Hey gang. How you doing? Hanging in there? Making it work? Hiding? I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to kill time, waiting for word back on a Big Project, and I'm basically wandering around aimlessly. I SHOULD be cleaning, but eff that noise! :D

SO LET'S DO A POLL! Clickity for the Tickity )

So there's all that. :D
If you know what that's from, you're welcome for the Seinfeld ear worm. "Co-STAN-za!"

I have some serious wanderlust, gang. SERIOUS WANDERLUST. How about a poll? We haven't done that in a while.
[Poll #1961118]

ION, I have reached a sort of max-density when it comes to pictures of Tyler Hoechlin. I now feel a physical ache in my chest at the sight of him and have to scroll past. THERE IS TOO MUCH ATTRACTIVE/NICE BOY STUFF HAPPENING and it hurts me, guys. It hurts me.
That is a lie - there's no such thing. BUT THERE SHOULD BE. Poll is under a cut, because there are multiple images. POLL OF IMPORTANCE REGARDING THINGS YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. )

Gimmie a bit and I'll reply to your comments from yesterday. I have a To Do list today that is stupid huge. <3
Because this gives me an eye twitch. (I don't SAY anything, I just don't like it. We'll see if you can figure out what I mean.)
[Poll #1927926]

LOOK I'M JUST SAYING THAT IF SOMEONE DOES YOUR FLIPPING LAUNDRY FOR YOU, STICK TO THE PLAN. ETA: And so I don't offend anyone: YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS POLL SERIOUSLY. Wait, I mean take this poll as a sign of my insanity and as a reflection on how I want my house to be run, not anyone else's. I truly don't judge people for the way they run their home, because it's YOUR HOME. <3

In other news, school starts in less than three weeks and the Mr. is traveling more and I am pretty excited about the upcoming solitude!

Somehow I have to make a lemon-coconut cake look like a Very Specific My Little Pony for Emily's 12th birthday tomorrow and it might just be cut like one with gumdrop eyes because come the hell on, kid.
So, I love doing polls, because I actually learn a lot about my flist and the world around me. *cue flutes and scampering bunnies* But really, I do. And I love when people realize that I'm just a wonk with a keyboard and don't get all bowed up about accuracy, etc., as if I am being scientific or academic in any way. HINT: I'm not. I'm just a curious journaler with a thirst for knowledge.

There's a problem I've been faced with recently, and I'm interested in the general/median opinion on this particular subject. Hang in there with me.

Parent A gives Child C a vehicle for their birthday, a vehicle that is fairly new, energy efficient, and well maintained. Child C cannot drive car without an adult for several more weeks due to a quirky state law, but Child C often wants to practice their driving throughout the week. Parent A has their own vehicle, albeit an inefficient car, gas-wise.

The problem: Parent A continually takes Child C's car to work, to run errands, etc. because "it's energy efficient and it's just sitting there," often not asking permission because they "bought it." This leaves Child C without the opportunity to practice their driving with Parent B.[Poll #1918724]

I want to stress that Child C is INCREDIBLE grateful and gracious about their gift, so ixnay that from the discussion.

IN OTHER NEWS: I want to remind the public at large that at Hey, Don't Judge Me, we exist to be a place where fans can happily and safely talk about things we love. Not that people can't be critical, just don't be a dick about it. HAVING SAID THAT, my writers work very hard and for NO MONEY at what they do. And if someone leaves them a jerky or hateful comment (especially when it's clear that person is just furthering their agenda without even bothering to understand my writer's POV) they will be called out publicly, and then they will be banned.

I want people to feel safe when they get into discussions. I want people to have ONE PLACE on the internet where they can love things without fear of being made fun of or attacked for loving something in a fannish way. More than that? I want my writers to feel safe expressing their fannish love. That's the whole point.

So for all of you that respect that (either by joining in or staying away) THANK YOU.
My daughter and I have been arguing about something (in a good natured way) for a while, now, and I realized I can ask my flist, since so many of you are Brits (or Brit adjacent).


*not in the slightest, and if you take this seriously to the point of believing this is an actual academic poll, I am going to laugh at you. Because I am an idiot, come on, now.

[Poll #1916248]

Also, it is said daughter's 16th birthday today, and she's awesome, and I love her a whole bunch. And she has a big surprise waiting for her when she comes home from school. MOPPING! I'm kidding. A BABY! No, that's not it, either. THE BOOT! 16 is old enough to be on her own, amirite?

I have all day to be goofy, and I'm happy about that. Also, I had to get ranty in my Tumblr this morning, something I never do, but it's important. And no one cares, I know, but I do, and I feel responsible for this topic (hoarders) and yeah.

