Remember that group? *cough* HEY WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THE WALKING DEAD FINALE WITH ME? Because you should click that and chat away. The comments have been really lively with good discussion lately.

[ profile] mrmonkeybottoms is back with the Buffy Rewatch, and Prophecy Girl is up. Holy smokes, it's been a LONG TIME since that aired. Wow, I feel old.

I haven't had lunch. I'm super hungry I have leftover curry hidden away that is calling to me.

ION, I stayed up way too late last night, unable to shut my brain off, which is sometimes a good thing because I have stories I want to write (yay!), but MAYBE NOT AT 2 AM.

There is no Teen Wolf tonight. Huh. Looks like I'm rewatching Pride & Prejudice for reasons. /cryptic LOL

If you're on my flist and you read Sam's (hilarious, awesome) Hannibal recaps on HDJM, you might have to wait a while for new ones. I fully support her decision to take a step back and rethink things after this recent episode. SPOILER FOR LATEST EPISODE )

We'll post to the site's Tumblr when new recaps arrive, should that happen. <3

However, you don't have to wait for this week's Walking Dead recap, as it's up and filled with helpful protips and my theorizing about the season finale next week. CLEEK HERE!

ION, it's so lovely and warm and sunny outside. Ahhhh! Perfect weather to rip out the garden and burn it to the ground. (There's a pernicious weed that has taken over the shade bed all winter - underground runners like crazy. Fun! *cries*)

I am not prepared for the season finale of TW tonight. Wait, I can find solace in the AMAZINGLY TALENTED FANDOM WHEN IT ENDS. /Happy sigh

Last night we made buffalo burgers with bacon-onion jam, chipotle Tabasco sauce and goat cheese on top, and if you heard a pleased wail last night and couldn't figure out what that was, IT WAS ME. :D
1. I started recapping The Walking Dead again after getting a few nice messages from people *cough*whohadnevercommentedlinkedlikedsharedatthesitebeforeandwereupsetthattheirfreewordsweren'tthereanymore*cough* Guys: no one likes writing into a vacuum. (Also, the stats don't lie and readership dropped WAY down. But now that the season is almost over, it's picking up again. Hmm.) ANYWAY. Last night's ep THE GROVE is right here, and I wrote the previous 3 eps into one condensed post here.

2. Please, if you read people's recaps (esp. on our site), recaps like the awesome ones for Sleepy Hollow, SPN and Hannibal (for starters) and you ENJOY them, go to the trouble of clicking "Like." Or G+ (lol, is anyone using that?) Or sharing on Twitter or Tumblr. Or comment! Those girls spend HOURS writing for bupkis. Other websites are run by corporations that are able to pay their writers, so at least they're getting that compensation. Remember that we contribute to HDJM simply because we love fandom and want to share a happy/fan-based space with YOU. <3

3. I spent the weekend reading a MASSIVE fanfic that I kept hoping would start making sense, and it never did. Then it just ended (and there was NO STEREK BEYOND A KISS OR TWO. I WAS PROMISED STEREK. Stiles LITERALLY SAID to Derek towards the end, "So I think this won't ever happen.") and I gasped angrily and flipped off my Kindle. Also, it was rated Explicit and there was NO EXPLICIT CONTENT. Nothing made SENSE. The POV flipped between multiple characters with each section, and even worse: THERE WERE NO DIALOG TAGS until 10 conversations in, so I had to do that thing where I had to count backwards to see who the hell was saying what. 25% of the time I never could figure it out because the POV flipped and it was never resolved WHOSE POV IT WAS.

There were comments saying how brilliant it was, etc., and that was why I DL'd it in the first place. Now I just think "Is every one here incredibly high?"

Well, it's not like I'm out a dollar or anything, but it was a real head scratcher.

4. A group of girlfriends (I'm bring introduced to through my old high school buddy I mentioned reconnecting with a few posts back) are planning an awesome trip to Bali in September, and I'm pretty sure I'm going. I am INCREDIBLY excited about it, as Bali is on my Go To list for places I where I want to run away.

