head's up! )

Michaels and Joanns today, hopefully I can find all of the things I'll need for the costume. Kimonos are pretty straight-forward by design, so it's just a matter of finding good fabric. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

[ETA} She found the vid of the whole movie if you want to watch!
First the whine - it's up to you to get the cheese. Man, LJ has just been DEAD for a while. Not a lot of posts beyond twitter updates (which I'll just be frank, I'm not following those things. I 'll read twitter ON twitter) not a lot of spazzy fun times, everything seems to be Srs Bznz. There is NO JOY lately. Yeesh, I post a silly poll and I get all sorts of "well, I'm forgetting you're an idiot on LJ, Stoney, and I'm treating this like academia and will pick apart minutiae about the word "is" and your intended use of said word and GAH. Stop it. This is not that place, y'all, what have you confused me with?! I AM ONLY A FOOL WITH A KEYBOARD. Every now and again I'll do something serious or the like, but this is typically not a place to be taken seriously. (Um, the religion poll was to see if everyone else had a crappy dad that always put their religion before their kid, IT WAS NOT A CONSPIRACY TO CONFUSE.) Hello, I'm self-centered, did you forget? Ahahaha. Ahem.

Also: negativity is ABHORRED here. If you're a glass half-empty type, I don't have much in common with you. There is one exception to this rule, and it's because she is negative in a FUNNY WAY and Liz, I know you are expecting your name here. Lol. Guys, if you added me to your reading list in error, PLEASE TAKE ME OFF FOR YOUR OWN SANITY. I will not be offended, I will not hunt you down and demand you friend me or whatever. It's the INTERNET. And my little corner of the internet is just that: my place to post my opinions on things (and hey! They might differ from yours!) make jokes, laugh at myself, get excited about things, and generally act like an idiot. This is not a community LJ, this is MY LJ. <-- sometimes I think people forget that.

I don't demand that everyone be hilariously genius or something, just don't bitch about what I'm posting on, don't shoot down the happy (like, you shouldn't do that ANYWHERE, nevermind my LJ) don't find fault in me or others and just LIGHTEN UP. Jeeeeeez. I have to do this, like, once a year it seems.

If you are not Whiney McGee of the Feh People, then the previous PSA has nothing to do with you, carry on BEING AWESOME. [Look, Gary's gonna do what Gary WANTS to do.]

HOW ABOUT SOME FALL OFF THE BONE MEATNESS?! Short Ribs that will make you want to hug a cow for giving their life for your enjoyment )

Okay, I have to get my voice all peppy for an audition (voice over) and finish cleaning the back part of the house. Yesterday I LITERALLY scrubbed the master bath down with a toothbrush. It was just... Well, the Mr. was home for a month and it got nasty. He's used to living in hotels during the week, you see. >:( Also, I have a system for watching Hoarders, and that's a part of it. I HAVE ISSUES, I HAVE NEVER DENIED THIS Lol.

OH! Last bit and I'll shut my yap, I am finally getting started on my Halloween costume this year (new folks - um, I get a little carried away) and it's going to be AMAZING. If you are horror/gore averse, don't google this. NO, REALLY. I'm going as The Woman [the deformed geisha] from Masters of Horror: Imprint. My buddy the sculptor is going to help me make... Little Sister. WHEE!! Nightmare is coming to my block this year, wheedle deedle dee!

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