BACK TO MY CUP OF TEA. Sans milk. (OMG, the MiL is coming over today and I'm on my "no booze" week and that might need to change.)
And it's that I can't get enough sandwiches. My kids are calling me Joey Tribiani, because I - Look, I just really like a good sandwich, okay? Then you crisp it up in a panini press, and it just takes it to 11 and yeah. My kids told me last night that they are NOT having sandwiches for dinner any more this week. HEY I AM AT LEAST CHANGING THEM UP, WHY DO YOU KIDS SUCK?

Whatever, I'll eat one for my lunch. (Brie, blueberries and strawberries, balsamic, basil leaves on challah bread. Again. Because it's just.that.damn.good.)

ION, I think I might have to Tumblr Savior Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin from my feed, because I cannot deal with their faces. It's possible that I am needing to be the meat in that sandwich. THANK YOU, I'LL BE HERE ALL NIGHT. Really. I have no life. ION 2, I realized that I'm not getting enough calories after dl an app on my phone to track my workouts, etc., and HA! Like, to the tune of needing another 700 calories, which explains why I've been feeling lethargic lately. You know what this means, of course.

[Poll #1914672]

I feel strongly that I need to get into the show Hannibal. I also feel strongly that I am not going to be able to deal with the new season of Teen Wolf given how I am freaking over the promo. (I almost feel like it's spoiled the whole season for me, in a weird way.)

AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T DIE FROM PORKING A WASP'S NEST. 140+ stings, 54 of them on his wang.

WARNING ABOUT THAT LINK: a man grabs a handful of wasps before the story starts and I am covered in hives just from that.

YOU KNOW, THAT IS ENOUGH, PEOPLE. That is just freaking enough. Honestly? I think there needs to be MORE OF THIS HAPPENING to thin the herd. This is mother nature's way of culling the flock, this I believe.

Hey, guys! I thought I had a rough morning, and now I'm too shocked and baffled to remember what the hell even caused my frustration. Sounds like I need to eat a plate of French fries and have some cheesecake because LIFE IS SHORT. Especially when you poke your hose where it doesn't belong.

Fun fact: I am DEATHLY allergic to wasps. I'm very allergic to bees, but wasps can kill me. I almost died when I was a kid when four yellow jackets stung my shoulder and I went into cardiac arrest and my throat closed up. I AM A LITTLE STRESSED ABOUT THIS STORY. And also I am laughing, because that man clearly needed to die.
[Poll #1913609]
Seriously, they are the empress of carbs, and I long for them daily. (Fries.) I have no fries, I want to mention, I just WANT some. In case you thought to yourself at some point today, "I wonder if Laura has any fries?" the answer is NO. Truly my life is the hardest life.

In other news! Someone at Reddit linked to a Hoarders recap on HDJM, and we have hits going through the roof. Which is great! People are finding the site and then sticking around to see what's what. My girls should be showered with Likes and +1's and comments because they're funny and interesting. <3 HOORAY.

In other other news! I've started posting that Body Swap fic (right now I'm posting each chapter before dinner - only 2 up so far) but this weekend I'll most likely switch to my usual early morning posting. If you're interested in such things, here is my AO3 link for TRUST FALL, Sterek, NC-17 - eventually. 13 chapters, I'm still editing the last third, hence the daily posting and not the whole thing at once. And it's about 150K, so yeah. That's huge in one chunk. (I'm only posting fic there from this point on. It's just easier.)

Guys, how can we get science to make instant fries? Don't tell me about frozen fries, I want a specific restaurant to instantly know I have a craving and make them materialize in front of my face, steaming hot, salty, covered in cheese and bacon and jalapeƱos and *gross sobbing*

Here, have a poll![Poll #1907706]

It's just...I love fries. ("Do you really love fries? Or are you just saying you love fries because you can see them?") I LOVE FRIES.


Apr. 2nd, 2013 11:12 am
A very nice reader on HDJM recced my Game of Thrones recaps on WinterisComing.net (and I left a link there, because I'm trying this thing where I self promote? IDK, it's hard for me) and our traffic is up 500%.

UH. THANK YOU. If only we could make, you know, money off that so I could send fat checks to the writers. =/ Well, the likes and comments and trackbacks warm our hearts, at least. (So thanks those of you who do that!)

Today is rainy and spring-timey and it's making me very very happy. Lime green shoots are popping out of the ground (and I have rose buds at the ready!) and the trees are leafing out. <3

If only my dog would stop farting. Then it would truly be a magical moment here...