5. I'm very hungry. I want hot, bubbly cheese. Or sushi. Not together, though. =/ WHAT ARE YOU EATING, FLIST? And do you have a bite for me? :D
Hello! I'm coming out of my self-imposed blackout because I'm just about finished with my deadlines and feel like I can breathe again. WHEW.

1. WALKING DEAD. Holy darkness. I know a lot of people have stopped watching, which is baffling to me. To each his own, I know, but the character arcs are finally paying off in a huge way. This is a long con type show, not simple action/adventure. (But yeah, filled with some unlikeable people, etc.)

2. I wrote "The End" on that massive AoGG/TW fic this weekend. OMG, apparently I only write novel-length fiction now? It's good practice, that's for sure. I still have edits/tweaks to do before I post. I wanted to start posting today, but it's a school holiday and I think I might need to murder my children. But I'll begin posting right after, promise! :D

3. I'm coming to terms with the way people are consuming media/behaving fannishly, and it is slowly elbowing me out. That's just the way it is, and I'm learning to accept that the way I view/want to talk about shows isn't the way most people do, so I may stop recapping. It's just a lot of work not to have interaction. (And thank you to the three of you who continue to talk to me! I know you do it out of loyalty, and I appreciate it.) I'm not shutting down HDJM or anything drastic like that, our Supernatural posts get almost 2,000 likes (WOW, way to go, Vinnie!) and Hannibal is a juggernaut. Sleepy Hollow picked up steam the more people realized we were recapping them, and I'm very happy for their dedicated followers. Just...I have such a crazy life and it's a lot to put into something that goes nowhere. I'm going to see Game of Thrones through this season, and won't make any decisions until after that, but basically I'm saying that I get that I'm not that interesting to read anymore.

(This is NOT a plea for you to tell me otherwise. This is navel gazing and acceptance. It's healthy!)

4. Speaking of healthy, I need lunch. I need a big ol' sandwich hot from the Panini maker. MMMM, GOAT CHEESE HERE I COME. :D
If you don't get that reference, you're probably white. Hahaha.

OH MY GOD, FLIST I AM SO WORN OUT HOLY SMOKES. I am going on a vacation on Saturday, and I NEEDS IT, PRECIOUS, I need it so badly.

But while my head is up, allow me to put some links in your face for current things on HDJM like
Walking Dead - Too Far Gone
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Puppet Show (ahahaha)
Supernatural - Rock and a Hard Place (check out that 1200+ likes!! DAMN, VINNIE!)

You know, every time you click on a FB Like, you're helping spread our little site around the globe. We really appreciate that. Or Tumblr! Or Twitter! That's super nice and we like you when you do that. :)

ION, my awesome sister, [ profile] dampersnspoons has developed an organic skin care line that is AMAZING. No, really. I know she's my sister, but you don't hear about my other sister's business, do you? This shizz is AWESOME, is organic, is reasonably priced, and lasts. And smells GREAT. And did I mention it works? And she ships, like, the same day? HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

HEY GUYS. Here's to hoping this week flies the hell by.
for now let me say that I have just passed my sister back into the hands of my father, I am WORN OUT, and I have posted the recap for last night's Walking Dead, DEAD WEIGHT.


But for now I flop over and give thanks that my children are old enough to do most things for themselves and not need constant supervision and direction. Seriously, my step mother is a SAINT. (I loved having her here, don't think I didn't, but JEEEZ it is a lot of work.)



Nov. 18th, 2013 11:18 am
After an incredibly busy weekend (out of town guest, hosted a party, yadda yadda) I am ready to curl up in a ball and sleep. But instead I need to get cleaned up and go to some important meetings.

LIKE MY SON'S FINAL ARD FOREVER. No more IEP meetings, no more paperwork for public school, no more freaking ARD MEETINGS after today, WHOO HOO!! (Those of you with SpEd kids/kids with IEPs can appreciate my joy, I'm sure.) Then another meeting that should be quick and painless, and then BACK HOME WHERE I WILL SIT AND DO NOTHING.