Instead, I go off in search of French fries, for they are the perfect food. Oooh, and cookies. I need cookies. I have no cookies, but I NEED some. OOH, POLL:
[Poll #1905954]

ALSO! A movie I was in (briefly - I got to cuss and get paid for it \o/) is available on iTunes/VOD. It's dark and funny (I think) WUSS.
First off, HELLO. Life has been stupid and hard (as per ushe) and I would very much like to be two people, thank you. (And then fake the first one's death. Hello, insurance settlement!)

Second, because the thought of doing anything other than breathing in and out most days makes me curl up in the fetal position, I wanted to ask those that read the SouthLAnd recaps on HDJM a question:

[Poll #1896520]

I promise I'm not legitimately going crazy. It just looks like that on the outside.

NOW IF I MAY ADDRESS THE TEEN WOLF FANDOM: There is actual information available to you regarding these points... )

Okay, I have to cross more things off my To Do list. WHY ISN'T LIFE ALL FRENCH FRIES AND BEACH PARTIES, WHY.
I took my daughter, her BFF, and the BFFs mom (a friend of mine, thankfully!) shopping at some hip resale shops in Dallas (Dolly Python - I love that place) and if the lighting had been better for photography, I would have flooded your flists with images of amazing cut away coats and jodhpurs from 1890, and some really spectacular Mexican dresses from the 40s.

I did laugh at my daughter and her friend's enthusiasm over Roper boots with a kiltie. (Anyone? Bueller?) That was what the Goat Ropers in high school went bananas for (those and some Rocky Mountain jeans for that heart-shaped ass look). And let's get real here: goat ropers are so much more down to earth than barrel-racers, amirite?

*crickets* Any way... Take the kiltie off and they look like a more pointy-toed Doc Marten. And they're outstanding footwear. Still, I snerked.

I started watching White Collar the other night. I've had a tiny crush on Matt Bomer since he was the "villain" of Chuck's pilot episode, loved him after he was on Glee, and now that I'm watching him smirk and be the Most Charming Man On Planet Earth on this show, I would like to be baptised in the religion of Bomer. It's unreal how he manages to look like perfection and not be from another galaxy. HOW DO YOU HANDSOME. It's also a fun show. I don't feel fannish, but it's something I've been looking forward to watching at night when everyone's settled down.


I really need a taco icon. (I had fantastic tacos yesterday for lunch, can you tell?)

Oh! Two last things, if you need reading material. 1. Teen Wolf is now at HDJM, and trust me when I say that you will love Liz's recaps, regardless of being in the fandom. 2. I wrote a short ficlet and posted it on Sunday, Klaine Fluff: "I Will Always Feel The Same.". :)


Aug. 6th, 2012 03:57 pm
I've been in a weird headspace lately which usually leads to me scrolling through Bad Places for fanfic to escape in. But those who have been around from the Early Days of this LJ will know that when I say BAD, I mean dreadful in the most delightful way. It's one of my happy places. Like watching Troll 2 or The Room. (Oh, hai Mairk.)

Let's have fun with a poll about fanfiction under the cut, shall we?*

*I do not in any way shape or form consider myself an expert (haha, you'll see why under the cut) writer or the gate keeper to what is right. This is my journal, and I'm having a go. Trust me, I'm harder on myself than anyone else ever could be. And boy, do they try to be hard on me. That's what she said. That made no sense, I realize that now.


COME ON, THAT'S FUNNY. (There's a very good reason why my journal name used to be Broken Inside.)

ION, I am baking an apple pie for Miss Emily, who turns ELEVEN tomorrow [oh my god, how?!?]. She requested a birthday pie instead of cake, because she's fun like that. (I made homemade vanilla bean ice cream earlier today so that it could firm up in the freezer overnight.)

[ETA] LJ is lying to those of you with b-day notifications. My birthday is not today, but the 8th.

I am bored.

Jul. 3rd, 2012 01:39 pm
I can't write, can't think, I'm filled with ennui, and I want to be out in the garden doing stupid-hard work, but it's going to be 100F, so I shouldn't be an idiot, right? (I have a total of - wait for it - 800lbs of decomposed granite to spread out. Oh, decomposed just means it's been crushed and tumbled so there are no sharp points. I actually like doing this sort of thing, it's great exercise and I like being able to DO it, if that makes sense? But yeah. It's hot.) Bleh.

So! I get to be with my in laws all day tomorrow which means today I am mentally preparing myself for all of the craziness. And so? I POLL!

Social habits poll of SCIENTIFIC SIGNIFICANCE* )

Upon reflection, I think this actually IS a significant poll, and you should spread that shit like Nutella. <3
We've added The Borgias to HDJM, and Magic City as well. Their first recaps went up last night. Also, one of our new reviewers has one for the Broadway musical Newsies. (And a reminder for Bomb Girl, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones.)