It's all tremendously exciting. I have tv to catch up on! I did manage to watch The Walking Dead (of course) and get my recap up - I LOVED IT, FAIR WARNING.

Also up for you, if you're needing to kill the Monday doldrums (of course you do!), is the Supernatural "Heaven Can't Wait" recap and the Sleepy Hollow "The Midnight Ride" recap. (Buffy 1.10 is coming soon!) If you enjoyed what you read, please consider commenting, Liking, tweeting, linking to my girls' hard work. We appreciate it!

Okay, I need food, then off to the ARD. For the last time! /giddy
1. Walking Dead recap/discussion post is right here.
2. Buffy 1.07 "Angel" recap is right here.
3. Sleepy Hollow? Oh, we got your Sleepy Hollow recaps.
4. And I barely need to link to the SPN recaps, because they are CRAZY POPULAR (way to go, Vinnie!)
5. The old BFF is coming in for a visit this weekend and I am going to jam bird seed into her hands, since she doesn't eat normal food. (I am teasing you Vegans. Sort of. OMG I don't want to hear it, okay?)
6. I bought some cool fingernail polish at Sephora this weekend that is METALLIC PEACOCK and I NEVER paint my nails, but my daughter made me paint my thumb and I liked it and here we are.
7. Oh! I won a prize at Nordstroms, apparently, and it was CHANEL AND LANCOME MAKEUP/PERFUME/ETC. Like, full sizes and everything! Which is awesome because I never win stuff and I never buy myself makeup unless it's an emergency makeup situation. (ahaha - spell check is telling me Lancome should be COME-CON. WORST. CONVENTION. EVER.)
8. I also bought a fabulous pair of heels this weekend that are peacock colors (teal blue and teal green) and they make me feel awesome and tall.
9. These are all important things because it appears that I am FINALLY GOING ON A VACATION, and that is to LA in December to attend Trevor Live with [ profile] flaming_muse and we are in the GOOD SEATS. Like, rubbing elbows with the elite seats. Mama wants to look good. (So excited, omg.)
10. On my run this morning I encountered two rascals, a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull who had broken free to chase ducks in the pond. They were dripping wet, grinning from ear to ear, and let me check their collars like nice puppies. I got them home and they gave me many hand licks and knee-rubs as thanks.

...I mentioned they were dripping wet, right? LOL. So stinky (but so sweet!).
So...Walking Dead. SAY NOTHING HERE. DO NOT SPOIL PEOPLE. But you can go here to my recap and tell me if you agree or disagree with my theory on the big turning point OF WHICH WILL NOT SPEAK HERE TO SPARE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED YET.

Hey, have you heard of Black Sails? Because Liz has, and she's going to be recapping it. HOORAY. Golden Age of Sail? Check. Lady pirates? Check. Lady pirates in love with other lady pirates? DOUBLE CHECK.

I had the weekend to myself for the most part, as the Mr. went to the deer lease with Emily and Sally Derg. Sally is very much a city dog and was terrified of the friendly cows out there, which makes me laugh. She likes little things like cats and Yorkies. And her "baby," a stuffed otter. Ha. (But I have a freezer full of meat, which means I won't have to buy any for some time, hooray!)

And I booked a flight for an upcoming (and very much needed) trip and I have been BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS with excitement over it.

Hello, guys! It's Monday and we got to sleep in yesterday! Or you were up extra early and are still angry about it, IDK your life.
Walking Dead's recap is up, as well as all of the other goodies on HDJM like Buffy, SPN, Sleepy Hollow... As always, you can follow HDJM's twitter, FB page or Tumblr for updates or follow the writers' twitter/tumblr. Here's my tumblr/twitter, for example.

Thinky thoughts:

  1. I had my final parent-teacher conference for my son today and he'll be graduating before Thanksgiving, due to me keeping him busy with school all summer. I. It's just that. Graduating. Done. Finito. Sooner than we thought. It's fine that he is, I'm just coming to terms with being a mother old enough to have a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. =|

  2. And we're stepping up his college application (nursing schools!) stuff with the help of my kid's team at the new school (who I love)

  3. I got a comment to HDJM today on a years-old Hoarders post. It was the Hoarder's daughter. I just want to say how grateful I am to everyone supporting the idea of HDJM's motto: approach with love for something, even if it's wacky and silly, because where else can you go to talk about something where you know you won't fall headlong into wank? She felt comfortable enough with the recap and the discussion in comments to talk about her feelings and give me an update on her mom. (Not good.) I love that the family members and friends who have commented over the years knew that they could talk about their feelings - even when they were angry, upset, heartbroken - on HDJM and we wouldn't judge them for it.

That felt pretty good, I have to say. And now back to this Anne of Green Gables/Teen Wolf fic that I am MADLY IN LOVE WITH, omg. /dork
Walking Dead - ooooh, we're just getting darker and darker with every episode. Recap is up here, and if you follow my Tumblr (or HDJM's tumblr) you'll know when the recaps are up for TWD, SPN, and more!

Speaking of, the SPN recap and more are up at HDJM. ;D

Every time you share, reblog, or like a link there, an angel gets its wings. BBQ and spicy wings! Boneless, even! Mmm, it's almost lunch time and I'm hungry.

I was introduced to a new wine this weekend and it was GLORIOUS. label under the cut ) There's a fantastic winery that opened in our town square and every red wine was in my wheelhouse. I got to talking to the owner and have a new BFF. Hahaha. He joined up with a butcher shop in town (they only buy organic, grass fed meat - process all the meat there on site, holy smokes, I was in HEAVEN) for something called a "Cab -n- Slab." It's a wine/steak of the month club where the wines are premium and the cuts of meat divine. Yeah, I'm signing up. (Last month was a bottle of Caymus and 2 20oz Porterhouse steaks. I MEAN. COME ON.)

He warned me that this particular wine I mentioned is selling like hotcakes, so buy now. I plan on going back this week and picking up maybe a half case, because it was THAT GOOD.

hey, gang! (I'm going back and replying to people I've missed over the week due to my life being crazy. Sorry!!)
  • Thanks to everyone for your condolences on my last post. I've been happy to see that on FB everyone who knew my friend has been moved past discussing his addictions and are simply listing all of the great stories and good times. As it should be! (The best one I've seen was on I had forgotten about: Steve went to his cousin's wedding dressed in a yellow suit with spats and everything and kept saying to people, "You come to me on my daughter's wedding..." Hahahaha. Seriously, this guy was so fun and funny.)

  • The Walking Dead is back!! Oooh, this is going to be a dark season. My recap is up and I would LOVE to talk to you. (And I would love to know if you're still liking the recaps - this ep was a hard one because it's mostly set up.)

  • Speaking of recaps, the next episode of the Buffy Rewatch will be up later this week, and tomorrow will be Sleepy Hollow! And our SPN recaps have absolutely broken website records. 1300 likes on the season opener. THIRTEEN HUNDRED. Amazing!

  • Don't forget that they are spoiler-free, fan-love-centric, happy places to talk about your show. That doesn't mean you can't have real concrit to give, we just don't want you coming from a place of dislike. I mean, what's the point?

  • It's rainy here - we very much need the rain, too. Roasted veggies are on deck for dinner.

  • I'm feeling very disconnected from everything, mostly because I've been disconnecting myself from everything. IDK, transitioning into...who knows. Every day I find that more people are taking me off their feeds, which is absolutely their right. It just reminds me that I'm not the fun "ha ha" space I think people expect of me and that gives me a type of performance anxiety. Meh.

I think I need some chocolate. Good for meh moods and restoring yourself after Dementors, right?
I can curl into a very small ball, promise.

NOTE: There are no April Fool's Jokes here, because I am not a fan.