Tonight is Glee, and I'll have that up later tonight. Thank you for all of the clicks, shares, likes, and general awesomeness, those of you that support my girls! <3

But let's face it. YOU ARE HERE FOR THE POLL. There are actually TWO. And they're under the cut. ~S N I P !~ )

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. (Gangsta = stay at home mom and small business woman.) Flashin' gang signs all up in he-yah!

Side note, I'm going back to see Book of Mormon in two weeks from TODAY. WHEE! (So Glee is going to be a reaction post until I get back home. For the nine of you that care, lol.)
So, I freaked people out yesterday? Which is cool; you are the captain of your own ship, yadda yadda, so just know that if you're waffling, I am not going to be offended if you remove me from your reading list. So have at it, worry free. :) [And don't feel like you have to comment/acknowledge that event, btw. It's okay to scroll, I never mind that sort of thing.]

ION, life is 1000% better (omg, mathematical impossibility *brain short*) at our house, which is a huge relief. Now I get to drink a lot of booze and relax tonight, HUZZAH. Mm, stinky cheeses and wine + friends over = funtimes.

IOON, I have about 1100 words to what will evidently be another massive fic, and I'm just so happy to be writing, IDK if it's totally indulgent of me to write up these elaborate scenarios/worlds. I loves it.

POLL! For even more funtimes.

[Poll #1812472]

Friday, wheee!!! And happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] essene!!
First, please proceed to the recap of your choosing (or select all:)

Vampire Diaries
Hoarders No big, just got a message from Matt Paxton saying: "great analysis. loved the pet analysis. you are so dead on. thanks for writing an accurate and compassionate review." Just a message from my bud [glee!!]
RHoBH (also on its way by 3pm CST, both last week and this week)

And! I am actively seeking someone who can put on an Editor hat and double check/correct posts. You're looking at a time commitment of maybe an hour and change a few times a week - Tuesday, Wed. and Saturday being the big days. There will be love and kittens in it for you. And then one day, money. ONE DAY. <--determined face. Email me at heydontjudgeme[at]gmail.com with EDITOR in subject heading if interested. <3 FILLED! I love you guys, thanks for the response. :)

Second, please note that not only does Glee come back from mini-hiatus tonight (with recaps on HDJM later this evening) but SOUTHLAND DOES, TOO. With recaps on HDJM tomorrow. And can I say that while I enjoy what I do, I would really like to get my hands on screeners so I can slow down my break-neck pace of writing, because I have to churn out 5 shows in 72 hours and that is just a lot. I relaxed so damn much on my vacation, it was ridiculous. (Yes, this is what one does, I know. But I'm ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING.) Plus I was shamefully late to everything, and I hate being late. Even if it was just 5 minutes. People's time is important to me, zomg.

Third, please click on the cut and take my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SCIENTIFICAL POLLAMATRON. Someone's very life could depend on it. Wank in three....two...one... ) Aaaaaaaaand back to the grindstone.
Zombies and the fight of said creatures will commence this evening on my teevee screen. THE WALKING DEAD comes back tonight! I am almost bouncing, I'm so excited.

Our newest recapper, Kristi, is taking on the job, and she reviewed the webisodes that aired all last week (detailing Bike Girl's origin, very cool.) If you missed the webisodes, don't fear, she'll catch you all up. And she'll have everything up for you first thing Monday morning so we can get our zombie-talk on (and she's as zombie/horror obsessed as me, and maybe even more so. Her Halloween parties are legend.)

IN THE MEANTIME, COME TAKE MY APOCALYPSE QUIZ. Do you have what it takes to survive the end of civilization?

Also on the site is the latest Supernatural recap, and as loads of fangirls are getting back from WinCon today, I hope y'all had a blast.

Tonight is also the Reunion Special for the Housewives of Jersey, and while I'm excited for the crazy, I'm also SUPER excited to get a break from them.

And now I channel this excited energy into weed pulling. *cough* and I scored a 43 on the quiz. Out of 46. No propane tanks and generators, I'm afraid. Not yet. My goal is to be Reba McEntire in Tremors, basically.

I had Plyo yesterday and weights/Abs today and now I can't leave my chair. So you're gonna get posts from me, suckers.

This is inspired by the song that just played on my iPod and my inability to sing them properly.
[Poll #1786114]

And so I don't get in trouble, a poll for Newer Folks.
[Poll #1786115]

[ETA] For those of you who have been around since the mid 2000s, I AM DISAPPOINT.

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