OKAY, TV FRIENDS. Okay. Last night. Game of Thrones. O_O Walking Dead. Come talk me off the ledge, omg.

Oh, and did someone say the return of Dr. Who? What about Supernatural?

And seriously, if you're not watching Vikings, then you're probably not into hot Nord boning and being on ships. Which is a pity, because those are both great things.

I am so damn hungry, I can't even. Two shows in one night, when they're both SMART and VERY DETAILED shows is about impossible to get out without feeling like a frazzled chicken at the end. *flops*

ETA Can I just say how TIRED I am of reading in fanfiction about men being "emasculated" by showing emotion or doing something domestic (like laundry)? I have read so many damn stories lately from young women writers that say a guy is being "girly" or throws like a girl, or is being emasculated by having been shot in the knee and their guy friend carries them (how the hell is he supposed to walk? His friend has supernatural strength, FFS, that's being smart).

Stop insulting your gender. IT IS NOT AN INSULT TO BE A GIRL OR TO DO THINGS GIRLS DO. JFC grow up.


Mar. 25th, 2013 12:50 pm
Walking Dead. GUYS. One ep left and then what?! THEN WHAT? Oh, right, GAME OF THRONES, MUH FUHS. (Catch up on S 1 & 2)

Speaking of, that starts next Sunday. And Walking Dead ends that Sunday. And I recap both. And a recap takes several hours from start to posted.'s going to be a rough day and a long one. But they'll both be there, and I really hope I don't write into a vacuum (aka, come chatter! Link, share, theorize, etc.) I get burned out on writing these when it doesn't seem like there's a point, if that makes sense. I can just think this stuff, but it's more fun to share fannish love, right? Right.

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE WHO NEED LOVE because they continue to be awesome, my writers Sam, Liz and Vinnie with Vikings, Spartacus, and Supernatural, respectively.

I have a delicious salad awaiting me. Then I have a script to finish, then memorize, then tomorrow we start filming! And then I have THREE root canals scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. HEY FREE TIME WHAT IS THAT.

Also, that damn soul mate BODY SWAP I MEAN DERP fic is ALMOST DONE. I will start posting that this week. It's 135K and almost done. JFC what is wrong with me?
-that I haven't posted to LJ in a bit. Whoops! It's uh, been a little hard at this end to get chatty here. I'm trying to be better. Starting with sharing some links! (I'm an ass, I know.)

Currently at HDJM:

As for me, I have been a crazy person trying to get projects online, such as the gardening show. We're hammering out a shoot schedule tomorrow, and I'm very excited. (Also dusting off my MS for Oh My Heck and trying again to make it publishable. We'll see.) AND EATING ALL THE CHEESE. Okay, not all the cheese, but a lot of it. Because it's delicious. I have goat cheese and strawberries planned for lunch, in fact. WHAT'S THAT? IT'S LUNCH TIME? *noms*
I hope you said "Monday" like 'Newman." I hope you get what I'm talking about. I hope you are not irritated. I hope you have cookies. (I could just really go for a cookie.) I AM OUT OF COOKIES. HELP ME, OBI WAN. YOU'RE MY ONLY POPE. <-- hey, current events joke, what?

I have lost my mind, clearly. A few things! In list format!

1. The Walking Dead was brilliant last night. That's an ep I will watch over and over to pick up all of the layers.
2. I realized that I still have a giggly girl-crush on Jason Street. (The Talking Dead last night?)
3. Aisha Tyler is one of us, and she is wonderful.
4. Vinnie is recapping Cult, and Sam is going to start Viking, and it's all terribly exciting. Speaking of exciting, SPARTACUS.
5. I am really worn the hell out. I would like to get away from it all. Including myself.
6. Dear Science: I would like to be cloned so I can dump that schmuck here and run away and be awesome and have silence whenever I want it.
7. I seriously could go for a cookie.
8. I am about to round the 100K mark on this fic of mine (the Sterek body-swap) AND EVIDENTLY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE BRIEFLY ANYMORE. Stupid feelings and having to make it make sense and shenanigans with Peter that make me laugh and there is a TRUST FALL that Derek hates and I just...
9. What is happen. I just want to paw at handsome men and have them paw me back, HOW ABOUT IT SCIENCE?
10. I need to finish this dumb story. OKAY, LAST CHAPTER HERE I GO. *sobs*

TV Talk

Feb. 25th, 2013 01:51 pm
I did not watch the Oscars because I loathe Seth MacFarlane. I am happy to see he made a complete ass of himself, even if I'm not happy that some people were mortified by his words. (Ugh.) I watched The Walking Dead, instead! Here's the recap and discussion post, and I would love your opinions on a theory I postulated over there. :)

Also up at HDJM, Liz's thorough and very funny recaps of Spartacus. Vinnie's extremely popular SPN recaps and she's also picking up Cult, for those of you that are watching that?

I am so close to finishing this huge fic I started last month I can taste it. (Tastes like chicken.) 79K and growing, wtf??

Holy smokes, it's almost 2 and I haven't eaten yet, WHOOPS.
I had a busy weekend, socializing every night. I want to curl up and read for about three days to right that wrong. ;) I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday where I made oxtails again (seriously. The tweaks I made - and added to the posted recipe - made this SO DAMN GOOD.) We went out for dinner last night with another group of friends, then came back to watch one of the best episodes of the Walking Dead season yet.

THE RECAP. Dude. I love how strong the women are (minus Andrea). And Daryl, as always, makes me happy. Come talk shop over at HDJM.

In other news, I am eating leftovers of deliciousness and skipping my workout today. I worked in the garden cleaning it out on Sat and Sunday, so I can take a day off.

Someone come push everyone out of my house so I can take a nap, please.

EDITED TO ADD FOR THE TEEN WOLF FANDOM: Holy smokes, let me explain Adderall. You take it because your brain is hyperactive (in a nutshell) and yes, if a non ADHD person took it, it's like taking coke. For someone with ADHD, it's like a brain chill. YOU ARE THE OPPOSITE OF HYPERACTIVE. That's...that's the freaking POINT. Also, coffee acts like Adderall, so it slows down a person's mind enough for them to think. SUGAR would make them hyper (as do most dyes) but not COFFEE.

(And I keep coming across per SAY instead of per se. And A-huh for Uh-huh. A-huh? Every time I see that I say letter A, huh.) /random observances


Feb. 11th, 2013 12:03 pm
Today is cold and overcast here, which is lovely as it was sunny and I was in short sleeves yesterday. =/ I would just like a little consistency with my weather, instead of this 30s to 78 bee ess we've had. THAT IS WEIRD TO ME.

The Walking Dead is back, as are my recaps. (Whee!) Oh man, am I happy this show is back. (And Southland comes back Wednesday!!)

In whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? news, I spent all day Saturday with the in laws (YES THERE WERE CARROT DIMES HANG ON) who didn't let us know that they were essentially inviting the neighbors over for dinner, too. And evidently they have dinner parties all the time? And one of the neighbors told my daughter that "your grandparents get wild!" AND I HAD A HEART ATTACK AND AM NOW DEAD.

Wait, no, I'm not because there's more. The next door neighbor lady made CLAPPY HANDS when she saw that there were carrot dimes. (TWO. BOWLS. Two. One for each end of the table!)

I left wondering if up was indeed down. If dogs and cats were in fact living together. MASS HYSTERIA.
The Walking Dead. I am this Gawping Dead. Hey-O! Tip your waiter, try the chicken.
Tonight on HDJM is Teen Wolf and Dexter.
Hoarders comes back tonight, so tomorrow the recap will appear, alongside the RHoBH recap (which are ridiculously fun to write even if no one is reading and commenting).

AND NOW: I EAT. I just want nachos, why can't I HAVE nachos?? Oh, right, because that would require me driving somewhere and I do not want to.

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